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Match Up info


Smash Ace
Aug 27, 2015
I see no one has attended to this so I'll respond. The way I feel:

For Sheik,

:4kirby:50:50:4sheik: with neutral Kirby and :4kirby:60:40:4sheik: when Kirby has her needles provided you play smart and keep your priorities straight. Between those, it ends up being between a +0 and +1 matchup. Leaning more on the positive side. Solid check for Sheik that doesn't need an abusrd amount of practice to keep viable.

For Cloud,

Somewhere between :4kirby:40:60:4cloud: and :4kirby:30:70:4cloud:regardless of the copy. Yeah, if Kirby is not your main I would not go with him in the matchup. We can combo Cloud hard when we win neutral and have some tricks to put him disadvantage like Star Spit but overall the big sword, Up-Air, and Limit are just a bit too obnoxious for Kirby.

And for

. Sorry but Knuckles is out of luck against the Supa Tuff Pink Puff.
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