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Aug 20, 2008
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Just to start, I'll be updating this frequently until its done, then I'll update it when needed. I'll have matchups and the like in this guide, and I'll say it now, many matchups will be Wario bias, but they have many grains of truth to them. I will outline some terms, but others you must know. Some pictures gotten from sHells Wario guide. Thanks to PhantomX for some tips to make this faster.

Version history
Version 1.0-Started guide.
Version 1.3-Finished the first 11 characters and added baiting/aircamping sections.
Version 1.5-Reshuffled matchup list due to Tier list 3.0. WARIO IS NUMBER 3!

Introduction (Includes history)
Wario's Moves
The bike
Approaching with Wario
Defending with Wario
Killing with Wario
ATs and how they benefit Wario
Wario in Brawl+
Fun Tidbits
(Possibly) Stages and CPs



-Wario is one of the new characters to be introduced here in Brawl, and is by far the most fun out of all of them.

-History about Wario (Will write after bulk of guide is finished.)

-Wario in Brawl

Wario is one of the more odd characters in brawl, as he is primary an aerial fighter, much like Jigglypuff, but is classified as a Heavyweight (8th heaviest). Wario does not have multiplue jumps like Meta Knight, Kirby, or Jigglypuff, but has the 3rd fastest air speed (Behind Yoshi and Jigglypuff) but has the fastest Aerial Acceleration in the game. (Or second fastest behind Yoshi, need confirmation) Wario also moves faster in the air then on the ground!

Wario has a few disadvantages in Brawl as well. For one, and this is HUGE, he is vulnerable to grab release shenanigans. For Example, ZSS can Dsmash Wario, regrab him, pummel, then air grab release Wario, then Dsmash and repeat until Wario can SDI out of the Dsmash. Bowser can also do an infinite standing chain release grab to Fsmash (Whenever Bowser feels like it) on Wario that Wario CAN NOT get out of, unless Wario manages to ground break. Wario also has very bad range compared to most characters.

Now to overcome his weaknesses, he is an aerial fighter, and because of this, it should be very hard to neigh impossible for him to get grabbed. His range can be overcome with his very fast Aerial DI and hit-and-run tactics. His specials besides the upB can also combo really well. Wario also has a very good recovery method, along with other bike techniques that I'll get to later. Wario loves to punish, so capitalize on mistakes that your opponent does. Note, even though Wario is primary an Aerial fighter, he also has a good ground game, just if you use it, DON'T GET GRABBED! (For some characters its ok though)

One last thing, Wario has so many options at all times, that there is no "One way" to play as him, just go with whatever makes you comfortable and that works for you. (Just avoid being grabbed.)

=Wario's Moves=
(Frame info gotten thanks to 3GOD.

Wario has some odd moves, and due to his Game and Watch movement and frame animations, he can be very unpredictable with them.

-Ground game

Wario's ground game is still good, but not as great as his air game. A good Wario can mix up both the air and ground game to make himself unpredictable, which helps Wario's style. Note, this is a few basics, if you think of another strategy with some moves, PM me them.

First jab: 22 frames
hitbox on frame 8
2nd jab starts on frame 17 (fastest possible jab)
Both jabs is a total of 38 frames

Wario's jab is not his fastest move, but it is by far one of the more useful. This move has moderate range for his moves, but you can jab cancel into a Fsmash (A PhantomX special). You can also Jab cancel into a grab. If you continue the jab, Wario will step forward, which can mess up some opponent's spacing. Don't go spamming your jab though, its only good when the opponent isn't expecting it, and many characters have faster jabs. (ZSS has a 1 frame jab, Ike has a 4 frame jab, Snake has a 5 frame, ext...) Overall, the jab is fine, and can lead into many nice kills.

-Dash Attack
Total frames: 49
Hit on frame 4

This is Wario's fastest move, but one of his worst due to the massive lag afterwords. This can be used to pursue an opponent if you need it and it'll get them in the air, but use this move very sparingly.

total: 36 frames
hit on frame 14

This move is a killer at around 155%, and has the most range out of all of Wario's moves. This move can be angled up or down, up for more knockback, down to hit smaller characters or characters crouching (But your better off using the Dtilt). You can easily chain this move to your air combos or use it for spacing. Better saved for a surprise kill move, but its still good. Due to the weird lag on this move, you can also use it to punish sidesteppers.

Total: 33 frames
hit on frame 5

This move has very good range, second only to the Ftilt, and is Wario's 2nd fastest move. This move can challenge and beat MK's Dtilt, one of his favorite spacing moves. This move is very good for continuing an air combo upon landing, as it can shield poke easy. Overall a very good ground move, and very fast too.

Total: 36 frames
hit on frame 9

This move isn't as good as Wario's other tilts, its range is about as big as the jab, but it hits in front and behind Wario, and launches the opponent into the air, exactly where we want him/her! This move is also somewhat of a taunt, as c'mon, its Wario RAISIN' THE ROOF! This tilt can be buffered from the ending lag of a Nair to make for a good combo if the opponent can't shield in time, but you might want to jump instead. Overall an alright move.

total: 44 frames
Hit on frame 9
SUPER ARMOR: frame 8-11

This is Wario, nuff said. This is his signature shoulder slam, and its a beast. This move has great knockback, and can KO at about 120%. It also has SUPER ARMOR, which can save your life or guarantee a hit. If you can time the SA frames, you can totally negate the knockback of a kill move. If you need to, you can also use the SA frames to go through an opponent's move as well. The SA frames are the frames when Wario moves forward. You can also shutter step (quickly tilt the opposite direction your going to smash, then Cstick smash in the direction you were going to Fsmash.) for extra distance. A very great move.

Total: 78 frames
First hit on frame 8 (behind Wario)

This isn't a good move compared to Wario's other ground moves, in fact, its worse then the dash attack, but still has its uses. The hitbox lingers for a long time, but with reduced knockback, and it sends people diagonally or to the side. Only use this if you know it'll hit the opponent and will push them away from you, otherwise expect to be punished hard. This can also punish sidestep rollers besides Lucario, so theres a use right there.

Total: 46 frames
First hit on frame 11-21
Able to be DACUS

Now, this is possibly the only good use for the dash, to DACUS it into an Usmash. (DACUS stands for Dash Attack Canceled Up Smash) to DACUS, the easiest way is to run, push the Cstick down, then immediately after press Z and up on the control stick, if you do it right, Wario will slide very far with his Usmash. Not as far as Snake, but its still a good distance. The Usmash itself is alright, but a good opponent can SDI out of it before its over. Best use is for DACUS.

-Wario's Air game

THIS is what makes Wario. Wario is a great air fighter, due to his amazing air speed and acceleration. Wario can literally float like a butterfly in the air. You want to use primary air moves when fighting with Wario, as they are just TOO good!

Total frames: 49
First hit on frame 4
second hit on frame 15-38

This is Wario's fastest aerial, and a great OOS (Out of Shield) option. This aerial also has the least landing lag of all Wario's aerials, so its safe to land using this one. Remember, while using this aerial, you can move through the air, so you can use it to chase people or whatever, just note it has somewhat short range. A very good move.

Total frames: 37
Hit on frame 5
Auto cancels after frame 26

This move is pretty decent compared to Wario's other aerials. It has the most gimpability out of all the aerials, and thats what its used for, besides maybe dodging and poking at someone. The hitbox will stay until the move can be auto canceled. A good aerial for gimping and poking as you can retreat early, but not his best. You can also use it to space, as it is very fast, main use is to poke and gimp. Poking is great with this one.

I will say though, this aerial has a ton of potential, and I'm having good fun using it to poke.

total: 49
First hit on frame 9
Auto cancels after frame 33

This move is Wario's spacing aerial, and is great to use against Marth, it has good reach, but terrible landing lag. Don't SHFF with this aerial unless you want to stand the chance of being punished. This does good damage, and you can do retreating Bairs if you need to play defensively. And remember, this has good reach. This can also be used along with a pivot bite at low percentages for a small combo. Remember it has to be auto-canceled though.

Total: 47 frames
First hit on frame 8
Auto cancels after frame 36

This is one of your kill moves, and a very powerful one. It is not the best Uair, but its better then Ike's for killing. You can add this to your air combos early in the stock, or save it for a kill move. The hitbox is Wario, even his backside, so you can time it to hit grounded opponents too. This can kill around 120%, less on light characters. Use this alot on heavy characters, it racks up the damage.

Total: 37
First hit on frame 9-21
Auto cancels after frame 24

THIS is what Wario is known for besides the waft. This is your combo move, and it eats shields alive. You can use this aerial to poke or whatever. This is best to start a combo into something like a bite, its very powerful. There isn't much to say, one of Warios best moves.

-Wario's Specials

Wario has some nice specials, his Up B isn't that good, but otherwise his specials are very good. He also has the most powerful killing special that isn't stupidly hard to land (Ike's eruption comes to mind.)

Frame 6-28

This is a bad move to use for attacking, as a good opponent can SDI out of it and punish you, its also a last resort for recovery, as its range isn't that good. Use only if its what'll save you, and remember, it doesn't auto sweetspot the ledge. (Wario's double jump doesn't auto sweetspot either >.<)

Discussed in a later section.

-Neutral B
Total: 45-95 frames
Grabs on frame 8-27, 73

This is an incredibly good move, its a grab, so you can trade hits with some attacks. (Such as DK's wind up punch if your next to him when he does it) To trade attacks with it, you have to make sure their hurtbox touches the bite's hitbox. This move is a great followup to an air combo, and it can't be shielded. Use this to punish sidesteps and shielders. And another plus, it can eat items, and is very fast at doing it, use this to eat your bike if its still onstage or whatever you want to do. Its very versatile and easily one of his best moves.

First Attack Frame:
Charge Level Zero (about 0:00 – 0:17): Trips on Frame 16 (no damage)
Charge Level One (about 0:17 – 0:57): Frame 10
Charge Level Two (about 0:57 – 1:50): Frame 5
Charge Level Three (Full Charge): Frame 9 (Super Armor Frames 5-10)
Charge Time…..Mario KO% (at the center of FD with no DI)
0:56…..………..187 (Useless)
Full Charge: from startup of any Waft to Full Charge = 6697 frames (1:51.729 seconds) (copied word form word 3GOD)

This move is Wario's best KO move and can kill at very low percentages. The Haft waft has more knockback then a full waft, and is best used about 1minute 30 secons into the match. Try to master landing the haft waft, it can KO at very very early, it can KO MK at around 52% from the middile of FD with good DI if done right. If it does get fully charged, it has SA frames and does 42 damage. If Wario hits the opponent while going up, it can do some serious knockback as well, but not as much damage. This is such a great move, don't waste it. To land it easily, do it in the air, not on the ground. Remember, it can kill at very low percentages at the side of FD.

-Wario's grab game.

Wario has an average grab game, his grab isn't the longest reaching, but its pretty fast, and you can do some nice damage with his throws.

Grab frames
Standing -6
Dashing -10
Pivot -8
Note, this is faster then some jabs.

This pummel is average, but for what it does, its halarious. Wario doesn't actually punch them, but touches them in a place not many like to be touched.... With a finger. Its just so weird. Use this move to refresh your other moves.

This throw isn't Wario's best damager, but you can use it to get the person offstage if needed. Best use your other throws.

This is one of Wario's best throws, it deals very good damage and has good knocback, and can kill at the edge of FD at around 130%. A good throw and one of my favorites.

This throw is alright to use, it gets them in the air and deals alright damage. The biggest thing is that against some characters, you can Uthrow to SH full waft and hit them on the way up.

This throw is weird, it can be used as a psuedo Chaingrab on some characters like Ganon. Wario makes the opponent appear behind him, so turn around and grab quickly. You can also Dthrow to DACUS, which is a great combo.

=The Bike=

Why does this move get its own section? Because, the bike is possibly one of Wario's best moves, if not the best. There are so many things you can do with the bike its maddening. One general rule about the bike, Don't keep it on the stage unless your nearby it, as its a huge part to your recovery.

-Attacking with the bike.
Now, while riding the bike, Wario is immune to some attacks due to them hitting the bike and not him, but not many. You can use the bike as an attack, but remember, the front tire must hit the opponent to connect. One cool thing you can do with the bike is a wheelie, which will raise Wario further up, protecting him from more attacks. Be wary, a good opponent can grab you off the bike.

You can dismount off the bike by jumping off using A, or if your just getting it out, flick the control stick in the opposite direction diagonally down, and you should dismount, if not, during the axel turn, flick the opposite direction of where it is, and he should dismount.

-Comboing with the bike.
Now, the bike is a crate when its on the stage, but with a special property, it can bounce and hit the same target over and over. The best way to do this is to pick up the bike and throw it upward, or just push A again, and try to knock your opponent into the bike while its in the air. Then you can Uair while the opponent is getting hit with the bike and easily rack up 70% damage or more. This is hard to pull off in a competitive game, but very rewarding, and very easy on certain characters like DK, Ganon, Bowser, D3. Note, easy is a relative term.

-Using the bike to guard.
Whats unique about the bike is that, while Wario is riding it, the bike can absorb hits. You can use this to eat an Aura sphere or Charged shot if you want, or to ride through flames. This doesn't work for explosive projectiles. You can dismount the bike, and use it as a shield too, and this will absorb all attacks until it breaks.

-Refreshing your moves.
You can pummel the bike or do Dtilts to refresh all of your moves (Prefer the pummels), but remember, this also holds true with your opponents.

-Using the bike to extend your hitboxes.
You can attack the bike with your moves, and extend the length of the move, both distance wise and time wise, which can help you connect better or punish a spot dodger.

-Using the bike to get airborne.
You can use the jump button and pull out the bike (Or tap jump with Bsticking.) and if done right, Wario will jump very high in the air, its a good way to get airborne in a pinch, as it gives the height of using both of your jumps while only using the bike jump, leaving your second jump intact. It is also very fast and gets you high in the air faster then jumping.

-Using the bike to recover.
This is what you'll use the bike for most of all, you will use the bike for the extra jump and momentum cancel it provides. First, if you tilt the bike backward after pulling it out before jumping out, the jump will be incredibly high, but your more vulnerable then tilting forward, but that jump isn't nearly as high. If you are hit at any point on the bike, you'll be knocked off and lose your jump, so use it before your hit.

-Bike Canceling.
You can use the bike to cancel your horizontal momentum. To do this, airdodge as soon as you can, then pull out the bike. If you can, Fair to get better control before pulling out the bike.

-Breaking the bike for tires.
Any attacks can break the bike, and when it explodes, it produces 2 tires as projectiles, one large, one small. You can glide toss or do whatever with these tires. Check the AT section for a nice combo made by Fiction involving the tires.

-The super bike jump
Now this, is by far my favorite thing to use with the bike, the problem with it though, is that it doesn't work 100% of the time, I can't get it to work all the time myself, but its almost a guaranteed oneshot if it hits. First, you must be on a slope, second, you need to pull out the bike and begin a wheelie, and the opponent has to attack the bike. You can be going into wheelie position and not be pulling it out and you will still jump, but its a little harder to do. Its more likely to happen if the opponent hits the big tire of the bike. Remember, it doesn't happen ALL the time, but when it does, its a oneshot, at worst they'll hit the bike and not you, since your in a wheelie.

-Using the bike to edgeguard.
You can toss the bike off the ledge and hit your recovering opponent, if you do, they wont survive unless they are very lucky, as the bike will drag them down with it.

=Approaching with Wario=

Wario is interesting when it comes to Approaches, he has little problem getting to his opponents and staying there. There are some things you should know though about how to approach with him and exactly how to approach. Another thing to remember, Wario is meant to punish mistakes with his airgame, which is a great way to approach.

(Taken from sHells guide, don't want work to go to waste. and I've gotten a touch of lazy Changed a few words and did a spellcheck)

SH Dair
Rising Nair
SH Fair
SH Bair
SH Bite
Double Jumped Fast Falled Dair Bombs

Keep in mind that you could retreat all of these after they land/whiff.

But, you can't necessarily neglect Wario's ground game. Mixing in ground game makes you appear more unpredictable to keep your opponent more on their toes:

Dashing grab
Dash Attack
Spaced Shield Cancel into Ftilt
Spaced Shield Cancel into Fsmash

There are also evasive approaches to make Wario appear even harder to predict/intercept.

SH Airdodge
Running approach into Shield Canceled Roll behind opponent
Running Shield into Shield Grab

Remember that the Airdodges could be still maneuvered just like Wario's aerials.

And(THANKS TO 56K FOR THE DISCOVERY) there are also even more approaches that abuse the fact that Wario's aerials end so early+his aerial maneuverability:

SH Dair > Double Jump > Any aerial
SH Dair > Double Jump > Bite
SH Dair > Double Jump > Airdodge
SH Fair > Double Jump > Any aerial
SH Fair > Double Jump > Bite
SH Fair > Double Jump > Airdodge

Know that for the double jump after the SH Dair that it takes very precise timing to execute a double jump afterward. Also realize that Nair is the aerial with the least landing lag so its the safest to land into the ground with.

By all means these are not the only ways to approach though. These are just some ways. Be creative and unpredictable with your approaches, just make sure to keep them as safe as you can.

Thats basically it according to sHell. Keep your approaches safe, as you don't wanna be hit. All theses work wonders. Remember to MIX IT UP! If you get predictable, then you will be punished.

-Punishing with Wario

Wario is one of the characters that lives of punishing his opponents. With Wario's airspeed and DI, it is easy to punish someone. The whole point to beat some characters is to bait a really laggy move, then punish with a Dair or Fair, or a Fsmash if it really lags. This can be done in the air as well.

In order to get your opponent in such a position, you have to approach them in the air, then air dodge backwards or through them, depending on what they will use and if it is laggy. Remember, bait a really laggy move, then punish with the above. You don't have to necessarily air dodge, you could just use your DI as well, but air dodging can be safer, it all depends on the character.

Now Wario is one of the very few characters that can punish in the air. Its the same rule as the ground, but Airdodge through their areal, and you can follow up with a Nair (Easiest to hit with and fast) Fair (Not as good) Bair (If its really laggy and you wanna keep your Uair fresh) Uair (For a kill or on some characters) or Dair (If it can land, most preferable move to use.)

Spot-dodgers will have a hard time getting around Wario's punishment game. Fsmash's hitbox lasts a long time, and is very good when it comes to punishing spot-dodgers. Ftilt is also good, due to its funky wind-up time and how long the fist lasts. By far the best spot-dodger punisher though is Chomp, you can just keep chomp open until the spot-dodge is over and chomp them. Chomp is by far the easiest move to punish a spot-dodger with, and it deals good damage.

Now if you can punish your opponent, follow up with what you can and don't get grabbed if they shield. Don't forget, Wario can punish almost every mistake in the game, and for some characters like Snake and MK, you'll need to punish every single one.

-Edge guarding

Wario is good at Edge guarding his opponent as well. You can chase them off the stage very easily due to your godly recovery with the bike, so much so that you can chomp a Snake's cypher when he is near the side blastzone and still make it back. (If your in this situation though, Fair him instead for an instant kill). To edgeguard with Wario, you can hog the edge, Grab the edge and Bair/Dair them when they get close, or just chase them off the stage and Fair gimp them until they can't recover. The Fair gimp wont work sometimes due to some characters having good recoveries, but it will destroy those characters that don't.

-Shield Poking

This is pretty short, but Wario has good tools to shield poke or eat someone's shield. The first one is Chomp, it goes through shields. Another shield-eater move is Dair, you can Dair into their shield, then retreat back out of their grab range. (Maybe spot-dodge if it is an opponent who likes to tether grab, which allows you to punish.) finally, if their shield is a little bit small, Dtilt can poke very well, due to being so low to the ground.

=Defending as Wario=

Wario has a very good defensive game as well, and a great recovery. And don't forget hes heavy as heck.

Air-dodging with Wario is by far one of his best moves for defense. The air-dodge has 2 extra frames compared to the rolling dodge, but has 7 more invincibility frames. Wario's air-dodge lasts as long or longer them some rolls! It is by far one of his 'broken' aspects, so abuse it.

Wario has a godly sidestep as well. The sidestep is 25 frames, and frame 2-20 are all invincibility, which means that Wario can act again very soon. Its not as godly as link's sidestep, but its pretty good.

Don't rolling dodge with Wario unless you absolutely have to, Wario's rolling dodge is terrible, its better to air-dodge then rolling dodge.

You can also use Chomp for defense if the opponent is attacking, if you can chomp their hurtbox, they will still damage you, but you wont fly anywhere and will start to chomp them.


Wario has a great recovery, and if MK couldn't glide, Wario would have the best recovery. Wario rarely has to grab the edge, so its impossible to edgeguard Wario or nearly impossible. Remember when your launched to DI towards the corners, so you have a better chance of surviving. And don't forget to bike-cancel if sent horizontally!

To Recover, mix up how you will do it, but use UpB for last and if it is ABSOLUTELY needed, upB is bad to recover with due to the ending lag and very short range, but it has uses. when recovering, use a mix-up of the bike, Djump, and Airdodge back to the stage. With Wario's crazy DI, you can make it back to the stage with just this. If you have some waft charged up, you can use that as well for some vertical height to help recover. Don't feel bad about using it this way, thats how useful the waft is.

-Aircamping with Wario

Wario is a very good camper, when it comes to air camping, due to his amazing aerial control, Wario can literally get a damage or stock lead on a slow character like Dedede, then jsut aircamp him and wait out the timer.

To do this, get a percentage lead with like a Fair, then just duck out of their range, using airdodges and anything you can to dodge their moves, maybe hitting them with another Fair if you wont get hit or it wont get shielded, and thats basically how you air camp. You might wanna work with Baiting first though and use that to get some damage, then aircamp.

Aircamping is a very good strategy to use vs slow characters(Or some medium speed characters) in the first round, due to the psychological aspect of it. Aircamping gets people very very mad, as they feel they are helpless. Making them mad in any matchup with cheap tactics is a GOOD thing, as they will make more risky moves, or their game will get a little sloppy.

If you wanna aircamp for the first round, choose a stage like Smashvile or BF, MAYBE FD depending on the character, but thats character dependent. If its for your counterpick, aircamp on Norfair, its so easy to aircamp on that stage. That or RC, since 4 laps of RC = end of the match.

There is one more thing air camping can do for you, it charges up your Waft, since lots of time can pass until you actually get hit. This can be useful for damage or getting a kill, as with the timer ticking down, the opponent WILL do more risky kill moves in order to bring you down to their stock(If you have a stocklead, this doesn't count too much if its a percentage lead), which means its easy to punish them.


Baiting is how you'll do a majority of your damage. Baiting is using your air control to weave in and out of the opponent, punishing the after lag of his attacks with Dairs or Fairs or the like. You can also use this to get a waft in if you know it'll hit, like if they were foolish enough to use a smash attack. The key to this, is to airdodge the attack if you can, and airdodge through them to punish (My preferred method, but it wont work on some characters) Or doing a weaving air-dodge (You can move in an air dodge, which is great, but not by much.) then punishing with a Fair. There really can't be much to this section, as its all personal preference on how you will bait someone, but try to make it look like to the opponent a laggy attack will hit you, then you move out of the way and punish.

Baiting can also be done by doing SH airdodges, this is what a lot of Warios do, but you also need to weave. This can also somewhat unnerve an inexperienced opponent, as they wont know when to hit you or when you'll hit them. Unless preforming a mindgame to psyche them our, this is what you will most likely be doing when your opponent is far away. remember, Wario's airdodge has more invulnerability frames then his rolling dodge.

=Killing with Wario=

Killing with Wario is pretty easy, not as easy as maybe DK, but still not too bad. Wario's best kill move is of course the waft, but the Fsmash, Ftilt, Dsmash (Very few characters), Ftrhow (High percents), and Fair gimps/Dair stagespikes, and finally his godly Uair, are great ways to kill.

The Waft is by far your best kill move, and probably the best kill move in the game. This kills so early its not funny, but takes time to charge up. Master landing a half waft, and you can kill your opponent as early as 60% or less!

The Fsmash is another great kill move, it deals tons of damage, and has SA frames. Abuse this fact and connect with the Fsmash. Do note it doesn't have too great range, so remeber that. It is also semi-spammable, but don't be predictable.

Ftilt, Fthrow, and Dsmash kill at higher percentages, around 150 or so. Dsmash works good at the edge to knock someone off who has a bad vertical recovery, like DK and Bowser, but don't rely on it too much. Fthrow can kill lighter characters at around this percentage if fresh as well at the edge, but using it for its 12% damage during the match is a better idea if you manage to get a grab off. Ftilt is a good kill move at the same percentage, and is usually not expected. Angle it up for more KO power, if it can hit them.

ALL of Wario's Aerials can KO people, barring the Dair which needs to stagespike or have them at over 200%. Wario's Fair is good for gimping people, due to its high priority and fast execution. Wario's Dair can stagespike plankers if done right, same for tether recoveries. Wario's Nair can also KO at high percentages, and is very fast to boot. Wario's best KOing aerial though is his Uair, which can hit through a multitude of Dairs and can kill at around 110% or less from the ground. the hitbox of the move is ALL of Wario, this includes his bottom.

I believe thats it for now, I'll edit when new things are discovered. Now for AT's and the rest.


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Aug 20, 2008
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=Wario's ATs=

Coming Soon (Help filling this out would be greatly appreciated.)

Getting out of ZSS's Dsmash grab infinite.

Originally Posted by KPrime
Yep, it works. Simply holding back and mashing B should buffer it, no need to time anything. Just make sure you're biking away. If you bike towards her, you will end up falling off your bike and taking the damage but no stun.
Thank you for showing me this quote PhantomX.

=Wario in Brawl+=

Now, Brawl+ is a hacked version of brawl that is out there and still in development. Wario in Brawl+ is.... GOD!

Brawl+ Wario is the same as Brawl Wario. Chomp has lost lots of its usefulness due to having too many frames, but Wario's ground game got a huge boost, hitstun means you can literally juggle someone in the air 0-death, Waft is easier to land, and NO MORE GRAB RELEASE CRAP!

Another nice thing that benifits Wario and other characters in Brawl+ is NO DIMINISHING MOVES! What this does, is you will always have full power on all your moves at all times, theres no reason to save any move for KOing besides the waft, if it can combo, use it! Fsmash becomes godly here, since you can S-cancel (R-cancel) to Fsmash after a Dair and hit the opponent 95% of the time, then pressure them with a Fair while they are in hitstun, then a Nair, then FF DJ to Fair again, then clap, WARIO IS AMAZING!

Norfair is Wario's best stage in Brawl+, its even better then Brinstar!, you can Bair or Fair into a lava wave, then Uair for the kill. In Brawl+, Wario can combo BETTER then MK and all other characters! Wario is Fing amazing, but marth still hurts.

Wario has the most hitstun though out of every character when hit, so that is his only downside. (But its not too much, its just due to his animations.)

I'm still experimenting, but Wario in Brawl+ is a more aggressive Wario, which doesn't have to worry as much about being grabbed.

=Fun with Wario=

This will be last after matchups are done, Combo Vids could go here too I suppose.


Smash Lord
Aug 20, 2008
CT / United States
==Wario's Matchups==

Wario is not like other characters in his Matchups, in fact, I'd say that hes like MK and has no real bad matchups, but unlike MK, he has some poor ones.

=Meta Knight=

*Made by Matt3400


CP: Rainbow Cruise, Halberd, and Japes
Ban Delfino

Mr. Broken in the flesh, contrary to popular belief, Wario has a 50:50 against this guy. Why may you ask? Well, MK is of course the ONLY character that can chase Wario offstage and possibly gimp him, but then Wario is still hard to gimp in this way, as our airdodge lasts as long or even longer then MK's Bair, his longest lasting aerial. Not to mention Wario has better air speed (Far better air speed) then MK.

Approaching MK is fairly dependent on what MK does and note, MK will have to approach Wario due to having no projectiles, so you can play defensively or offensively with your approach. If hes doing retreating Fairs, your hard pressed to get inside and approach, but if he does SH Uairs or Dairs, hes easy to approach, and if hes an utter noob and approaches with the tornado, thats punishment city. To approach a Fair retreating MK, you will need to either Airdodge behind him and hit him with a Dtilt or a Bair/Fair, depending how you airdodge, or a well timed Fair of your own when his is over. Its hard to approach him this way though. If your REALLY good at getting the SA frames of the Fsmash, you can use this to punish his retreating Fairs. If he approaches with Uairs, a DACUS will get him easy, and if he approaches with Dairs, you can get above him and Dair, Fair him, or Nair him OOS. If he approaches you with a tornado, then its a free Dair, but getting the timing is dfficult for beginners. And if he approaches with his Forward B, you can Sidestep it then pivot bite him.

Now thats just MK's air approach, he can also approach from the ground. If he appproaches with Ftilts, get above him and Dair or Airdodge then Fsmash/bite. If he approaches with Dtilt, use your Dtilt, and it'll beat his out everytime. If he approaches with IDC, well, hes disqualified in a tourny scene, but if he does, watch how the camera follows him, Sidestep at the right time, then punish.

A little bit about MK's mechanics. He has the 3rd slowest air speed in the game, he has 6 jumps then his Shuttle Loop which will autoglide when its over. His sword shares a laser property, so it CAN NOT cling with any move. (The only exception is his glide attack, which can cling) MK is also the 3rd lightest, and a half waft can kill at around 65%.

This is what makes the matchup good. Unless MK can get you with a good Dsmash and you don't DI up when he hits you with it, or gimp you, MK has a hard time killing Wario. Wario's Uair will always beat MK's glide attack, which is one of his KO moves, and if you sense a shuttle loop coming, Dair him and you'll beat it out, but DI the right way as the attacks trade. You should never get hit with his Fsmash, as its his laggiest move, but don't be deceived by it, it has a high vertical hitbox. This is big, MK HAS NO GRAB RELEASE ON WARIO! MK can't do anything from a grab release to Wario, so being grabbed here isn't so bad, but don't get grabbed anyway, his Uthrow can kill you at around 192%.

Killing MK is an ok feat to do as Wario, as MK dies early. MK dies from a Uair at 98%, and a half waft at lower. Your Fsmash can also help big time to kill him, as it kills pretty early, around 110%-130%. Fthrow at the edge will also kill MK at 120% most of the time. Getting a kill move on MK isn't going to be easy though, a good MK will love to sidestep, so just keep punishing him and poking him until you can get one in. And beware his Dsmash, that move is very strong and comes out faster then your dash attack. If you are getting hit by it, DI up to survive. Now if you can get him in the air and waft on him, then hes pretty much dead.

To rack up damage, its more about poking him and capitalizing on his mistakes if any. Fair is good in this matchup, Dair is also good. If you can space a Bair, it can also beat out his Uair and Dair. And Nair OOS is very nice as well. Overall, its 50:50 just due to how MK can combo you.

(If I missed anything, let me know please.)



Counterpick Norfair, Brinstar (<3)
Ban FD

Snake is one of our easier matchups, hes still difficult due to being the 2nd in the tier list, but compared to other characters hes easy.

Approaching Snake with Wario is actually fairly easy. Snakes will try to Grenade camp, of course, but they will roll away from their grenades instead of stand next to them because of Chomp. If Wario chomps a grenade, he will do an attack that has about the range of your Utilt around him, take 5% damage, and knock everyone nearby away, and deal 16-20% damage to them. In this way, Snake is weary of his grenades more then any other character.

Snake has OP tilts, everyone knows it. If you get near him, he'll most likely try to Ftilt or Utilt you. The good news, Wario can airdodge through the Ftilt to behind snake(Or if you powershield it, grab him before he does the second part...), and our Dair can beat his Utilt when its over and hes recovering. If he decides to Morter slide you, you can chomp him before he pulls the morter out all the way, or if your good, Grab him and throw him through his slide. This shuts down Snake's favorite approach if he needs to approach, just watch out for the falling shell. Speaking of his Usmash, Dair, Nair and Bair go through it without Wario taking damage, so use them.

Now what you'll need to worry about with Snake, is his Mine and his C4, he'll have both on the stage probably, so remember where he plants them. You can throw snake into his own mine for 20 free damage, but he'll most likely grab you. Speaking of his grab, he has a grab release to Nair, Uair, Dair, and Utilt, so don't get grabbed. If you can get past all of his explosives across the stage, then combo snake like you would any other large character, Dair DJ Dair Uair for a good 50%, maybe follow up with a chomp or whatever. Get snake off the stage, and you basically won it from here.

Why do you win the match when Snake's offstage? Well, its because his Cypher recovery is perfect waft material, and you can gimp him more then any other character in the game. Why? YOU CAN EAT THE CYPHER! This will do 2% damage to Wario, but will cause snake to either die, or use his Down B to recover his cypher, which is 16-22% free damage for you. And due to Wario's mobility, you can chomp, head back to the stage, then chomp it again and again. If you can aim it, throw your bike at his cypher, and watch him and the bike go down. If he recovers, he just took 70% damage or more from the bike falling on him, which is very good for Wario.

Snake is a chump in the air compared to Wario. He'll try to airdodge back to the stage, or try to wall you with Nairs and Dairs. His Nair can be airdodged then punished due to how commited Snake is to it, and same for his Dair. If he does his Bair, thats a free Dair/Uair/whatever. If he does his Fair, use your Fair, it comes out much faster.

Now, Snake will try to kill you with Ftilt, Utilt, Grab release to Utilt, C4, or Mine. The only real threat is Grab release to Utilt, which will kill you with Good DI at 126% or so. If he gets lucky and gets a Fsmash off though, its like being hit with D3's Fsmash, and it can kill you at around 70% with good DI, but its very laggy, and leaves snake wide open, so they wont use it unless they know it'll hit.

Overall, get past snake's tilts and bombs, maybe chomp a grenade in his face, get him in the air, combo him, get him off the stage, and just gimp him like no other. 60:40 in Wario's favor.


*By ~t-wei

ITS OVER 9000!

Oom nom nom. Its the mirror match! Land your wafts, combo into Chomp. Don't Grab Release your fellow Wario unless he does it. If he does do Grab Release things to you, OWN HIM! You can Grab Release to Waft, so be afraid. The most epic matchup in history, and so many taunts!


*By ~s-niper


CP: Norfair, Freight Orpheron, Brinstar (<3), Battlefield
Ban: FD

Falco is an easy matchup for Wario, why? Falco has an ABSURDLY hard time killing Wario. If Falco doesn't manage to kill Wario with CG to spike or Usmash/Fsmash, Wario wont die to Falco until late 180s, while Wario can kill Falco at 80% or less, and has an easy time gimping Falco's terrible recovery.

First, Falco has a CG on Wario until 42%, and Falco can lead this into a spike, so for the start of the fight, avoid being grabbed like always, but play a little more recklessly as in, allow yourself to be damaged around to 40%, then play normally so Falco can't CG/spike you. Once your past that little thing of his, Falco is easy as his only kill moves are Usmash and Fsmash, which you shouldn't get hit by. Falco CAN do Release grab things to Wario, so be aware of that. Falco wont be able to kill you unless he gets a lucky gimp or a BAir kill at around 180+, so Falco is already at a disadvantage.

Killing Falco is quite easy for Wario, Falco is light, but is also a fast faller, so you can combo him in the air very well, and Falco has terrible aerials. If you can get Falco off the stage, Falco is easily gimped by edgehoging if hes doing his SideB, or if hes recovering to the stage, Fsmashing him or grabbing him and throwing him back off until a kill. Falco has a very bad recovery compared to Wario and is easy to gimp. Killing Falco outright is also easy, as due to Falco's weight, a good Fsmash can kill at around 100%, Waft at 55% unless they have good DI. Landing the waft isn't too hard on Falco, you just need to wait for the right time or bait a reflector and waft his lag.

If Falco can't CG you anymore, he'll try SH lasers and reflector you when you get close. You can bike through the lasers, and you can use an aerial approach to get past his reflector. Once you get past that, you can combo his non-floatiness until hes off the stage and KO him. Falco may also do a jab combo if you get close, which you can Smash DI out of, which is recommended.

Grabbing Falco after he does a laggy move or does his SideB is a good idea, as it does some good damage and can get him off the stage. Once Falco hits about 40%, you can buffer boost Dthrow chain him until about 82%, which is pretty powerful. After you can DACUS or tech chase Falco for more damage, or get him off the stage.

Falco can be a pain though, according to PhantomX, Falco can wall Wario's approach with Bairs (Falco's only aerial we have any problems against) and SH lasers. thought I'd mention it.

Just watch out for being grabbed, get past Falco's defense, dodge his kill moves, and get him off the stage/gimp him or destroy his light weight, and you've got him. Due to Falco being able to get an early gimp though, and have a decent time comboing Wario, not to mention stall walls, its 55:45 or 60:40 Wario's favor.

=Diddy Kong=

*By *nintendrawer

50:50 On FD
60:40 Everywhere else
55:45 in total

CP: Brinstar
Ban: Final Destination, Smashvile

Ah yes, Diddy kong. His game is bananas, and ours is air, so we shut down his primary game. Diddy kong also has 0 grab release options on us, so being grabbed isn't AS bad as with other characters. This matchup though is all about momentum, as we both combo well.

Diddy has a hard time killing us unless he gets a lucky gimp, as you can SDI his smash attacks so the second hit which has the knockback can't hit you. We also have a decent time gimping him once he uses his side B, as the rocket pack is so predictable. Diddy is also much lighter then us, so we'll win in a match of percentage.

Diddy will use bananas most of the time to glide toss and make you trip. The whole point of the match is to keep your momentum going, grabbing banana peels if you can and using them against Diddy. Keep up your pressure and you'll beat him. Diddy's Bair has very high priority, so it can go through some of our aerials. Our Dair does **** him big time though. Nair is also nice in this matchup.

You can place a bike to mess up Diddy's banana game in the middle of the stage, but I don't reccomend this due to hos useful it is to recover, it depends on your oppnent really. Remember, you CAN nair or airdodge when near a banana to pick it up, then glide toss it either away from Diddy, or try to hit him. Note that Wario has very few options after making Diddy trip, but see if you can do a Dair. Remember, DIDDY CAN'T RELEASE, we ground break unless grabbed at the edge, so no worries about being grabbed as much as other characters, which aids your momentum.

There isn't much to say in this matchup other then that. Diddy doesn't have too good of a ground game that can fight our Air game, so its a momentum of air. 50:50/55:45, Diddy is still somewhat annoying.

=King Dedede=

*By ~Erix3423

40:60 on FD
50:50 on everything else
60:40 on Rainbow Cruise/Brinstar/Lylat
75:25 on Norfair
*The matchup vs D3 is HEAVILY stage dependent.

The matchup with D3 is an interesting one. If you fight D3 up close and agressivly, you will lose due to how good he grabs offensive characters and all the stuff he can do to people in grabs. On the flipside, if Wario air camps D3, Wario has the advantage due to how slow D3 is.

Now, D3, has the easiest time grabbing you out of all the non-tether grabbers. D3 can CG you for a good 40 or 50% damage, and he can release CG you to Utilt when your in killing range. You REALLY need to be aware of being grabbed in this matchup. D3 also has great range, but we can get past that with our crazy DI compared to his crappy DI.

Now, you CAN beat D3 if you are aggressive, but its better to get a percentage lead and just aircamp/plank him. You do this by using your approaches or punish his lag moves, then just dodge his attacks, running in the air as your airspeed is double his runspeed, or close to it. At anyrate, you are faster then him in total, so camping isn't too hard. You can eat Waddle Dees and Doos, but not Gordos, and its easy to dodge, so you have no worries about getting hit if you aircamp him right. Look at DMG videos to understand the concept.

When D3 does his UpB to recover, like, if you got him off the stage, then that is a free waft or Uair, as he is totally dedicated to it, and can't stop it once it starts. Use this as free damage.

Now, if you get a stocklead against D3, camping got much easier, as you don't need to worry as much about getting hit. Now, you don't wanna get hit at all, but its nice to relax a bit. Now... if D3 does hit you, get your percentage lead back, and you should be set.

D3 has some options in the air vs you. His Uair covers his top, same ofr the Dair, but hes commited to them, and you can punish him. your Nair beats his Nair, and your Fair beats his Fair. Now, his Bair is the trouble, he can wall really well with it, it comes out quick, and lasts a long time. To beat this, you have to Dair him from above if hes spamming it, or FF Nair him diagonally, or Fair him in his blindspot. Remember, get a percentage lead and keep it.

Waft here isn't as useful as it used to be. Its better to save it and use it for damage unless you know it'll kill. its all a match of camping with D3, otherwise the match can suck. Now, you CAN go mono-e-mono with D3 on Norfair, since he can't CG you on that stage, and he really can't release you either, but its better to camp him here too, its his worst stage.

Overall, stage dependent, FD lets him have an easier time grabbing you and gives you less space to jump and stay in the air for camping, while say Norfair will make the matchup cake if you camp. 40:60-75:25 depending on stage.


*By *CallistoHime


CP: Freight Orpharon, Brinstar.
Ban: Battlefield, Delfino

Marth, our nightmare matchup. Its not AS bad as say, DK vs D3, but its still not too good for us. Marth has the tools to keep us away from him and has the tools to kill us. But on the other hand, once we get close enough to Marth to combo, we can do some good damage. His recovery is also not too good, so a Fair gimp is pretty common, or a Bair gimp, which I prefer in this matchup for a good reason.

Now, Marth's Utilt is pretty quick, and acts as a wall around him preventing us getting close, and it has little lag as well, so you have a small window to get close. Marth also outranges us in the air, and has decent air speed to boot, but can't combo us like we can combo him. Marth also has an advantage when it comes to the range of his attacks, if he gets a tipper off, which is us getting hit with the tip of his sword, its much much more powerful then getting hit with the sword itself. Marth's UpB also comes out lightning quick, and has invincibility frames when starting up, but has bad lag when its over.

Dancing blade is a combo move you have to watch out for, it has laser priority, so it can't cling with any move, and it can rack up good damage or kill. (Its also very fast) Marth also can Counter, which will probably get you a few times, but if its a counter happy Marth, then the matchup just jumped up to 60:40 in Wario's favor, as a whiffed counter for Marth is a free waft or Fsmash for us.

If we can get inside Marth's safety zone, then we can combo him pretty well with a mix of Nairs and Dairs. Don't let him shield grab you, Grab release to tipped Usmash or Fsmash hurt like hell. Its not as bad as an infinite, but it still hurts. Marth will also like to space you with Dtilts if your on the ground, or just use it to get his spacing. This is good as we can OOS Nair him if he does this, but don't expect it often. Our Dtilt after a chomp isn't a bad idea to use, as it has decent range and can sometimes hit him into the air again. Marth will want to fight you on the ground most of the time, but his airgame also is annoying. His Nair sweeps twice and can combo, and his Dair can spike if tipped, but other then that he has range on his Fair, Bair, and Uair. Note, he has MASSIVE lag on his Dair if it misses, I mean free waft lag, so dodge that and punish.

Now what do we have on him? Bair. Bair spacing can wreck Marth's spacing game due to having a semi-disjointed hitbox, and its easy to hit Marth with through his tilts and jabs, and I believe it outranges Marth's Bair. Bair to Dair if you can do it is also good, but don't try to push for it, just Bair him until he gets to the edge, which is where we want him. Once Marth is on the edge, get him off the stage then gimp him with Fairs and Bairs. His recovery isn't that good, if you can edgehog correctly, you'll most likely kill him once hes off the stage.

Killing Marth, gimps aside, isn't too hard if you can use SA frames on the Fsmash to go through his approach. Marth is actually pretty light, lighter then Mario, so you can kill him decently. If you don't get countered, a Waft kill is great too. Clap can also kill very well too.

Killing Wario isn't too bad for Marth if he gets a Grab release off, otherwise its going to be hard. Marth can't gimp our recovery without getting in trouble himself, while we can easily gimp him. If Marth can't get a tipper off, expect to live into the late 160s or higher with bike braking.

Marth writeup seems pretty good, only things I wanted to let you know is that you can't hit Marth OOS if he dtilts it b/c it's a frame trap, his upair is great against us too. Spacing dairs or powershielding into grabs is key here. Don't try to follow up on grabs b/c he's sorta floaty so he can wreck you if you try. His weakspot is below him, so try to get him above you. Edgeguard with ftilts or dsmashes, depending on which move they like to use to get back on stage. If you're quick, you can also drop a bike on their recovery, which is a ton of damage and a possible edgehog. Don't ftilt if he's already on the ground, b/c his tipper just barely outspaces it, so he'll hit you with it if you miss.

Land those farts, they're crucial. Your fair trades hits with his if you're quick, and he can actually hit you out of backairs, so don't use them predictably.

Its 60:40 in Marth's favor due to his options and range to keep us away.

=Game and Watch=

*By ~GirlKirby


CP: Brinstar, Rainbow Cruise, Jungle Japes
Ban: FD, Norfair

This is probably one of the most balanced fights in the entire game. GaW has air priority with his attacks, but doesn't have our air acceleration. GaW can also kill us pretty decently if he gets a smash off on us, but in return we can bypass most of his aerials, and we kill him retardedly fast. Both of us have decent recoveries, and we both have abilities to stop our horizontal momentum.

What we have on GaW is that our grab rapes him. We can shield and grab many of his aerials, the only one we can't do that for is a spaced Bair, which is his favorite move. Remember, we kill GaW around 80%(120 if he bucket breaks), but he kills us with a fresh Usmash ar around 150%. Half waft in this match is just too good, it'll kill him at low as 40% if its perfect, lower on the edges. We can airdodge all of his aerials, even the Bair. Wario can clap the key if spaced right as well(Must be perfect). You want to be behind GaW as much as you can, as this is his blind spot, or at least VS Wario. Remember, throw and grab **** here.

GaW has his killer smashes on us though, don't be baited into a Usmash, that one hurts big time. His Nair is also difficult to get around, but you can clap him from below. His Bair will give you the most trouble, but you can fully airdodge it, then retaliate with a Nair if your close enough. GaW will try to bait you into a Usmash, so don't fall for it when your high on damage, it beats your Dair. He can also Bucket Break if he is sent flying, so he'll survive for a little longer using this, but he should die before you do if you avoid his smashes.

If GaW is at 0, you can Dair, DJ, Dair, Uair him for a good 40% if you can get him in the first Dair, which is half of his life. After this you will need a combination of your aerials and grabs to get more damage. GaW has a better ground-game then you, but your grab outranges most of his moves, so you can approach with a running grab if done right. About GaW, he can't do much if anything to you with a grab release, he'll more likely Dthrow to Dtilt/Dsmash you instead, so be wary, but its not as bad as other matchups.

GaW's Dtilt will beat your Dtilt but your Ftilt beats his Dtilt, and it leaves him open to a Dair bomb. His Ftilt is quick and will outrange you, but like the other move it leaves him open. GaW, according to what Hylian does against PhantomX, will like to do Nair walls to screw over your approach, do it right though and you can get past it.

Killing GaW is not too bad, Fsmash, Ftilt, and Waft can kill, and Clap can too if your not like me and use it to build massive damage. Do what you need to, and if your good, you CAN Fsmash through a baited Usmash and kill him XD

I wouldn't say it's in Wario's favor, it's deadset even at best for us. His nair is his most annoying move, as bair can be SDId into a killer or a nair or other followup. He can up B you to death out of your waft, can edgeguard you if you're reckles. Your ftilt just BARELY outspaces his dtilt, learn to techroll his dthrow. Don't be below him, odds are you will get hit by the key if you try to upair it, and it will hit you out of super waft almost every time T_T. Believe it or not GW's weakest spot in this matchup is actually his back, his rising fair out of shield is a good blocker. Beware of bair canceling, which they use to bait into kills a lot.

I'd raise the percentages on everything btw. 150% deaths for Wario, you won't be killing a solid GW with good DI that can bucket brake til around 120%, I'd say around 75-80% with the waft. Only CP RC here if you really like that stage, and he can plank on Norfair, so don't go there at all. I actually recommend Japes against him, as well as FD, maybe PS1 as well, just don't get close during the windmill or rock zone XD
*From PhantomX(Thanks Phantom)

Overall a very equal fight, they both have good things going for them. 50:50 If you want Vids, watch PhantomX vs Hylian, or DMG vs Hylian, those are great examples.



Ban: FD
CP: Brinstar

Now for Campachu, Pikachu is an underrated character just like Wario, but don't underestimate him, Pika may be lighter then MK, but he can KO easier and can be pretty annoying to get around, or just to hit in general.

Now, Pika will start camping you with Thunderjolt, doing a jump, thunderjolting, and DIing backwards. You can negate the grounded jolts with a Ftilt, but its better to just move in the air and do an air approach. He will try to camp you as much as he can, but once your close, he'll start figthing you.

In the air, you have the mobility, and your Dair comes out faster then his Uair, your Nair trades with his Bair, and his other aerials besides the Nair are laggy. Pika will attempt most of the time to either wall you with a retreating Fair, or do a Nair/quick attack canceled Nair. Nair is one of Pika's kill moves, so be wary of it when you hit around 150% or so, once Nair is in its animation though, Fair can beat it if you enter right. For his Fair, weave and get on top and Dair due to your mobility. You can also chomp his Bair, Fair, Dair and you can chomp Nair and Uair if your close enough.

When Pika is on the ground, you can bite or Dair his shield, This is where Pika will be most of the game if he isn't spamming, as you are better then Pika in the air. Pika will most likely do a utilt or Dsmash OOS if he can. Dsmash can be SDI'ed out of, but Utilt is quick. If you can get between the lag of the Utilt, it is a free Dair. Pika will never use Ftilt, its way too laggy and has terrible range, and you'll rarely be in a position for Pika to do Dtilt. If you get away from Pika, he'll most likely attempt to camp you, so stick close. If Pika wants to get you away from him, he'll also do a SH Nair, chomp should beat it though.

Pika's thunder, however, is a no-factor in this fight. You can airdodge it easy, and with your mobility, thunder from Pika means punishment. Just be wary of it when your recovering, he can use it as a wall. Otherwise recover high so he can't hit you with a Tjolt.

For killing, Pika will either get you with Nair, Fsmash, Usmash, or Thunder if it hits. Fsmash is obvious and you shouldn't get hit by it if you play right, and treat Usmash like GaW's Usmash, as in, don't be baited. Nair will probably get you by surprise, but it doesn't kill until 160ish with good DI. Now for you, Fsmash can KO pika fresh at around 80-90%, and Waft can kill as low as 40%, Clap can KO at around 101% as well, so we beat him in killing department.

Remember, most Pika players will be very evasive, and Pika is quick, so it'll be difficult to land some hits, while Pika can rack up damage on you decently.

Pikachu's love to hit people into the air and then punish people who DI correctly. It's a habit of mine to dair as soon as possible after I'm hit by usmash/dsmash/whatever, and that often leaves me vulnerable for thunders, so be wary of that, it's better to not DI his upward moves (as they don't really kill) so you have the freedom to airdodge the followup. If he starts QAC for damage or randomly, just throw out a fsmash or a nair and it should hit him out of it. Watch out for early footstool locks.

55:45, due to how annoying Pika is to hit, but we pull ahead due to KOing power.



CP: Rainbow Cruise, Brinstar (<3)
Ban: Battlefield, halberd

Olimar is an interesting matchup. Olimar beats out our moves with his non-pikmin moves, but we beat his moves that use pikmin.

Olimar will be one of the characters that will have an easier time grabbing you if you don't chomp him when landing. You need to auto-cancel your aerials or else he'll grab you and throw you, and his throws are some of his kill moves. He can't do a release thing on you though, so thats good. Chomp him after hitting him with an aerial or if you know he'll shield so he can't grab you.

Olimar is a very campy character, note that. He'll throw pikmin at you when your far away, you can Nair them to kill them. Once you get close, he'll use his Utilt or Nair to get you away, or try to grab or use a smash. Nair and Utilt you can only bite, the pikmin attacks, Fair beats them, or Dair.

For Olimar, you want to get him off the stage, once hes off, you can Fair gimp him. Note that good Olimars will use their whistle for SA frames, so account for that. If you DO knock them away with a fair, then edgehog them if they used their double jump, since they have a tether grab for a recovery. Only do this if you know they can't recover with aerial DI, otherwise knock them away again.

Fair and Nair are pretty good in this matchup, as well as Chomp. You can also use Dair, but an Olimar might use Utilt to beat you, so if you use it, make sure you'll hit him. Hes also very small, so its hard to auto-cancel a Dair. If you can land a waft on him, he'll most likely be dead. Now... an Olimar that knows the matchup will try to make you waste the waft by whistling it. If you can see this coming, its basically a free kill.

Olimar's kill moves are going to be his Usmash or Uthrow if he gets them off. Usmash can kill pretty well, and will be his favorite kill move. Dair beats this out however. Don't fall for a baited Usmash though, it comes out fast and doesn't have much lag. uthrow can kill at 140% fresh, and Olimar will use it if he can grab you. Remember to auto-cancel, then sidestep or chomp, depending on your position. If he nows you'll sidestep, then try getting away if you can.

One last approach you can do on Oli is the bike, don't use it too often (unless online, that sucker is hard to punish online) He can't grab you when your doing a wheelie, and you can still hit him. Also, one thing with his grab, if you KNOW you'll get grabbed, Dtilt the pikmin, Olimar will ground break you instantly for some reason. Its hard to time though.

55:45 Wario due to how he is easy to gimp and how light he is, but also due to how he can keep Wario away with utilt/Nair.

=Ice Climbers=


Ban: FD, Luigi's Mansion
CP: Brinstar

Ice Climbers is an interesting matchup for Wario. Wario has an easier time fighting them then most other characters besides MK.

The whole point to fighting ICs is to keep them separated and not get grabbed basically. If they grab you, its a lost stock for every character besides another IC. ICs will try to camp you using Uairs and Blizzards if they aren't shooting ice at you. You can Airdodge through them when they blizzard and punish the lag with a Fsmash or Dtilt, as for the Uair, try to get below them, but a little to the side, and hit them with a Fair or Nair.

If they are on the ground, don't chomp them, instead hit them with Dair, they don't have many good OOS options for this, just make sure not to be in grabbing range. If you do manage to get them off the stage, then you basically win here. Fair gimp Nana or Popo, preferably Nana since Popo is going to be harder to hit. If you do knock only one off the stage and they can't recover, make sure to keep the other on the stage and like I said, keep them separated.

When you only have to deal with one, things get so much easier. You can treat them as you would treat a... I dunno, but now you can just wreck it with Chomp, and they have no grab games on you, not to mention they are light and easily gimped. Also, for killing, Uair is good as well, as if they Dair you, airdodge to the ground and beat them down, they have a lot of landing lag, enough for you to Fsmash or even waft on them.

Waft is very good in this matchup, you can even hit them while they stand on the ground with it, as Nana will not be able to dodge or shield in time, which means your free to wreck popo (Or kill nana). Speaking of Nana, do not bother with sidestep dodges, IC can punish them better then any other character in the game.

For a good gimp, you can also just edgehog their recovery, one should die if they can't spring up high enough, but make sure you know when and when not to do this. You can also throw the bike at their recovery as well and gimp them like that, since its so easy to gimp.

If they use Squall hammer (side B), bike it to break them apart, then wreck Nana.

One last thing to think of, a good IC player will 'desynch' the ICs, making their attacks much harder to punish and dodge. If you can Fair one though, they will need to Desynch again, and its somewhat annoying to desynch ICs. If you see them attempting to desynch, punish them with a fair poke. If they also desynch, try to hit Nana and wreck her, since the player can't react with her fast enough to your barrage of attacks.

Don't nair, they can grab you when you land during your landing lag, don't bair frequently, as I've been grabbed out of it before :\ Make sure your dair autocanceling and spacing is on point, don't upsmash or DACUS as they are laggy enough to be grabbed. You'll be doing a lot of fairing and dairing, and then waiting for desynchs. We WANT them to desynch, as that way it's easier for us to punish nana and harder for us to get ***** by grabs if we do get grabbed. As soon as they desynch, focus in on nana like a porn star on a rich guy. She has terrible DI, so abuse whatever you want, just make sure she doesn't come back. Their smashes are really quick and have deceptive range, so make sure to learn the timing/spacing.
From PhantomX

6/4 in Wario's favor, as he has a pretty easy time getting them split up and keeping them split up. Nair, Fair, and Dair are so good in this matchup.



Ban: FD
CP: Brinstar

R.O.B. This is an easy matchup for Wario. his Fair and Uair are all we need to look out for, his other aerials are very laggy or easy to dodge. ROB will most likely camp us, the laser is pretty easy to dodge if your fast enough, and you can chomp a top thats in mid-air, so we can shut down his projectile game pretty well.

R.O.B. has a pretty strong ground game vs us, but the only moves we need to worry about are his Dtilt, Usmash, and Dsmash. Usmash is his kill move on the ground, Dtilt because they love to use it for spacing, and Dsmash since they can hit us OOS with it. (You can SDI up and out of it, or Shield/UpB it). Other then that, they'll try to keep us away with Fairs and Uairs, but thats it for R.O.B.'s moves.

R.O.B.'s most used Aerial is going to be his Nair, this is his laggiest aerial, airdodge it, and you get a free attack, PS it and you get a free SH waft. R.O.B. is very VERY easy to combo, you want to spam Uair and juggle him with it as much as you can, as it just utterly shuts him down. Watch out for a Dair, but its pretty laggy to start, so you should know when he is going to do it. Chomp also rapes him, since hes so big, so you can Dair Dair Uair chomp him, then continue from there if your lucky. Dair and Chomp are great in this matchup.

For killing R.O.B., Don't bother gimping him, his UpB is just too good. You can damage him off-stage, but you most likely wont gimp him. Note that you CAN get lucky and gimp R.O.B. with enough Fairs, since he has start up time on his UpB, then returning to the edge, but it depends on the player. Killing R.O.B. will have to be with an outright kill, but its not too hard KOing R.O.B. as Wario, as waft is just too easy to land. R.O.B. has an OK chance gimping us off our bike with his laser if he gets us offstage, but he can't really follow up with anything but a FAir, which we can airdodge through.

Now, landing a Waft on ROB is easy, as you can do it when hes offstage and in his UpB, after powershielding a Nair, or whenever you can land it. Waft is very easy to land on R.O.B. compared to other characters.

R.O.B. can space pretty well with his tilts though, and he does have a pretty good Grab range. he can only do a Grab release to Fair, or Usmash, but only if Wario airbreaks. If R.o.B. grabs you, just wait out the grab so you wont air break. He is also heavier then Wario, so he'll take a bit to kill, Land a waft and he dies quick though.

To dodge his Uair and Fair, Fair you just need to navigate around, Uair, you can SDI out of to a free waft if done correctly. If your off the stage, recover high, otherwise R.O.B. might gimp you, he has the recovery to attempt it at least.

Overall its a 55:45/ 6:4 due to how easy R.O.B. is to combo, and how hard of a time he has killing us. However, he has a decent time spacing us.



Ban: Delfino, PS2, Pictochat
CP: Brinstar, Norfair

Kirby, the placeholder character. Now, Kirby is annoying to fight as with Wario, due to the simple fact, he can BAir spam all day and wall us pretty well with it, he can also kill pretty low compared to what we're used to surviving to, but then thats all he has.

Kirby will most likely start the match off with a grab combo, which is inescapable, but only tacks on about 20%, thats one thing nice about this matchup, Kirby has NO grab release on Wario on even ground, so being grabbed isn't that bad, but still avoid it if you can. After this inescapable combo, Kirby will most likely go back to BAiring you. Do note that he does have some good tech-chase game with his grabs, so don't try to get grabbed too often.

Now, Kirby has 5 jumps, so expect him to stay in the air longer then you, but he doesn't have your air game, all he has on you is his Bair, but you can bait it well enough and airdodge through him, then turn a round and chomp or Fair or Uair or whatever if you can. Once you get past the Bair wall he puts up, thats all he has, otherwise chomp and everything else owns him. You can also just Aircamp him if you want, he moves fast in the air, but he has bad range like you, so he shouldn't touch you too much, in fact, aircamping might make him do more risky stuff to hit you like Fair, which you can punish.

For killing, Kirby will try to Usmash, Fsmash, Hammer, or Rock you, Usmash kills at 150%, Fsmash as low as 110%, Hammer even lower at like 100%, and rock also kills pretty decently, but they are all pretty laggy, or you should know when they are coming, they are pretty easily telegraphed. If Kirby uses Rock, see that as a free chomp, or Uair, or Fsmash, depending on where he is to where you are. Note, that his Fsmash is disjointed and moves him forward while he kicks, so be wary of it.

Now for us, like I said, Chomp works wonders, so does Fair, Nair and Dair, Uair works too, but you can also save it for a kill move. Kirby is pretty light, a little heavier then MK, but still light and dies very quickly. Fsmash wrecks his poor range on the ground, since his hitbox is his hurtbox, besides his specials. his Jab has some decent range and can space though, but hes vulnerable while doing it to a chomp or Dair, preferably chomp. Chomp if used on the right side of him, also goes through his Utilt, which if hes on the ground, he'll use as a "get away" move. If your not on the correct side however, or he pivots, his Utilt goes through our chomp.

Some ways to get past the Bair, or the reason why this fight sucks, is that you've gotta just keep airdodging and baiting until you get an attack in. If you can get in front of him or below and try to punish him, go for it, or throw bike/tire at him. Note that this will make the fight last very long, so you might wanna aircamp too somewhere in there. If you can punish him for using the Bair with Uair, don't be afraid to, getting past his Bair is what wins the match basically, since Uair beats his Dair all the time.

Killing Kirby is easy, hes so light that a Fsmash or Uair at 92ish will kill him, a waft can kill even lower at as low as 40% if its near charged! Landing a waft is such a great thing in this match, either its fully charged and cuts his life in half, or is half charged and kills him.

Kirby shouldn't be able to edgehog you, like most characters, recover high with the bike, if he comes out to meet you with his poor vertical speed, you can get him with a few Dairs on the way back to the stage, or even a waft if hes silly enough to Uair you or Nair you.

One more thing, Besides his Nair, any attacks that involve kicks for Kirby are disjointed. So be careful of them.

55:45. 6:4 since we kill easier and have an easier time in the air, but his Bair is very very annoying, and he can kill us pretty low compared to other characters. Oh, and don't let him inhale you and get chomp, don't want our broken move used against us! (But Wario's chomp will always out prioritize Kirby's chomp)


*By ~MidnightCambion


Ban: FD
CP: Brinstar, Freight

Lucario, the aura pokemon. Lucario isn't too much of a problem for Wario, but Lucario can be VERY annoying, and is also one of the most defensive characters in the game. The key to fighting Lucario is to kill him fast, the longer hes at 120%+, the more hurt he'll give Wario.

Lucario is somewhat difficult to approach, you might not approach with Dair at all, but rather Fairs to get past his Utilt, which is like a faster, shorter version of Ike's Usmash. His Utilt will be what he'll use to keep us away from him, but like I said, you can Fair it once you get used to where it hits, and the lag. Lucario will also try to roll away from you, and his roll is the best in the game, the length of the roll is about as long as D3's Ftilf, and he has maybe 6 or so vulnerability frames in the entire roll, so get ready to punish that if you can.

Some Lucarios will just camp you with Aura spheres, you can dodge aura sphere with your bike until around 56%, then you need to do a wheelie to dodge it, which will work up until 162%, where the Aura sphere will even hit you through a wheelie. You can also just approach them from the air as well.

Now, what do we have against Lucario? His aerials are pretty much useless. they do have range, but they all have blind spots. His Nair is vulnerable from the bottom, as is his other aerials besides his Dair, but if you space the clap right, you can even hit him through his Dair. Chomp also rocks here for air combos as there is little he can do about it other then airdodge and get back to the ground.

The key in this fight is to keep Lucario in the air, since Uair wrecks him, and Fsmash can go through all of his attacks as well if you are good at using the SA frames. Once hes off the stage, try to Fair gimp him, but note that good Lucarios know how to wall cling, and will use any method that they can to get back to the stage, and they are pretty darn good at it too. This doesn't mean that Lucario is hard to gimp, it just varies from player to player. You can edgehog or chomp him through his upB though, since it does no damage, you just need to know where it ends.

Landing a half waft isn't too hard on Lucario, just bait him into using a laggy attack or throw it in with your air combos, the sooner you kill him, the better. Speaking of Lucario's smashes, or his laggy moves, they have VERY good range due to the aura, and the aura lingers in the air, but like I said, the attacks are laggy, so get used to how the aura works, and you can punish him big time for using anything other then his jab and Utilt.

I know I'm missing SOMETHING here, but thats pretty much Lucario's game. Counter can be chomped, and Force palm doesn't do much, and is very laggy, so really just get past the aura sphere and Utilt, get him in the air and hes yours. 55:45 Wario, maybe 60:40. Don't underestimate Lucario however, Lucario players can be crafty in surviving til high percents, then Lucario can REALLY hurt you, so don't let them!

=Zero Suit Samus=


Ban: FD
CP: Brinstar, Rainbow Cruise, Freight Orphan

ZSS, this is an interesting matchup for sure. For one, she has a decent way to setup for grabs using her paralyzing Dsmash, yet we can escape her infinite by spamming bike away from her.

Honestly I'm clueless on this one other then that Uair beats out some of our aerials, and she has a tether recovery.

All I know, 50:50.

=Toon Link=


Ban: FD
CP: Brinstar

Toon link loves the air, just as much as you do. He is floaty and has some decent aerials, along with bombs, so its a fun match.

The first thing, he has a sword, and as such, has disjointed hitboxes. It'll be difficult usually to get close, but once you are close, keep on him. To get close, use the standard tools like Airdodge and your amazing DI. Also try to punish the lag on his attacks, there is noticeable lag, but its hard to describe. Basically, most of his hitboxes do not linger, so you can hit him through some of his attacks.

His most used Aerial will be his Bair or Zair. Zair is when he uses his grab while in the air. Zair is pretty easy to get around, you can go below him or airdodge through it and chomp. Bair is a little more troublesome, but you can do the same thing as Zair, or Fair him when the sword is showing, since the hitbox doesn't linger. TL will usually approach with Bairs and use them to combo, so getting past them shuts down a big part of his game.

TL will also like to projectile spam you to make you approach. Arrows shouldn't be that big of a problem if you jump over them, they don't move fast and have a predictable trajectory. His boomerang shouldn't get you either, and if you can be close to him while he catches it, thats a free Dair, Fair, Fsmash, Chomp on your end. The only really annoying thing will be his bombs, but treat them like any other thrown weapon. If you can eat a bomb while he is next to you, he will most likely die.

On the ground, TL has lots of range, but do note that they wont risk a grab unless your on the bike. If they do risk a grab, dodge it at all costs, as the ending lag from their grab is huge, and can let you get a free Fsmash or any aerial you want, maybe even a half waft! If they do grab you, they have no grab release unless your over an edge, so it doesn't hurt as bad to get grabbed.

Landing a waft on TL is somewhat annoying unless they do a laggy attack or you combo it in with a Dair, since they are so small and floaty. Do know that without DI, the waft will kill TL at 50% from the middle of FD, so it kills very well. Speaking of Laggy attacks, they would be Dair landing, Fsmash, UpB, and a grab to name a few.

TL will like to kill with Usmash, Dsmash, Fsmash or Dair if they can. If you can dodge Dair and they land, they have tons of landing lag that can be punished heavily. Fsmash also has ending lag if they do it twice. (They can slash twice with it if they choose) Usmash doesn't have much lag, but the hitbox doesn't linger. And his Dsmash is like MK's Dsmash, just knocks you up and is slower.

If you are on the ground right next to TL, attempt a chomp, it should come out faster then any of his moves on the ground. The most likely thing they will do is a Jab, but chomp will go through that if your close.

When recovering, make sure you recover high, so that they can't Dair you off your bike, they will most likely risk it, as they wont die if they hit the bike. If they do risk a Dair offstage, dodge it at all costs, as they will kill themselves.

6:4, since we kill TL easy and have ways to get past his airgame. He can be a PITA though if he spaces.



Ban: FD
CP: Brinstar, BF(I think)

Pit, one of the first newcomers who comes from a not-so-well-known game. Pit has multiple jumps, a glide, and an UpB that is punishable beyond belief.

First, Pit will want to camp you with arrows to start the fight. Arrows aren't much of a problem for Wario, just hop and airdodge them, and approach Pit like this. Once you get close, either wait for him to shoot another arrow and punish, or try to approach with a Dair or Chomp. Once your in close range, the fight begins.

First off, Pit has no grab release options on you, so being grabbed isn't the end of the world, but it still sucks. Second, Pit will try to use his Nair to cancel your approaches when your close. To overcome his Nair, I believe the Fair trades hits with him. Otherwise wait for it to be over, and punish with a Nair or Dair of your own.

The whole goal of the fight is to keep Pit in the air. On the ground, he has the advantage, but unlike us on the ground, he has almost no kill moves. To pop him up into the air, you can grab him or chomp him, or just do Dair bombs on him. The only real annoying thing is that he has a sword with range, but he has no attacks that sweep above him unless he jumps, so attack from above.

When in the air, he will try to use Nair or Uair to get past your Dair. You can airdodge through his Uair and Nair him if you want, or wait for it to be nearly over then Dair him while he is in recovery lag. If he is above you, use the clap, it beats out his Dair. If he is in the air, like D3, he'll try to Bair wall you, but its much easier to get underneath him and clap.

Most Pits like to camp you, if your good at dodging the arrows, you can use it to let your waft build up. Speaking of landing the waft, its not too difficult on Pit, but it does take some timing. You'll most likely do it while hes in the air. Fsmash will also kill pretty easily.

Gimping Pit is pretty simple. He will most likely jump once, then glide. Fair the glide, and he will have to use his UpB. Hit him out of his UpB and he can't use it again until he lands on the stage, so just keep Fairing or Nairing him until he can't recover. Pit is one of the easier characters to gimp, especially for us since we can chase him very far off-stage and hit him out of his upB.

If we get knocked off the stage by one of his attacks, recover high. He will attempt ti Bair you off your bike, but if you recover high it'll be difficult for him to gimp you. In fact, the only attacks he has that'll kill you are his Bair and Fsmash, and both need to be fresh to have a chance at killing you. So just by attrition, we win.

6:4, since we have an easy time getting around his camp, we own him in the air, and kill him faster then he kills us. He can keep us away decently with his sword range, but thats just about it.


65:35 With infinite
55:45 Without infinite

Ban: FD, Corneria
CP: Rainbow Cruise

DK, Donkey Kong, DK, Doney Kong is here! Donkey Kong is an easy matchup for Wario, VERY easy if you wanna play gay and just infinite Dthrow CG him to death. If you play gay like that, just get him in a grab, then buffer Dthrow CG him until 150%ish, then Fsmash and he should be dead. If you don't play gay like that, read on.
(Note, he can jump out at 100-110%, but its tight timing for him.)

DK has range, DK is ALL ABOUT RANGE! He also has a good grab game, kinda like D3, but not nearly as long. Chomp destroys him in this matchup, since his hurtbox is his hitbox on all of his moves, so you can cancel them all out with chomp. A good DK will approach you with Tilts and Jabs, and at low %, his Utilt is inescapable for a few hits.

Now, DK can kill you at pretty low %, Usmash and Fsmash, plus his punch, can kill as low as 90%. A 9 winder, a half charged punch, can kill you at as low as 60%! but like I said, Chomp can cancel them out, and you shouldn't be getting hit with these moves, they are pretty laggy. The move you'll most likely get killed by is Dsmash, which kills fresh at 120%ish, if you dodge it though, you can Fsmash or Dair or anything him back, even waft, that move has bad lag.

Get DK in the air, and Bair is all he has besides Whirly kong. You can Nair above him and get past his Bair, or even just go above him and Dair him, or go behind him and Uair him. Now, DK has a blind spot in his air defense, its the lower half of him in the front, that is his chink, just abuse that as much as you can, and DK is yours in the air.

DK will want to stay on the ground, and his tilts are still powerful, don't underestimate his range, a few Fair pokes or a chomp can get him, but yeah, his tilts are quick and have amazing reach. You should never be hit by his ground clap, your in the air! Same for his Headbutt, since your in the air!, so you shut down two of his big things right there.

Do note, DK has a very good air speed, so air camping him is a little more difficult even for his size, and he will love to space Bairs, you can Nair over them, but it takes awhile to get used to, and Uair has one funky hitbox. Remember the chink in his armor though when hes in the air.

With DK on the ground, chomp wrecks him, in the air, get past the chink in his armor, but his range is still very problematic, and he can kill you at as low as 74% if you let him. We still destroy him with our tools to get past his armor, and the infinite really hurts him. so 65:35



Ban: YI
CP: Brinstar, FD

Peach is another of our bad matchups. While we can beat her, its very boring and annoying.

First off, she has a projectile which are the turnips. She can do a very good Glide toss as well with them. You can eat them if you want, but usually they don't do much damage. There are exeptions though, She can sometimes pull up a bomb-omb, and the dreaded stichface (X_X) turnip. If you can airdodge catch the stichface turnip, it does as much damage as a fully-charged waft. Don't get hit by it, but if you can catch and use it, it'll cut her life by half. If she pulls a bomb-omb out, dodge it. You can also chomp it when shes close if you want, but its difficult to hit her with the explosion that you do when you eat a bomb. (But it kills very early if it connects.)

Second, Peach has some very good combo moves. On the ground, she can do her pummel or Dash attack, both are pretty hard to punish, and they come out quick. Her Utilt will beat out any aerial you do due to being disjointed, and she can counter with toad if she can predict something.

Peach will most likely be floating in the air however. Her Fair is her kill move, so don't get hit by it. If she wifts it, take that oppertunity to hit her ending lag. If she is up in the air, you'll want to be underneath her. Yes, you have to look up her dress most of this fight, since our Uair beats out her Dair. She isn't very fast in the air, just floaty.

If she hovers close to the ground though, she'll try for a Dair, then drop out of the sky for a guaranteed grab. The annoying thing, Peach has a painful release to Usmash, which can kill us at about 96% or something like that. She can also do a CG, but if you SDI/DI away from it, she can only get 3-4 off max.

For killing, our Fsmash can kill her pretty low, at around the early 90s at the center of FD, and waft kills even earlier. Landing a waft isn't too bad if you can predict their floating, but watch out for the glide tossed turnip! She will attempt to kill you use Usmash, Fair, or if your off the stage, Bair.

For gimping, you will need to chase Peach pretty far and fair her out of her float. If done right, it comes out faster then her Fair, and she only has her parasol left. If she does use her parasol, take that opportunity to either Edgehog (If possible) or a free aerial/fart. You can also throw the bike for an edgeguard, it'll do some great damage.

For recovery, recover high like always. Peach has poor vertical speed and height, and can't reach you.

45:55/50:50 just due to how annoying the fight can get. Note, you will most likely win to clockout with a percentage lead more then anything, fighting her head on is very very annoying and somewhat difficult.



Ban: FD
CP: Japes

Luigi, another annoying matchup. While we have the air speed, all of his aerials out prioritize ours besides our Fair, we trade hits with our Fair. Other then that and his two kill moves of uber death, we've got his number.

First, Luigi slides very far when you hit his shield. What this means, is that its safe to Fsmash him when you land, even if he shields it he'll slide too far away to counterattack. This makes ground attacks a little more safe, as his shield is useless. (But its better to chomp if you can instead of pushing him back.)

Second, Luigi will trade with your Fair and beat out everything else if they both hit at once. While he has bad airspeed, he can make up for it with his insane priority, so you need to learn to duck and weave and hit him when hes lagging after his aerials. You can trade with your Fair if you want to, but thats up to you.

Third, Luigi has two moves that kill insanely low, and a third thats amazingly hard to hit with, but if he does over an edge, you WILL die. First is his Fsmash of death, it is fast, and can KO you as low as 78% sometimes. To dodge this, you'll have to just make sure you get away from Luigi before he can do it. Second kill move is his UpB, if he gets a grounded one off on you, it can kill as early as 50%, but its hard to aim. Don't get hit by it! The last is his Dtaunt, if he hits you with it over the edge you die. He can also kill with a lucky Green Missile misfire and the Nair sending you vertically up, so there is that too. Note that he can use his Jab to an UpB, so be quick on SDI-ing away from him otherwise your in for a world of hurt.

Other then that, Luigi will approach with Fairs and Dairs, and use the Nair as a combo breaker, but thats about it. He may also use his Bair, which is the standard sideways kick. Do note that his Nair sends you vertically up, so DI away to the side if your getting hit. It also comes out in one frame, so it can be used as a combo breaker move.

To approach Luigi, try to use Fairs or if you can get him into a dair, do it then chomp. You can then try a Fsmash if hes right next to you or another chomp. Note that the best way to beat Luigi is to just get a percentage lead then run away from him. Besides his DownB, which our Ftilt beats out, he can't catch us. In fact, if you just camp him with a percentage (Or if you get it, a stock lead), Luigi is an easy matchup.

50:50/55:45 just due to how annoying it can get and his amazing kill moves, but we still come out on top. Note that the numbers are a bit more skewed if you aircamp/run away.



CP: Brinstar
Ban: FD

Fox is a somewhat easy, but tricky if you don't know what to do. First, Fox is very fast and if you let him, he can KO you early with his Usmash.

First, note that you out prioritize most of Fox's moves, not all but most. Second, Fox is a very fast faller, but he is able to stop his vertical momentum with his reflector. And Third, Fox's Usmash can kill you at around 98% or less, yet it is his only real kill move.

For Fox, Chomp is an amazing ability to use in order to counter most of his moves. If Fox approaches using Dair, you can counter with Uair. If he hits you with Dair and you don't DI out of it though, he will follow up with a Dsmash or Usmash, so either interrupt it or dodge it.

Now, Fox isn't as easy to gimp as Falco, but since his Fire Fox goes much further then Falco's Fire Falco, he will use it to recover more often, and you can predict where he'll go. He also can't laser spam like Falco as it doesn't flinch. Reflector can stop his vertical movement, but it can't stop his launch momentum like our bike can.

Another thing, his Uair can be a potent killing move if the second kick connects, but it is difficult for it to connect if you DI away. If Fox uses his Fair, he can get some extra distance on his jump, or float in the air for a second. It is like Snake's Nair, so you can just DI out of it like you would Snakes and Nair him.

For landing the perfect waft, you could do so if Fox does his pummel (just DI through him and fart.) or if he is reflector stalling. There are other opportunities, but those are good ones.

Might not be much to the matchup, but it is decently easy if you follow the standard way to play Wario. 65:35.



Ban: FD
CP: Brinstar

Wolf, the last spacie and the easiest one. The reason? We just need to get wolf to about 62%, then you can CG him to 200% and Fsmash him to kill.

Wolf... He has a very fast attack speed. His Fsmash moves him forward and takes awhile to get used to, and his aerials have lots of reach along with most of his ground moves. His Laser is the worst of them all but is the biggest one when it comes to shot size, his Side B makes him go up at a 45 degree angle (And can spike if he hits you while he reappears), his UpB can be easily gimped and shielded (Last hit can be shielded or DI'ed away from, and its the only really dangerous part of the whole move.) and finally his DownB gives him 1-2 frames of invulnerability.

Thats Wolf's moveset in a nutshell. His kill move will most likely be his Dsmash, which doesn't kill Wario til at least 130%. Wolf is a heavyweight, but he doesn't fall as fast as Fox or Falco, and his recovery is easily gimped if done correctly.

Note, the fight with wolf is over once hes at 62% and you can get a grab on him. just Dthrow CG him until hes around 180%, then Fsmash him for a near-guaranteed kill. To get that 62%, Dairs are a good way to get him, or punish any mistakes he does like a wiffed Ftilt or usmash or Fsmash. If he shields, he has very few OOS options, so if he shields, bite him for some free damage. Otherwise just play lie you normally would pretty much.

7:3 just because of the CG and how little work we need to do to kill.



Ban: YI
CP: Brinstar

Now Sonic... Sonic is an easy match. All he has is speed, and thats it.

The first thing you gotta know, and if you aren't used to it could lose you the matchup, is Sonic's speed. He is fast, Very very fast. He can cross a stage the size of FD in 45 frames or less, so you will have to get used to his speed. Other then that, Sonic is a pushover.

First, Bite beats almost all his attacks, only a spaced Fsmash, Ftilt, or Bair can go through your chomp, everything else Sonic has gets nom'd. This shuts down an amazing part of Sonic's gameplay, and leaves him to try to 'fake you out' so he can get behind you and hit you, or hit you with the above moves. With Sonic's speed, you'll have to get used to a good Sonic trying to fake you out until yoru guard is dropped.

Now, Another reason why this matchup is cake is Sonic's lack of kill moves. His FSmash and Uair string are about all he can do to kill Wario, unless he gimps you of course. Even then they kill Wario at around 150%, so you will live for a long time. Not to mention, Sonic is lighter then Mario by a tad, so he dies decently quick.

For Gimping Sonic, good luck. His spring is an amazing recovery, but it is predictable.

All in all, let Sonic approach you, as he has to otherwise he will lose. When he does approach you, shut down his game and counterattack. 8:2 (Note, don't try to aircamp Sonic, he is too fast XD)


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Dec 14, 2008
This guide changed the way I play Wario.
Be sure to add the part about how a few Lucario mains are stubborn and can't agree that it's a slight advantage in Wario's favor.


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Aug 20, 2008
CT / United States
You could start by taking a lot of what Shell has and then updating it.
I was thinking about that, but then that would violate the ToS I agreed to when I joined SWF, so I'll just type it all, I can type over 100 words a minute, so its not too bad. (Looking into a job with the courts of being the recorder for some cash, 50K a year isn't too bad.)

Updating in parts at a time, I'll add images and colored text once I'm done with the bulk of the information.


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Mar 5, 2008
the meaning over queer has changed over the past few years lol. change kthanxbai.


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Feb 12, 2006
Morphed, I decided to change my matchup thread into a full pledged Guide. I didn't see you make this until after I updated my thread, I am still missing stuff like Frame Data, those pictures, and some other stuff. Can I add some of this, give you and others credit, and have this thread changed into something else? I'm just trying to keep the number of guides down here, including Stage Guides and Matchup Guides and etc.

I appreciate the work put into this, and you will get credit for it too (same for Blue Shell on anything I borrow from him).


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Aug 20, 2008
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Eh, if you want DMG, I'll just lose a day, not that bad, but I'm far far from done. And you might learn something too XD, ah well. If you credit its alright, besides, more people will read it since its coming from one of the big Warios.

Of course I lose some rep this guide could have possibly given me, Ah well, Fame isn't for me, I'd rather earn it as the Twilight Guardian then well.... (Trails off rambling. in a good way.)

Course my guide will only be bias around the matchups, otherwise it'll be more about the info, I dunno.


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Aug 20, 2008
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Will continue the guide tomorrow, and DMG, let me finish this, might even put a huge workload off ya, you can help with Matchups, thats going to be updated soo rapidly.


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Aug 11, 2005
Pretty nice. I like the attention that was directed to the Bike. Might wanna add colors to make it easier to read :D~


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Aug 20, 2008
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Ok, in order to not bore me to death (Since we're getting to the dry stuff XD) I'm going to go out of order and do some matchups, then finish up a few more sections. (wanna do some matchups anyway. I do need more info against Olimar and ZSS and Yoshi though.

Pit would be nice too.


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Nov 4, 2006
El Paso, TX
This type of guide is something that i would like to see created. Morphed Chaos, try posting some questions and see if people will help with your guide. What character are you working on next?


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Aug 11, 2005
I don't think this is going to be stickied unless someone updates it. The last update was over 2 weeks ago...:(

Like I said, I 'm willing to help MC if needed.
I prefer MC's thorough matchup analysis by far, even though only 2 are up~


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Feb 23, 2009
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I prefer MC's thorough matchup analysis by far, even though only 2 are up~
You prefer it over what?

The problem is not that the matchup guides are bad, or even that only 2 matchups have been posted. The problem is that MC hasn't edited this in over two weeks and hasn't even posted once (here or elsewhere) for at least one week... I'm just worried that it won't get done. I'm not saying that I want to take over the guide or anything, I just think that someone might need to finish it if MC doesn't...:(


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Aug 11, 2005
You prefer it over what?

The problem is not that the matchup guides are bad, or even that only 2 matchups have been posted. The problem is that MC hasn't edited this in over two weeks and hasn't even posted once (here or elsewhere) for at least one week... I'm just worried that it won't get done. I'm not saying that I want to take over the guide or anything, I just think that someone might need to finish it if MC doesn't...:(

I prefer it over -nothing- because there is nothing on these boards to compare it to. The 2 or 3 sentences in DMG's thread related to some match-ups do not really grant greater insight.

Wario has practically no techs. And yet, one year after the release of Brawl, why is so much time still being wasted on futilities and trivial aspects of his game? That's what I fail to understand.

People claim that Wario's metagame is constantly evolving and while it might be happening, evidence is lacking simply because everybody seems to be "too lazy to write it all down atm sry much". This is the very first thread where I've been given actual valid insight and reasons as to why exactly Wario does very well against MK/Snake.

Of course, the lack of updates is an issue but having it lay on the second page is not giving it enough merit, imo.


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Aug 6, 2007
Toronto, Ontario

I prefer it over -nothing- because there is nothing on these boards to compare it to. The 2 or 3 sentences in DMG's thread related to some match-ups do not really grant greater insight.

Wario has practically no techs. And yet, one year after the release of Brawl, why is so much time still being wasted on futilities and trivial aspects of his game? That's what I fail to understand.

People claim that Wario's metagame is constantly evolving and while it might be happening, evidence is lacking simply because everybody seems to be "too lazy to write it all down atm sry much". This is the very first thread where I've been given actual valid insight and reasons as to why exactly Wario does very well against MK/Snake.

Of course, the lack of updates is an issue but having it lay on the second page is not giving it enough merit, imo.
It is more that his mindgames and speed is developing rather than having OMG techs. Not just that, I remember reading someone's post regarding that it is a lot of small things. There does not have to be a thread about whiplashing on the bike and throwing it, or breaking your bike to use the tires. there does not need to be a thread about incorporating upbs, new alternative combos, and such. His metagame is developing, but it is doing so slowly. Just watch vids, and you'll get the picture. But yes, in terms of matchups, I agree with you. The thing aboutDMG's guide is that it applies to how he plays. Many may disagree for the simple reason that many may not agree with Wario's definite style having to be campy. I believe that the matchup against DDD is still bad, but one HAS to air camp to beat him. Same with chars like G&W, where one is told to play more careful.

So yeha, I don't see the peach boards making a thread for every small thing. Lucky for you guys, Niko K has done a lot.

Regardless, I agree with you about this guide, and how come you like to play Wario now? How does that compliment Peach?


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Aug 20, 2008
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Uhm, I've been really busy with schoolwork and haven't had ANY chance of getting to this. Good news is that vacation is next week and I should be set to finish it then. I can do a little now as well.


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Aug 11, 2005
It is more that his mindgames and speed is developing rather than having OMG techs. Not just that, I remember reading someone's post regarding that it is a lot of small things. There does not have to be a thread about whiplashing on the bike and throwing it, or breaking your bike to use the tires. there does not need to be a thread about incorporating upbs, new alternative combos, and such. His metagame is developing, but it is doing so slowly. Just watch vids, and you'll get the picture. But yes, in terms of matchups, I agree with you. The thing aboutDMG's guide is that it applies to how he plays. Many may disagree for the simple reason that many may not agree with Wario's definite style having to be campy. I believe that the matchup against DDD is still bad, but one HAS to air camp to beat him. Same with chars like G&W, where one is told to play more careful.

So yeha, I don't see the peach boards making a thread for every small thing. Lucky for you guys, Niko K has done a lot.

Regardless, I agree with you about this guide, and how come you like to play Wario now? How does that compliment Peach?
Lol, we actually do have a thread about every little thing on the Peach boards :p. There is no aspect of her game that hasn't been covered in our threads~ And yeah, nikok, dark.pch and ninjalink did most of the work.

And Wario does much better against MK, Snake, GW, Marth and Falco than Peach does. He's just much more capable of pulling off wins against top tiers, especially when they're playing gay~ I've been putting her aside lately =p.

Breaking your bike to use the tires wasn't discovered one year after the release of Brawl~ Not many people use up-bs regularly considering capable opponents will DI out of it... Metagame evolution is mostly centered around match-ups in Wario's case, imo. The REAL reasons as to why he is, supposedly, a better character now than he was a few months ago. We don't need a thread about his tire usage; everybody knows how to create walls with tires and keeping control of them; but we do need at least one thread explaining fully why D3 might actually lose to Wario.


Apr 16, 2008
Round Rock, Texas
I would put Falco vs Wario at even. Just b/c he can't kill us doesn't mean we can kill him if he's brick walling with backairs or silent lasering perfectly. The odds that we'll have a stock lead on them are slim, though if you get it you can make life miserable for them.


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Sep 8, 2008
Champaign, IL
I would put Falco vs Wario at even. Just b/c he can't kill us doesn't mean we can kill him if he's brick walling with backairs or silent lasering perfectly. The odds that we'll have a stock lead on them are slim, though if you get it you can make life miserable for them.
Agreed, but I think the cg puts it in our favor. A good Wario who knows how to recover should NOT be dying from cg to spike ever if he is grabbed. Wario is a tank in this matchup and can survive for very long but falco can't afford to take damage and the cg just hurts him too much, IMO.


Apr 16, 2008
Round Rock, Texas
I just look at ratios, lol. Schoolwork reading kill my desire to read anything else.

I'll sticky this if you promise to keep working on it, lol.


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Aug 20, 2008
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Yeah, I'll keep working on it, just if I go a little while without updating thats due to school. And I'l put Wario in Brawl+ in the second post... and in Brawl+ Wario is GOD!


Apr 16, 2008
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I wouldn't say it's in Wario's favor, it's deadset even at best for us. His nair is his most annoying move, as bair can be SDId into a killer or a nair or other followup. He can up B you to death out of your waft, can edgeguard you if you're reckles. Your ftilt just BARELY outspaces his dtilt, learn to techroll his dthrow. Don't be below him, odds are you will get hit by the key if you try to upair it, and it will hit you out of super waft almost every time T_T. Believe it or not GW's weakest spot in this matchup is actually his back, his rising fair out of shield is a good blocker. Beware of bair canceling, which they use to bait into kills a lot.

I'd raise the percentages on everything btw. 150% deaths for Wario, you won't be killing a solid GW with good DI that can bucket brake til around 120%, I'd say around 75-80% with the waft. Only CP RC here if you really like that stage, and he can plank on Norfair, so don't go there at all. I actually recommend Japes against him, as well as FD, maybe PS1 as well, just don't get close during the windmill or rock zone XD
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