melee / moves discussion


The Pauerful
Dec 25, 2013
Linz, Austria
There is little you can do once you get hit. Sometimes you can DI rest at very low% or on certain stages/with certain characters but that's not something you should be concerned with. Regarding IC grabs, you can try to mash out at lower %. Start mashing early, you basically need to predict it.

What's more important is not getting hit/grabbed in the first place, and DI-ing the moves that lead into rest/wobble. For puff that's DI-ing her Upthrow, trying to smash-DI her downair/nair.

Sometimes you need to do no-DI on her backair when you are getting hit offstage cause she can rest on DI in and you get shot off stage when you DI out. But if you're getting hit offstage, that already means you did something very wrong and getting rested is not the issue.

Regarding ice climbers, all you can do is work on not getting grabbed. Get better with your l-cancel and aerial timings so you are safe on shield and use options that are not easily grabbed. You can't use options that have a high chance of getting grabbed if they read you. Against ICs, a 50/50 where you get a hit or they get a grab is not in your favor and you need to play accordingly. Spacing aerials at max range, or spacing aerials right outside their range (to catch them coming in) are quite effective. Another important aspect is to try to predict the timing of their wavedash, since that's their main way of movement and its actually quite laggy.


Smash Rookie
Mar 4, 2019
Cant help you with that, sorry. But as a fellow german, I should inform that Pummeluff is called Jigglypuff in english.