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Mass Maddness 16 Results/Shoutouts

Boxman X

Smash Ace
Sep 8, 2006
Look here steakhead, I didn't ask for your 2 bit
Brawl Singles

1: Gdragon(Darc) ($206.80 )(MK/Marth/Falco)
2: omegablackmage ($112.80) (Wario)
3: fatal ($56.40) (Snake/MK)
4: TV (MK/Diddy/Rob)
5: Green Ace(Yoshi)
5: Dazwa (ZSS/Pikachu/wtfelse he wants to use)
7: C.Awesome (Snake/Wavebird black magic)
7: Joebot
9: Peach Kid is angry D:< (Peach/Angry)
9: Scrub (MK)
9: Icylight (Olimar)
9: BUTTcross; the wavebird victim (Flaco/Wavebird)
13: Omster
13: For the benefit of Mr. K there will be a show today.. on trampolines(Ace) (Diddy/DK)
13: Bizkit (Snake)
13: Watkins (Ike)
17: Delta (Snake)
17: Games n goodies
17: LLPK (Kirby/G&W)
17: Latin (Pit/DK)
17: Vigilante
17: Dsim
17: Memphis
17: Dutch Master
25: Don't pick falco or else I'll lose
25: Hot Kaarl
25: Boxman (Pikachu/MK)
25: hotdogturtle (Awesome dude btw)
25: Bass
25: Monkley
25: King James
25: Haggs
33: Rew
33: PL Swift
33: Witty
33: Kid Nickels
33: Oafa
33: Max
33: AKC12
33: Jet
33: Super mega death christ 2000 BC v4.0 beta
33: Sudak
33: Marek
33: Roma
33: Jeetzs
33: Banana Hammock
33: Lore Zero

Brawl Doubles

1: YO yo yo what up wit dees planets (Dazwa + Darc) ($88.00)
2: Wifi sucks (TV + KSBizkit) ($48.00)
3: Vengence (fatal + OBM) ($24.00)
4: Sunshine and Rainbow Cruises (Bloodcross + JoBot)
5: For all that is gay and awesome (Icylight + Green Ace)
5: Two girls, one upsmash (Peach kid + Riot)
7: Scrubadubdub (Scrub + Ace)
7: Rival schools (Hayato + Jin)
9: Boss Town (LLPK + Latin)
9: Team Lightning Plus (Bass + Invictus)
9: PK Starshot (Hot Karl + Haggs)
9: Team Bucket Head (Delta + Hotdogturtle)
13: Slapchop (OAFA + Monkley)
13: No friends, no life (Boxman + Memphis Chains)
13: 6XL (PL Swift + Red Wolf)
13: Don't get setted on (**** Tom + Dan)
17: Two guys from tokyo (Banana Hammock + Omster)
17: Prorono (Watkins + Sudak)
17: Team Nutella (Ryan + Kyle)
17: Jeetz lags IRL (Jet + Jeetz)

Melee Singles Bracket
(I do not have pools information)

1: Mango
2: Sock Jm0n
3: KDJ
4: HBK
5: Scarmander
5: G Drag0n
7: Ren0
7: SwiftBass
9: Th0rn
9: Elen
9: G$
9: Zoso
13: AOI
13: Bank$ (Peach)
13: Hazzard
13: Hayato
17: Aesir
17: Sai
17: Sky
17: Boxman X
17: Kyu Puff
17: Mogwai
17: Matt.Zeb
17: KevinM

Melee Singles
(PS, this is weird, some glitch made Gungrave replace byes in the bracket, thus screwing up the results and having 4 or so Gungraves. Never hearing of the 2 members of the team, I figured they placed last. If they placed higher than last, please tell me and I shall correct it.)

1: Bond James (Mango + G$) ($89.60)
2: Rock n' Sock Connection (Scar + JMan) ($25.60)
3: Boxman and Larx (Dazwa + Darc) ($12.80)
4: Rush Hour 2: Electric Boogaloo (Elen + KoreanDJ)
5: Rags to Riches (Reno + Hazzard)
5: Fleshwang (Banks + th0rn)
7: Ninja Turtles strike back (Hayato + Rawsex)
7: Team Fortress 2 (SwiftBass and Mogwai)
9: Angels and Demons (Foy + Ken Y)
9: The Milky Way (SOLAR + Milktea)
9: lol (KevinM + HaileyM)
9: Manly Fish and his cohort (Sai + WeaponX)
13: Snorlax (Relax + Kyu Puff)
13: Dazwa+Darc (Boxman + Larx)
13: Get the blades going (Questor + The Irish Mafia)
13: Peach 'in Cream (Gary + Peter)
17: I'm TheManaLord (Hubble + RTF)
17: At least I'm not 25 and still playing video games PS: no one cares about your beard (Variola + CogSmooch)
17: Suds (Zen + Cartel)
17: The Iron Skirt of Knee (Bro + Jekl)
17: Gungrave (Hero + Lil Phil)

P.S. I figured it'd be nice to have complete results for a Mass Maddness and not take weeks to get it, for once. =D


Smash Master
Apr 27, 2009
I did soooooo bad D:

whatever, played a good amount of friendlies and felt like I improved. Won a tetris moneymatch, and my dear friend Pedro got 13th.

Twas' an alright day.

EDIT: Shoutouts:

Dutchmaster - Crazy good ROB, smelled a lot like the ganja.

Vigilante - Played my first friendlies of the day with him, close game. Played street fighter 4 later with him, not close at all he kicked my ***.

MattDotZeb - You ran a great tournament, props.

Mew2King - Thanks a million for not showing up and giving us a chance.

For the benefit of Mr. K there will be a show today.. on trampolines - Made me laugh the entire day.

and an extra shoutout for Choco-Taco matches.

Omster - You did okay, you can do better. I KNOW IT.


Smash Champion
May 29, 2007
im disappointed in you tom for not beating daz/fatal

good stuff on your placing though xp


Smash Champion
Jan 14, 2009
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

1: Gdragon(Darc) - Congrats on winning with Marth =D. Beast friendlies, I felt better after those. I'll be back and better than ever next time.
2: omegablackmage - YOUR PLAN WORKED!
3: Gaytal - THE CURSE IS BROKEN! Heard you made this epic comeback on TV, also heard it was recorded, LINK ME!
4: TV - Ganon < Bowser RAWR! You ***** for beasting JoBot in the end =( ggs in doubles
5: Green Ace - You did really good, gj smex.
5: Dazwa - No Pikachu experience = sad man. ggs
7: Joebot - It was really fun partnering up with you, we beasted =D
9: Peach Kid is angry D:< - DONT GET MAD GET GLAD!
9: Scrub - You did pretty good too. Good kid.
9: BUTTcross; the wavebird victim - YOUR WORST PERFORMANCE YET
13: Omster - GGs, MK Dittos really close.
13: For the benefit of Mr. K there will be a show today.. on trampolines(Ace) - I will $MM you next time we meet, Brawls deep 3?
13: Bizkit - We both sucked. We both must get better. Lets dominate at BD3.
13: Watkins - **** GOOD IKE. But yeah no <3 for Flaco.
17: Vigilante - YOU SAID THE N WORD
17: Memphis - Wow... I didn't even know you went. I could have laughed at you for having no friends =(
25: Don't pick falco or else I'll lose - HEY IMMA FALCO. GG's, good DDD.
25: Hot Kaarl - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDK LOL
25: Haggs - WE NEED TO ****
33: Super mega death christ 2000 BC v4.0 beta - O.O

I sucked, and the quanity of participants was disappointing. A tourney I need to forget, b/c I couldn't keep calm at all. Nevertheless I posted my shoutouts so enjoy.


Smash Hero
Jan 4, 2006
Quincy, MA
Boxman, one of the Gungraves, the one that placed highest, was Mogwai + SwiftBass; Team Fortress 2. Edit that in.


Smash Lord
Jul 26, 2007
SHOUTOUTZ!!! im using gamertags

KDJ- almost had it man ... a lil more and youll be back in shape ... godd luckin Korea
Jman- good **** reppin PR :) ... you my lil ***** and u shuld help me get nasty at smash ... you're mad chill and remember the whispers of "Jman" ... hahah good ****
Dazwa- ****! lol you're hilarious and i love you no homo
Darc- stay sexy
Banks, Th0rn and Solar- what happens in framingham stays in framingham lol
Mattdotzeb- thanks a bunch for housing and for offering the 2nd time ... you're the man
Hubble- you're a legit dude and keep on practicing man ... GET AT ME for a trip to canada
Rob-$.25 lol good **** man
Foy- next time we'll get top 5 ! good **** on teams
Spictom- ur el fuerte is nice .. glad to see you in the tournament scene still
dudutsai- GG's and nice rests lol
Mango- watching you play convinced me that you are the best player and by a good margin ... **** yo couch (not yo momma) and i will miss you and u shuld be part of east coast (*** WC) .. come to Massmadness more often and then you'll be able to see milktea
KevinM- keep up the good work and you'll eventually be my bodyguard lol
Zoso- you keep getting better and better lol ... good **** and good looks lol
Roman- you impressed me with your fox ... i still think you got ***'d out in pools lol
Milktea- All I am sayingggggg is give mango a chanceeeeeee ... corny

i thnk thats all and hopefully i can come to the next massmadness


oh yeah and SCAR !! the amazing rest wombo combo OMG!! thanks for ****** me your really good


Smash Lord
Mar 29, 2006
1: Mango - lol woo we're tristate lol you silly.
2: Sock Jm0n - u got angry lil man.
3: KDJ - good seeing you again bro, SF4 soon =D its that new ****!!!
4: HBK - gj ****** darc !!! =D!!!
5: Scarmander - I shouldn't have gone fox, car ride was fun ;)
5: G Drag0n - Darc get ***** lol =D ^.^
7: Ren0 - you suck.
7: SwiftBass - really fun matches.. ill do better when i have my controlllaaaaaaa
9: Th0rn - dude you're awesome. SF4 + smash all dai =D
9: G$ - thanks for driving dukes, always comin' through
9: Zoso - didn't get to play you this time, but its always a pleasure!
13: AOI - read ^
13: Bank$ (Peach) - we need to play moar =x
13: Hazzard - we need to play moar :-x
13: Hayato - I did totally take it easy hayato lol.
17: Aesir - fun set! you're getting betttttter
17: Boxman X - Fun hanging out as usually dukes =D
17: Kyu Puff - goot matches, icie's r scary sorry bout the campfest lol.
17: Mogwai - Thank YOU so much for driving and putting up with NY crap lol. Mogwai is awesomez.
17: KevinM - always a pleasure.

Milktea- always a pleasure, zhong wen ftw. and i hope things work out
Tom - i dunno how often u check but it was gr8 seeing u
I hope I'm not forgetting anyone but yah, it was a goot time.


Smash Lord
Jul 26, 2007
I love reno bcuz i thto he would be white but hes hawaiian or something ... good looks your sheik is mad sex


Smash Hero
Feb 17, 2005
Maine (NSG)
Melee had 50 entrants right, was that more than brawl or did they do pools too? Crazy turnout tho

1: Mango - nice seeing you again, you should come here in the winter I think you'd need a different wardrobe
2: Sock Jm0n - that after party was awesome never seen so many people in one car LOL
3: KDJ - nice seeing you hopefully it's not really the last time ever, but i'll see you on the bawkz
4: HBK - your marth *****, we should play next time.
5: Scarmander - good games in pools i suck now thanks for beating me
5: G Drag0n - WHO oh yea dusty i didn't have to play ypou this time i'm glad. nice box of wheat
7: Ren0 - good friendlies, we should play more sheik-bro
7: SwiftBass - good money match, i probably would've gotten a beating if you had gone fox but i like falcos better
9: Th0rn - good **** in teams ....dude
9: Elen - you deserved that win you are mad technical and i was a sloppy mofo. NEXT TIME
9: G$ - **** team, nice hat
9: Zoso - nice to see you we gotta play sometime
13: AOI - good games nice fawkz
13: Bank$ (Peach) - you suck bro
13: Hazzard - nice to see you good games in teams
13: Hayato - hayatooo goot 2 see you
17: Aesir - ur marth is beast on yoshi's i was one millisecond from falling into a pit of death on that second game LOL
17: Sai - we shall play next time jiggly pro
17: Sky - good games you killed urself =( but you still got a nice fox
17: Boxman X - yeaa son good job getting outta pools keep up the shrek
17: Kyu Puff - ice climber !!
17: Mogwai - good games on the mm we should play a lot more sometime! idk if you usually put up the videos that you have but if you don't could you send me it sometime because i have so little footage of myself
17: Matt.Zeb - good stuff after the tourney, and slaying foxes left and right
17: KevinM - good to see you mang good **** getting that tourney running at lightspeed
HailyM - nice seeing you again too good job destroying people in pools

Milktea - thanks for taking the pics and fun teams friendlies!!

vigilante / tom - too good at street fighter, good to see you again

rawsex - too good on the chun li, almost had you grrr

spife - we'll play next time!!

roman: good job in pools taking a game off the two ballers and losing to mattdotzeb. jk <3 zeb. but ur fox is badass

everyone who i played : fun times

i need to practice more, kthanksbye


Smash Champion
Mar 25, 2007
Wilbraham, MA (Springfield)
1: Mango - lol LEONIDAS
2: Sock Jm0n - sexy as always
3: KDJ - ****** **** all day as always
5: Scarmander - the back of your shirt (not jacket) said Roma, that's my real name
5: G Drag0n - doctor mario as always
9: Th0rn - we need to have a NE smashfest one day ^.^
9: Elen - repping the unknown part of MA as always, good **** getting 9th =)
9: Zoso 0 <3 <3 <3 can't wait to play
13: AOI - This is just for you, my friend.
13: Bank$ (Peach) - who would've known your peach would go so far ^.^ i'm sad we didn't get to do our 50 money matches though
13: Hayato - lololol hi, i wish we played
17: Sai - keep on keeping on dude
17: Boxman X - what a beast of a man and your sheik will start going places
17: Kyu Puff - you got bracket ****ed but everyone does at one point or another, you'll do better at the next one fo sho; good luck at genesis you lucky *******
17: Mogwai - hi
17: Matt.Zeb - i still hat.... love you
17: KevinM - soooo beautiful and skilled in the craft of generosity *tear*
HaileyM - i saw you taking off stocks o.O'
Spife - we need to play mo
larx - i think it was you that i played with for a bit... hi
Relax - where you at? we haven't played in ages
Foy - ummm -.-'
Joey - <3 but we didn't play T.T
Questor - good **** making this tourney awesome for everyone else

I hope I didn't forget anyone. I did enter but just didn't get out of my pool but w/e. I'll just have to **** everyone starting now XD. Awesome tournament and it was run surprisingly smooth (kevin, questor). I'm so glad a lot of really well known players came to this and showed what they're made of and hope this is a bright light for the melee scene. Good **** everyone.


Smash Lord
May 16, 2008
Edit "biscuit" to "Bizkit" in Brawl Doubles plz. Matt forgot to do it. Will shoutout later.


Smash Lord
Mar 29, 2006
Ken Y'

lol I'm chinese =p i look dark tho.. like a hawaiian i guess..

what you like me less now that IM ASIAN!?!?!?! IS DAT IT?!

i'll sheik ur face =x


Smash Apprentice
Feb 1, 2009
Reduced Salt Area


1: Gdragon(Darc) ($206.80 )(MK/Marth/Falco)- I still have yet to play you at all. This makes me very sad. Amazing job taking 1st place!
2: omegablackmage ($112.80) (Wario)- We had a good set. Your Wario is amazing, but I'll learn that matchup soon enough... lol. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around.
3: Gaytal ($56.40) (Snake/MK)- We didn't get to play, but Good Job breaking the curse.
4: TV- Very close matches, but you won in the end. You've earned my respect.
5: Green Ace(Yoshi)- That'll do.
5: Dazwa (ZSS/Pikachu/wtfelse he wants to use)- GGs. Taking a set off of you in tournament shows that I've actually gotten somewhere, and that makes me proud. I'm sure we'll play again!
7: C.Awesome (Snake/Wavebird black magic)- You did not enter as BUTT 'The wavebird killer'. This makes me sad. You're a cool kid though, and you did great in the tournament. Good job knocking Bloodcross into loser's.
7: Joebot- I heard you beasted. Great job, props for beating Icylight.
9: Peach Kid is angry D:< (Peach/Angry)- That set was TOO close. Great Peach, I'm sure we'll play again.
9: Scrub (MK)- Scrub all the floors in Hyrule. But seriously, you did really good.
9: Icylight (Olimar)- Good job, but you'll do better next time.
9: BUTTcross; the wavebird victim (Flaco/Wavebird)- You should still be proud of the place you got. On a serious note, you need to control yourself when you lose. It's just a game.
13: For the benefit of Mr. K there will be a show today.. on trampolines(Ace) (Diddy/DK)- Your name is amazing. Good job in the tournament!
13: Bizkit (Snake)- We didn't get to play, but it was nice seeing you.
13: Watkins (Ike)- You're a really cool guy Watkins, and your Ike is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing more of you in New England's tournament scene.
17: Games n goodies- GG, looks like you're improving.
17: Memphis- You seem like a cool guy. I need to play your sonic sometime. Low tier matches are the best.
25: Don't pick falco or else I'll lose- I feel the same way. Sometimes.
25: Boxman (Pikachu/MK)- It was nice seeing you again here.
25: Haggs- I heard your Lucas is good. I need to play you sometime.
33: Super mega death christ 2000 BC v4.0 beta- Wat.


1: YO yo yo what up wit dees planets (Dazwa + Darc) ($88.00)- I expected that. Good job, guys.
2: Wifi sucks (TV + Biscut) ($48.00)- On the other hand, I did not expect this. Good job taking down Fatal and OBM. Also, fun matches in friendlies and tournament.
3: Vengence (fatal + OBM) ($24.00)- GGs in friendlies. At least you still got money.
4: Sunshine and Rainbow Cruises (Bloodcross + JoBot)- It seems like this team was pieced together at the last minute. And you *****. What is this madness?
5: For all that is gay and awesome (Icylight + Green Ace)- Should've done better, tbh
5: Two girls, one upsmash (Peach kid + Riot)- Din's Fire ftl
7: Scrubadubdub (Scrub + Ace)- GGs. You took a legit match off Dazwa and Darc. That's awesome.
9: Team Lightning Plus (Bass + Invictus)- GGs.
13: No friends, no life (Boxman + Memphis Chains)- Wat? That's BS. Should've done better.
17: Prorono (Watkins + Sudak)- Watkins is better than 17th

Good stuff, I really enjoyed the tournament. Though it was small in comparison to all of the previous Mass Madness tournaments, it still had the majority of the region's important people show up. Good job, guys, and congrats to Darc, OBM, and Fatal.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 18, 2007
canandaigua NY
1: Mango - UGH YA SO MEAN SON! :D
2: Sock Jm0n - You were bugging out, but its cool.
3: KDJ - >_> Nice seeing you again.
5: Scarmander - Yo, thanks for the dollar for finding your bag, and house me for a philly tournament sometime.
5: G Drag0n - Think this is Darc, Anyways thanks for being my twin and what not. Wanna come chill with maine in maine. Would be totally rad.
9: Th0rn - What up. Place higher then your brother. Dont give a ****.
9: Elen - So mean to me.
9: Zoso - I was diggin ya at matts. All no pants and strutting around. Hawt **** right thurrr
13: AOI - >_> dont know you
13: Bank$ (Peach) - SF4 mm next time. Get *****? Think so.
13: Hayato - Thanks for stomping on me in teams.
17: Boxman X - DUDE! We need to chill. All the time. Imma live in maine with you or something and harvest lobsters.
17: Mogwai - Onett.
17: Matt.Zeb - **** you *******
HaileyM - Ugh, make me pikachu nikes. kthanksbye
larx - ChIlLlLlLlLlL
Relax - SNORLAX good team matches and such. Be the next good falcon, you have da skillz
Foy - Yeahyuhz
Joey - <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 MOFO
Roman - Im making a Crew called Banana Beard. SO MUCH BETTER THEN YOUR CReW -_-; :D
Ill edit this later when im coherent and i remember people. :D
Ken Y!! YEAHYUHZ MOFO!!! 9th


Smash Champion
Oct 21, 2007
In a museum
ill do shoutouts later.

(why can i never manage to get to melee these days T_T)


Smash Journeyman
Sep 13, 2007
Orono, ME
Epic tournament full of awesome shoutouts:

Dazwa + Darc: I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to play you guys, but it's probably best for me to fight my way through the brackets next time to earn a rematch anyway! I still have a lot of improvements I need to make on my Ike before I have a shot at beating you two.

OBM: Our first match was destined to be a tournament match too, we'll hold off on friendlies till then!

Scrub: Never got to play you but I can only imagine how much trash talk I'd get if I played you, most likely more so than you just watching me play Emmy haha. All in good fun though, hopefully we'll play one day.

Green Ace: Fkn pro Yoshi, I need to play smarter to get around those eggs. Mucho respect my low tier brother, keep your game up because I'll be stronger for our rematch!

Bloodcross: You and probably Darc both still know how to give me a really hard time with Falco, it's my hardest matchup and curse so far. I still liked the matches, it forces me to learn to move more fluidly. I'll work on that and give my Ike another try next time we play. If that's not enough, I'll just Sheik your face off or something. Great games though!

Memphis: Our matches were really awesome too, I had a hard time figuring out how to stop a Sonic with Ike until I realized that waiting for you to come at me with Spin Dash and trying to get you after that wouldnt work and I had to go all out berserker to have a chance. Good times.

Kaarl: Our game was probably the most epic match I had that day, never before have I played a match that's been almost 7 minutes purely because of pro dodging and DI and no camping. Good Kirby, sorry you got MK'd by Darc or I'm sure you could have placed higher, lol.

Emmy: Fun friendlies, got me some good MK practice that I desperately need. We'll have to do it again sometime.

Ace: Fun friendlies, your Diddy was pretty brutal for me on those flat stages haha. Bananas totally destroy my playstyle, I'll have to use Sheik against you if you ever try that in a tournament!

Foy: You should play more Brawl, and I shall play more melee. Thanks for the cheering support, haha.

And much love to anyone else who played my Ike, see you guys at the next tournament. I'll work on getting better at Melee too so I can enter both tournaments next time.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 18, 2007
canandaigua NY
Yo Matts pissed watkins. And the greece coast bros. You didn't shoutout.

It's cause im more positive about brawl den dem.


Smash Journeyman
Sep 13, 2007
Orono, ME
oshi-, my john is that I'm at work and people keep coming in and fkn bugging me about random bs.

The most love goes to Matt and the GC bros even though you guys don't play brawl, you guys are still awesome to hang out with and that high 5 was pretty pro. Let's do it again sometime when I'm not driving in a busy street, haha!

Thanks Matt for the awesome smashfest, and watching you all play melee has inspired me to pick it up again, even though Brawl will always be my main game sorreh.


Smash Lord
Feb 22, 2008
for my chars used, you can put mk/diddy/rob

(shoutouts later)
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