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Mass Madness 7A: NESSc2 Qualifier #3 - July 6th, 2013 - Framingham, MA


Smash Hero
Jan 4, 2006
Quincy, MA
New England Round-Up

The New England TO Group has been working hard to beef up the New England summer lineup, and Mass Madness is rounding it out with an event the weekend before EVO. This will be an amazing event for those of us going to EVO to get some practice, and for those of us that will be viewing at home to prepare for Hall of Gaming 16, the 4th Qualifier on July 27th.

Streaming will be provided by our friends at wWw Smash. youtube twitch

This is the 3rd qualifier in the second New England Smash Summer Circuit, with the top8 placers receiving seeding points toward our final event: Mass Madness Championship Edition
All circuit information is located within the above link.


Game Underground
1251 Worcester Rd
Framingham, MA

Venue has free parking


11:00am - Store Opens
11:30am - Sign ups for Melee Doubles
1pm - Melee Doubles sign ups end and seeding begins
1:30pm - Melee Doubles Starts
2pm - Melee Singles sign ups
3:30pm - Melee Singles sign ups end, and seeding begins
4pm - Melee Singles starts
11:00 PM - Get out

Project:M Singles will be run only if time allows, and will begin after Melee Singles.

(All prizes will be paid in cash at the venue. 10% of the Singles Pot will be going to the MM:CE Singles Pot.)

Singles - $10 per entrant
Doubles - $10 per team / $5 per person
Project:M Singles - $5 per entrant

Prize Pool for Doubles - 1st/2nd/3rd - 60%/30%/10%
Prize Pool for Singles:
< 32 entrants - 1st/2nd/3rd - 60%/30%/10%
> 32 entrants - 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/5th - 48%/22%/14%/8%/4%
Prize Pool for Project:M - 1st/2nd/3rd - 60%/30%/10%

Stage Selection
Singles Neutral: Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi's Story, Dreamland 64, Fountain of Dreams
Counterpick Stages: Pokemon Stadium

Doubles Neutral : Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi's Story, Dreamland 64, Pokemon Stadium.
Counterpick Stages: Kongo Jungle 64

Stage strike is 1 - 2 - 1

Singles & Doubles Neutral: Yoshi's Story, Battlefield, Pokemon Stadium 2, Final Destination, Smashville, Dreamland 64, Fountain of Dreams

Singles Counterpick Stages: Castle Siege, Dracula's Castle, Green Hill Zone, Metal Cavern, Pokemon Stadium 1, Rumble Falls, Skyloft, Wario Ware, Yoshi's Island (Brawl)

Doubles Counterpick Stages: Castle Siege, Dracula's Castle, Green Hill Zone, Norfair, Pokemon Stadium 1, Rumble Falls, Skyworld, Wario Ware, Yoshi's Island (Brawl)

Stage strike is 1 - 2 - 2 - 1

Rulesets & Conduct
Melee Ruleset
1. 4 stocks
2. 8 Minute Time Limit
3. Pause Is Turned Off
If a player requests pause off it will be turned off for that set.
If a player pauses, the person pausing will lose a stock if the opponent requests it.
If it is a teams match, both players on the pausing team will lose a stock if the opponent requests it.
4. Items set to “Off” and “None”
5. Wobbling / Blizzobbling is legal.
6. Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e., Ice Climbers’ Freeze Glitch or Mewtwo’s Soul Stunner., etc.) will result in a forfeit of that match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character, and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.
7. The act of stalling is banned. Stalling is intentionally making the game unplayable, such as continuing infinite’s (wobbling/blizzobbling) past 300%, or reaching a position that your opponent can never reach you. Peach’s wall-bombing, or Jigglypuff’s rising pound can be used as long as it is not for the purpose of stalling for a period greater than 30 seconds. The same goes for any other similar tactics.
8. In the event of a match going to time, the winner will be determined in the following order:
More remaining stock.
Less percentage.
If the match ends with both players dying at the same time or if time ran out with both players at equal stock and percent, an identical rematch of the previous match will be played out. Same characters, and same stage.
9. Match sets in both pools and Prelim bracket are 2/3 games. Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals in singles and doubles are played 3/5 games.
10. Pools placement is determined first by game win percentage. In the event of a tie it then goes to set win percentage, then head to head matchup.
11. The TO reserves the right to over-ride or reinterpret any rule if absolutely necessary. Another TO must be present and agreeing at the ruling.

Set Procedure Advanced Slob Picks
1. Port Priority is determined. If it can not be agreed on you may rocks, paper, scissors for it.
2. Each Player/Team selects one controller port to use for each Player.
3. Each Player/Team selects one character for each Player. A double blind pick may be called by any player.
4. The first game is played on a Stage selected from the 5(five) Neutral Stage List by the Stage Striking Method. The order of stage striking will be 1-2-1. The player/team with higher port priority strikes first. (Player/Team 1 strikes one stage, followed by Player/Team 2 striking two stages, with Player/Team 1 then striking one of the two remaining stages).
5. The first match is played.
6. The Player/Team that won the previous match may announce one “Stage Ban” if they have not already done so in this set.
7. The Player/Team that lost the previous match announces the stage for the next match from either the Neutral Stage List or the Counterpick Stage List. Any Stage named as a “Stage Ban” by the either Player/Team may not be selected.
8. The Player/Team that won the previous match chooses their character(s).
9. The Player/Team that lost the previous match chooses their character(s).
10. The next match is played.
11. Repeat steps 6-11 for all proceeding matches until a winner is determined.
12. Modified Dave’s Stupid Rule: No player can counter pick the stage he or she last won on unless agreed upon by both players.

Doubles Modified Rules
1. Team Attack set to “On”
2. Life stealing is allowed.
3. In the event of a game going to time, the winner will be determined by which ever team has more remaining stock.
4. In the event of a game going to time and both teams have an equal amount of combined stocks, then whichever team has a lower combined percent is declared the winner. In the event of same stock equal combined percent, the match is replayed with the same stage and characters.

Project:M Ruleset

* 4 stock, 8:00 minute timer
* Items OFF and set to NONE
* Buffer OFF
* Ties after the time limit are determined by stocks, then by percentage.
* If a match ends with both players dying at the same time resulting in Sudden Death, a 1-stock rematch will be played out on the same stage.
* All Semi-finals and Finals matches will be Best of 5 format.
* If each player has one stock remaining and the match ends due to a suicide move (Ganon's side-B, DDD's swallow, holding someone in a grab on a platform as it moves out of the boundaries, etc.), the player who initiated the move wins.
* Non-first party controllers must be inspected by TO staff before use in tourney.
* Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in forfeiture of the match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.
* Dave's Stupid Rule: You cannot counterpick a stage you have won on in a set unless agreed upon by the opponent.
* Player's Choice Clause: You may play by a rule outside of this ruleset if your opponent agrees to it as long as it does not deliberately delay the tournament process. In the event of a disagreement, house rules stand.
* Double Blind Character Picks: Players may elect to double blind pick their characters for the first match in case of any disputes.

Stage Strike from Starters for the first match of the set in "122112" fashion:
1. First player strikes one stage.
2. Second player strikes the next two stages.
3. First player strikes the next two stages.
4. Second player strikes one stage.
After each match:
1. Winner announces THREE(3) stage bans.
2. Loser chooses a Counterpick stage.
3. Winner chooses their character.
4. Loser chooses their character.
5. Winner chooses their controller port (optional).
6. Loser chooses their controller port (optional).

1. BYOC (Bring your own controller): Players are expected to bring their own controller and be prepared for every tournament set.
2. Controller mods of ANY kind (short-hop mod, L-trigger mod, etc), except for cosmetic changes (paint job, different colored plastic), are banned. If you are caught using a banned controller you will be disqualified from the tournament with no refund.
3. Turbo or programmed buttons of any kind are banned. You may use third party controllers or pads that have these features, but if you are suspected of using the banned features you will not be allowed to use that controller any longer. Failure to comply can also result in disqualification.
4. You are responsible for your own equipment Any malfunctions or errors that occur are your responsibility, so bring an extra controller if possible, keep an eye on your equipment and always check to make sure you’re using the correct settings BEFORE a match is played. Both parties need to agree if a match is to be restarted because of these problems.
5. Intentional forfeiting, match fixing, splitting, and any other forms of bracket manipulation are not allowed and punishable as seen fit by the tournament organizer.
6. No substitutions are allowed for singles or doubles.
7. Coaching is allowed only between games, not during. Failure to adhere to this will lead to punishment at the tournament organizer discretion, which could include the removal from the venue.
8. DQ Rule: Arriving too late for a match will result in a DQ. Player(s) will have 5 minutes to show up before a loss of the first game. 5 more minutes results in a loss of the match. For doubles, both players on a team need to be present in order to play.
9. The tournament organizer has the right to save/record any tournament match if possible and has the right to upload said match.
9a. The m2k Rule - By entering the tournament you agree to play your matches on the setup requested by a tournament organizer whether it be a stream, recording, or non-recording setup.
10. Disrupting your opponent physically or intending to disrupt their play (through something such as screaming in a player’s ear) will result in a warning. Repeated action will result in disqualification from the tournament and possibly ejection from the venue. Observers who physically disrupt players are to be dealt with as the Tournament Organiser sees fit. Disqualification is recommended if possible, and ejection from the venue is also a punishment.
11. Although a rarity in melee (regarding textures and other game hacks):
Players may request that any texture, stage, or other hacks be disabled during a tournament set. If this is unable to be done, they may switch to a different setup if available.
Players are not allowed to use any game altering hacks, such as model or physics modifications for tournament play.

MattDotZeb - 617-347-9686
Game Underground - 508-283-1503


Smash Master
Feb 15, 2007
3 replies, not bad.
It's not tagged as Atlantic North so maybe some people missed it.

Even if the Project M tournament doesn't happen, I'd like to get some more friendlies with people (if the setups and Matt allow it, of course). I was feeling pretty good about my gameplay 2 weeks ago (despite my bracket performance) and I'd like to continue it if possible. If I do enter Melee singles I'm just going back to my same old Jigglypuff only and getting 0-2'd by everybody.
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