[May 16, 2015] Beast of the East SSB64 Tournament - Win a trip to Los Angeles! (Nashua, NH)

Mar 11, 2014
Banned from 64
Location :
  • LevelUp Gaming
  • 679 Mast Rd, Goffstown NH, 03045
  • Venue Fee = $5
  • Singles Fee = $10 per person
  • Doubles Fee = $10 per team
So here is the deal: I probably can't make it to Smash of Ages 64 Edition due to work, so what I'll do is pay for the flight* of the winner of this tournament to go to Los Angeles to play if and only if Isai confirms attendance at SoA64E . If Isai chooses not to go or the winner chooses not to go, the winner gets a $300 prize instead.

* = covering the cost of the flight up to the cost it would take for me to get there, which currently is $333.

Please RSVP either here or on Facebook (but not both):

Singles Ruleset:
  • Apex ruleset with the following alterations:
  • 4 stocks if more than 32 entrants
  • Dreamland Only + Restricted gentlemans (Zebes, Saffron, Hyrule)
  • "Metamon" aka "Ditto" is a valid option in blind character selection. In the case of 2 players metamoning, a random character is selected, and then both players must play that character for the first match.
Prizes For Singles:
  • 1st Place = $300 or a round trip ticket to LAX
  • 2nd Place = 60%
  • 3rd Place = 25%
  • 4th Place = 15%

Doubles Ruleset:
  • Apex Ruleset with the following alterations:
  • All matches are Best of 3
  • Hyrule is neutral starting stage, Congo and Peaches are the only legal counterpicks.
Prizes For Doubles:
  • 1st Place = 60%
  • 2nd Place = 25%
  • 3rd Place = 15%

Schedule (subject to change):
  • 13:00 - Singles/Doubles Signups Start
  • 14:00 - Doubles Signups End
  • 14:15 - Doubles Start
  • 16:00 - Doubles End
  • 16:45 - Singles Signups End
  • 17:00 - Singles Start
  • 20:00 - Singles End

SINGLES START 1 HOUR AFTER DOUBLES ENDS. If you plan on doing singles plan on being at the venue at 15:00 EST. (3:00pm)
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Mar 11, 2014
Banned from 64
its a great idea but no one wants to come
people i cant reach out too but might be interested:

the z
jimmy joe
star king
the other ness player in NY
the PA crew
other NJ players like that girl that plays kirby
any new people to the 64 map in the region that idk about

@ KoRoBeNiKi KoRoBeNiKi let them know
2+ housing options available from friday till sunday afternoon

*stranded is trying to go, but doesnt know if kero will drive him
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Jun 20, 2010
Just found out about this event today. Closest smash 64 tournament I've ever found. Sadly I can't go because I graduate tomorrow =[. Just my stupid luck.
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