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Marth trips over himself on Dreamland 64?

Endless Nightmares

Smash Master
Sep 23, 2006
Something very interesting happened to me while I was messing around in Action Replay. I had the Debug Mode and the Mushroom Stack codes on. I was Roy on Final Destination vs a comp that wasn't doing anything. I gave Roy 6 mushrooms to make him super huge. Every ftilt and neutral-a was the glitched tripping variety. The moves also ened sooner than normal. Utilt was normal. I attempted a dash attack and died. After that, I could not recreate the tripping glitch. I don't know what variables made the glitch happen. But it's something interesting that I might look further into. If I can get it to happen again, I'll switch to hitbox mode and let you guys know what goes on with those. :)


Smash Master
Dec 13, 2003
Close to Trenton, NJ Posts: 4,071
Yes, it was a shield grab.

The glitch affects the Neutral A, F-Tilt, U-Tilt, D-Tilt, Dash Attack, & Standing Grab.

Whispy blinks after blowing wind right after the flowers move back to normal. The glitch happens 2 frames before Wispy's eyes are closed completely. It starts there regardless of what part of the animation you're in, and messes it up from that point on till the end of the attack/grab. If the movement hasn't started by that frame it is unnaffected. It happens anywhere on the stage; even on the top platform. It doesn't matter which side he's facing either.

They still start the attack at the normal time, for the same duration, and finish the move completely at the same time. The only difference from a normal attack is the location of the hitboxes which is dependant on the location of the sword/arm, with the exception of the grab. The glitched grab is actually better than normal since it still grabs in the same exact spot without any lunging forward and reaching his arm out at all.

Also, it didn't cost you the match btw. Trying to shieldgrab someone standing behind you did and it would've still missed anyway without it since grab hitboxes aren't affected. No glitch johns :p
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