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Melee Shield Dropping

Do you think shield dropping is hard?

  • Yes.

  • Yes, I have a bad controller.

  • No

  • No, I use a special technique that isn't mentioned above.

  • I'm just looking at the responses.

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Smash Rookie
Sep 9, 2017
Why does everyone think shield dropping is so hard? I mastered it in about 10 minutes with no previous knowledge on the concept.

All you do is stand on the platform and shield (duh).
Next, you tilt your control stick ever so slightly to the side (the way that you're facing), and tilt it down.

Works like a charm! :)


Smash Journeyman
Jan 1, 2016
It's probably more about consistency.


Smash Ace
Feb 22, 2014
North-west England (near Manchester/Liverpool)
It's a 2 frame window with a fairly precise analogue input. It's inconsistent, especially under pressure. A 2 frame window with a button input (i.e. a digital one) is hard but learnable; a 2 frame window with an analogue input both adds a significantly greater level of inherent inconsistency from input polling, and is a physically harder motion to perform consistently, and hence it is much more inconsistent. I thought I'd learned it well years ago until I actually started using it in tournament, and I still mess it up way too much.

Also when people are talking about shield dropping being hard they're often talking about the notch method, which is controller-dependent and outright doesn't work properly on most controllers (though incredibly consistent and in many cases faster than the non-notch method if you have a controller that can do it, which is why most pro players preferentially use it).

Also the non-notch method doesn't require you to tilt the stick in the direction you're facing. All you have to do is move the stick into the lower shield tilting zone for 4 frames, then beyond that into the lower area of the stick on frame 5 or 6 (the shield drop zone actually extends across a large area at the bottom of the stick, however it is normally almost entirely covered by the spotdodge zone; tilting the stick down disables spotdodging, allowing you to shield drop with the whole area for 2 frames, before the spotdodge zone disappears on frame 7). The particular motion of tilting is purely to make the execution easier; you can do it straight down too.

Compare these images:
Normal control stick map while shielding
Control stick map while shielding, after tilting control stick downwards for 4 frames
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Smash Journeyman
Mar 31, 2017
ur mom
Some controllers have a thing where one side when tilting down is much more consistent at shield dropping than the other (that's the case for me, my right side is good the left is impossible). Your controller has a better dead zone than most other controllers or you're hitting the 'sweet spot' on yours.
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