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[May 10th, 2009] Open Brawl 2, Paris (France), Doubles


Smash Journeyman
May 12, 2008
Pas-de-Calais, France
Second Open Brawl event, 42 people attended (21 teams).
"Hosted" by Nintendo24:7, but actually held by Slhoka, me, Doraki and Kratos (especially Slhoka), as apart from Kratos, the Nintendo24:7 association doesn't do anything but renting the room, providing material and prizes.

Like the first event :
-This was a doubles tournament only. We're currently convincing Kratos to host singles in the 3rd Open Brawl. He looks interested.
-Each winner received a DSi, 2nds received a Wii game (I heard it was Mad World), and others received Nintendo figures. This is because the room that Nintendo24:7 is renting, which is always the same one (they're mostly hosting Pokemon tournaments there), doesn't allow cash prizes.

Bracket results :

1- :peach:Leon :wolf::gw:King
2- :gw::metaknight:Kaos :zerosuitsamus:Charby
3- :diddy::metaknight:Yama :olimar:Zulu
4- :metaknight:Deimos :snake:Auron
5- :rob:Geneke :falco:Manko
5- :metaknight::kirby2:Kill1 :pit::kirby2:Neji9
7- :peach:Kenii :olimar:Scari
7- :ness2::luigi2:Achoral :lucario:Doraki
9- :ike:Kratos :marth:Nkekev
9- :dk2:Lambo :zerosuitsamus:SSJ
9- :falcon:Joe :ike:Kira
9- :random:Didier :random:Florent
13- :gw:Slhoka :pikachu2:JM / :random:Raphael, Quentin / :random:Fumex, Rémi / :random:Jérôme, Yohan

I'll upload the videos this week-end. :)
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