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MBR Agenda/Projects Thread


Jun 4, 2003
Portland, OR
Hi all,

Sorry for the long absence, after vacation I had to put a lot of time into school, and I've also been working on Project M lately (I'm in their backroom now also). But I'm back now and will be regularly posting and give the MBR the attention it deserves from a leader.

So I want to make this thread a place where we discuss the agenda of the MBR and what projects we should pursue. I read Tero's rant thread and it seems that there is a wide variety of opinions on just what the MBR should be doing, of even if we really need to do anything, given that Melee is pretty well established at this point. But even if it's not across the board, there is demand in the MBR for more organization, so I feel it's my responsibility to bring that together. If I've overestimated that demand, then you guys can just let this thread pass, but I think it deserves a shot.

The first thing I'd like to do is for us to come up with a statement of purpose for the MBR. This should be something that answers, in a general way, what the goals of the MBR are; something that we can refer to when we have a question about whether an idea falls within the scope of the MBR. Maybe something we could make public so the community knows what we're about, instead of just being a taciturn group that occasionally issues opinions about how much Pichu sucks and why Corneria is a dumb stage. As Mow pointed out in Tero's thread, like it or not, the community has expectations of the MBR and we have to consider that.

If it will prove useful, I'd like to keep an updated first post where we have a list of past/current/proposed projects, and who wants to take initiative on them. These projects ideally should have their own statements of purpose and perhaps a goal completion date. This is so that we can keep track of what we are supposed to be doing now and in the future,

I see that the new tier list thread and stage discussion threads have been going nicely, so we can use those as test projects for this thread to see if it will be useful. The tier list thread is farther in progress so maybe it's not necessary for that one, but what I'd like to get is an agreed mission statement for each of those projects, which we would post here and in the OP of their respective threads, and perhaps a goal completion date. I'm going to consider all current MBR leaders to be the 'leaders' of those threads until/unless someone who has significant interest wants to have main responsibility for making sure the projects move along in the right direction. Discussion of those things preferably should occur here and not in the other threads.

A couple other ideas for projects:
New admissions thread - I don't think we need a more formal process yet (though it could be discussed), but we may want to keep a steady influx of recruits so that the room doesn't stagnate and we have to make a big push for new members to maintain discussion.
General ruleset review, with an updated OP of rules to discuss, possible updated 'suggested' ruleset also?

Anyway, please let me know what you think of the ideas in this thread, and whether we need it or not.


Relic of the Past
Sep 14, 2002
The Netherlands
Good topic.

Applications: I've suggested this before, but having public applications gives us a good overview of who actually wants to be back here. Setting it up and going through the applications will require effort, but it beats internal recommendations. If you can't make the effort to apply, you're probably not that useful. We don't need new members per se, considering there are already 86 people in this room and there are no blatant gaps. It's just that most of them aren't very active.

Tier list: Probably the most important release a Back Room can make. As long as Melee is alive, we might want to revisit it once every year or so. This is being taken care of now.

Ruleset overhaul: You have to wonder how much stock is put into a BR recommended ruleset, considering all regions just do whatever they like best. Several people seem interested in discussing it, so you might want to co-ordinate at least some polls on the stage list. Melee doesn't have many other issues really.

Besides this you can think of a matchup chart, character discussions to be released to the public or updating existing character guides, stuff like that. The MBR isn't really under any obligation to release content, but people still sort of expect it to.


Smash Legend
Jul 21, 2006
San Francisco, CA
I have pretty much the opposite opinion on everything ;)

Applications are fairly pointless; all I would take from viewing an application would be noting that they DID care enough to fill out an application, and having their name in my mind for any future reading. Nobody can (nor should they be able to) 'convince' me that they want or 'deserve' to be here in one post, and I don't feel like we should foster that mentality

To me a tier list is significantly less important than any rule discussions, simply because a tier list has next to zero actual consequence. With rule sets, of course T.O.s still (rightfully) make their own tweaks before adopting it for their own tournaments, but if any recommendations we make are grounded in logic, especially if it's transparent to the reader, it can still make a strong impact on how those decisions are made.

I frankly just view the MBR as a place for intellectual discussion about the game without the riffraff; I'm not sure any discussion here should be any different than if that discussion had taken place outside the MBR, except with the 90% ******** messages deleted (and consequently, people unwilling to typically wade through that sea of nonsense stay more involved and willing to contribute). It needs to be made clear that the MBR is not a governing body, and there's nothing special about being in here aside from the members deciding that each others' opinions are highly valued and worth listening to (obviously in not-so-elitist-sounding terms)

Alex Strife

Smash Hero
Apr 24, 2006
@ PockyD I think public applications help to introduce us to fresh ideas and fresh outlooks on things like the Tier list and rule discussions. It is just something I encourage. After a while we might become stuck in our ways and with new people we will always have views on whats new and such..IDK LOL

I think for projects, this sounds selfish but, I really would like more MBR help on Apex and, if thats going to be the big one for all of us as a community, more people should be posting in it as I will give tasks.

Other than Apex I think we can also improve in a few ways in general. Yes the Tier list and the Rules are great but also we should take more responsibility on growing our community. We have a great backing in the Melee community and a great game why not push people to attend more local/regional tournaments...we need to get newer players ( yes they still exist ) to attend more...turn the new players into players that will come back for more...show them hard work pays off!

Pink Reaper

Real Name No Gimmicks
Feb 14, 2007
In the Air, Using Up b as an offensive move
We're no longer a large enough community to require public applications. If there was someone who desperately needed to be in the MBR someone would have already mentioned them by now. Applications would just end up with people like Rhan and Kaostar attempting to convince us that they're not ****ing ********.

Deleted member

I'm with Pocky/PR. I don't think the MBR should be anything other than a restricted forum for us with extraneous responsibilities to the community at large secondary.

I do think some kind of collective understanding is a great idea. A general statement like you suggested, as well as a definition for the tier list. Some very basic organization can't hurt.


Smash Master
Mar 17, 2006
On top of Milktea
I don't care so much for applications. It's not like players who want to get in can't casually mention it to a MBR member that they know/like. The best part of no actual applications is it encourages MBR bribes.

"I would mention you to the MBR, but I'm just too poor right now."

I forgot my favorite perk of no applications: people hating on the MBR for being too exclusive.
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