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Mass Madness 8 Results!


Smash Lord
Nov 11, 2006

1: Pepper Pals (M2K+Cort)
2: Another Team With Frankie Munez In The Title (Darc+Dazwa)
3: Sc0rn (Scar+th0rn)
4: Pup N Suds (Skler+Pine)
5: A feast of manliness (Elen+AOI)
5: Banksypoo and Milkykins (Bank$+Milktea)
7: KevinM's Two Wives (SleepyK+Purple Cobra)
7: Top Quality Erectors (Boxman+SOLAR)
9: Team Gruggle
9: Kittylitter (Emmy+Adat)
9: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Yoyo+ZoSo)
9: A banquet of manliness (Mattdotzeb+Trees)
13: Hell
13: A little bit a lot a bit of goats (3x+???)
13: Team The Claw (KrazyKirby+Questor)
13: Beep Beep I'm a Jeep
17: Short and Tall (Tom+Awesome little kid)
17: Porkchop Sandwiches
17: Team Rocket
17: A buffet of manliness

(I labeled as many teams as I could remember off the top of my head)

Singles Bracket

1: Mew2King
2: Cort
3: Darc
4: Scar
5: ZoSo
5: Th0rn
7: Skler
7: Dazwa
9: Spawn
9: Elen
9: Pine
9: Bank$
13: Vigilante
13: Budai
13: Hoggle
13: Milktea
17: Zoroya
17: PC's Watchdog
17: Waffu
17: Mango
17: Trees
17: P$tHead
17: YoYo

Singles Pools

1: Mew2King
1: Cort
1: Darc
1: Th0rn
1: Dazwa
1: Bank$
1: Scar
1: ZoSo
9: Vigilante
9: Milktea
9: Spawn
9: YoYo
9: Skler
9: Elen
9: Pine
17: PC's Watchdog
17: Trees
17: Budai
17: P$tHead
17: Hoggle
17: Zoroya
17: Waffu
17: Mango
25: Boxman
25: Roman
25: Ryan Conrad Bean
25: Kyu Puff
25: Purple Cobra
25: Sai
25: Fun
25: Feryx
33: Questor
33: Blackhole
33: Box?
33: Pixel
33: Pef
33: Anderson
33: Spife
33: Cow
41: Peach Kid

Random ‘kid’ tournament

1: Trees
2: A freaking Noob (AOI)
3: Vigilante
4: Brohammud
5: Lint Licker
5: Roffle
7: Steve white boy
7: Peach Kid
9: Jordan
9: Mr. Pockets
9: Hellectika
9: 3x
13: Dylan
13: Burpee
13: long
13: Jamie
17: Kee
17: Zach

Lots of fun as usual ^^ Hope everyone’s enjoying Brawl (regardless of how much it sucks :O) Shoutouts eventually :]


Smash Hero
Feb 17, 2005
Maine (NSG)
good stuff everyone, was really fun, good stuff in teams milktea good job in singles broth0rn, thanks for CG me spawn, ur too good but we still tied cuz i caught up lmao. skler epic pools matches i only wish our roy ditto had been closer bwahaha

i'll do more shoutouts when i'm done playing brawl.


Smash Master
Sep 15, 2007
Ew I did poorly this tournament >.>
Well I did poorly last tourny too...
Well I do poorly at melee.....
Right! So anyway!
Er I'll get to shout outs later. I loved the amount of friendlies that were played though and hope to see a MM9 (with melee and brawl >_>)

Scar: I still thinking going through a few montage's with song and dance is better then actually killing Mufasa to become king. Thanks for all the friendlies and being a super friendly guy to a complete stranger.

Skler: Thanks for that friendly, you're still to good and I did not improve enough but I touched your Link sticker and I've seen the light.

Sklar: I want to see you in action!

Elen: you ***** me in pools, thanks for having faith for me pulling out of pools though haha

Purple Cobra: you are a good doubles partner, sadly, I am not so much.

Poma: I am officially better then you at melee because your not playing anymore (unless you pick up a controller again just to spite)

3x: I forget almost all of our friendlies..except your falco ****** me..I think I took stocks off you though

Jordan(?): fun friendlies right before that brawl line formed, good stuff and wave shining

I know I'm forgetting people >.< but I need my sleep so until next time...


Smash Lord
Nov 24, 2007
Lincoln MA
That was awesome! Thank you Game Universe and everyone who played me. I look forward to going to MM9.


Feb 11, 2007
Sunnyvale, CA
Subscribing, shoutouts to come because I do want to do them, New England = too good.

Thorn is awesome, **** YOU DARC <3, Cort/Spawn thanks for housing us, SLEEPYK I LOVE SCAR.


Smash Apprentice
Sep 21, 2007
Nh babay

kevm- we repped for you 7th in your honor kev!

sleepyk- awesome job in teams. you rocked when u had that come from behind win against boxmans marth

dazwa- samus>c falc on corneria. not.

zoso/yoyo- thanks for helping us get that hotel and getting to see a drug deal go down while we were checking in

lceman- epic samus dittoosss

m.zeb- good times in the hotel/ at the tourney. your hair ftw

cogsmooch- your c falc is scary to play for real. cogs' scruff for top tier

scar- way to come from far away. now u know how great new england tournies are!

banks- id have to say some of the best cobra-banks male bonding time ever.


Smash Lord
Apr 20, 2007
Fall River, MA
this tourney, was beautiful....

shoutoutsss @__@

game universe- uhm, pretty sure your probably the best store, in the world? so, stop owning... jk, i <3 you long-time, no joke.

AOI- duuuuuude... sick friendlies, like all day, lmao... [not to mention, nice controller]

matt - sry i couldn't house u dude -.- mom kinda *****ed at me last time for not telling her u were gonna come over XD oh and btw, make sure you keep melee alive, don't be an indian ><;

elen - err, gj owning my falco? :X lol

solid jake - we didn't talk, but sick snake outfit... lmfao XD

pothead - fun friendlies dude, watch out for ganon's fair right? hah

spife - fun friendlies, your link's getting better eh? keep it up, don't quit melee cause of brawl >.>;

thorn - ><; your falco = beast. I really wanted to play you this tourney, never got the chance [even though you'd eat me in a falco ditto] neways... bleeh, maybe mm9? @__@

emmy - fun friendlies :DD -cough- when's the next snf? >.>

hmm, well.. that's all i can think of right now :$
pretty disappointed in: hayato,[+any any fall river peeps that didn't go], and pat+jholla.. lame guys ;[ lame.

overall, great tourney... definately my fav. MM so far ;o NEXT MM, MELEE TOURNEY'S STILL :]]]

edit: my god brawl is weird... -.- i really can't see myself going to a brawl tourney, idk.... melee > brawl, c'mon now ;\


Banned via Administration
Mar 26, 2006

Someone make a time machine

so I can go back to maine and see everyone again


Smash Ace
Jan 12, 2006
West Hartford, CT &lt;3 Asian Cuteness Level: 10
Shoutouts: I have to do them quick, work soon!

SleepyK: I love you! I'm gonna miss you buddy, I hope we get to meet at some point in time in the future. =)

Darc: Let me kiss you next time you boob. LOL, you were like petrified in the photo. XD

Dazwa: Kid is too awesome, I just plain love this guy. :D

Banks: I forgot what we talked about but you probably made it funny. XD

Boxman: Good stuff in teams, not so good in team friendlies with me. I like your tiara. ^^

Skler: Best link cosplayer ever? o.o

Pine: Grow a little fuzz back pweeeze. =)

MDZ: Good tournament and stuff, ^_^.

M2K: >_>

Blue: Yay, it was awesome seeing you again, I missed you buddy. =)

Cort: See you sometime soon. >>

Milktea: Thank you picture taking slave. ^^

Spawn: Fun team friendlies, too bad I couldn't stay over your house with everyone, it sounded like fun. =(

Aiser: Fun team friendlies, I should have played brawl with you guys though. >>

I forgot people, edit later?

M2Sister: Nice meeting you. Haha. ^^


Smash Master
Mar 17, 2006
On top of Milktea
This tourny was amazing. This time sklerouts use all names with S first, it's zany.

Sleepyk- I've got your chalk and other pokemon things at my house. Hope you had fun in NE.

Scar- Undefeated Brawl teammate! Good **** in singles too.

Spawn- Revenge! Mad close games though.

Solid Jake- Best costume ever. What's your vent server!?

Purple Cobra- Good **** in teams.

Darc- It would have been epic if we did Brawl teams during the tourny.

Dazwa- The Daz is too good.

Th0rn- Stop beating me in tournaments.

Pine- Too good.

Nus- Too Asian.

M2K- I finally got to play you! Me and Scar dominated your team.

Zoso- Bring turtles in time next time! Good **** helping us out.

Yoyo- Thanks a TON for getting us the hotel room.

Matt.Zeb- You're now matt.owesNHmoney.

Cog- The beard is making an epic comeback.

Milktea- I don't think any pictures of me were taken :(, looks like you need to take double the amount of me next tournament.

Everyone else- I've got class right now so chill.


Smash Apprentice
Sep 21, 2007
Nh babay
im glad im worthy of two shoutoutz sky, you must be dazed and confused from playing too much brawl instead of sleeping :p

Zombie Lucille Ball

Smash Master
Sep 22, 2006
stop hitting me, Ricky
Like I said this was basically amazing

Dazwa: I hope you like the CD, enjoy the secret special surprise prize. teams mojo is back!

Darcy: I enjoyed molesting you, we should do it more often. good pool matches... um Ganon dittos was not a good idea lmao, but IC dittos was.

milktea: 1 game **** ok ok... you and the person above should yeah um show each other their temple of time/master sword/gerudo valley/ect. seriously. I like my pic... I'm sad.

Cobra Dan: You rule... my Falcon is hungry for like... 996 more knees. High fives when I win are awesome.

Sleepy: You seem like a rad individual. Thanks for the hugs. Hope you had fun in NE.

Dylan/Kyu Puff: We got to play a ton! You're getting a lot better. I actually think your Pika is your best. Fun team friendlies too.

Emmy: Fun friendly teaming with you. Stop Mewtwo Battlefielding me XD

Questor: Fun team friendlies! But don't be a ****, lol

Budai: GGz, stupid falco

Spawn: GGz, pretty sick sheik

Box (not Boxman, just Box): Good Games! dsmashdsmashdsmashdsmashupsmash XD

Everybody who brought a setup: awesome, it pretty much made the difference, IMO.

who did I forget?

Jake, Aesir, CT in general: good seeing you

Skler: play me in smash bros

I need everyone's FC!

Greene Archer

Smash Ace
Sep 16, 2007
Troy, NY
@ Cog: I can't help it when I'm tired, hungry, and not thinking. /johns

I still have a major paper to work on, so shoutouts will wait until I'm caught up with that.


Smash Lord
Dec 12, 2005
Under Skler's Saddle
I had a lot of fun at this tournament. I'm sorry I didn't um, disperse my attention evenly and I didn't get to friendly a lot of friends or talk to a lot of people.

Banks~ Thanks for teaming with me. I'm sorry I sucked during certain matches as a teammate, bleh. You're funny, it was fun feeling your abs up as usual. LOL @ slam dunk XP. See you sometime soon.

Darc~ I have yet again, no idea what to say since we talk all the time anyways LOL. Let's hang out aside from tournaments. Fail @ living 4 hours away :(.

SleepyK~ I'm sorry. I hope you had a ton of fun with your stay in Maine and at the two coinciding tournaments you attended regardless. It was good seeing you, hope to see you again soon, and I'm sure the rest of NE would agree with that statement.

Mew2King~ Have a fun weekend :p? Glad you could make it, thanks again for the blanket at Spawn's haha. The car ride back was both FRIGHTENING (LOL) and amusing. More frightening for me though, screw you guys LOL. Keep your head up, alright? And thanks for bringing Sam <3.

Sam~ I love you! I'm glad you could make it with your brother and other NJers. Doodling together was made of epic fun, we must do that again one day. I'm sorry I couldn't trip it back to your guys' house haha. This summer, I'll try to drag my *** down there or something :p. Ah and thanks for the lolli <3.

Aiser~ Thank you for being my direction giver even though you had no idea what was occurring LOOOOL. Fun rides in the car and such XD. I know I'll see you soon :3 keke.

Spawn~ WOOOOO, fun weekend. Would you not agree? Stop being a **** because I can't tell when you're joking or not >:| LOL. Thanks for housing! I didn't mean to fall asleep on your couch, I SWEAR. I just did T___T;.

Dazwa~ YOUR FACES ARE MADE OF EPIC WIN LOOOOOL. I think I laugh everytime I see one of our pictures LOOOOL. BUT WTF, I didn't hear you make the noise ;__;, THE NOISE, the one Sleepy claims you make in your sleep LMFAO.

PurpleCobra~ Sushi :(...

Skler~ HEY, IT'S MY RIDER <3?

Pine~ D:, we didn't talk much ;_;. Next time.

YoYo~ Yooyooooo, your Marth is too goooood T___T;. I can't really touch it meow. It was good actually playing you since it's been several years since we've played :p. The last time I played your Bowser was an Esticle last year or more (not counting that silly friendly with KevinM XD)? n__n.

ZoSo~ Sorry regarding the teams controversy, haha. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY, since I just talked to you on AIM LOL, ****, FAIL? YOU HATE ASIANS, ETC. LOL XD.

BlueDeath~ Ween at life as usual :p. SOLID SNAKE PLX.

CogSmooch~ **** :3. **** your sweater's color! Good talking to you :3, even if it was only for a bit XP.

Thorn~ -.-

Jerry~ AHH, it was good seeing you after so long! Go to more Melee/Brawl tournaments you scrub so we can hang out more XP. I can't find your Facebook >:|.

Joe~ *Remembers your German scary guy story.* LOL, it was good meeting you even though it was only for briefly, hope your eye feels better and you caught up on sleep XP.

Hoggle~ Good seeing you again as usual XP, I'm sorry I played like a ***** on Floats, I just haven't played the stage in months LOL. Oh well, we placed the same, you're too good XP.

BOXMAN~ I didn't get to say goodbye to you ;___;, I'm sowwy. Come to Connecticon, pwz ;D!? It'll be oodles of fun, I promise!

Nus~ -.- LOL @ DARC'S FACE in that picture with you. YOU WERE TRYING TO KISS HIM? Tsk tsk, well you failed :). LOL.

Scar~ IT WAS GOOD SEEING YOU, and that random friendly where you obliterated me :3! I always forget I'm TSA now XP.

Cort~ Meow? *Sits on your shoulder.*

Samus I friendlied~ Good stuff! I hope to see you around playing Brawl competitively! :).

Everyone I played in pools: Too good! Even the boy who kept Warlock punching XP!

MattdotCera~ I THINK, you smooshed my tiara when gay wrestling with Sleepy >:|.

Everyone else~ Love love! I hope to see all of you sometime in the near future :). Esticle perhaps? Yesss? Maybe PC won't be so much of a failure and will make it to that one! LOOOOL *runs*.

Edit: There was a kid standing behind me watching Darc vs M2K asking about Corneria. I turned around to answer his question but then his friend answered so it looked like I just stared at him v_v. Wonder if you're on this thread hmmm. Too afraid to speak to people johns... I'm shy at heart, believe it or not.


Smash Rookie
Mar 10, 2008
Fort Gordon, GA
this was an epic tourney (btw, my old smash name is Bitty, but a bunch of people didn't like it, so this is the new one, most of you won't know me anyway cause i'm fairly new to this tourney stuff)

Darc/Dazwa/SleepyK- had a wicked fun time driving you guys down, anytime u guys need a ride to an event, lemme know a few weeks ahead of time and i'll request it off from work so i can [this goes for Darc/Dazwa, would be kinda difficult for me to drive to Georgia to give SleepyK a ride :( ]

Skler- Thx for housing the night b4 man, was an awesome time

Everyone else- it was nice meeting and talking to the people i got a chance to, and it was fun watching my Bangor friends getting ***** in teams my M2K and Cort in the second round

I definately can't wait to go to more tourneys, even if it ends up being for brawl


Smash Rookie
Mar 3, 2008

Edit: There was a kid standing behind me watching Darc vs M2K asking about Corneria. I turned around to answer his question but then his friend answered so it looked like I just stared at him v_v. Wonder if you're on this thread hmmm. Too afraid to speak to people johns... I'm shy at heart, believe it or not.
I think that was me. Don't worry, I didn't think you were staring- I thought you had turned around to see who had asked a dumb question.

Hi again, though. :)


Smash Lord
Jan 1, 2006
Somerville/Lowell, Massachusetts USA
Sleepyk- It was fun meeting you for the second time did you remember me?

Scar- Who r u?

Solid Jake- Don't u get hot in that costume?

Darc- I realized your name spelt backwards is Card. Cool.

Dazwa- I realized your name spelt backwards is Awzad. Not cool.

Th0rn- I realized your name spelt backwards is "Kitz too facking goot"

Nus- I still need to meet u.

M2K- U shuld come to more massmadnesses. This is madness!

Zoso- Your too cool it was awesome playing your falcon..........

Yoyo- Yo, yoyo.

Matt.Zeb- You suck.

Cog- Beard=Mid tier. Sweet.

Milktea- ROFLOLMAO I was stalking you... I was hiding behind the DDR machine so no one saw me throughout the entire tournament.

Mine grams? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6mSwqnR1SY


Heir to the Monado
Sep 20, 2005
Amherst, MA
I'm doing shout-outs for once.....

Dazwa: fackin **** **** up in teams. I need to work on my rests for peacherssss. Good shiz being my partnerrrr

Liltea: LOL, I can't say much that I haven't already told you on aim. Good **** not getting rested in teams . Fun fun fun times. Hopefully I'll randomly come down to CT so we could hang out. <3

SleepyK: Wow, this week was great having you over. I almost exploded from having both you and CT stay at my house. Maybe sometime I'll come down to Georgia.

Banks: LOL rest. We didn't get to play in singles this time! I'm just gonna let Dylan grab you a lot so I can rest. Still funny as ever.

Th0rn: Man, you were beating me the first game, but holy **** did I gay you LOL. Man, you were beating me the second game, but holy **** you killed yourself. ;_; I'll update the power rankings soon.

Zoso: We didn't see much of each other. Make the Dream Theater shirt lawl. Yoga flame

Yoyo: Hi

Spawn: LOL pools. Good **** beating Banks even though he is part of my crew grrrr. I'll tell banksy to go fawks and to play like me.

Aiser: Fun friendlies. Lots of weird **** happened.

Jake: Holy **** snake. /calls. Man, you're great as ever. I can't wait to see you again. Hold another smashfest or something.

Zeb: Hi zeb. sup

Cogsmooch: LOL pools. Ganon and IC dittos wtfffff. We should do that more often. Fun seeing you again.

M2K: I guess I know what stages we are banning against each other. Moot city is such a dumb stage. I lurve it =3. cool seeing you again. lol nice job picking me up at the end >_>

Hoggle: Woo, HOGGLED

Pixel: Sick ;_;

Boxman: Woo nice gifts. You're cool ****s ever.

Solar: didn't see you much

8Bitt: Fackin clutch for driving us. you didn't get to enter the tourney, but I hope you still had fun. You're one cool dude.

Waffu: Nice job entering as Roffle. I'll tell the people running it that it's Waffu LOL good **** doing well in singles, You're jigglypuff is up there. I know somewhat how to fight puffs though so watch outttt.

Sam: soo fackin cool. Noice drawings and noice talking to you IRLs. The drawings were facking awesome. I can't do the jigglypuff noise >_>

Nus: LOL. I just wanted our picture to look different as the others. That's why I looked scurred. lololo

Scar: LOL mute city. Stop beating me on stadium plz. Nice seeing you again. We'll play some friendlies next time

Skler: LOL housing. LOL our conversations are so ****ing hilarious. Next time I MIGHT play you in brawl teams >_>

Pine: I didn't see you much. /waves

Purple Cobra: fackin awesome. fun talking to you those couple of times.

Cort: Hey, I didn't get to play you.

Budai: Falco falco falco. fun games

Box: LOL taunt spike

Trees: LOL trees. fun falcon dittosssss

Elen: Hi, I'll play you sometime.

Mango: fun friendlies lawlawlawl

**** tom: Hey I said Hi

Emmy and Adat: LOL we always play you

Nuro: My name backwards is not Card LOL

I know I'm forgetting people so just tell me


Smash Apprentice
Dec 9, 2006
Oh, so that was Adat I played in friendlies?

Hi Adat! I was wearing glasses, we played Samus v Sheik mostly.
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