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McMansion 7: Capturing Grassroots Magic

Some tournaments take place in massive convention centers. Some grand finals even go down in giant arenas. While these events can be truly impressive, they don't have the spark of early tournaments that captured the imagination and hearts of Smash players. Friends crowded around TVs, laughing, jeering, and, while the competition was fierce, they were still having the time of their lives. This is the atmosphere players will find at McMansion 7, a tournament that's like a vacation with live music and a whole lot of Smash.

The Venue For McMansion 7

These kinds of events always bring out unique characters from the scene to create matches that won't be seen anywhere else. A Rookie, currently one of the most well known Mario players in Melee, is already registered to attend. Mr. Game and Watch will actually have serious representation with joot in the house. Previous years have seen players like Eikelmann come as well to show what Ganondorf can really do.

"These people are smashers who we hardly see but when it's possible to go to each other's areas, it's only for the tournament itself,"
said BP, one of the members of Flirty South, which is hosting the event. "Having this three-day venue allows us to catch up and chat with a controller in our hands." All have said the event is an amazing experience, and things have only been improved for this edition.

A Look Back At McMansion 6​

"The last event ran in 3 days, with probably less than 14 setups for Melee, and less than 8 setups for Wii U, but we ran on time, even ahead of schedule at points," C_Naught said. "This year, we've got 32 full setups for Melee, and at least double the number of Wii U setups from last year."

The tournament is set to give players many more matches than other large scale events, with round robin pools and a special amateur bracket for those who do poorly in pools that also offers a prize. "There will be a salty suite literally within one of the bedrooms of the McMansion," C_Naught told us. The venue is also a short walk away from one of Florida's fine beaches. Live music will be provided by BAIRS, a band from Tallahassee that uses no electronic instruments. Not to mention the venue itself has a pool for anyone who wants to swim and have fun.

For readers looking to experience the magic of a Smashfest, this is the perfect event. Registration is still open and can be found here. Questions can be directed to BP on Twitter. Excited to see this event? Plan to possibly attend? Tell us in the comments below and keep on the lookout for McMansion 7 in the coming days.


The last McMansion was sooooo good. Can't wait to do some dad stuff and play a childrens party game!
This is located in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

Definitely do, man. Having been to the past few McMansions, this isn't something you wanna skip. Always such a great time.
OFFTOPIC: oh cool lol, was wondering where this was. Just saw the palm trees and stuff and initially assumed it was in cally cuz cally is such a dope state. I would like to go to Oceanside
Great article! I'm sorry for being dickish on your previous article smashcapps(not just saying that cus this is a melee/smash4 article). You are clearly workig hard for what you and the community finds interesting. I appreciate how much you are contributing to smash news on a regular basis.
One of the many things in the world that is worth living for. That place sounds like a great event to go to. Everyday you give quality news/articles. I look forward to your future work.
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