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Oct 24, 2009
First of all, I wanna thank Diddy Kong Diddy Kong for his version of the Melee Roster Reboot thread made awhile ago.

So it's 2001 and Super Smash Bros Melee is set to be released later that year. You finalized the roster for the game and realized you have enough time to make FIVE new characters to surprise the fans by locking them very deep into the game, and none of them are unannounced until players discover the new characters themselves. They aren't mentioned in cheat sheets either to make it more fun and challenging!

And back then, the moment fans catch onto secret unlockable characters, there's many "OMG HOLY ****ING ****!" moments going around. We've all been there ;)

Here's the rules to keep it fun:

1. The Original 8 (:ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultsamus::ultyoshi::ultkirby::ultfox::ultpikachu:) must be on the roster, no exceptions

2. The Secret 4 (:ultluigi::ultness::ultfalcon::ultjigglypuff:) are not required, but heavily encouraged

3. The Melee roster (:ultbowser::ultdoc::ultfalco::ultganondorf::ulticeclimbers::ultmarth::ultmewtwo::ultgnw::ultpeach::ultpichu::ultroy::ultsheik::ultyounglink::ultzelda:) can be added/removed at any point . If removed, replacing the character is not required, but strongly encouraged.

4. ANY video game character is allowed up to very late 2001. If you're gonna use a character to promote a game, you must explain how that character will be used in the game and what's the purpose of the character being advertised.

5. Maximum roster is 30 characters (31 including Sheik) on the roster

My version of the roster



:ultjigglypuff: - Back then she wasn't as iconic as she would've been. Felt she would be unnecessary at that time, but later added in a future game via fan demand

:ultpichu: - Don't at me for this. I know Pichu was a joke character, but I wouldn't had put Pichu in the game as a joke or clone character. Would've fit for someone else like Ice Climbers and Mr. Game and Watch being the joke/wtf character to Melee instead.

:ultfalco: - While I love Falco, I do think Wolf should've been in before Falco here. Falco would join the field in Brawl onwards.

:ultdoc: - I'll admit that two Marios felt weird. For those who argue about two Links, keep in mind that Links are from different timelines. Mario isn't.


*:ultwolf: - Mentioned above. I do feel Wolf should've been in Melee over Falco, but that's me. Wolf would be a clone here with some claw moves added and later modified to a semi-clone later in the series (replaced Falco)

*:ultcharizard: - Not much to explain here. Very popular Pokemon, used on Ash's team, an unique character with actual flying thanks to its wings (and shared with Pit) but Charizard's able to hang in the air longer. (replaced Jigglypuff)

*:ultbanjokazooie: - I know many of you are gonna be surprised with this. The reason I added Banjo due to Rare's popularity at that time and in this non-canon moment, Banjo is still with Nintendo under Rare so he would join the Melee roster.

:ultpit: - Pit was at the time more of a classic iconic character making him one of the retro characters along with Ice Climbers and Game&Watch. While Pit would be one of the two characters with wings to glide alongside Charizard, he wouldn't have the same ability to last as long here.

:ultdiddy: - DK's sidekick. Melee felt weird without Diddy around doesn't it? Diddy was pretty popular then and most of his moveset would be pulled from DKC and DK64.

*:ultkingdedede: - This one is simple: Dedede was planned for 64 and didn't happen. So I feel Dedede would've been a character to add in Melee instead.

:ultdaisy: - I think it would've been interesting to see how Daisy would've faired here. She would've not only been the first female clone in Melee instead of Lucina later, but I feel she would've shown more than just a pretty face. For Daisy, she'd have more strength but slightly less speed than Peach and less time in the air for floating. (replaced Dr. Mario)

*:ultolimar: - My advertising member of the roster. Olimar's existence would be for the Pikmin series and having an unique moveset created by Sakurai for him with the Pikmin team carefully monitoring the game to make sure Olimar does have interesting moves. His moves will later get tweaked in Brawl after the second game was released.

:214: - Not only has Ash used this Pokemon on his team during the Jonto run, Heracross was a pretty popular Pokemon. The heavy wrestling and grappling game would've been unique for him and a part Fighting type Pokemon would've made sense here (replaced Pichu)

The secret five: :ultbanjokazooie::ultolimar::ultcharizard::ultwolf::ultkingdedede:

Clones/semi clones for this game: :ultluigi::ultdaisy::ultwolf::ultyounglink::ultganondorf::ultroy: (Luigi and Wolf would be the closest to semi-clones here)
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Feb 16, 2019
My Melee Remake Roster

:ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultsamus::ultyoshi::ultkirby::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultluigi::ultness::ultfalcon::ultjigglypuff::ultpeach::ultbowser::ulticeclimbers::ultzelda:/:ultsheik::ultpichu::ultfalco::ultmarth::ultyounglink::ultganondorf::ultmewtwo::ultroy::ultgnw::ultwario::ultkingdedede::ultsonic::249: Geno and Bio-Rex

Cut: :ultdoc: is not per se, but he is an alternate costume

Reasons for the characters added

Wario and King Dedede were planned for Melee but where cut.

Sonic was considered as well, but the game is halfway through development.

Lugia is one of the most popular Legendary Pokémon, plus Melee needed a flying character, so Lugia took the part.

Bio-Rex was chosen since we needed another Dinosaur, and one based on T-Rex, so he is chosen.

Secret Five: Lugia, Geno, Bio-Rex, Sonic and Wario
Dec 24, 2001
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Melee Reboot Roster.png

This. Probably.

Presuming I have a little more time and resources available than Sakurai ended up having.

Replace Doc with Toad who is the superior Mario Puzzle star option(and far far less redundant than Mario in a lab coat). This also gives us the full Mario Kart 64 roster which is pretty cool.
Ice Climbers get swapped for Banjo-Kazooie who were a more popular duo character option than Nana and Popo.
Swap Falcon for Diddy Kong a different racing game protagonist who also has canon abilities outside a damn car.
Young Link gets swapped for Dixie who is a more interesting 'similar' character to Diddy than the two Links were IMO,
Put Wario in over Ness as he's a more famed capped 'hero' with questionable content in his games.
Puff gets scrapped for anime antagonist Meowth,
Roy's game isn't out yet so he's a bit of a gamble. We'll replace him with another member of royalty; Dedede
Pichu's redundant but we'll still use a very heavily marketed Gold and Silver Pokemon in Marill
Duck Hunt replaces Game and Watch as the more memorable 'retro rep'
Falco gets scrapped for someone else who prefers the air in Balloon Fighter. Would of been Villager but there was only six months between Animal Crossing coming out and Melee coming out so he'd of been a huge gamble too.

Oh and err...throw Ridley on there instead of Sheik or whatever. I don't know. That replacement makes no logical sense but I completely forgot Sheik was in Zelda's kit until the last second I was going to post.

Diddy Kong

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Dec 8, 2004
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Yo first of all thanks for using my idea, am totally cool with the thread running again in your name. But is this a realistic concept honestly if you take account that quite a lot of newcomers in Melee where clone fighters who don’t take much time to develop as fully unique characters. So if there would be more unique characters, the game wouldn’t release at the same date. I don’t think that Melee with its strong and demanding deadline to be on the market with the GameCube would ever be able to have a bigger roster than 26 without clone fighters.
Oct 24, 2009
Dude did you ever just read the rules and get creative for once? That’s the point of the whole thread
Aug 31, 2018
Super Mario Bros.::ultmario::ultluigi::ultpeach::ultbowser::warioc:Toad
Donkey Kong::ultdk::ultdiddy:Dixie Kong:ultkrool:
The Legend of Zelda::ultlink::sheilda::ultganondorf:
Fire Emblem::ultmarth::ultroy:

Starter::ultmario::ultpeach::ultbowser::warioc::ultyoshi::ultdk::ultdiddy:Dixie Kong:ultlink::sheilda::ultsamus::ultkirby::ultkingdedede::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultness::ultfalcon::ulticeclimbers:

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