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Melee Back Room -Now Visible to All

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King of the Ship of Fools
Jun 22, 2003
The day you've all been waiting for! Now everyone can peruse the history of Super Smash Brothers Melee Back Room discussion, dating all the way back to the launch of the game.

The community was a far different place in the early days, and has come a long ways. If you are interested in perusing this forum, I would suggest selecting the option to show all threads, rather than those posted in within the last 30 days. At that point, you can read at your leisure.

Before you go to call someone out, please remember how old some of these topics really are. Look at the dates before you make fun of anyone. We've all learned a lot, and if you are honest with yourself then you will realize that we all started as scrubs.

Enjoy the history lesson!
Not open for further replies.
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