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Melee-FC D Results, Over $10000 in prizes!

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List Evader
Jun 3, 2003
CREWS (37 Crews Participating)
1st: PC, M2K, Isai, Cort, Cactuar (Penguin Patrol) $500
2nd Chu, Chillin, Taj, Forward (H4YL) $250
3rd Southwest Florida $150
4th Quebec Crew $100
5th It's Business Time
5th Combo Status
7th CoK+Watty
7th Lobster Mobsters
9th The Ship of ViperDave (KishPrime, KishSquared, Joshu, Iggy, Viperboy, IK_Ghost)

TEAMS (123 Teams Participating)

1st PC Chris+Cort $2000
2nd Chu + Chillin $1000
3rd Xelic + Caveman $500
4th Dope + Vidjo $250
5th Mew2King+Isai $150
5th montross+Mikey Lenetia $150
7. Viperboy + KeepSpeedN
7. vwins + humBAM
9. SilentWolf + DJ Combo
9. Iggy + CunningKitsune
9. Green_Mario + XIF
9. Jiano + Drephen
13. Kel + Sliq
13. Darkrain + Tink
13. pkmvodka + chesterr01
13. Taj + Forward
17th Vist+Col Bol
17th RockCrock+QDVS
17th Luigi Ka-Master+Eggz
17th FOrkgirl+smiles
21st g-regulate+kirbstir
21st Plairnkk+Doll
21st DarknessofHeart+Cactuar
21st Tope+meepxzero
25th Nite+DaShizWiz
25th KishSquared+KishPrime
25th Big C+1337
25th Sethlon+5150
29th John Wu+Lee
29th kiwi+Aho
29th The Game+AfroNinja
29th Myztek+Ambix
33rd Vicious Mistress+doyoung2win
33rd Red_Ninja+sunchaser
33rd Omnigamer+Pyrogamer
33rd Hood+B-Ryan
33rd Iori+Chad
33rd OneandOnlyKip+_milktea
33rd Lunaris+jv3x3
33rd KirbySSB+Rayku
33rd Warrior of Zarona+Copy Cat
33rd AlphaZealot+Overswarm
33rd MB-Smash+ELC
33rd TRE1+bigGman
33rd Lambchops+Linguini
33rd Sensei+RaptorHawk
33rd Chexr+Black Hayate
33rd Mathos+Wattyman
49th Gimpyfish+Exarch
49th Blackstar+Brightside
49th DYC+dmac
49th moogle+mslano
49th James Sparrow+mastr0fmyd0main
49th Joshu+araknophobic
49th jmoan+kokingpin
49th T.O.G.P.+bgcinciballer
49th soap+Paradigm
49th jpizzle+BeAR
49th DALegendarySauce+Crashman
49th scotu+randizzle
49th kozzymoto+kirkq
49th ramonnoodle+Big C
49th Black Panther+Caboose
49th N64+Kwan
65th earthswordsman+xtacyfalcox
65th DaBearX+Yeroc
65th TheSaberGuy+ihavespaceballs
65th FluxWolf+!!BAKA!!
65th AlexanderTraid+Alexei
65th TheCatPhysician+Captain Alaska
65th Phasion11+4% APR
65th pockyD+D.Disciple
65th Sneak8288+Dread101
65th Mundungu+Zicore
65th Entreri+tehpr1r3pwnzj00
65th Z+Jesi
65th lain+alcoady
65th Luladin+Kail
65th petre+darE::to::Dream
81st snowy+Dragoon
81st Pritch+Cyphus
81st verticalhop+darkwyvern
81st Jekyll+Blood_Hawk
81st IK_Ghost+Souroush
81st Ike+TheLEMON
81st SandtheMan+Emily
81st illboyzeus+cozy
81st Lanowen+Fogel
81st Ttemp+McGlitch
81st Camper Bob+Rye
81st Juke+Fur
81st SuperDoodleMan+Seanson
81st JoBrown4+BigSangs
81st Zijin+Capps Indigo
97th Croudo+Crafty
97th FrenzieFool+Big R
97th Brahma+tehSandman
97th Soup+Dop
97th tar+ChronoSquare
97th MegaFear+Megachuk
97th vjgyo+eighteenspikes
97th Quaz+Marth101
97th Cody G+A_mammoth_rib
97th jbmfalcon08+BOLT08
97th Zozefup+Rob_Gambino
97th Matthew+SARZ
97th Cups+Rezo
97th Hylian+Artarian
97th dus7man+MasterWGS
97th Rat+Fallen C
113th krst+izakt
113th keta+vZakat
113th captainspankey2000+Megaman36
113th itismario+tonytert
113th Scar+C@sh Mooney
113th Pedro+TheBlueGuy
113th MTKD+love911
113th Lazarond+TheGreatAce
113th _OraNoS_+Doomshroom
113th xiivi+slartibartfest4
113th KYAG+Insane Link

123 Teams

SINGLES (250 Participants)
1st Mew2king $2000
2nd PC Chris $1000
3rd Chu Dat $500
4th Drephen $350
5th Vidjo $225
5th Taj $225
7th Darkrain $125
7th Dashizwiz $125
9. Lambchops
9. Chillindude
9. Luigi Ka-Master
9. Cort
13. SilentWolf
13. CunningKitsune
13. Tink
13. Mikey Lenetia
17. Nite
17. Plairnkk
17. Mathos
17. Chesterr01
17. KeepSpeedN
17. Dope
17. Eggz
17. 4% APR
25. KishPrime
25. Lunaris
25. Col Bol
25. Jiano
25. Forward
25. Doll
25. Vwins
25. BigGman
33rd OneandOnlyKip
33rd Caveman (by forfeit)
33rd g-regulate
33rd Xelic
33rd Viperboy
33rd KishSquared
33rd RockCrock
33rd Wattyman
41st Isai
41st Aho
41st Sensei
41st Souroush
41st smiles
41st DarknessofHeart
41st XIF
41st Dark Iori Yagami
49th Big C
49th IK_Ghost
49th B-Ryan
49th bgcinciballer
49th Linguini
49th Chexr
49th Warrior of Zarona
49th humBAM
57th John Wu
57th Exarch
57th Cactuar
57th DJ Combo (by forfeit)
57th Kel
57th N64
57th pkmvodka
57th kirbstir
65th Lee
65th Cyphus
65th Sliq
65th Camper Bob
65th Black Hayate
65th meepxzero
65th Vist
65th Green_Mario
65th QDVS
65th dmac
65th Ambix
65th DaBearX
65th -Chad-
65th 1337
65th AlexanderTriad
65th BeAr
81st Quaz
81st Overswarm
81st Tope
81st Myztek
81st 5150
81st KirbySSB
81st PockyD
81st Dop
81st Sethlon
81st Crashman
81st soap
81st doyoung2win
81st eighteenspikes
81st G@BE
81st Gimpyfish
81st brightside
97th KOkingpin
97th kirkq
97th dus7man
97th montross
97th TheCatPhysician
97th alcoady
97th Copy Cat
97th Captain Alaska
97th ihavespaceballs
97th FrenzieFool
97th jmoan
97th Big D
97th jv3x3
97th DALegendarySauce
97th Juke
113th Blood_Hawk
113th moogle
113th Ignatius
113th AlphaZealot
113th MasterWGS
113th ramonnoodles
113th Soup
113th salt08
113th Z
113th Lanowen
113th Joshu
113th theLEMON
113th MB-Smash
113th mastr0fmyd0main
113th Fallen C
113th Entreri
129th Dread101
129th Jekyll
129th Zozefup
129th Pyrogamer
129th _milktea
129th xiivi
129th DYC
129th Marth101
129th SuperDoodleMan
129th Ike
129th Black Panther
129th RaptorHawk
129th Fur
129th tehph1r3pwnzj00
129th darE::to::Dream
129th Rayku
129th illboyzeus
129th lain
129th Rezo
129th salt08
129th Rob_Gambino
129th scotu
129th kozzymoto
129th James Sparrow
129th Rat
129th Sneak8288
129th ChronoSquare
129th artarian
129th XtacyFalcoX
129th Mundungu
129th Keta
129th mslano
161st AfroNinja
161st Paradigm
161st araknophobic
161st TheSaberGuy
161st Yeroc
161st tonytert
161st BigSangs
161st TheBlackStar
161st Capps Indigo
161st Red_Ninja
161st T.O.G.P.
161st Goosefactor
161st Croudo
161st Alexei
161st Seanson
161st MegaFEAR
161st Big R
161st jbm falcon08
161st D.Disciple
161st Fogel
161st Phasion11
161st tar
161st Doomshroom
161st Kwan
161st kiwi
161st Jesi
161st KYAG
161st Luladin
161st BOLT08
161st J-Pizzle
161st Cody G
161st vjgyo
193rd sunchaser
193rd Zijin
193rd Cups
193rd TheSaberGuy
193rd Dragoon
193rd Pool 6 Bye
193rd darkwyvern
193rd randizzle
193rd CQuetHeSunn
193rd impp
193rd Pritch
193rd Caboose
193rd Brahma
193rd Omnigamer
193rd TRE1
193rd SandtheMan
193rd A_mammoth_rib
193rd ELC
193rd Hylian
193rd Megachuk
193rd Forkgirl
193rd verticalhop
193rd Pedro
193rd Scar
193rd LatexRhombus
193rd Rye
193rd love911
193rd The Game
193rd C@SH Mooney
193rd Pool 30 Bye
193rd Ttemp
193rd Vicious Mistress
225th HyperDragon
225th !! BAKA !!
225th Insane Link
225th itismario
225th slartibartfest42
225th Pool 6 Bye
225th _OraNoS_
225th vZakat
225th Pool 9 Bye
225th Zicore
225th Megaman36
225th Crafty
225th captainspankey2000
225th Emily
225th earthswordsman_009
225th Glitch
225th MTKD
225th tehSANDMAN
225th Kail
225th FluxWolf
225th TheBlueGuy
225th Annath
225th izakt
225th Hood
225th SARZ
225th krst
225th Lazarond
225th petre
225th Pool 30 Bye
225th Pool 31 Bye
225th TheGreatAce


List Evader
Jun 3, 2003
It pays to play Smash! Here's a look at our monetary winners (thanks to Jv3x3 for the format):
Mew2King $2175 ($2000 singles 1st, $75 doubles 5th, $100 crew 1st)
PC Chris $2100 ($1000 singles 2nd, $1000 doubles 1st, $100 crew 1st)
Cort $1100 ($1000 doubles 1st, $100 crew 1st)
Chudat $1062.50 ($500 singles 3rd, $500 doubles 2nd, $62.50 crew 2nd)
Chillin $562.50 ($500 doubles 2nd, $62.50 crew 2nd)
Isai $475 ($300 smash 64 1st, $75 doubles 5th, $100 crew 1st)
Drephen $350 ($350 singles 4th)
Caveman $250 ($250 doubles 3rd)
Xelic $250 ($250 doubles 3rd)
Vidjo $350 ($225 singles 5th, $125 doubles 4th)
Taj $287.50 ($225 singles 5th, $62.50 crews 2nd)
DaShizWiz $150 ($125 singles 7th, $25 crews 3rd)
Sensei $150 ($150 smash 64 2nd)
Darkrain $125 ($125 singles 7th)
Dope $125 ($125 doubles 4th)
Cactuar $100 ($100 crew 1st)
Montross $75 ($75 doubles 5th)
Mikey L $75 ($75 doubles 5th)
Moogle $75 ($75 smash 64 3rd)
Forward $62.50 ($62.50 crew 2nd)
QDVS $25 ($25 crew 3rd)
Rockcrock $25 ($25 crew 3rd)
KeepSpeedN $25 ($25 crew 3rd)
ColBol $25 ($25 crew 3rd)
Lambchops $25 ($25 crew 3rd)
chesterr01 $25 ($25 crew 4th)
pkmvodka $25 ($25 crew 4th)
lanowen $25 ($25 crew 4th)
vwins $25 ($25 crew 4th)


Bulletproof Doublevoter
Apr 11, 2006
Nashville, TN
Boo! I was hoping for real results so I could tally up how South did!!

first post yayhuzz?

**edit** hellz yes South did pretty good


Aug 8, 2005
Richmond, Virginia
Boo! I was hoping for real results so I could tally up how MD/VA did!!

third post yayhuzz?

Edit: **** you Nus, 4th post >_>


Smash Hero
Feb 17, 2005
Maine (NSG)
boo! I was hoping for real results so I could tally up how Maine did!

5th post yayuhz?

Edit: ooh **** maine didn't go, my bad. Still wanna see results tho.


Smash Cadet
Jan 30, 2007
Best tournament ever. Shouts:

First off, thx to the ship for making this tourny happen. amazing job.

N64- thanks for letting me stay at ur place n feeding me.
Z- thanks for letting me eat all ur moms food.
DMAC/DYC-thx for driving the car and ****** me in tetris.
Darkrain- fun friendlies, i totally should have won the second match. We should definitely play again.
PKMVodka- DK dittos are the most fun dittos in the game. Urs is sick
James Sparrow- More DK madness! **** u for playing falco in tourny...
Gimpyfish- Fun matches. way to play bowser in tourny
Chudat- MM?
Exarch- Playing roy vs me in pools?? fun matches
Meep- Thx for all the IC's training. I'm starting to like the matchup more.
Eddy- Awesome gannon. Fun matches.
Plank- I wont brag about winning our MM (lol)
Chudat- MM?
M2K- thx for friendlies. Seriously, tho, on that yoshi's story match, i froze up in intimidation on that last stock. gratz on scaring me by standing there... menacingly. thx also for the ****** the next match.
PC- seriously, just main DK
MilkTea- peach=too good
Kip- Nice seeing u again. we should really get together more n smash. Ur peach is too gay. My mindgames only work vs the GOOD players >.>
Cyphus- Good matches. Who was that other doc who played me after you?
Other doc who played me after Cyphus- good matches
Iori- nice M2, fun matches
Cactuar- Thx for the matches
Aho- fun matches
Chudat- MM?
CunningKitsune- Nice playin u in crews n friendlies
Chad- Nice hat
PockyD- Sup
Vertical Hop- U+me=invincible torpedoball team
Girl who played torpedoball- a recent poll suggests... ur the reason 50% of the torpedoball spectators were there (lol)
Anyone i forgot (i know im missig some big names >.>) sry.

Btw... Chudat- MM?
Chudatz is too afraid of my DK. I challenged him day 1 for a 1$ MM. He raised it to 3, and when he saw my confidence in accepting, he avoided it till FC ended. ur 3$ are safe, chudat.... for now. (jk, tons of respect)


D. Disciple

Smash Master
Aug 2, 2005
Cottage Grove, Minnesota
The 1st and greatest MLG tourney event I've been to. Good Stuff

Shout outs:

Kishes: Thanks for hosting it, sorry about the confusion when we called you up when we got lost finding the venue. It was Locust RD, that was what I was saying. Kishquad, thank you for the ice pack I should get this shoulder checked out soon I heard something pop in it again. Kishprime, sorry about the confusion on stages on SSB64 maybe when I see you again we can do this fair and square, you know what. I should've let you advance to the next round you probably would've beaten Col Bol.

Chudat: It was nice meeting you, it was sweet teaming up with you for that $5 mm twice, you have great communication as a teammate, and I started to do that with other people I teamed up there randomly during friendlies. GJ on getting 3rd in singles and 2nd in teams as well. I was rooting for you the entire time, hoping to see you in the finals but hey Mew2king was a beast.

Chillindude: Thanks for correcting everyone on how to pronounce Azen's name, XD. It was great meeting with you, wish I could've gotten a friendly in with you, you probably would've just shined me so many times, and you were a beast at dodgeball too.

Oh yeah, worse pun ever. "Get the waitress over here, you just been tipped."

Forward: You were cool to talk with, once I get a little better in skills and hit up a next major tourney event. I'll jump in with the trash talking next time along side you and Taj. Your Falco and Shiek are monsters as well. Just don't choke next time against Mew2king in crews. Nah I'm just playing.

Taj: **** son, your Mewtwo astonished me so, that I want to learn all of those tricks you did against me and on that entire crew. Also your Marth is crazy as hell, beasting through crews taking off 13 stocks on crews. Was it Tink, CKit, Dope and Drephen? Tink was the one that stopped the onslaught right. But good **** man.

Milk_tea: Treasure that golden quarter you won off of me, because if we meet again. I'm gonna play for it back XD and Egyptian Rat Race was fun playing with you, Chu, WoZ, Sensei, and Black Hayate then more people kept coming in.

Papa Dav3: It was cool talking to you. You're a funny cat, especially with the trash talking, you had me rolling most of the time. I wish I could've played your Falco though.

Fallen C, Scotu and everyone else in that crew that I can't remember: It was fun doing friendlies with you, you all should try to make it to my tourney in a few months. Housing should be provided in the church if they agree with my terms still and finally come up with an actual date. Oh and Fallen C, never try to "New Destiny" a Pikachu again, or face another 0-death combo. XD

Vicious Mistress: Practice on your Fox and Falcon. If I meet you and your friends again, I expect to see it at full effect, sorry that I kept chain grabbing both of them the entire time with my Peach it's very easy to do especially on FD lol.

Viperboy: Dodgeball was the **** especially with you on my team, along side Eddie and almost the entire midwest crew. Too bad we didn't see Dope until it was too late. Hopefully I'll see you guys at other tournies around the Midwest, I just need to get my money situation down first.

Mathos: I'll get back to you on the date for MN tourney for MWC2 tourney. Expect by the end of the week for an update.

Iggy: I can't believe I won in our pools, I was totally focus on beating you, that was my main goal when I saw your name in pools. I wish I could've gotten out but I still suck, so oh well. My pika will prevail next time.

1337: I'm still thinking of the advice you gave me during our match "Step it up." *Gets tippered* I hope to see you next time, and hopefully I'll force you to pull out your Fox, only for it to get gimped faster than Marths and to be chaingrabbed. You're too good man, mad props to you. I won't camp against you next time, since you ***** through it like no one's business.

M2K: Congrats on getting first in singles, I was going to call you Gimp King after that first match in finals against PC Chris on Yoshi Story, that was just some of the greatest bull I've ever seen, and I almost felt discouraged when you 4 stocked me 15 times out of the many friendlies we did. -__-' But thanks to that, I know what I should work on and improve my tech skill to the fullest because of that. So...thanks?

PC Chris and Cort: Congrats on getting 1st in teams, I really didn't talk to you guys that much during the tourney so yeah.

Isai: Next year I will come back and won't get 0-death three times in a row in SSB64. I'm going to play that so I can be a challenge to you and Sensei, be prepared for Disciple's Revenge lol.

DaShizWhiz: Man that sucked on Mute City, you would've had that match if that suicide didn't have to happen. Oh well you'll get it next time though, you're so **** crazy with those tech skills with both Fox and Falco. I don't need to look at your vids or Forwards because it makes look like you guys are incredibly slow but in reality you guys are all over the place and all I hear is *BLINK* *THUD* *WHOOP* *TWIRL* *THUD* *SHINE* *OOOAHHH!* Yeah that's right, I just broke down a shine-dair-shine-dair spike off the stage and what Falco sounds like when it just got done getting combo'd to death.

Eggz: It was cool playing against you, my pika did better against you than my Fox, I hope to see you and the rest of Combo Status again, you guys are fun to play against. Joking around a lot is fun with you guys.

Gimpyfish: Rat vs Koopa King, it was fun playing against you. The constant joking from both sides made the matches fun.

N64: Pika is too good, that is all.

Everyone else that I forgot to put out: It was fun playing with you all, and I hope to see most of you whenever I go out to more major tournies.

Luigi Ka-master

Smash Lord
Sep 8, 2005
Laie, HI
A few shout-outs...

DaShizWiz: Your Falco is incredible. I wish I was able to play you more. You and KeepSpeedN are way too cool.

KeepSpeedN: You have such an amazingly well-rounded Fox and Falco. Our matches were so fun. It's pretty dumb how WA and FL are in different universes.

Darkrain: Your Falcon is so cool. Your combos are such a perfect combination of being effective and creative at the same time. I don't even know how you do it.

Tink: You're way too smart. I really liked our matches. I wish we gotta play each other a little more.

Forward: Your Sheik is rediculous. I was almost sure I wasn't going to be able to win. Those SDs were dumb.

Taj: I loved playing your Marth in pools. Your so good at spacing. Your Mewtwo was also possibly the most coolest thing to watch at the tournament.

Chu: I never gotta play you...T_T

PC: I also never gotta play you...T_T

M2 King: I really wanted to play you in something besides crews.. T_T

Chillin: Nice MM we had. I wanted to play your Fox too though, >_<

Vist: Awesome dittos we had, lol. You definately have a good Luigi.

Jekyll: I wanted to play your Luigi. I heard it was good. Oh well, maybe some other time in the far future. >_<

BlackPanther: Awesome time hangin' out and stuff. Nice Fox btw.

Eddie: You're hilarious. Too bad we didn't play. Coldstone was...good.

Plank: Awesome Sheik. I was gettin' pretty nervous in our MM.

Cunning kitsune: Our matches were so fun. You have such a smart Fox.

Isai: I'm glad I gotta play you in crews, when you were playing amazingly. Your Falcon is so interesting and unlike others.

DJ combo, Eggz, Silent Wolf and Gimpy: Do the perform-like-a-champ manuever at 0C3. Aww yeah.

Everyone else I played: good games and FC was cool.


Smash Journeyman
May 13, 2005
Chicagoland, IL
boo! I was hoping for real results so I could tally up how Maine did!

5th post yayuhz?

Edit: ooh **** maine didn't go, my bad. Still wanna see results tho.
I wish Maine players showed up, haven't seen em in what must be decades now.

And thanks to KA and Gimpy for keeping me awake while driving back to Chicago.

Luigi Ka-master

Smash Lord
Sep 8, 2005
Laie, HI
Aw yeah, DaBear, thanks a ton for taking me and Gimpy back to the airport. Excellent taste in videogames and music, btw.

and TX and araknophobic, good times in the early hours spent at the airport? not really...ugh, lol. too bad we couldn't find a TV to play on. >_<


Smash Ace
Feb 11, 2004
San Antonio/Austin, Texas

First of all: Capps Indigo ~ Thank you so much for housing DoH and I and driving us around all over the place. I love your anime and video game collection. For real, that room was amazing and I wanted to touch everything. Especially myself.

Ship: Thanks for hosting and getting all of this together. It was awesome, and I can't wait for the next one. <3
MLG people: Also thanks lolz. <3

Forward: <3 Come to TX, okay? We need to play more and stuff.
Taj: You didn't even talk to me, but go ahead and come to TX with Sean.

Gimpy and Ka-Master: Good times hanging out with you guys all night at the airport. That made everything much better. I'm sad that I didn't play Gimpy. ='(

Fabian and company: Awesome hanging out with y'all at the bus station, and later in the airport, and just walking around Chicago and stuff. Very fun time. =D The wheelchairs keep popping up in my mind.

TX: None for you. I see y'all all the time.

PC: =D

Isai: I love watching you play 64. You inspire me to write epic poetry about your great feats.

KDJ and Marcus: Where the **** were you two?

Vidjo, Cort, Mikey, Doll, XiF, Dop, Exarch, Iggy: Thanks for the Peach dittos. <3 I think I finally finished my collection, though I didn't have a PROPER match with Iggy, just a crew match. I guess I'll just never get Jones, Mike G or Sas. Oh well.

DoH: Thanks for NOTHING.

Vidjo: <3

Mathos: I forgive you for being lame.

**** I forgot that Big C plays Peach too. Missed one...

Vidjo: <3
Cactuar: <3 =D We should have gotten more matches.

M2K: We didn't even play. Oops.

Taj's Mewtwo: =D

Copy Cat: Good games. Let's play again in the distant future.
Falcon player I played before Copy Cat: Also good games. I forgot your name. =(

FLORIDA: I love all of you. We need to play.
Linguini: You're still my hero.
Shiz: You are also my hero.

Taylor: Hurry up and finish that video so I can watch it.
Montross: =D You're pretty cool. =D

It was also nice to see Jessi and Dmac again! <3

Anyone I missed/Everyone else: <3


Dread Phanna
Apr 3, 2006
7. DaShizWiz
9. Lambchops
13. KeepSpeedN
Nicely done.

It's really too bad I couldn't have made it, I had the money, and I could get the time off from work, I just couldn't get any good flights :(

How did Watty do? I heard some other Samus' were flexing on me and got pwned by Florida though.
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