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Medium Hopping


Smash Legend
Aug 31, 2005
Jarrettsville, MD
Just when you think this game is out of advanced techniques... Okay, it might not be an actual technique, but it's something I just discovered that can be pretty useful to know. I'm sure someone else has noticed it before, but I've never heard of anyone explaining this as to how to do different things. Basically, it is momentum cancelling your full hop by attacking as soon as you leave the ground. I'm guessing it applies to all characters and jumps, but it's hard to tell with the shorter full hops, and impossible to tell any difference with short hops.

How to see it for yourself:
1. Choose Falco.
2. Choose Battlefield.
3. Stand in the center of the stage.
4. Full hop with the stick and do an aerial with the c-stick when you are half way to the top platform.
5. Full hop again, but this time press the c-stick as soon as you leave the ground.

You will notice that normally you will land on the top platform, but if you cancel your jump's momentum by attacking as soon as you leave the ground, Falco won't land on the top platform. At first I dismissed this as some sort of landing detection issue, but I tried the same sort of thing with Fox in the center of Yoshi's Story, and the results were the same. When I aerial just as I leave the ground, only a small bit of Fox's head is through the platform. When I do it just a split second later, almost twice the amount of his head is showing.

This may seem pretty unimportant, but it can have a pretty significant effect on the spacing of aerials. If you've ever tried to hit someone on a platform and whiffed, it could very well have been because you aerialed too early and ended up cancelling your momentum. I have a feeling this same effect applies to double jumps, but I haven't found a solid way to test it. That could have even greater effects, especially for characters that often aerial onto platforms during juggles, like Marth doing rising uairs to land on platforms. Hopefully this isn't some commonly known thing that I've just never heard of. LOL


Smash Journeyman
Apr 14, 2008
Memphis, Tennessee
Sounds interesting, think a possible explanation could be that in the case where you use the aerial as soon as you leave the ground you reach a state where you can fast fall earlier?


Smash Lord
Jan 9, 2006
All jumps are a tiny bit shorter if you attack on the first possible frame when you leave the ground. I'm surprised it isn't common knowledge.

t3h Icy

Smash Master
Jun 12, 2009
It can be difficult to see since the difference is so small, and it's a lot more noticeable using Falco (who has a massive full hop), but it is pretty well-known.


Smash Lord
Dec 26, 2008
Ganon's FH bair doesn't put him on BF height platforms if he snaps it off the ground. It's easier to hit with the armpit that way.


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Yeah, I think this is fairly common knowledge.

EX: If Falcon wants to hack at someone on the top platform of YS with a full jump uair, then he has to uair quickly after leaving the ground to prevent himself from awkwardly landing on the top platform himself.

Strong Badam

Feb 27, 2008
Gravity applies frame 1 of an aerial, but not frame 1 of airborne from a jump. This is relevant to a few BtT strats such as Target 2 of Marth's; the u-air is supposed to be performed frame 2 of airborne IIRC.
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