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Aug 9, 2007
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[[[Make Your Move]]]

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”​

Welcome to Make Your Move 8, the exciting eighth installment of SWF’s one and only moveset making contest! Whether you’re a first timer or a pro at movesetting, take a moment to read through this opening post; it’ll likely solve any questions you have about our humble little contest!

The Thread
Have you ever looked at your favorite character and thought; “Man, I wonder what they’d be like if they were in Super Smash Bros…” Well if you’re anything like us, the answer to that is probably a “yes.” That is, essentially, the point of Make Your Move; to give a Smash-based moveset to your favorite characters no matter who they are! Throughout our previous contests, we’ve had movesets for famous Nintendo characters, obscure anime characters, real life people and pretty much anyone and everyone under the sun! If you have a character you’d love to see in Smash and if you want to see it done -YOUR- way, this is the thread for you!

Keep in mind though that MYM is purely hypothetical; we don’t design movesets to be put into Brawl but rather for our own amusement. Thus, we have no plans of actually hacking our sets into Brawl nor do many of us have the ability to do so if we wanted to.

The Workshop
Our trusty home away from home; the Workshop is a WordPress blog designed especially for keeping track of everything in MYM! From the easy to navigate home page, you can find such things as:

  • A complete list of every moveset in MYM8
  • A complete list of every moveset from our previous contest; MYM7
  • A full history of MYM including handy links to every previous thread and much, much more.
  • A complete list of every moveset made in MYM4-6
  • Many helpful guides to making the best moveset you can make!
  • The Sunday Recap; an article written by myself to summarize the current week of MYM.

As you can see, the Workshop is a very, very handy place with links to anywhere you’d possibly need to go right at your fingertips! A link to the Workshop can be found HERE.

The Leadership
To keep the contest running smoothly, five specially selected members have been chosen to be the leadership of Make Your Move 8. These leaders are very experienced and are more than happy to help the community! MasterWarlord, Junahu, BKupa666, SmashDaddy and myself, MarthTrinity, make up the MYM8 leadership.

If you have any questions that this OP doesn’t answer, we’d be more than happy to help you answer them! You can recognize our MYM8 leadership via our avatars pictured below:

The Movesets
The meat and potatoes of our thread; the movesets. Before you go running off to bring all your ideas to paper, here are rules and tips to help you on your way!

You’re more than welcome to make a set for a character who has already been previously made in a MYM contest (or even earlier in this contest!) so long as the movesets are significantly different from one another; no copying other peoples’ work and claiming it as your own, what’s the fun in that?

If you made a moveset in a previous MYM contest, you’re more than welcome to remake the set so long as the older version and the new version do not share more than five moves. If you plan on remaking a set, it’s best if you have entirely new ideas, it also makes it a lot more fun to read if it’s not the same set reposted with minor tweaks!

Please don’t repost movesets. If you posted a moveset on a previous page and it got ignored or wasn’t finished, you’re allowed to post a link to the moveset but not allowed to erase the set and post it again. This is to prevent spam.

Story Modes
Story Modes can also be made by users who may feel that writing a story is more their forte than writing a moveset. If you do plan on writing a Story Mode, please use the UserBlogs section of Smash World Forums (or your own site/blog) and do NOT post your Story Mode in this thread. You are however allowed to advertise your Story Modes in thread. Here's a good example of a well done Story Mode; Playing God.

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their work, right? You spend who knows how long on a set, you deserve at least a few replies to it! That being said, comments help keep the thread alive and the movesetters motivated! If you read a set and like it, your comment could be as simple as that. If you have some constructive criticism to give towards a set, also feel free to do that! We’re all improving here in MYM despite how long we may have been doing this, thus, comments are always appreciated.

Helpful Links​
The MYM Wiki​
Junahu's Moveset Making Guide​
Organization Tips​
Charged Moves Explaination​
Just What IS Priority?​

Hyper_Rildey's Guide To Moveset Mechanics​
JOE!'s Explaination of Priority​

Use common sense when you post. MYM is part of Smash World Forums, therefore, we have to obey the rules of the site while posting. If you have to think about if something is appropriate or not to post, it’s more than likely not.

Please keep in mind that the closing date of this MYM is, as of now, undetermined and will remain so until a much later date. When the leaders have determined a closing date, we’ll announce it in the thread.

If you care to learn more about your fellow MYMers, feel free to join us in our very own MYM Xat Chat! Be advised however that the Xat is not a part of SWF at all and as such, may not be appropriate for people under a certain age.

If you see spam in the thread please do not reply to it. Report the post instead of putting more fuel on the fire. As previously mentioned, using common sense while determining if a post is spam or not.

Note to Mods: We put this thread in GBD because it really doesn't have much to do with what's going on in the Smash Workshop; this is all hypothetical and is in no way associated with the hacking or PSA projects. That being said, if you feel we should be moved back there, that's perfectly understandable.

And finally, this MYM is once again dedicated in honor of SirKibble; a good friend to us all who left our contest in order to serve his mission trip. We all look forward to his return and hold each contest with him in mind.

With that, you’re ready to Make Your Move! Have fun, be creative, make some sets!



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Aug 13, 2009
Burst Man

Burst Man
Burst Man is one of the four starting Robot Masters in Megaman 7. I never understood why they broke it up like that. On a more related note, Burst Man was originally designed to watch after hazardous Chemicals. He was stolen by Dr. Wily and modified for combat. He rather enjoys celebrations, and sometimes fires Fireworks. His body is coated with a soapy substance, allowing him to incase objects in Bubbles. This trait shows up in Brawl, where Bubbles are his main method of KO.


Size-As wide as Ganondorf, but only slightly taller than Mario
First Jump-3/10
Second Jump-10/10
Fall Speed-6/10
Movement in Air-8/10

You might notice Burst Man’s high Second Jump. You see, whenever Burst Man does his second Jump, he’ll quickly incase himself in a bubble. This allows him to float upward with okay control of the bubble. You see, his aerials are all interactions with the bubble, and most of them will do little if he’s not using his Second Jump. However, this bubble has very little priority, and will break easily from any attack. Not to mention when Burst Man gets out of his Bubble he enters Helpless Fall state. The formation of the bubble takes .1 seconds and also has low priority. Also, people can stand on top of Burst Man during this float upwards. The float is about at the speed of Mario’s walk, and Burst Man can turn well, although his ‘air traction’ is about a 4. To exit the bubble, press the Special Attack button. This will throw you into Helpless fall, so be warned! Burst Man can stand on any bubble, including ones from the Side Special.


Side Special-Danger Wrap
This attack is really brilliant in its simplicity. A lot of Burst Man’s attacks are, however. Anyway, in about .2 seconds with medium priority, Burst Man fires a Bubble About as big as Kirby in front of him. It’ll travel maybe the width of two Mario’s width forward before it makes a turn and floats into the sky. The bubble moves at Fox’s Walk, and has 14% Hp. The bubble has low priority, but some jabs and tilts won’t get away safe.

Now, here’s the kicker: Anyone who touches the Bubble is sucked inside(And the Bubble will grow to accomidate this) and pulled along with it. Now, they can attempt to break the bubble from the inside. But this is difficult, as Burst Man can use various attacks to put stuff INSIDE THE BUBBLE. Yeah. So the opponent won’t be alone. Anything he’s holding will be put inside the Bubble, so yeah. Lots of Burst Man’s playstyle will involve manipulating Bubbles and things inside them. It’s also worth mentioning that item-related attacks and effects can’t break the bubble. The higher the percentage on an incased opponent, the faster the bubble rises, just FYI. At about 60% the bubble speed doubles. If it’s not obvious, while 2 players can not be in 1 Bubble, an item and a player can. Only 1 item can be contained in a bubble. Burst Man cannot throw himself into his own bubbles. Bubbles can’t imprison Smash Balls. Burst Man CAN create Bubbles to Stand on for 1.5 seconds, even if it has an item in it. Opponents cannot control the movement of the bubble, it overrides their will. They can’t jump out either. Giant Characters can’t be trapped in Bubbles. Finally, the range for the Bubbles is infinite, only vanishing if they hit a wall or are deep within the KO boundaries.

Neutral Special-Danger Bomb
Burst Man’s blast suddenly fires out a Small Orange Orb about the size of a Pokeball. It’s a Danger Bomb, and after 2 seconds it explodes, with a Radius and Hitbox as big as Kirby. The summoning of the Bomb takes a mere .1 second, and the Bombs themselves deal 11% damage and medium knockback. Within the bubble it would knock the opponent down. For clarification, when Burst Man summons it, he holds it. He can throw it if he so desires, but he should put it within a bubble. Danger Bombs can not be activated prematurely with attacks, and there is no way to get rid of them besides letting them blow up or tossing them into KO boundaries. You also can’t pick up fallen Danger Bombs. If Burst Man throws one at an opponent, it deals 2% damage and flinching knockback. They CAN explode in your hand. Danger Bombs pop bubbles if no opponents are in it, but don’t if they are. Weird.

Down Special-Tether
Not like the recovery; different kind of tether. Burst Man will turn around, and in the next .4 seconds, build a small tethering device and attach it to the ground. However, the downside is that he is attached to this tether, now bound to 2 Bowser’s width(On each side) and 1 Ganondorf height. The building has medium priority, but why would someone want to stop Burst Man from moving himself? Besides stalling, as when BurstMan takes 10% damage on the tether it snaps.

If Burst Man uses his Second Jump while tethered, the Bubble will incase him, but the tether will now be attached to the Bubble! (This also gives the Bubble HP ala the Side Special bubbles) That totally makes sense. (wary) Now Burst Man will fall out of his jump, but you’ll most likely be above ground anyway. Now, the Bubble will pull the stage up! That’s right, the stage (Whether floating or not, it’s called shadow effect) will be pulled closer to the upper KO boundary. It’s pulled about the height of 3 Pokeballs upward, and will remain there for the rest of the match. Assuming they aren’t broken. If they are broken, the stage drops down the height of 3 Pokeballs. I specified because you can have up to 5 out on the stage at once. Also, people can not be trapped within Tethered Bubbles. If it’s not obvious, you can’t break tethers.

One final note, in order to prevent Burst Man from spamming Tethers in multiple locations, Burst Man can’t create Tether’s within a Bowser’s width of another. The tether vanishes if the bubble is popped. And lastly, the stage can’t get EXTREMELY close to the KO boundary. There must be 1.33 times Ganondorf’s height between them.

Up Special-Met Hat Get
Burst Man dons the latest in defense; a Metool/Taur/all/potato Helmet. In about .1 seconds, Burst Man pulls out a Met Hat and puts it on his head. This doesn’t do much, it doesn’t even carry over to Danger Wrap! So what good is this Met hat? Supplying defensive power to your Tether Bubbles, of course. If you form a Bubble using the Second Jump and Tether, the Hard Hat will stay within the Bubble, giving it a slight more defensive Power using its strong materials. Now all attacks given to the Bubble before popping will deal half the damage they normally do, allowing Burst Man to focus on more important things. The summoning of the hat has unusually high priority.

Basic Combo-Burst Buster
Burst Man shows his brutal side with this basic damage-racking combo. Burst Man points his buster forward and a small Kirby-sized explosion erupts from it (.2 seconds), dealing 7% damage and light knockback with medium priority. If the combo is kept up, however, Burst Man will proceed to push the foe over (.1 seconds), which of course knocks the foe down with a small 4% damage coupled with minor priority. In the last stage of this Combo, Burst Man JUMPS on the opponent (.3 seconds), putting all his weight on them as well. This deals 9% damage along with small knockback and large priority. The whole combo takes .6 seconds to execute, just in case you cannot add. If you cannot add, allow me to call you a bonehead. Over the course of the entire Combo, Burst Man travels about the width of Ganondorf.

Dash Attack-Bubble Rush
As he jogs, Burst Man creates and holds a Bubble out in front of him. The bubble takes .2 seconds to form, and it has low priority. But the great thing about this attack is that opponents that touch the Bubble are sucked inside, and Burst Man will release the Bubble when the attack button is released. After release, the Bubble will act like any normal side special bubble. The opponent cannot attack while the Bubble is being held, so he is pretty helpless. However, Burst Man will automatically let go if he stops running, tries to jump, or tries to run off the edge. But as long as he holds the attack button and moves he can contain the foe. Well, that’s not entirely true. After 3 seconds, the opponent is released and Burst Man trips as a penalty for trying to stall.

Forward Tilt-Bubble Popper
There is one exception to that last move’s ‘can’t stop’ thing. If Burst Man stops really quickly and input’s this move, He’ll pop the bubble by squeezing it. Yow. If there is no Bubble, he’ll blow one and then pop it in the same way (.2 Second). If there is an opponent in the bubble at the time, he’ll force the opponent onto the ground in front of him with 3% damage and light hitstun. A good stunning move in that respect. Not to mention the move’s animation also looks like the animation for the Side Special, allowing for some minor mindgames. Also if an opponent is close enough to Burst Man when he pops the bubble (Same as the Range of Jigglypuff’s sing) they’ll take light enough hitstun to cause them to flinch slightly.

Up Tilt-Telly
Burst Man fires a Telly out of his cannon (Which he can totally do) and clasps it firmly in his hand (.2 seconds). Tellys (About as twice as big as a Pokeball with Hitbox size to match) are Burst Man’s damage racking ‘items’. When Burst Man ‘throws’ them, they simply stay where they are, rather than actually being thrown. Of course they also move around a bit, moving at Mario’s walk towards the closest opponent. They have 5% HP and their entire body is a hitbox. They have bad priority however, although the summon is medium. Anyway, they do 1% damage and very light, novelty, knockback/hitstun every .3 seconds they hit an opponent. However, this means that it rather deters the ability to pop bubbles. Meaning it’s good for Burst Man to put them inside Bubbles. However, 1.5 seconds in a Bubble with a Telly breaks the bubble automatically so they attack is not Broken. The Telly itself won’t break the bubble without anyone inside. Also, the Telly will remain after the bubble is broken with any means, you still have yet to take it out.

Down Tilt-Blader Blitz
Burst Man fires a Blader out of his canon and once again, grabs it afterwards (.2 seconds). Now the Blader, unlike its game counterpart, will automatically fly into the sky once thrown. It’ll move up at Falcon’s Run. It has 3% HP, and has medium priority for both the flying phase and summoning phase. The hitbox is about as big as the Blader itself (Twice as big as a Pokeball), and it deals medium knockback with hitstun that will definatley be a deterent for the opponent.

Now putting a Blader in a bubble will cause the Blader to lay dormant until an opponent enters the bubble, when then he’ll activate (.1 seconds) and increase the rising speed of the bubble! He’ll multiply the current speed by 1.7! This helps Burst Man kill more easily, but all shots on the bubble hit both the Bubble and the Blader. Plus, Bladers within the bubble do not harm opponents.

Forward Smash-Bubble Magnet
Burst Man raises his arms out wide as a blue aura surround him (.4 Seconds), and in the next .15 seconds all of the Bubbles out on the stage suddenly zoom towards him at Sonic’s Run. It’s a good way to bring Bubbles to him for healing and/or capturing people. However the Bubbles will halt if Burst Man is attacked during the summoning period, as it has pretty bad priority. The magnet can even pull the bubble down, and into opponents, thus trapping them.

Up Smash-Bubble Fluid
Burst Man aims directly above him and fires 1-3 shots of Bubble Fluid, the number depending on how long he holds the button before release (Around .4, or .5 seconds). The Bubble Fluid has a very small hitbox, and only deals 1% damage and knockback so minor it is just novelty. Each little fluid shot only flies about Mario’s height before gravity takes effect and they splatter back down (This has no effect), but there is one thing. If they make contact with any Bubble they heal it 6%. This allows Burst Man to accurately protect his supports. The summoning has medium-low priority, but the shots can’t be canceled out.

Down Smash-3 Bomb Blitz
Burst Man quickly throws 3 Danger Bombs around him (.1 second), one directly in front of him, one a Bowser in front of him, and one a Bowser behind him. These Danger Bombs will explode in .8 seconds, unlike the others. Each one deals the same amount of damage and has the same statistics as the Neutral Special ones. This attack is a good stunning one.

Neutral Aerial-Drift
Most of these aerials will be short ones. Burst Man will push on the bubble (.1 seconds), and he’ll automatically start to home in on the nearest opponent’s location for .6 seconds. He’ll even go down! Aftewards, however, it’ll be like normal bubble ride. And you can’t use the attack for another .6 seconds afterwards to prevent spamming. He does home in at Falcon’s Walk, if that means anything. The attack has pretty low priority in general.

Forward Aerial-Boing!
Burst Man leaps out of the bubble and bounces against the side of it like a spring, katapulting him 3 Bowsers in whatever direction he was facing at Captain Falcon’s run speed (.4 seconds)! It deals pretty heavy knockback, but not enough for a sure kill, the hitbox is also pretty small. But the whole attack’s priority is great and it deals 12% damage to any opponent it hits. The Bubble pops after this attack is executed. This attack is good for getting across large distances quickly, although it isn’t foolproof.

Back Aerial-Bombs? MMmmmm?
Burst Man uses the same animation that he does for Drift, so opponents might assume he’s going to use that attack. This attack, however, is different because He needs to already be close. After the animation plays with it’s normal priority he drops a Danger Bomb below him, which explodes upon impact with an opponent, attack, solid object, potato, ect.. The Danger Bomb retains its stats from the other attacks as well. This attack is a good surprise assault to clear the area below Burst Man, and also allows some mindgames!

Down Aerial-The Ol’ Switcharoo!
Burst Man reaches his hand out of the bottom of the bubble and pulls any opponents within reach of the hitbox within, then Jumping out of the bubble in the process (.3 seconds). It’s kinda long, and it has bad priority, but it’s another great technique for putting the opponent in a bubble. Not to mention the Bubble now has Side Special-esque stamina. But, in order to avoid cheapness, items and Hard Hats can’t be transferred to this bubble. It is a mere momentary containment unit.

Up Aerial-Upward Rush
A simple attack. You cannot Airdodge in the bubble, so with this attack the Bubble simply jerks up about half Ganondorf’s height in .1 seconds as Burst Man does a cool pose of some sort. It has medium priority, and does deal some small knockback with some nice hitstun, but the chances are you won’t hit anything with it. But incase you do, it deals an okay 7% damage.

Grab and Throw
Grab-Dash Grab
Burst Man dashes forward the width of a Bowser at Fox’s speed, with his hand out with which to grasp an opponent. If he makes contact with an opponent he’ll grab them, otherwise he’ll just go back into normal idle. This grab has high priority, and is good for grabbing normally unapproachable opponents.

Burst Man forms a Bubble around himself (.1 seconds), and pulls the opponent into the air with him. This bubble has the stats of his normal Second Jump bubbles, except that it’ll only travel 125% of Ganondorf’s height into the air before popping, sending both you and your opponent into helpless fall. It can only be used once per grab. The formation of the bubble has pretty low priority, and the opponent can still break free while floating in the air, they’ll just go into helpless fall afterwards.

Any throw-Switch
Yet another switch attack. Burst Man will pull the opponent into the bubble, trapping them in a Bubble with the same stamina as the Side Special bubbles. Burst Man will then jump out of the bubble, going into helpless fall. The whole attack lasts about .4 seconds. It has pretty good priority, and now if Burst Man was wearing a Hard Hat, it can get transferred over to the bubble. The Side Special bubble is better for staling, although it can kill with Blader, this one is better for KOing. Not to mention that the opponent takes 6% damage and medium knockback upon entering the bubble. Now that Burst Man’s out, the Bubble can go to the KO boundaries.

Burst Man jumps off the screen, and in the course of the next ten seconds, Purple Liquid fills the screen, pulling everyone on it up to the upper KO boundary. A cheap kill, I know. That’s why tourneys don’t have Smash Balls. The Purple Liquid stays where it was for 2 seconds, then quickly drains as everyone respawns and Burst Man jumps back onscreen.

Burst Man’s a cool guy, huh? He traps things in bubbles and doesn’t afraid of anything. That’s pretty much his playstyle. Let me look at this in more detail.

He can’t KO things by raising percentages then using a Hard-hitting attack. So how does he KO? By trapping things in Bubbles and having the Bubbles rise to the top KO Boundary! Of course, there is some strategy involved. He has to get the Upper KO Boundary closer, for one. He does this by donning his Hard Hat, building a tether, and then using his second jump to tether the bubble to the stage! Then he second jumps again so that he may use his neutral special/up special/Forward Special to get some distance and set up more tethers.

Now that he’s set up various tethers, he needs to protect them! Imprisoning the opponents in Bubbles is a good way to protect this. And then sticking Tellys into their Bubbles! Danger Bombs also make good company. Especially when you use the Down Smash to spread them out. Also, got lots of Bubbles and an opponent closing in? Call them all to you with the Forward Smash! Tethers or other bubbles need healing? Use the Up Smash! Need to rack damage on an opponent without bubbles? The Dash attack followed by the Forward Tilt and Basic Combo in that order should do nicely.

Playing defensive and want to put distance between you and the opposition? The back aerial has that covered! Maybe follow that up with the Side Special after you drop down, or maybe just snatch them inside with the Down Aerial? Don’t forget your replacement airdodge, use the Up Aerial whenever you feel you need it!

Ready to KO? Burst Man can do this in two ways when the ground is high enough. He can trap the moderately high percentage opponent in a Blader bubble, or incase him in a Grab Bubble with a Met Hat, also at High percentage. Once you’ve succeeded in trapping your opponent in these situations, make another Bubble with the side special underneath the one where your opponent is. Now ride it under your opponent’s and use the Up Smash to heal the damage they’ve done to the bubble! You may fall after this if you aren’t quick to get out another bubble, but it will help a lot in KOing them.

And that was Burst Man. The crazy Bubble trapping, stage raising, bomb exploding, prop having, danger causing, Plorf Joke, Robot Master. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If elected class president, I can’t promise you soda in the Water Fountains, but I can promise you a Hard worker, who will try to get Chewing Gum legalized and Mrs. Blanfaster fired.

Challenges are character-specific levels that can be accessed in Solo Mode. Challenges consist of one long obstacle course that challenges the player. These Challenge levels are usually rather difficult, and usually have a very powerful boss at the end of them. During Challenges, there are no checkpoints or health refuels, and you only get one stock. Well, you can get up to 3, but you get no reward for doing with 2 or higher. And actually right before the boss your health is refueled. Completing Challenges, however, yield a special trophy and CD track. Completing all the Challenges for a series yields 500 Wii Points. Who says you have to be limited to what Brawl has, for your extras?

For Burst Man’s challenge, he has to cross a bottomless pit with a low ceiling above lined with spikes by jumping off his Side Special bubbles, which HE creates. Not mention that a Telly will come by every once an a while. The pit is tedious, and very difficult. Good thing the Boss door is directly afterwards this pit. Brace youself, it’s time to fight:


Music: Megaman 7 Boss theme
Stage layout: Enclosed room size as Final Destination, high as Giga Bowser. Instant-death spikes lined on top.
HP: 120
Size: As big as Burst Man
Roadster-Turns into low-to-ground-unhittable car and zooms across the stage towards Burst Man for 3 seconds. 10% damage and medium knockback and hitstun per hit
Uppercut-When Near Burst Man he’ll uppercut him upward, hitting him into the spikes at 25%. Deals 8% damage and high upward knockback.
Scorch Wheel-Fires Rotating Wheel of fire as big as him forward at the opponent at Mario’s run, 9% damage, flinches
Charge Kick- Slides across screen, dealing multiple hits of 2% if contact is made
Top Spin- Jumps in the air and twists into the opponent, 7% damage, heavy hitstun
Nitro Cutter-Throws Blade that travels up the wall and deals multiple hits of 3% damage.
Oil Slider- Makes puddle of Oil in front of him as wide as Bowser. Flames make it explode dealing 15% damage and heavy upwards knockback, otherwise it trips up Burst Man. Only vanish after explosions or 5 seconds. There can only be one out at a time.
AI: Roadsters around to try to hit Burst Man, uses any attack under Uppercut, uses uppercut, repeat.

If you manage to beat this guy, congrats.

Burst Man VS Hard Man: 90/10 (Burst Man’s favor)
Hard Man’s slow. He is just a sitting duck for being put in a bubble. Generally the more mobile you are, the better chance you have.

Burst Man VS Kamek: 20/80 (Kamek’s Favor)
While Kamek can easily be caught in Burst Man’s bubbles, the more he powers up his minions the worse Burst Man’s chances are. Burst Man can’t put Giants in Bubbles!

Burst Man VS Bomber: 100/0 (Burst Man’s favor)
All Burst Man needs to do is put Bomber in a Bubble every time a new one spawns. There is no way he can break the bubble without exploding! The factories are sitting ducks!

Burst Man VS Bellsprout: 40/60 (Bellsprout’s favor)
Two unorthodox characters. Burst Man CAN outroot Bellsprout, but Bellsprout can still easily reroot himself once he gets his footing. Bellsprout’s projectiles also help a lot, range between Burst Man and him is good.

BN = Burst maN 49 = Megaman 7. 7X7 Oranged Haired Assistant of Bunsen Honeydew = Beaker. Burst Man’s stage has plenty.



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Apr 1, 2010
Hope this turns out to be a great MYM, especially what with it being my first and all.

Also. Reserved for future sets, mate.
Nov 26, 2005
Just for the record (and because I so love to get a post on the first page), I stepped down as a leader between MYM 7 and 8 (as did Junahu and Smash Daddy, for that matter). It's not a matter of disagreements, - we figured bringing in some new blood and purging some of those who have been hanging around for ages would be a good thing in the long run.

And I probably won't be making many sets - if any - but I'll definitely still be here, commenting all of yours. At least for a few more months. ;)


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Aug 19, 2007
Ahh...MYM 8 at last. I'll probably post a set tomorrow or maybe even later tonight.

For now...

TWILTY's Link Up Space:
Joshua (The World Ends With You)

My first moveset of the contest. I thought it would make it a bigger splash than it did, but turns out people didn't like it that much...but it does have great organization. Who knows? Maybe you'll enjoy reading it...
Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney)

Now, here's the set that got me kicking! I really like Edgeworth, and find him to be one my best in the contest thus far. With a little courtroom epicness and evidence finding, alot of people liked the set (except for Plorf...which means it doesn't matter anyway! Woot!)
Red (Pokemon)

Ahh...My 2nd trainer set. I must be insane. Anyway, I really enjoyed making this set. I had a load of ideas for Pikachu and Lapras, but i felt that it fell down in quality when i got to Charizard. Bah, still like this set, and hope that others can enjoy it too!:bee:
Ventus (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)

Ven...I actually consider him my best set yet. Unfortunately, he was widely ignored due to MYM'r whining about his about set has Poke Syndrome or something. So yeah, read and comment on this set now. Who knows? You might really like it.
Ken (Street Fighter) 5th set in the contest. After my sixth my set is posted, I'm stopping until MYM 9. I swear. o_o Anyway, Ken was part of the SF X T movement. I actually expect people to dislike this set...but i made this in 3 days and Street Fighter characters have a ton of potential, amirite? Anyway, hope that you CAN enjoy it.
Coming Soon:
Yuzu (SMT: Devil Survivor)

Other Notable TWILTHERO sets from past MYMs

Jeff Hardy (Placed 34th in MYM 7)

Trainer Gold
Itachi Uchiha


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Aug 13, 2007
UserShadow7989's MYM8 Link-up Space

Completed Sets

Scarmiglione, the Blighted Despot
Final Fantasy 4

Scarmiglione has horrible stats across the board. He has great priority and range, sure, but what's that worth with only average damage and high lag? He doesn't even have a proper recovery! ...well, Scarmiglione has a few tricks up his sleeve that more then make up for all his horrible stats, but why ruin the surprise?

Credit for the button goes to Wizzerd. Thanks, man.

Cacturne, true to his nature as a Dark/Grass type, fights dirty. Sand in the eyes, status errors, and constant range dancing are to be expected. Cacturnes hunt at night, following desert travelers until they collapse from exhaustion and dehydration. Like his hunting methods, he wants to grind his opponents down as much as he can before confronting them.

Credit for the button goes to Wizzerd. Thanks, man.

Planned Sets

(No Button)
Kira Trine, the Cowardly Hero
Original Character

Kira has poor stats other then mobility and attack speed. Instead, she transforms herself and her foes to modify their stats and movepools to her advantage. With these 10 second transformations, replace the enemy's key moves with attacks that contradict their playstyle or combine a template with her stat boosting Side Special to become whatever style fighter she wants. However, she must constantly reapply templates or be forced to fight with an underpowered moveset. Either way she must make the best of her time.

(No Button)
The Three Stooges, the Lovable Chuckle Heads
The Three Stooges

Moe, Larry, and Curly are weak, incompetent, and sluggish. What they do have, however, is the power of teamwork. The bungling trio take the stage at once, unleashing utterly bizarre attacks that cover large portions of the stage and juggle enemies between themselves. Anyone fighting the stooges must keep track of all three or fall prey to a hidden trap or a surprise appearance when victory seems guaranteed. Alone Moe, Larry, and Curly are joke tier characters. Together, they are top tier contenders.

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~~Upcoming Movesets~~

1. Skül
The Grim Reaper if he were under the guise of a 16-year old.

2. Etténoir
A young man who's forged a friendship with the Grim Reaper.

3. Sixrch Nakahana
A young man who's found his true love.

4. Rexis Hanashi
A serial killer with a strange love for flowers.

More to come...



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Apr 25, 2008
MYM, Ohio
MYM8 IS GO!!! Anyhow, my first post here is gonna be a semi-review of the previous contest. Also, I’m going to try out a new format for my MYM7 top 5 list. It’d be more accurate to call this a top 6 really, since I’m going to be talking about all 6 of the sets that I Supervoted. In fact, I’m just going to post my entire votelist! I’ll be adding in little quips about a few sets I didn’t Supervote that I think deserve them. And I won’t be differentiating between normal votes and weak votes: I see how it helps with the voting process, but at the same time I hated having to move sets “down” to a weak vote. So let’s get on with this anyhow:

Super Votes:

Subaru by Darth_meanie – This was pretty much a case of voting a terrific MYMer’s frontrunner to help their placing. I agonized for a little bit as to who I should SV: Subaru or Videoman.EXE. Subaru is still DM’s frontrunner though. Subaru is basically Mach Rider 2.0: she relies on her momentum to fight, being an extremely offensive character. She takes things a bit further with Wing Road enabling her to keep her momentum and to attack at any point on the stage. Her ultra-powerful flashy moves that depend on her momentum for their power, including 2 shield-breaking or ignoring moves, force the foe to stay on their toes (and not the R button). Foes have to hit her out of her higher “gears” before they can proceed to damage her further, which isn’t as easy to do as it sounds. Her highest movement gear is Sonic’s dash speed, and her Protection move gives her super armor against weaker attacks (and her highest gear has natural super armor against one hit, but it forces her back to gear one). That’s what separates her from Videoman really: Subaru would be fun to play, and Videoman has a ridiculous learning curve, a problem that plagues a good number of sets. Not to say Videoman isn’t an awesome set, but we’re all in MYM to have fun making sets that are fun to play, right? …Warlord: Fun? In MYM? olololololol

Super Macho Man by Hyper_Ridley – Honestly, Macho Man wasn’t on my Supervote list for most of the contest. He was the last set to gain its spot in my SVs, after I agonized over him and a few other sets. Like Subaru, Macho Man is an extremely offensive characters, but he operates like a more traditional character in going about with damage racking and KOing. What his moves have in common though are lingering hitboxes and inflicting heavy shield stun and shield damage. These factors make Macho very adept at nullifying foe(s) defenses. This pretty much forces them to go on the offensive to beat Macho Man. It becomes a battle of straight-up prediction at that point: Macho’s foe will be able to beat up on him if they predict and out-prioritize his moves (Macho’s moves don’t have good priority for the most part). Then there’s his glasses, which Macho can put on to increase his arrogant showmanshow. That results in a high-risk high-reward type of play (that I should’ve emphasized with Gambit if I had just one more day to polish him <.< ). So yeah, Macho Man’s awesome (h).

Sho Minamimoto by SkylerOcon – He’s a minion character who isn’t completely helpless without his minions. That alone is awesome in itself, but Ocon’s execution of the concept is what seals the deal. He uses his minions for offensive purposes, basically buffing his attacks. Indeed, Sho is one of very few minion characters who will actually approach the foe and fight them head-on. Sho is very uncomplicated and easily learnable (and would be fun to play for that matter), and “Sholoing” as MT puts it would probably catch on much more than Nolimar ever did. Oh and its an Ocon set, so the organization is epic. I shouldn’t even have to say that much. SO ZETTA SLOW (D).

Doppelori by Junahu – Is there anything I can say about Doppelori that isn’t already known by everyone? Doppelori isn’t really good at close range, yet she’s a highly offensive character who does most of her damage in the approaching phase of a fight. She wants to bombard her enemy while approaching, then knock them away and do the whole thing over again. Taken as is, Doppelori is pretty broken. But there’s a twist (isn’t there always?). She has a final smash forced upon her at regular intervals, and her final smash is horrible and hard to hit with at that. Plus, she can’t get rid of the **** thing until she manages to hit her foe with it. And did I mention that it robs her of her neutral special, her primary damaging tool? Foes can hit Doppelori to cause the final smash to come out of her in the form of a smash ball and take it for themselves. Indeed, final smashes are relevant again when Doppelori is in the fight. Sonic mains are perfectly fine with this.

Cairne by MasterWarlord – Like Subaru, Cairne’s presence on my Supervote list is a matter of helping out the frontrunner of a MYMer with tons of sets that are gonna suffer from vote split beyond that frontrunner. Cairne himself is a bit of a strange one: he has the feel of a MYM6 “combo heavyweight”, yet he doesn’t have combos nor does he try to have combos. Like those characters he plays defensively, and for good reason. Cairne has a unique reincarnation mechanic, but its balanced by the fact that it has a 2 minute cool-down and the fact that Cairne only has 1 stock for every 3 the foe has. This creates a fairly interesting playstyle in which Cairne wants to take as long as possible to kill his foes so he can refresh his reincarnation. And of course there’s his main KO method: creating a pit with his War Stomp, forcing foes into it and dropping down from above with his dair. Since his dair’s knockback depends on how far Cairne drops, he can make KOing easier for himself by making his pit deeper. On second thought, this probably really is Warlord’s best MYM7 set :p.

Yukari by emergency – This is probably by far my most controversial choice for a SV. I got the feeling that she’d get ignored somewhat by the voters, & I was right for the most part. The sheer creativity of Yukari’s moves recall MYM4, yet playstyle is hardly ignored. Her neutral special and a few other moves create portals that she can use for a variety of purposes. Since portals can only be entered from one side, the direction that a portal faces is important. Her portals eat projectiles, which greatly discourage (by that I mean completely shuts down) camping. Of course, Yukari has a ton of ways to keep foes from getting to her in the form of projectiles and a few traps (ZOMG TRAP CHARACTER (HORROR)). And of course there’s her portals, which foes usually will want to avoid. They’ll likely find themselves in an unfavorable position after passing between portals, which is just what Yukari wants. She can also space herself using her portals or by using her “Grazedash” ability (basically the airdodge from Melee) to do so. Combining all her projectiles, traps, portals and her situational spell cards result in a playstyle that can be described as organized chaos. And I haven’t even mentioned that Yukari has two attack “Styles” that change some of her moves. Her “B” Style focuses more on defense than “A” does. Yukari literally has 4 different mechanics: Grazedash, Spell Cards (special moves that Yukari has to fulfill a requirement to use), Style Swapping and Ally Swapping (to be used with future Touhou characters). Overall, Yukari is just an awesomely creative and deep set that never got the attention it deserved (but at least all but one of the leaders recognized this set’s awesomeness).

Normal Votes:

Rider by Darth_meanie
Harbinger by Darth_meanie
Videoman.EXE by Darth_meanie

Saber by Darth_meanie – …my god, where do I even start? How about a quote? “She's Marth with wind hitboxes and an invisible sword” (MarthTrinity). Yes, that’s an actual quote; ask MT yourself. But anyway, I just hate how most people see simplicity as a bad thing. Yes, there should be a limit, since we’re here to make sets that are better than Sakurai’s (h). Yet at the same time, Saber is referred to as a Brawl character by her critics. Saber’s way deeper than Marth or any Brawl character could ever hope to be, and I could probably have a lot of fun playing her. There, I said it. Rather than just randomly attacking like Marth does, Saber has to know how to space, using a combination of her sword strikes and wind effects. I admit, the wind effects for a few moves do seem rather tacked-on. But there’s also the fact that Saber’s sword isn’t visible, which prevents her from operating like Marth does. The player has to be familiar with the hitboxes of her sword, and her opponent is forced to watch her movements rather than the position of her weapon when fighting her. Saber’s simplistic yet difficult-to-master playstyle makes a 1-on-1 match with her feel like a real sword fight, unlike a fight with a certain Fire Emblem character (I suppose it’s the throws and the simplistic nature of some moves that bring about the constant Marth comparisons). I do realize though, that I’m not going to be changing anyone’s mind. Saber really is a good set, although both I and DM agree that it could be better. I would LOVE to see Saber remix, btw. :p

Golem by MasterWarlord
Huff N. Puff by MasterWarlord
Valozarg by MasterWarlord
Kel’thuzad by MasterWarlord

The Spy by MasterWarlord – I’m honestly still not sure where I stand on Spy. He might be Warlord’s best MYM7 set in terms of playstyle, but the fact that he is unable to function in a normal brawl concerns me. Although I don’t quite feel that he should’ve been disqualified from the contest. In Capture the Flag, the Smash Bros. “mode” that the Spy is designed to play in, he’s pretty brilliant. He’s focused on infiltrating the enemy base while invisible and disguising himself as one of his foes, and generally causing havok with his invisible spray, teleporters and otherwise deceiving his opponents. He’s certainly not meant to fight: the guy’s name is Spy after all.

Abra by KingK.Rool
Kamek by KingK.Rool
Team Rocket Grunt by KingK.Rool
Stanley the Bugman by Bkupa666
Zinger by Bkupa666
Chucky by Bkupa666
Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? by Junahu

Alucard by Junahu – Why this set is so hated by certain people is beyond me. It probably has to do with the MYM belief that any playstyle that isn’t centered on one specific strategy is unfocused and thus bad. Well ok, that actually is true most of the time. But Alucard is an exception to this. The playstyle he employs with his standards is a fairly straight-forward spacing-based style, with a few mindgames. It’s not especially creative, but it gets the job done. His specials then make him able to adapt to fight specific types of foes more effectively (much more so than Brawl characters can), and pretty much feature the bulk of the set’s creativity. The spells that he can cast via his neutral specials are a big part of this, though I still don’t like how they require somewhat complicated button combinations to pull off. Adaptability doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, it just needs to be done right. And Alucard is one of the sets that does it right.

Arbok by Hyper_Ridley
Spadefox Remake by Hyper_Ridley
Sandslash by Kholdstare
Axel by Kholdstare
Silver the Hedgehog by MarthTrinity
Wallmaster by SkylerOcon
Houndoom by UserShadow7989
Drifblim by Plorf
Dr. Strangelove by Wizzerd

Cirno by Tirkaro – As you might expect, being a Tirkaro set, Cirno has plenty of humor and is just an enjoyable read in general. On the other hand, Cirno is a glass cannon of a camper who relies on her frozen projectiles to rack up damage. She needs to rack up quite a bit of damage before attempting to use her KO move (yes, a singular KO move <.<). Many of her moves are chargeable as well, though she usually has to land one of her freezing moves before she’ll have the time to charge them. This set is pretty much the definition of “bullet hell”, even more so than Yukari. And being a Touhou character, no other playstyle could be more fitting.

Sheep Man by Agidius
Jeff Hardy by TWILTHERO
Samus Remix by JOE!


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All right chums, let's do this!

Raichu is currently on hautius (how do you spell that?). I'm thinking of doing him as a collab set. Anyone interested?
Kholdstare, maybe?
Anyways, here's my soon-to-be first set of MYM8:
I'll comment on the previous movesets later.

darth meanie

Smash Journeyman
Jun 6, 2008
Hey everyone! New Make Your Move, new leadership, new contest, it's great to have you here and great to be part of the team. I'll kick off a few commentaries, but I haven't been able to get much work done on sets what with classes and all.

- Burst Man

So KoppaKirby once again pulls out a first page moveset, this time the very first post! I remember when you made Mr. Dream last contest, and how much of a disaster it was. Good news is, Burst Man is a massive improvement from that previous set. It reminds me a lot of my old MYM6 set BubbleMan.EXE (MYM6? Am I that old now? :ohwell:) In case you don't remember it, both sets had several similar ideas, trapping opponents or weapons in bubbles and using a bubble for aerial maneuvering.

I'm not accusing you of ripping me off though, Burst Man is very different, and even had me a couple times wishing I'd thought of some of the ideas you had! Using bubbles to float the opponent off stage, and float the stage itself up? And the bubbles in your set were much smoother to interact with than the locked down, old school of thought BubbleMan.EXE.

We're not here to talk about BubbleMan.EXE though, we're here to talk about Burst Man. It's easily your best set, no doubt about it. This is leagues ahead of everything you've done so far. You've got a solid playstyle concept and develop it throughout the moveset fairly evenly, and are pretty creative about doing so.

That said, you have some very unfortunate habits you have yet to kick. Your movesets have a very friendly writing style, light and refreshing. Unfortunately, you're way to casual, letting yourself get caught up in tangents or make confusing remarks; your writing is more like talking than writing. You're also too apologetic, and it feels like you're not taking your own set seriously. And if you're not, why should I?

What makes it worse is that you have many moves with interactions or abilities that aren't exactly clear, and you brush over important parts or don't state how it works clearly. It took me a couple of reads to truly understand how the Down Special worked, and several other moves had this problem. Break up paragraphs and make sure that your writing is clear and concise.

Also, some of your moves are too similar, or function as an improvement of a previous one. The Up Special is a fairly propish attack that does nothing that is really needed; you don't even describe exactly how it protects a bubble. Wouldn't it be easier just to remove the attack and make his 'bubble second jump' his Up Special? Down Smash also is basically the Danger Bomb 2.0, doing just about everything the previous one does better. Generally, you want your specials to be as relevant as possible.

Also, you need to explain some of your ideas in your individual moves. Your move descriptions all exist in a vacuum, pretty much isolated from the rest of the set except for direct interactions. You need to explain the reason a move exists, and how it fits into the playstyle in the move description itself. For example, I didn't realize how the Up Smash could be used to help ensure a bubble got to the top of the screen until you mentioned floating up on a second bubble in the Playstyle section; something like that should have been mentioned in the Up Smash itself. The playstyle section should be describing the general strategy, not reiterating individual moves.

You also felt a little rushed at the end. The aerials don't feed quite as well as they should into the rest of the moveset, and the grab and throw are very awkward and don't even get a mention in the playstyle. Having only one throw does you no favors either. I'm not even going to comment on how terribly brief those Match-Ups are, they look like the product of thirty seconds time investment.

So after all that, I have to say that, even though this is your best set yet, I don't think this is your best. Your weaknesses are all mostly clerical that can get cleaned up pretty quickly if you work at it. I'm going to have to ask you to stop holding back KoppaKirby. Give me the amazing moveset I know you've got holed up in your brain; you throw wacky fun concepts down in every set, all it needs is just refinement.

At some point, maybe even during this contest, you're going to post that set that shows that you've finally mastered this and are a real contender here. I look forward to that moment.

- Nurse Joy

Junahu, do you have any idea how awkward it is to comment your movesets? You're so brilliant, and do so many crazy/clever/inane things that I feel like you already know whatever criticisms I can levy against the set, but forged ahead to make the set the way you wanted to regardless of the opinions of others.

You picked a wild card of a character, for sure. Remiss with props, but a Nurse Joy without props would be a very stupid stupid moveset, so I'd a hypocrite for complaining about that.

Anyways, the fact that this moveset has a delicious one-on-one and two-versus-two playstyle is impressive. The invasive surgical procedure is just so plain brilliant, a certain playstyle shaping move. It's a moveset based around buffs that works well, and the way you use healing to make minor traps works better than I'd expected. Rolling the opponent off in a bed, everything here is brilliant and insane.

I really don't know what to say. It's full of random crap, but I know you know that I know that you know this, and you're just saying screw it all, come along for the ride. This makes it hard to judge though.

I feel kind of squashed with the move interactions listed in the end, and since your individual move write-ups are so small and the interactions all exist without rationales, it feels mighty out of place. The playstyle section isn't all that long either, so I feel like you really just scratched the surface of your ideas, and didn't dig into the depth of it. It's a set that deserves lengthy diatribes on the minutia of strategic placement of items and mindgames, matching the big picture to each move interaction in excruciating detail.

But we both know you've never been one to do that.
Aug 9, 2007
The Cosmos Beneath Rosalina's Skirt
Burst Man

So the very first set (and post other than my own) of the contest is by KK…impressive considering you weren’t even in the chat when I was posting it. I have a hunch that you were just refreshing over and over, no? Regardless, that has nothing to do with the set at hand here. First of all, I’ll agree with DM in saying that you certainly have a fun, creative concept going here and Burst Man is, without a doubt, probably your best showing of this. It’s a drastic change from your first set of the last contest (remember Mr. Dream?) to say the very least. That being said, it has its flaws for sure. The writing style is clunky to say the least. For example, take a look at the first paragraph of the Down Special. It says he makes a tether machine and then beats around the bush as to WHY exactly he’d want to. A good amount of that could be condensed down a good ways so that it’s much less writing and much less random detail.

On the other hand however, the concept is great. Trap opponents in bubbles and keep them there until they float up off screen. Hell, just the other day I was playing MM7 and cursing Burst Man for constantly smashing me into the spikes on the roof so…yeah, you translated him pretty true to character into Smash. That being said…you do have quite a few random/prop attacks thrown in there, especially the Up Special which is not only confusing but seems particularly out of place. The Up and Down tilts also seem a bit iffy but they’re tilts and I have no right being negative about tilts with the crappy ones I come up with.

So…long story short…Burst Man’s a good set from you KK. It’s a fun read with a really fun concept that wanes a little bit in its execution. That being said, it’s something that can easily be fixed with some more work (again as DM said) but it’s certainly something that hits the moveset rather hard. You are improving for sure though and, since Warlord actually doesn’t hate this set, that’s a clear sign of that.

Nurse Joy

Holy Christ Juno…you must have some kind of Warlordian death wish using all these props. Either Warlord will find something brilliant he loves about it or Joy may become the new Alucard. That being said…where do I begin? Joy is a status effect character. One of those HELPFUL status effect characters though. Interesting…so she excels in 2v2 matches but can hold her own by…NOT KO’ing via damage percents but by pushing them off the stage? I’m shocked. That being said, the concept of a team based character who holds their own isn’t something that new, heck, I’m doing a similar thing for Strike Man…but Nurse Joy does it quite well in all honest. I do however feel that Joy was made with 2v2 in mind rather than 1v1. Or…is she? While she can easily buff the living daylights out of her partner, she can also buff the living daylights out of her opponent then put them on bed rest before flinging them off the stage.

If there’s one thing I can say about Joy…it’s that the set is strange. I can easily see this one being a rather controversial set in many peoples’ eyes. On one hand, you have a ton of props…but on the other, there’s method behind the madness. At first, I thought the character choice was just silly…I mean, why not ANY other doctor? Well maybe, just maybe, it’s because Nurse Joy does NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING but heal you. With that in mind, you probably thought you could get away with the props considering they’re really all the character could use. I’m onto your games Junahu…

So how do I feel about Nurse Joy? I do love the 2v2 interactions; team battles are something people seem to forget a lot of the time; I mean, there’s so much potential for explaining what X character’s good team pairings are that never seems to be touched on. That being said, some of the moves (Side Smash, utilt, uair and bair) that just seem kind of…odd or unnecessary. So Joy’s a weird one. I en-JOY-‘d it for sure but…I can see this one being a hit or miss thing.


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Nov 15, 2005
Shropshire Slasher
Bubble Burst Man
As everyone else has already said, you have improved, significantly, with this moveset. There's a real sense here that you understand the core concept, and its rammifications on Brawl. It's clever and well explored, albeit a little fixed in place, especially with the aerials which assume Burst Man will be above the foe (rather than below, which is the more likely scenario)

Mentioning priority all the time is a bit nonsense when you aren't nearly as anal with other attack properties, and it goes without saying that bubbles have poor priority anyway. The Met hat doesn't seem to have any reason to exist, other than to drive home the fact that most of the regular attacks are more special than the Up-Special. The tilts in particular, stand out, as awkwardly placed on regular attacks.
There were also a few moments where your writing made certain aspects of moves difficult to figure out. For example, it would have been nice to mention that none of the danger bombs from Down-Smash can be picked up, and thus cannot be placed in bubbles (it's no good mentioning it all the way back in the Side-Special)

As ineligant as the set is to read, I was still surprised with how well it was executed. My favourite aspect of it was how tether'd bubbles can act as bait to get the foe to jump into the air. Since each tether only has a minor effect on the KO boundry, making the foe jump turns out to be the better KO method (if you can't bring the KO boundry closer to the foe, bring the foe closer to the KO boundry)

And yeah, MW was right (in his awesome 30 minute long comment of doom). That Final Smash makes me rage. It could have been a clever way to buff Burst Man's overall playstyle, by making everyone's jump higher and slower, and making the bubbles rise faster (on account of being underwater and all). Instead it just kills everyone

MarthTrinity said:
--That being said, the concept of a team based character who holds their own isn’t something that new--

--With that in mind, you probably thought you could get away with the props--

--That being said, some of the moves (Side Smash, utilt, uair and bair) that just seem kind of…odd or unnecessary--
--Of course it isn't new. I made Clefable quite a while ago. :p--

--The props were a literal neccessity for prop'erly characterising Joy--

--I can understand some of Joy's moves seeming wierd, but I can assure you she needs every one of those attacks--

--Junahu, do you have any idea how awkward it is to comment your movesets?--

--Remiss with props, but a Nurse Joy without props would be a very stupid stupid moveset, so I'd a hypocrite for complaining about that.--

--I feel kind of squashed with the move interactions listed in the end, and since your individual move write-ups are so small and the interactions all exist without rationales, it feels mighty out of place.--

--The playstyle section isn't all that long either, so I feel like you really just scratched the surface of your ideas, and didn't dig into the depth of it--
--You know that I know that you know that I know how awkward it is. Very, I assume--

--Remiss? (HORROR) I was very careful and deliberate with the number and nature of Joy's props. I spent hours argueing with myself over whether d-tilt was taking things one prop too far.--

--Listing move interations in the moves themselves makes them seem way more complicated than they really are. I thought showing all the connections between moves, in one place, would make it easier for people to see how the moves come together in the bigger picture--

--I like treating the reader like they can think for themselves. I've been doing it since forever. Though I have to confess that this time, I didn't quite lay things out as neatly for the reader as I had hoped--

Thanks a lot for the comments. They are much appreciated

Edit: ¬_¬ god dammit. Stupid Up-Smash had to go and mention a move I hadn't explained yet. Now it's obvious I had the Specials listed first (grrr).
I wonder how many of these errors I'll have to correct before the end of the week?
Apr 7, 2010
Item World
Cool the thread went up. I'm going to make this my new linkup and workspace, so check often! I hope to get my project up soon. Burstman and Nurse Joy caught my eye, so I'll get my comments up too.

[glow]Riven the Exile[/glow]


Broken Wings


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Feb 24, 2009
Burst Man

The general reception of Burst Man seems to be that it is a massive step up for you. That it is, but there's still room to improve.

Presentation remains your greatest weakness. While you've came a long way in this regard, your writing style remains somewhat inconsistent and overly casual, and you go off on tangents too much for my liking. There's also a lot of unnecessary capitalization ("You might notice Burst Man’s high Second Jump" "Burst Man’s blast suddenly fires out a Small Orange Orb"). The BBCoding could use some improvement too, the comic sans ms font doesn't feel particularly fitting and you need color codes rather than the flimsy palette SWF grants us. The writing style isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it makes it difficult to take you seriously and by extension your set. This is a shame, as it is truly worth reading.

Your detail is much more acceptable than before, but it seems a little inconsistent. While you're giving us exact durations (albeit ones that are actually usable, unlike Bomber), you're a little low on the detail otherwise... the latter isn't a big problem anymore, but the former just seems a little awkward to me.

As for the moveset itself, it's pretty straightforward, but it's your most flowing playstyle ever and I can't deny that it hasn't been done before. Trap them in a bubble, float them off the blastzone. However, there's not much playstyle to him when he's actually trying to damage rack (which he seems overly poor at doing) and while there aren't an awful lot of irrelevant to playstyle moves, there are some forced and awkward ones. The most awkward one is one of the specials, natch. Met Hat Get is very weak, it's proppish and only exists to interact with another move, something you want to avoid. It's also not really a good thing to casually throw in minions or traps even if they're relevant, as you did in your up/down tilt. Finally, I'm absolutely SHOCKED DM didn't mention forward smash as far as awkward attacks go. Make it a neutral aerial or something please, it feels very forced right now.

That all being said, I'll be the third or fourth to call this a significant step up. Burst Man may flounder a little in terms of presentation and mechanics, but looked at in terms of ideas, he's good - not great, but like I said, room to improve. Still, nice way to start us off, especially considered how you opened last contest... :urg:

Nurse Joy

I want to be able to say that Nurse Joy just doesn't work for regular 1vs1, but I have to say she works fine in it. She's definitely designed primarily with multiplayer in mind, but her 1vs1 playstyle still exists... it might exist partially on the virtue of interactions you introduce as the last thing in the moveset proper and there are a couple of moves clearly designed specifically for multiplayer like up aerial, but it's there. Kudos.

And with multiplayer in mind, Joy works great. I feel like there's unspoken potential for her in things like baiting the foe with free healing with moves like jab (though you already acknowledged that you prefer the reader to figure out such things for themselves), but the concept of giving the foe status effects to both buff them and make them more vulnerable is very solid. You could have easily made Joy just support with straightforward healing, but most of her moves only buff all that well in context like X Defend making your ally more comboable and dash attack either stopping approaches or just being pointless healing for the foe, which I like.

It feels a little awkward to put all the move interactions into a single list after the actual moveset, it makes them feel tacked-on (though they aren't) and some of them feel a little forced. I'm not sure how else you could present them given how you tried to keep the move descriptions short and readable, but it's something I would like to see improved. edit: screw it you already responded to ths responding to meanie 9_9

Overall, Joy isn't perfect, but she's definitely everything you set out her to be; her 1vs1 playstyle is plenty in retrospect and she's great for 2vs2. If nothing else, a fun read to be sure, and easily miles better than Clefable.

And those Tardballs are nothing but fantastic, by the way.​


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Nov 26, 2008
Yes Another MYM~ Lets hope that this one brings amazing sets and amazing times good luck to all and everyone have fun. I'm probably going to get around to making one set but yeah Lets all have fun and try to get new people into the community. Also when did we move to the general brawl discussions?


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Aug 24, 2008
Not wasting my life for a man who wants me dead
Yes Another MYM~ Lets hope that this one brings amazing sets and amazing times good luck to all and everyone have fun. I'm probably going to get around to making one set but yeah Lets all have fun and try to get new people into the community. Also when did we move to the general brawl discussions?
We generally thought we'd get a lot more newcomers this way, as MYM 7 rather saw a decrease in activity if you hadn't noticed. More people come here then to the workshop, and this is where MYM was when it was more active so. . .Yeah. Besides, we're totally intending to make PSAs for Lunge and Spy, right? Ololololololol


Long audio comment is long. Will probably only do audio comments in the future for shorter sets like Burst Man.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Neutral Special – Confusion -

Two of Exeggutor’s heads look lifeless while the one in the middle appears to deeply concentrate for .35 seconds of lag. After the lag, a DK sized area directly in front of Exeggutor distorts, anybody inside it taking 4% and a flinch. . .But more importantly becoming confused. This causes a random button input (Besides throws/situationals) to appear above the foe’s head, and if they do the attack they’ll hit themselves with it. If the input created some sort of stage alteration, then they immediately suffer any negative effects from it. If it has no negative effects, it will be allied to Exeggutor.

This lasts 30 seconds, but every 2.5 seconds the banned input changes to another one at random. Hitting a confused foe makes the intervals where the banned input changes happen .5 seconds faster and renews the duration. No, you can’t make the banned input change faster then once every half a second even if you stack Confusion 6 times.

Side Special – Razor Leaf -

Exeggutor rears back his upper body before lurching forward slightly, launching a single Kirby sized Razor Leaf very quickly, only .1 seconds. . .But it’s a pretty pitiful projectile, only going half a Battlefield platform and dealing a mere 2% and flinching. The move can be charged for an extra .3 seconds to make the leaf go 2/3rds the distance of Final Destination and deal 8%, thankfully.


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Apr 5, 2009
meh. this'll be where i post my "what-was-going-to-be-a-joint-set" set I suppose. I was working on Homework all yesterday and missed my chance to post early. I guess It'll be the third/fourth set of MYM8. Just gotta format it. *sigh*

I loved Nurse Joy btw. The writing style was entertaining, to say the least. and the character, while rather difficult to play as suggests a variety of techniques that could be applied in doubles. Full Charge giant punch --> guard spec? anyone? or did I misunderstand that move. the one gripe I had about it was the confusion behind many of the attacks. some moves seemed essentially filler until i reached the playstyle section, but at that point, you cleared up ALL the confusion in a very clear and concise way. good job!


Barnacled Boss
Aug 12, 2008
Toxic Tower
BURST MAN: I subconsciously call this guy Bubbleman in my head now, just because of how many bubbles he uses. I'd easily say Burst Man is your best set yet. He's a nice milestone for you, as of this point. As always, though, there's room for improvement. The colors and font fail to capture Burst Man's character. Take Wiz's advice and check out some non-SWF colors. Now, the playstyle really turned me on to the set.

Make no mistake, you know how to choose a good, in-character playstyle. You just need some help with execution. There are a few moves awkwardly placed within the set (as others have said before me), and the tone of your writing just sounds a bit irritating. Based on your MYM journey so far, there's no doubt in my mind you can bring these downsides up to snuff. As of now, I can see Burst Man somewhere just below the Top 45, although he may miss out if you pump out some better sets before the contest's end.

NURSE JOY: Although she is modeled for use in multiplayer matches, Joy's 1 vs. 1 playstyle does exist. From my point of view, it seems quite underpowered, but because it's obviously not her forte anyways, I won't linger on it. The set isn't as in-character as much as the overall playstyle, what with Joy using strange physical moves. It's a quirk that irked me on Mario Remix (they've both got the same random grab to position characters), and I can't say I enjoy it here either.

However, the playstyle just clicks with Joy. She plays the nurse to your ally's doctor, helping him out in times of need by healing him, helping him recover...the possibilities are vast. Joy also takes a unique stance on baiting in opponents with the chance of healing them. This is a big part of my upcoming set, so I'm pleased Joy doesn't fully rely on this. I, for one, don't mind her props, because as MT said, there's literally -nothing- else she could do. She tops Stanley for the do-nothingest character turned into a moveset. Joy is beginning to grow on me, and I wouldn't mind reading her over a few more times. Hopefully she'll stand the test of time with everyone else.


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Nov 26, 2005
I'm going to try something new: instead of reading the set myself, I'm going to let Warlord read it to me! :D

So first off, let's comment Warlord's comment!

- I'm amused by you saying that you're not impressed so far... after the STATS.
- Haha, you can't pronounce defibrillators! SOMEONE's not becoming a doctor.
- Syringes neither? SOMEBODY hasn't watched enough TV/movies.
- I love the disapproving "Hmmm" and long silence after reading that sentence about Nurse Joy's "healing world" in her DSmash.
- Nice evil chuckle when you read out RANDOM FLIPKICK.
- "Apparently he ENJOYED it, otherwise he wouldn't have made this... moveset." Sounded like you wanted to slip another word between "this" and "moveset". ;)
- Did you just call a Poffin a delicious fat pastry?
- You keep accidentally calling her "Joe". Does it help you to imagine her as male/heavyweight/antagonistic?
- I'm with you on the pummel. 9_9
- "This is such awkward grammah."
- Near the end, you say RANDOM FLIPKICK again, and then you chuckle in exactly the same way as before. Was that on purpose, or are you just that amused by blatant filler? ;)

Yeah, so next time maybe I won't let Warlord read it to me after all; his thoughts are pretty invasive and I wound up coming away from it with much the same opinion as him. It's a very dense, tightly-structured set, and although I would have welcomed something a bit less overdone in the UTilt and FAir - although certainly not more props, because you're right, you've got just the right number of them - there's hardly a weak spot to be found. The use of the Mist does occasionally feel like it's treading on Stanley's toes, but it's strictly a mechanical necessity. You need somewhere to camp out while prepping for your operations in 1v1, and it opens up whole new dimensions in 2v2. I especially like the idea of hiding in a healing mist while your (preferably quick) foe runs out and pulls a quick alpha strike, then using SideB to pull your ally into the mist with you, baiting the foes to come closer and then doing it all over again.

And the various ways in which you can use the status effects - whether it be negative ones on your ally to have ease of access later on, or luring your foe into positive ones for ease of access later on the other way around - are quite staggering. Like you said, you leave many of them up entirely to the reader. I've always been very fond of your respect for the reader's intelligence and propensity to leave some of the thinking to us. Borrowed it myself for Grunt.

As a final note, I'm starting to suspect that nobody did read Kamek and that he got his votes strictly because of some sort of bias - why else would nobody at all mention the only non-Junahu dedicated 2v2 moveset? Hell, Warlord seemed to be deliberately avoiding mentioning me in his comment. "I don't like Mario & Luigi as much as... most people... :cool:"

I'll leave it at that and catch up with Burst Man later on - Joy just sucked up about an hour. Tempus fugit, you know. Anyway, both sets have quite the cascade of comments, which will hopefully hold up as the contest goes on.


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Aug 24, 2008
Not wasting my life for a man who wants me dead
I'm going to try something new: instead of reading the set myself, I'm going to let Warlord read it to me! :D
Was wondering if some people were gonna do that. I essentially let Agi read Venom to me - tangled mess that it was.

- I'm amused by you saying that you're not impressed so far... after the STATS.
I'm just so very thrilled that I'm reading a moveset for a pink haired nurse.

- Haha, you can't pronounce defibrillators! SOMEONE's not becoming a doctor.
- Syringes neither? SOMEBODY hasn't watched enough TV/movies.
I actually am famaliar with Syringes, just not the pronunciation. But yeah, I barely even play actual video games anymore, what makes you think I'd have time for TV/movies?

- I love the disapproving "Hmmm" and long silence after reading that sentence about Nurse Joy's "healing world" in her DSmash.
Lol. It's much harder to actually think about it when you're reading it out loud, I'm trying to grasp what the moves actually do during the long silences and make sure I have everything right, re-reading in my head. Still getting used to this, I just have to learn to constantly use the pause button.

- Nice evil chuckle when you read out RANDOM FLIPKICK.

- "Apparently he ENJOYED it, otherwise he wouldn't have made this... moveset." Sounded like you wanted to slip another word between "this" and "moveset". ;)

- You keep accidentally calling her "Joe". Does it help you to imagine her as male/heavyweight/antagonistic?
I'm sure it's something subconscious like that. Small text and reading it out loud really don't help, as well as the SWF user talking to me between parts in the chat.

- I'm with you on the pummel. 9_9
I should hope so.

- "This is such awkward grammah."
I noticed that the moment I said that and. . .Yeah. I make it quite clear in the video I want to shoot myself.

- Near the end, you say RANDOM FLIPKICK again, and then you chuckle in exactly the same way as before. Was that on purpose, or are you just that amused by blatant filler? ;)
I'm mainly amused by Junahu poking fun at you instead of me for once. :p

I just found it strange that Junahu would reference a set that was so far back. If he was going to reference Pokesets outside of MYM 7, there were much better options for things to poke fun at, no? Take it as a compliment to Pidgeot.

I would have welcomed something a bit less overdone in the UTilt and FAir
Errr. . .Utilt and Fair are some of the more simple moves, aren't they? What I referred to as "standard Junahu shit".

As a final note, I'm starting to suspect that nobody did read Kamek and that he got his votes strictly because of some sort of bias - why else would nobody at all mention the only non-Junahu dedicated 2v2 moveset? Hell, Warlord seemed to be deliberately avoiding mentioning me in his comment. "I don't like Mario & Luigi as much as... most people... :cool:"
A lot of other people liked Mario and Luigi - they didn't get their top 10 position for nothing. I'm honestly quite surprised I got through that whole thing without referencing you once.

Kamek. . .Does indeed work in 2v2 in a similiar manner to Joy, but. . .His 1v1 playstyle. . .You know the drill, yes? Granted, I have accepted that it's not as huge a problem as I made it out to be - I regular voted him, remember? But it still is very much one for me.
Nov 24, 2008
The Make Your Move Rooligan Society
On the last post of page 2, I'll some feedback on the first 2 sets of MYM8. They probably won't help, though.

[size=+3]Burst Man [/size]
I don't have anything to say that hasn't been said by others; the playstyle and concept of trapping foes in bubbles (and using artificial items to support this), then tethering the stage so the foe flies up on the KO boundary is way cool. And as stated before, the writing and details are rather difficult to grasp. But the boss at the end of the set was cool.

Also, I really like it how you can get 500 Wii points just for completeing challenges in-game with all the characters of a single game series. While you don't have to pay for the Wii points, there will probably be like, 500 Megaman characters (I may be overexaggerating) to do it with - since they are very vast. The best part for me is that you spelt 'catapulting' as 'katapulting', which was probably an accident but I think of it as something great.

If you want my opinion, I like Burst Man - he's your best set so far in my opinion.

[size=+3]Nurse Joy [/size]
As a reader, I enjoyed reading this set. I don't really care about props unlike some other fellas (even though they did day Joy needed them to work), naming moves after pokemon attacks when they aren't pokemon attacks is fun to read.

It would be like, really cool if you could catch pokeball pokemon with the Side Special and use them as your own (that would totally make sense, right?). On the other hand, catching a human inside a pokeball seems reeealllly akward, but it's ok. Using a bandage as a tether is funny.

The sticker of James from the banned pokemon episode is possibly the funniest thing about the set. And also having a picture of Officer Jenny that links to Mach Rider is kinda surprising if anyone else has noticed. (But I understand)

And so I pretty much reckon this set was an absolute blast to read. I like it.


Smash Lord
Aug 19, 2007

Author's notes, who is too lazy to make this part of an image: I would like to thanks Ocon for telling what the fonts were for Sho and K.Rool for checking it over. Not. I had a lot of fun making my first image set, and hope it does well. It doesn't do anything fancy like crowd cheering that Jeff Hardy did, but...i still like this set. Thanks for all the TWILTY supporters. =]

darth meanie

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Jun 6, 2008
- Joshua

Very sexy organization here TWILT! Beats the stuffing out of my first image set, which was as as subtle as a shark with a chainsaw. Nice and smooth; good job man!

As for the moveset itself, it definitely feels like a moveset for Joshua, which is a good thing. I still ended up having questions about his air game though. You never once mentioned his movement speed in the air; considering his fighting style in the source game, I wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't move left or right at all once he was in the air. Speaking of which, you never touch on air dodges either; you were too brief describing that mechanic.

And the aerials felt rather undewhelming. The Nair is a shield, and the Fair and Bair are pretty much clones. Worse yet, the only difference between the two is that the Bair is a better move than the Fair! The Uair and Dair didn't really seem to fit in either, and it was pretty straightforward and simple.

The throw game is also 100% irrelevant to anything else in the set. Brief mechanical descriptions and not a word of mention in the playstyle? We don't get away with this anymore.

Joshua ended up being pretty straightforward. The Neutral Special and Side Special have a lot of potential, but they're pretty much just reduced to: take a picture so that your next attack hits, hit them with an attack, repeat. For a telekinetic who litters the stage with obstacles, he makes very little use of them too. I was expecting something along the lines of the pin that let you throw objects around.

My basic problem with Joshua is that, while it looks good, and feels like Joshua, it's a shallow set. The playstyle pretty much just runs through a list of Joshua's attacks (sans the throws and the Down Special, an interesting attack that is never touched on again) and repeats what they're for. He has pretty much just one strategy that never changes in the match. When you get right down to it, Joshua is just, 'predictable'.
Aug 9, 2007
The Cosmos Beneath Rosalina's Skirt

Well what do we have here? First Recap of the contest! Yay! While I'm here I may as well comment Joshua too!


Blah, blah, blah, it looks great; you know that already though (as it's just echoing what the others said). It's an image set you obviously put a lot of effort into and shows in that respect. Well the whole levitating thing is pretty nifty right off the bat...but from the looks of it, you pretty much say in the opening bit that the ground-based playstyle is vastly less important than his playstyle in the air.

There are also some other instances of this. This is blatant in the bair; you pretty much say it's the fair but better...if I can do this while levitating, why would I ever use the fair? As DM also pointed out, it's slightly apparent that you lost some steam by the time you got to throws. They're easily the most out of place bit of the set.

That all said and done, Josh feels kinda unfinished. It's like you had some good ideas going at the beginning (such as the down special and side special) but never really capitalize on them. All in all, it's a great -LOOKING- set but your Jeff was far, far more focused than Joshua.

Also @ Kat: There are indeed headers for stuff such as Smashes and Aerials; they must not be showing up on your computer. There are however no attack names which, despite how silly many attack names turn out to be, strikes me as quite odd.


Smash Lord
Aug 19, 2007
- Joshua

Very sexy organization here TWILT! Beats the stuffing out of my first image set, which was as as subtle as a shark with a chainsaw. Nice and smooth; good job man!

Thanks dude. Took me a while, but I did it. (CHEW)

As for the moveset itself, it definitely feels like a moveset for Joshua, which is a good thing. I still ended up having questions about his air game though. You never once mentioned his movement speed in the air; considering his fighting style in the source game, I wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't move left or right at all once he was in the air. Speaking of which, you never touch on air dodges either; you were too brief describing that mechanic.
Huh...I see what you mean. Yeah, I forgot about air dodges. My bad.

And the aerials felt rather undewhelming. The Nair is a shield, and the Fair and Bair are pretty much clones. Worse yet, the only difference between the two is that the Bair is a better move than the Fair! The Uair and Dair didn't really seem to fit in either, and it was pretty straightforward and simple.

The throw game is also 100% irrelevant to anything else in the set. Brief mechanical descriptions and not a word of mention in the playstyle? We don't get away with this anymore.
Yeah, I get what you're saying. I personally don't like making throws, but eh...

Joshua ended up being pretty straightforward. The Neutral Special and Side Special have a lot of potential, but they're pretty much just reduced to: take a picture so that your next attack hits, hit them with an attack, repeat. For a telekinetic who litters the stage with obstacles, he makes very little use of them too. I was expecting something along the lines of the pin that let you throw objects around.

My basic problem with Joshua is that, while it looks good, and feels like Joshua, it's a shallow set. The playstyle pretty much just runs through a list of Joshua's attacks (sans the throws and the Down Special, an interesting attack that is never touched on again) and repeats what they're for. He has pretty much just one strategy that never changes in the match. When you get right down to it, Joshua is just, 'predictable'.
Yeah, I get what you're saying. Didn't think it would be that bad, but eh...

Thanks for commenting man.

[size=+3]Joshua [/size]
Sorry TWILTY, but Joshua doesn't really seem to strike me in any great way. Im thinking that it's pretty much what darth meanie said; his Specials are cool, but they don't have a lot of emphasis on the set. It kind of weighs the set down. i see...

On a minor note, lack of attack headers like 'specials' and 'smashes' makes the set feel a bit clogged up(either that or I can't see them on my conputer, which probably isn't the case).
Seriously? They headers SHOULD be a part of the moves itself.

Yet despite everything, you've drasticlly improved on something that darth meanie may not have picked up. I haven't noticed any spelling mistakes, or any kind of organisational errors. Great job, it really gives the set more shine.
Thanks man.

Despite having reached a improvement in your organisation and spell checking, I don't think Joshua stands out as your best (but good job for attempting the image set concept). But truly, you're getting there. Hope to see even more cool from you later on. (Seto Kaiba = awesome)
I see...Jeff still stands out as my best. That said, thanks for commenting. Yes, Seto Kaiba should be awesome. :cool:


Blah, blah, blah, it looks great; you know that already though (as it's just echoing what the others said). It's an image set you obviously put a lot of effort into and shows in that respect. Well the whole levitating thing is pretty nifty right off the bat...but from the looks of it, you pretty much say in the opening bit that the ground-based playstyle is vastly less important than his playstyle in the air.
Thanks, and yes that is what the playstyle's suppose to be. Didn't really think it was a bad thing (sry).

There are also some other instances of this. This is blatant in the bair; you pretty much say it's the fair but better...if I can do this while levitating, why would I ever use the fair? As DM also pointed out, it's slightly apparent that you lost some steam by the time you got to throws. They're easily the most out of place bit of the set.
You would use the F-Air if the opponent is not behind you.

That all said and done, Josh feels kinda unfinished. It's like you had some good ideas going at the beginning (such as the down special and side special) but never really capitalize on them. All in all, it's a great -LOOKING- set but your Jeff was far, far more focused than Joshua.

Also @ Kat: There are indeed headers for stuff such as Smashes and Aerials; they must not be showing up on your computer. There are however no attack names which, despite how silly many attack names turn out to be, strikes me as quite odd.
I see what you're trying to say MT...thanks for commenting.

The reason i didn't put in attack names is because, A: They weren't exactly neccessary. B: I usually put in stupid names anyway. C: I was kinda lazy. (WARY)

All in all, thanks for commenting guys! My next set will be a big improvement from here. Edgeworth or Kaiba will be my stars of this contest hopefully. I didn't think Joshua would be this bad however...:ohwell:

And for some reason...every first moveset i enter in a MYM turns out to be bad. Death The Kid, Roxas, and now Joshua...huh...

*includes bee, so post isn't so negative*



Smash Champion
Aug 24, 2008
Not wasting my life for a man who wants me dead

This moveset has some genuine potential. You’ve definitely got some toys to play with to make for an interesting camperish/trappish character. . .Plop down a car, stack 3 blocks on top of that, put an aerial block on top of even that, camp with usmash as the foe scales your tower of death. When they get over the tower, use Side Special to put them back on the other side.

But the set doesn’t realize any of it’s potential, and it downplays the ground-game in favor of the rather bland air game and doesn’t even try to make the throws relevant. The moveset up to the smashes I actually feel is decent and wouldn’t need that much polish if you put perhaps a tad more focus on Down Special (Let Side Special move the hologram thingymabobber around, perhaps?), though from there on out the moveset takes a nosedive. The playstyle summary confirms that you’re somewhat lost yourself.

I actually think is nearly as good as Hardy, but I don’t think Hardy was all that good. I can definitely see this set having been very good with some more time/effort. . .You definitely put effort into the set, the organization confirms that. You’ve just gotta learn to not rush the thing at the end.


Smash Apprentice
Feb 28, 2010
Coming to terms with having two people in my mind

I've been waiting for this moveset for a while, and for the most part, it was worth it. Joshua looks GREAT (I'm getting the feeling that you don't like Pikachu, though :laugh:), and his cell phone attacks are awesome WTF? material. But on the other hand, his throws are completely random compared to all of Josh's other moves, and the Bair pretty much makes the Fair pointless.
Ironic, huh?
The neutral special also is kind of underpowered; 5 stage builder blocks is pretty small.

Lastly, you should have named your attacks. Then again, I guess you couldn't get a lot of names that don't go like this: "TO LOCK ON TO OPPONENT, PRESS 1. TO DROP CAR, PRESS 2. TO SUMMON METEOR, PRESS 3." :laugh: All in all, Joshua is a good set, but Roxas was a lot better.

Smash Daddy

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Apr 29, 2007
K Rool Avenue
Wha? Comments from Smady? This must be that cold, fiery place that is all snowy or something that I heard about on the news. Time for a new Make Your Move, a new start to commenting and without so much pressure as a leader to get it done; seems like I’m getting off on the right foot.

So, Burst Man. To be honest, I’ve never paid much attention to your movesets, KK, as they all suffer greatly from many of the faults in this very moveset. You have the atypical informal writing style, awkward prop usage and unsubstantiated ideas. However, I was surprised to see you did include some good ideas in there, though you still have a large amount of ground to tread. Let me help you there.

First of all, the bubble theme – it reminds me of BubbleMan.EXE, who I super voted in Make Your Move 6. That moveset had playstyle through the nose and no quirky mechanics like this one does: bubbles are not balloons, shields or platforms and while BME certainly pushed the boundaries of this, BM leapfrogs over what is acceptable. What much of the playstyle relies upon – pulling the stage up using bubbles, toward the blast zone – is totally uncharacteristic of bubbles. There are also far too many different descriptions of them, even per single move; the moveset would be more easily-understood if there was one definition of what a bubble can do. As they all look the same, it is highly annoying that some are weak to damage, sucker in enemies, and hold up stages, etcetera, there’s no logic behind this.

While you may call that nitpicking, there is an odd amount of prop use where neither Burst Man, nor any other Robot Master has ever even used them in this sort of technique. I realise this was a compromise to be able to give BM a workable playstyle – that you thought that shows real improvement, sure, but it’s it just isn’t a comfy fit at all. The character isn’t even charismatic; he’s a rather dull Robot Master, so why would he break the mould? No idea. Again, you don’t provide a definitive answer to how props are used and these seem to be very branching in how they can be used or react, creating a cobweb of possible interactions with BM’s arsenal that’s also very unfitting.

Even when Dr. Wily was summoning Telly in MYM6, it seemed a little questionable for that inventor to be doing so on the spot – he may have created them, but we still suspended disbelief as to him having an infinite storage of robots, somewhere. With BM, it’s far harder to relate to how this character actually has control over these or stores them on his person. There are also the Bladers, which make less sense – these things; I don’t remember being in any game after MM2, at most, let alone the seventh game. There are other non-summoning moves that likewise, detract from the moveset and don’t add to the playstyle, it’s a mixed bag.

On the plus side, the playstyle does make some sense. The simple premise of putting an enemy in a bubble and forcing them above the blast zone is quit brilliant, but again, this kind of strategy would make a lot more sense with Drifblim or Clown Man. As an alternative to BME, though, it is decent in this regard. You also have some half-decent interactions in the aerials – specials, smashes – specials.

On a last note, what the hell happens if BM isn’t in a bubble for the aerials? Like, if he’s falling on his first jump? Big plot hole. There are also some glaring issues with the match-ups, organisation [minor importance here] and some lacklustre extras, but the overall package is almost there. Though to be honest, this moveset isn’t all that much a statement of your improvement – more of how far you have to go. I’ll certainly read and comment your future movesets, though.

And that’s all for now, but it was a long one. I’ll try to get a Nurse Joy and Joshua comment up for tomorrow. Smell ya later.


Smash Apprentice
Feb 28, 2010
Coming to terms with having two people in my mind
sorry for double post


Nurse Joy may be one of the most underpowered movesets I have ever read. She has a hell of a hard time KOing opponents; Instead, she HEALS them. On the other hand, she'd also probably be the best teammate in the game. Most of her attacks leave her opponents open for NJ's teammate to pummel.

This is an awesome start to MYM8. The organization looks AMAZING, and all of the interactions with the attacks makes it so you have to really think when playing as NJ. The Tardballs are really creative, too.
LOL at Magiktard.
Keep up the good work.


NURSE JOY: Oh, my! What happened to your Pokemon?

PKMN TRAINER: YOU DID THIS TO THEM, YOU CRAZY...... Wait... That was you, right?



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Aug 13, 2007
Warning, Challenger Approaching!

Scarmiglione, Blighted Despot and Fiend of Earth has joined the Brawl!


Scarmiglione (originally translated as Milon) is one of the four fiends of the elements from Final Fantasy 4. His element is Earth, and his title is "the Blighted Despot". During the course of the game, he serves under his evil master Golbez. He is the first fiend the party battles, sent by Golbez to stop Cecil's ascent of Mount Ordeals to become a Paladin. Cecil as a Dark Knight is helpless against the undead, who Scarmiglione summons to hinder them. When they finally reach the top, he confronts them on the bridge as a last ditch effort to stop them. The party defeats him and his four Skullnant servants without trouble and continue on, only for Scarmiglione to return to life and attack them from behind in his true form. After his fight on Mount Ordeals, he reappears later in the game with the other three Archfiends in the Giant of Babil. He and the others are defeated once again- this time for good. The other three think lowly of Scarmiglione, especially Cagnazzo who calls him "a weakling that never deserved to be one of the four fiends."


Range )))))) 7
Traction )))))) 7
Priority )))))) 6
Fall Speed )))))) 6
Size )))))) 6
Power )))))) 5
Movement )))))) 4
Comboability )))))) 4
Jumps )))))) 3.5
Attack Speed )))))) 3
Aerial Movement )))))) 2.5
Recovery )))))) 2.5
Weight )))))) 2
Abilities: Crouch, Crawl

Um... wow. No help here. He has nice range for his attacks and average power, but... dang. So much for being one of the four elemental fiends. He's not totally helpless, but you're going to be fighting an uphill battle. His low weight and lack of a recovery move means that he won't hang around for very long.

True Power

"I, Scarmiglione of Earth, have come from death. Taste my dreadful power and die!"

Oh, and before I forget, Scarmiglione is a frail being. He's walked the earth in his mortal body for so long, he can't take much punishment before just keeling over. If he manages to stick around until he has 125% damage, he drops dead on the spot and loses a stock (unless it's his last). This counts as a self destruct in Time brawls and causes his cash to scatter in Money brawls. You almost feel sorry for him. Horrible stats, and now this.

...well, until he respawns, anyhow. Instead of coming back via respawn platform, his body is consumed by black smoke. The stage shakes and screaming apperations circle the fog for one and half seconds before it clears. Death has granted Scarmiglione his true strength as an elemental fiend, and he is no longer hindered by his aged frame.

Size )))))) 10
Power )))))) 10
Movement )))))) 8
Range )))))) 8
Traction )))))) 7
Weight )))))) 7
Attack Speed )))))) 6
Fall Speed )))))) 6
Comboability )))))) 6
Priority )))))) 6
Aerial Movement )))))) 5
Jumps )))))) 3.5
Recovery )))))) 2.5
Abilities: Crouch, Crawl

His frame now mirrors Bowser's in size and shape. Damage done by his attacks are doubled, lag of all kinds are cut in half, and movement speed on the ground is doubled. Weight is also boosted to a respectable amount, but not enough to be chain grabbed. His new state has longer arms, effectively doubling the reach of attacks involving them. He's gone from nobody to heavyweight without the drawbacks, but being undead is a mixed bag. Healing items and effects damage him by however much they would heal (Heart Containers double his damage and do not raise it to 999%, just FYI). However, any poison effects (including those produced by his own attacks) heal him at half the rate it would normally damage him.

This only occurs when he's on the ground. If he's sent flying through the air at 125% or more, he holds on to life just long enough to try and recover. When he returns from death in his true form, he has his damage reset to 0%. He will no longer die at 125% damage, nor will he have to deal with his frail first form for the rest of his current stock. As a final note, the Scarmiglione player can select his 'true form' in the same manner you can select Zero Suit Samus at the start of the match, but only during a Team Brawl where he is out numbered by his opponents. Valozarg rip off? Nothing of the sort, just an extra feature for fun.


Neutral Special ]=====[ Poison Gas

Scarmiglione's trademark ability. Purple smoke escapes from underneath his cloak and spreads outward. It hovers just off the ground and reaches up half a Stage Builder Block, expanding horizontally at a rate of 1 SBB per second. If it goes over an edge, it expands down until it reaches a platform below where it will continue to expand in both directions at half the rate. Walls do nothing to halt the expanse of the toxic smog, which simply goes around or slips through the cracks. Using your shield inside of the smog doubles the rate it shrinks if you're not a zombie. The poison gas can only be removed by an enemy hitbox passing through it, and deals 4% poison damage to anyone within it every second (including Scarmiglione). Wind attacks do not clear it out. Instead, they spread the gas until it fills the area the hitbox passes through.

The gas spreads differently in the air, left as a trail as Scarmiglione passes by. He falls too quickly for it to spread more then a Pokéball's width away from himself, but it's better then nothing. This continues until the B button is pressed a second time. Scarmiglione can attack while Poison Gas is in effect and has his first jump's height doubled thanks to the gas filling his body, but cannot double jump and has his already daunting lag doubled. This attack has no lag to call it's own, and does not inflict knockback or hitstun. Damage from this move is not doubled in True Form, sadly, but healing 2% per second more then makes up for this flaw.

[4% poison damage per second]

Side Special ]=====[ Drain

Scarmiglione's boney hand glows with a sickly green light. He reaches out to grab a nearby creature by the throat and, if he succeeds, he slowly drains the life from them. Foes grabbed by this attack are held in place for 2 seconds by Scarmiglione's surprisingly strong grip, and take 12% damage spread over the duration. Once he's done, he shoves the weakened foe back a set 1.5 Stage Builder Blocks with a hearty laugh about his gain at their expense. This attack heals Scarmiglione at the rate it damages the foe and stuns the victim for half a second after the fact.

Because of it's long lag and short reach, it's too telegraphed to be of use on it's own. I guess it could provide a risky way to keep an enemy inside your poisonous smog if you're feeling daring. While it would be of great use once he reaches his second form, isn't healing a bit counter-productive in his first form? What's the deal?

[12%, heals Scarmiglione by 12%]

Down Special ]=====[ Arise

Scarmiglione raises his hands over his head and cackles under his breath. Bolts of dark energy dance between his fingers as he slams the ground in front of him, transferring the energy into the platform. With his job done, he pulls himself to his feet, coughing and hacking from the exertion. The attack ends as quickly as it began without any immediate effect and Scarmiglione is now free to move. After three seconds, a Skullnant- a partially skeletal zombie- pulls itself from the ground and begins walking about. While his second form has no problem using this move, using this in his first form causes him 10% damage from the strain.

Skullnants have 30% stamina, Pikachu's weight, and are allied to Scarmiglione. They are equal in size to Marth and walk around at the slow, lumbering pace that Bowser does. They cannot jump, shield, or dodge. In addition to a simple and laggy swipe at the air in front of them for 5% damage, Skullnants can cling to an opponent at 1/6th the normal grab duration. This pathetic attempt at restraining enemies can stop laggier attacks and force foes to remain in a Poison Gas cloud. Lastly, they can perform an even slower swipe with the same damage and a black aura around their limb. Like Drain, this swipe increases their stamina equal to the damage it deals. There can only be 4 Skullnants out at any given time.

Skullnants are undead, harmed by healing effects and healed by poison effects. With their high stamina and constant healing from Poison Gas, they can be an annoying meat shield to deal with while Scarmiglione camps or builds up his damage to reach his second form. If he has multiple Skullnants out at once, the opponent will be treated to flash backs of Ocarina of Time's Redeads. As a final note, Scarmiglione can use his Side Special on a Skullnant. In his normal form, Drain will heal the Skullnant and harm him, and heal both once he's unleashed his true power. Long starting and ending lag. Scarmiglione's hands do 8% damage and flinching knockback on touch, but the summon effect does not activate unless on a solid platform.

[10% to Scarmiglione (first form only)] [8%] [5%] [5%, heals Skullnant by 5%]

Up Special ]=====[ Lit 1 (AKA Thunder)

Scarmiglione thrusts a boney finger towards the sky. A dark yellow bolt of electricty escapes from his fingertip and zooms off the top of the screen, then comes straight back down where the nearest enemy is standing. The bolt travels at twice the rate of Fox's Blaster (read: really freaking fast) when going up and on the return trip. It deals 11% damage and spikes airborne enemies, but does no knockback. Lit 1 has below average lag and is counted as a disjointed hitbox, not a projectile. Even with it's speed, it's unlikely to hit an opponent since they can just run out of the way. Wait for one of your Skullnants to hold the foe in place, or use it on a fool trying to camp outside of your Poison Gas.


A/AA/AAA ]=====[ Sickness

Scarmiglione coughs and hacks uncontrollably, releasing a bright yellowish orange cloud of disease. The Pokéball sized cloud floats forward half a Stage Builder Block before dispersing. With a second press, Scarmiglione tilts his head downwards and places his hands on his throat to steady his breathing. The second cloud crawls along the ground 1 SBB in each direction from where it lands and lingers for a full second before disappearing. From the third press onward, Scarmiglione tilts his head up and spits a stream of the gas forwards 2 SBBs that disperses near instantly.

The gas does a mere 1% damage and flinching knockback, with the third hit and beyond pushing the foe away 1/3rd a SBB each. When a creature is damaged by Sickness, they take double damage from all poison effects for 4 seconds. Scarmiglione is not damaged by Sickness, but still suffers the effects in his first form when the second hit's hitbox touches him. In his true form, he skips the first and second hits entirely and gains double the range on the third. Each hit has medium lag in between, and Scarmiglione suffers short starting lag before the first and long ending lag after the last. Speed up the process of damaging yourself with Poison Gas in your first form, and dish out more damage in the long run.

[1% poison damage] [1% poison damage] [1% poison damage, multiple hits]

Forward A ]=====[ Charge

Scarmiglione turns so his side is facing the enemy, and attempts a medium range Wario-esqe shoulder barge. His body becomes a low priority hitbox that deals 5% damage and light knockback. In his first form, successfully hitting an opponent with this move emits an audible 'crack', and Scarmiglione recoils in pain for 8% damage. The second form does not share this weakness, but what it does have is four large 'tusks' coming from the Blighted Despot's new body, one on each side, and one over each shoulder from his back. The tips of these tusks act as sweet spots that deal 14% damage and above average knockback.
[5%][8% damage to Scarmiglione (first form only)][14% (second form sweet spot only, not doubled by being in second form)]

Down A ]=====[ Stalagtite

Scarmiglione raises his hands and mutters something under his breath. He calls a spire of rock from the ground in front of himself, which extends out at an angle away from Scarmiglione until it reaches Ganondorf's height. The stalagtite does 5% damage and medium knockback as it rises, but does nothing afterward. It stays out for 1 second or until it takes a hit from an enemy attack before crumbling into dust. The spire of rock is a disjointed hitbox, and attacks of medium or lower priority that hit it bounce off as if shielded. With the medium start up lag and low ending lag, this is Scarmiglione's trump card when he needs to survive just a little longer in his first form or wants to heal in his second. The spike does not impede movement in any way, and does no damage once it's stopped extending.

Up A ]=====[ Zombie

Scarmiglione points towards the ground in front of him, then makes a sweeping motion over his head. A thin line of black energy appears where he points and travels around him in a 3/4 circle. The energy is a disjointed hitbox that does 4% damage and light knockback. It's quick enough to to juggle heavier opponents for a short while and protects from all sides, but that's not the point of this move.

Anyone hit right when the energy starts to form flashes black and is inflicted with the 'Zombie' status error. Healing hurts, poison heals, yadda yadda. It lasts for the stock or until they are hit again. Skullnants and other zombies hit by this attack are healed instead of hurt. Skullnants leave anyone suffering from Zombie alone unless they're the only opponent left, and will take no knockback or hitstun from a Zombie'd player's attacks. Hitting them with this attack a second time (at any point in the animation) removes the Zombie status error.

This may seem to contradict everything in Scarmiglione's strategy, and that's because it does. If you're in a one on one match. But in free for all or team brawls, this is all that prevents him from destroying his own allies and making a big target out of himself. Maybe you're dealing with a self healing opponent that enjoys stalling, or someone with an attack that 'drains' health. You can also damage yourself using Drain on them or play medic by healing a Zombie'd ally, or better yet do both. Use the secondary effect with discretion.

[4% (heals zombies)]

Dash Attack ]=====[ Foul Wind

Scarmiglione skids to a stop, and a gust of air carried along by his momentum blows by him in a way that makes his cloak billow dramatically. As the gust passes through his cloak, a small amount of purple smoke trails along it. Any opponent 2 Stage Builder Blocks in front of and parallel to him vertically are stunned for 1 second as if their shield was broken. This effect can be evaded by dodging or shielding. The smoke lasts for half a second before vanishing, and doesn't effect anyone it's hit in the last 5 seconds. Scarmiglione suffers medium starting lag and no ending lag. This serves as a great approach or approach killer, and as a 'wind' attack can spread your Poison Gas effectively.
[no damage]


Forward Smash ]=====[ Plague

Scarmiglione tilts his head back and inhales hard. He spits out a green cloud of noxious gas that flies forward at the speed of Mario's dash. The range, damage, and size of the cloud varies, not on charge time but on the Poison Gas Scarmiglione inhaled. He sucks in half a Stage Builder Block of Poison Gas per second of charging, for a maximum of 4 seconds. The range varies from 2~6 SBBs in range, the damage from 8~16%, and size from a Pokéball to Dedede. While this does no knockback, the victim falls over as if tripped when they catch a whiff of the toxic vapors.

The true strength of this move comes from the side effects it produces. If struck, the character flashes a sickly green and looks deeply ill in all of their animations. They cannot dash, though they can still run. They can use a Smash Attack, but cannot charge it. They cannot use any Special other then their recovery. These effects last for 2 seconds, plus an additional 1.5 seconds for every second worth of Poison Gas inhaled. Scarmiglione suffers long starting and ending lag, and receives 2% damage per second of charging if used in his first form, or 4% poison damage if that second is spent inhaling Poison Gas in either form. If Plague passes through any Skullnants along the way, they are healed equal to Plague's damage and have their movement speed and attack speed doubled for the duration of it's side effects.

[8~16%] [2% to Scarmiglione (first form)] [4% poison damage to Scarmiglione]

Down Smash ]=====[ Earthquake

With both feet firm on the ground, Scarmiglione channels dark energy through his legs into the stage. Nothing seems to happen at first. Then a faint rumbling sound can be heard. The rumbling climbs to roar and at the 2 second mark, a ferocious earthquake strikes the stage. For three times the amount of time spent charging, anyone other then Scarmiglione that runs, dashes, jumps, or lands on the platform trip and take 6% damage. Characters unfortunate enough to grab a ledge at this time lose their grip instantly. The start up lag of all attacks made during the quake other then Scarmiglione's are doubled. Using the Down Special to summon Skullnants during this time has no delay between the attack and the Skullnant rising from it's grave. Medium starting and ending lag.

Up Smash ]=====[ Toxic Geyser

Scarmiglione tilts his head back and spits a geyser of green sludge straight into the air. This severe case of indigestion travels at the rate of Fox's Neutral Special up to 2 Stage Builder Blocks, plus another block for every second spent charging. Anything hit by the toxic muck takes 10~14% poison damage, and aerial foes enters free fall. Once it's reached the peak of it's range, the slime succumbs to gravity and falls at half the speed it rose onto anything below before sinking into the ground. This is the most effective way to bring an airborne enemy back into the Poison Fog, and can heal Scarmiglione's second form or his Skullnants if they can stay under the sludge long enough. As a nice bonus, this can also damage Scarmiglione's first form.


Neutral Air ]=====[ Chunky Updraft

Scarmiglione stops in midair, laughing madly. "Dirt and ssstone, come to me!" As he ssslursss hisss line, various sized rocks and dust rises from the ground below. The area two Stage Builder Blocks off the ground and one block in in each horizontal direction from him is filled with various bits of rock, varying from 3~8 stones (increased by having more ground within range.) that in turn vary from Pokéball to Kirby sized. The disjointed priority rocks lift from the solid platform below as Ganondorf's run speed until they're two blocks off the ground, then drop at Fox's fall speed. The rocks appear evenly across the ground, and slowly try to home in on opponents within range as they go up.

Contact with the stones deals 4% damage and flinching knockback going up, and 8% damage and medium knockback going down. Hitting Scarmiglione and interrupting this move doesn't destroy the rocks, but causes them to fall back to the ground instantly. Anyone in the range of this move (including Scarmiglione in his first form) takes 1% damage every second from the dust and pebbles strewn about. This lasts a whopping 3 seconds, and Scarmiglione enters free fall afterward. He cannot use this move unless he's directly over a platform, and suffers long starting and ending lag. The area within the range is a wind hitbox, with the gas slowly spreading to fill it over the course of the move. This move is highly predictable, punishable, and easily avoided. What it does do is hammer helpless enemies with repeated hits and spread Poison Gas to a decent height off the ground.

[4%, multiple hits] [8%, multiple hits] [1% per second]

Forward Air ]=====[ Rock Slide

Coursing with shadowy energy, Scarmiglione dives forward as a high priority hitbox. When this move is activated, he descends rapidly as he charges until he's just off the ground. He moves forward at Captain Falcon's Dash Speed and downward at double that rate, dealing 9% damage and medium horizontal knockback to anyone he hits. Scarmiglione continues until he's moved a total of 3 Stage Builder Blocks forward or he reaches a ledge.

If he hits anyone or anything in his first form, he takes 4% damage for each. In either form, hitting a wall or ledge causes him to suffer 8% damage. Any Poison Gas within 1 SBB of him at any time will move towards his path as long as he's in range, an excellent way to get back on the ground and quickly spread existing Poison Gas. Scarmiglione executes this attack without delay, and only suffers notable end lag if he collides with a wall (destructible or otherwise).

[9%] [4% to Scarmiglione for every enemy hit (first form only)] [8% to Scarmiglione if he hits a wall or ledge]

Down Air ]=====[ Turn to Dust

Scarmiglione channels dark energy into his hands and reaches down. His hands act as a short range, low priority hitbox, doing 7% damage and flinching knockback. Enemies hit in the air enter free fall, while those on the ground are stunned for 1 second. When this attack touches a Skullnant, it instantly turns to dust. Scarmiglione receives damage equal to half the Skullnant's remaining stamina if in his first form, and heals by the same amount in his second. Long starting and ending lag make it difficult to land a gimp with this attack, but you at least have the ability to destroy a low health Skullnant so you can replace it with a fresh one.
[7%] [Instantly KOs Skullnant and damages or heals Scarmiglione equal to half the Skullnant's stamina (first and second forms respectively)]

Back Air ]=====[ Piercing Stone

Three jagged spikes of rock pop out from Scarmiglione's back, acting as long, disjointed hitboxes. The spikes slowly recede into Scarmioglione's flesh over the course of a second, preventing him from using this attack again until they've fully returned but otherwise doing nothing to stop him from using a different attack. Each spike does 6% damage and medium knockback in the direction they point, with a sweet spot at the very beginning of the move dealing 12% damage and above average horizontal knockback to anyone touching Scarmiglione's back. In his first form, having spikes shoot out of his spine does 8% damage to himself, regardless of if he hits something. No matter what form he's in, this attack is nearly lagless on both ends.
[6%] [12% sweet spot] [8% to Scarmiglione (first form only)]

Up Air ]=====[ Dragged Down

Scarmiglione reaches up and latches onto the opponent above him. This short range grab priority move prevents the opponent from attacking as long as Scarmiglione holds onto their legs, and adds his Fall Speed to theirs. Like most grabs, the opponent can button mash at half the normal grab difficulty to shake him off. If they land with him still on their legs, they both hit the ground and fall onto their backs. Both characters take damage equal to double their combined weights on a scale of 1 to 10 (Mr. Game & Watch would contribute 2%, Bowser 20%, Mario 10%, etc.) in damage. If they manage to shake him loose, Scarmiglione enters free fall and takes 5% damage when he lands.

If he's reached his second form, Scarmiglione positions the foe underneath himself. They're the only one that takes damage, and the grab duration is extended to it's normal amount because of his stronger grip. He does not fall onto his back, but on his feet and next to the opponent. He does not enter free fall when shaken loose and does not take damage when landing afterwords. This becomes an effective set up for his slower attacks in addition to forcing the fight back onto solid ground.

[variable%] [5% to Scarmiglione if escaped (first form)]


Grab ]=====[ Rotting Hands

Scarmiglione places his hands on the ground. Underneath the nearest opponent he faces, a Stage Builder Block wide patch of ground cracks open. Rotting hands reach up to take hold of their next recruit. The hands have normal grab duration, and cannot be harmed by attacks. However, Scarmiglione's hurtbox must be touching the grabbed opponent's to perform his pummel or a throw. He can still move around and attack during this time. This may only be used once every 5 seconds, regardless of if it's successful or not. Any Skullnants clinging to the victim add the duration of their grab to the hands, so keep a few around when you plan to run in for a throw.

Pummel ]=====[ It's Called a Tic Tac

Scarmiglione forces the captured fighter to look him in the eye, then exhales a short burst of purple fog into their face. This does 2% damage and has a poison effect that deals 1% per second for 2 seconds after a successful pummel. Every hit increases the duration by 2 seconds, and time spent in a Poison Gas cloud does not count towards that duration. It's long lag and the fact you need to get right next to your target makes the move too risky for the little reward it provides in the first form. Scarmiglione's second form, however, can really rack up damage with this.
[2% poison damage] [1% poison damage per second for (2 * hits) seconds after final hit]

Forward Throw ]=====[ Blown Away

Scarmiglione sucks in a deep breath, and his victim has only enough time to make an "Oh crap!" expression before he does his best big bad wolf impression. Opponents are blown away a set 3 Stage Builder Blocks and take 10% damage, with any enemies in an area equal in length and as tall as Scarmiglione taking equal damage but no knockback. A purple gas identical in effect and appearance to Poison Gas lingers in this area for 2 seconds before disappearing. Long starting lag and medium ending lag, but that hardly matters. It's a quick and temporary patch of Poison Fog to heal up your Skullnants or assist your true form's aggressive charge, and a simple way to repel a persistent enemy.
[10% poison damage] [4% poison damage per second for 2 seconds]

Down Throw ]=====[ Call of the Grave

The hands gripping the opponent slowly pull them into the ground. This takes a full 2 seconds the victim can use to escape by button mashing. Once completely submerged, the hands pummel the foe with a series of hits that do a collective 18% damage and throws them skywards. While the damage and medium upwards knockback are nice, this is too easy to escape. The main point of this attack is to detain an enemy while you spread Poison Gas or summon more Skulltants. The damage is better if they're within a Poison Gas cloud and there's time to hustle over and hit them with the Neutral combo. A wonderful stall tactic when you're waiting for your last points of damage in first form, and the second form's increased damage and attack speed makes this an ideal set up for a high power attack.

Back Throw ]=====[ Turnaround

With a quick heave, the arms throw the foe a short distance behind Scarmiglione. A smaller number of hands pop up from under the spot they land, starting a new grab with half the duration of the previous. This does no damage or anything special on it's own, and instead acts as a time extension for pummeling or to reposition the foe for your Forward Throw.
[no damage]

Up Throw ]=====[ Spire

Scarmiglione lays his hands onto the ground. After a full second's pause, a massive spike of rock and dirt shoots out from the ground beneath the foe, doing 11% damage and above average upwards knockback. The opponent can still escape the grab by button mashing during the animation and pause, instantly rolling out of the way to avoid the giant spike. Anyone that touches the 1 block wide, 2 blocks tall spire takes damage and knockback as the grabbed victim would. That includes Scarmiglione and his summons, so be careful about when you use this. Early on this can add some quick damage to Scarmiglione and act as an emergency escape, but later it's likely to send him over the top boundary. Getting rid of highly damaged Skullnants so you can summon a fresh one is also a possibility, but the Down Aerial is much better for that purpose.

-(Night of the Dead)-

Scarmiglione giggles madly as he raises his hand to the sky. Black bolts of energy shower the stage and strike the ground. If he hasn't already reached the maximum number of Skullnants, several rise from the ground until the maximum of 4 is reached. Skullnants begin leaking Poison Gas at the rate their master does, and have their attack damage, speed, and movement tripled for the next 8 seconds. All poison damage during this time is doubled. If Scarmiglione hasn't already reached his second form, this gaurentees he will. If he has reached his second form, he's almost invincible until this ends. Skullnants become a massive boon, juggling enemies between swipes and acting as impenatrible shields.
[no damage... directly, anyways]

Playing as Scarmiglione

Your first and most obvious goal is to obtain your true form. This in itself isn't too hard- Scarmiglione has plenty of ways to damage himself. Poison Gas, summoning Skullnants, draining Skullnants, and moves that outright damage him on their own are all viable ways to get your damage up. The complication comes from your opponent. While they're kind enough to give you some damage on top of everything else, you'll be flying this way and that from even low knockback moves in no time. With no recovery, you're almost certain to get KOed from the slightest tap. Thus, you need to balance fighting and self damaging. Scarmiglione does a half decent impression of a half decent camper, with his minions and Poison Gas. Start off with a quick Down Smash to slow your opponent's approach, and summon a Skullnant while you can do so without lag. If they're camping, try a grab before making an earthquake to force them to move. They'll trip once they land or while they're running. Only when you have at least two zombie meat shields or restrained your enemy should you start pumping out Poison gas. It adds too much lag to your attacks if you don't have a few meat shields separating them and you.

Once you have some gas on the stage, turn off the Neutral Special immediately. Spread it around as you fight with wind hitboxes from the Dash Attack and Neutral Air. Alas, no matter how well you make use of your minions, grabs, and limited projectiles, your opponent will close the distance. At this point, you hopefully either haven't racked too much damage on your self or are just a few % short of your brand new body. Forward Tilt and other moves that deal damage to you are what you use at this point. Each of them has at least medium knockback, so they're excellent at knocking the opponent away for a few seconds. Forward Air in particular can also work as a quick escape even if it misses. Either way, you've just received some quick damage and enough time to pull out another Skullnant or run away after a Down Smash.

If you're at a low damage percent or just feel like taking a risk, you can really rack up the damage even in first form. The Neutral Combo is a quick spacer, some mild self damage, and doubles the damage enemies take from poison damage. Drain is counter productive towards your long term goal, but short term it keeps you alive while you harm your enemy. Down Tilt is an emergency 1 hit shield and a disjointed hitbox that does decent damage at the same time. In first form, Scarmiglione's throws are the pinnacle of this high risk, high reward back up plan and give you plenty of time to get those last few points of damage to transform. Even when you aren't willing to take a big gamble, this allows you to get a quick KO right before/after transforming. You're a stock down even if you get it right, and several when you don't, so closing the gap early is vital.

Now that you've unlocked the true power of Scarmiglione, what do you do? Your second form is a bit more open then the first. You can continue to play defensively- taking advantage of your increased durability and constant healing to whittle your enemies down bit by bit- or you can play aggressively- constantly cornering your opponent and letting loose with your tilts and aerials while your Poison Fog keeps you healthy and your minions soak up hits. Your defensive play is much more effective against heavy weights, who take much longer to reach you and much more damage to KO, while offense is best against light weights and middle weights who can be KOed quickly.

Scarmiglione's throws are useful no matter which strategy you use, as they carry none of the risk of the first form's low weight created and pack double the punch. Wait for a Skullnant to get a hold of them then grab, or take advantage of the stun provided by your Dash Attack to do so instead. You can be less discriminatory with your Poison Gas now, so keep pumping it out unless you're up against an opponent that demands speed to fight or the stage is covered already. Lastly, summon as many Skullnants as you can to help limit the opponent's mobility, and if that fails use Down Smash to slow them to a crawl while you close in or call down lightning with your Up Special. No matter what you do, however, remember you're already a stock down. You need to make up for giving your opponent an early lead.

Playing against Scarmiglione

Scarmiglione's weakness lies in the careful balancing act in his first form. Early on, you want to prevent him from getting Skullnants and spreading his Poison Gas. Easier said then done, since both are pretty quick to do and he can keep using his Down Smash to rob you of your dash. Instead, use projectiles while you advance and use your biggest moves to take out any Skullnants he summons. The zombies are too slow to interrupt a Smash, so feel free to charge up a little before unleashing the hurt if you can kill them in one hit, or just do a quick one to knock them out of the way if you can't.

Once you're in his face, stick to quick attacks to prevent him from running away or using a spacer. Long reaching attacks that can hit from outside his reach should be considered if you can't out speed him. Watch his damage carefully at this point. You can probably KO him around 80%, so wait until that point to pull out your KO moves. Once that's done, you can simply ledge guard or jump out to meet him and gimp his already sad recovery.

You should play as aggressively as possible to build a solid stock lead between you and him. In a 3 stock match, even a half decent Scarmiglione player will reach his second form at least once. When that happens, try to lure him off stage or take to the air, rather then fight dead on. Characters that can deal set knockback, like Mario with his F.L.U.D.D., should abuse those moves for all they're worth. No matter how much stronger he is, Scarmiglione's air game and recovery are still very poor and his Poison Fog and Skullnants can't help him in either situation.

For character selection, avoid choices that have trouble KOing, fight defensively/conservatively/passively, or focus on their ground game. Conversly, those who can score early KOes and aerial fighters can curbstomp Scarmiglione. Moving stages are also his bane, as his Skullnants and Poison Gas just can't keep up.

Match Ups

Scarmiglione vs. Cairne Bloodhoof: 75/25 Scarmiglione's Favor

The hardest part of this battle for Scarmiglione is the early game. Cairne can wreck the Blighted Despot's $%#@!, and KO him long before his Mechanic kicks in. What Scarmiglione does have, however, are his Skullnants. By combining his Down Smash to hinder the already slow Tauren with his grab happy minions, Scarmiglione can get to his second form by simply spamming his Down Special whenever Cairne destroys a Skullnant while sitting in a small patch of Poison Gas. Not only that, but his potentially infinite reach grab is very easy to land on his ground focused, large, and sluggish opponent.

Once he reaches his second form, Scarmiglione has this match in the bag. He can go toe to toe with Bloodhoof while abusing the above, Poison Fog will constantly damage him and heal Scarmiglione, and the latter can grab the former no matter how well he digs his hole. Cairne simply cannot pull off a second reincarnation, which evens out Scarmiglione's automatic handicap. The Tauren Chieftan's saving grace is he can KO Scarmiglione with great ease in the first form and with only minor difficulty in the second, but it's just not enough to make up for such a painful number of exploits Scarmiglione can take advantage of.

Scarmiglione vs. Rider: 50/50 Dead Even

Scarmiglione LOVES opponents that have trouble KOing. Rider loves fighting someone with poor recovery. In this fight, Rider will likely focus on the aggressive side of her playstyle to keep him from turtling up and obtaining his True Form. This is enforced by the constant waves of Skullnants, who are more then happy enough to get in the way of her attacks and let her nail embed itself in them. The most vital part of this battle for her is to get to Scarmiglione before he can build his damage and boot his sorry arse off stage. Since she doesn't have much trouble fighting in the air, she should stay off the ground as best she can.

Scarmiglione doesn't have many clear advantages here. He kills any defensive strategies Rider can employ, but when she takes to the offensive he's put on the run. Contrary to his normal strategy before transforming, he should spread Poison Gas as much as he can as soon as he finishes calling forth some Skullnants, and remain in their presence. With few high knockback options Rider will have to cut her way through them via damage- keeping them alive with Drain is the Blighted Despot's task for this phase. If she tries to jump over them, he should dodge roll away and immediately use the Down Smash to trip her when she lands. Chaining a Skullnant and throwing them away with her own Down Smash is effective, but an attentive Scarmiglione player will interrupt it with his Up Special. If she manages to kill them before he transforms, Scarmiglione is screwed.

Blood Fort Andromina and Rider's Pummel are useless in this fight. She'll only damage herself and heal her zombie foes. Scarmiglione's aerials are useless, because confronting a superior aerial combatant in midair is suicide for him. She can fling him off stage and gimp him easily even when he's transformed, he can protect himself with disposable minions that she has trouble breaking through. Her defense moves are useless, he's helpless if she breaks through his defenses. Once he transforms, the match swings to his favor. Rider can still KO him semi-easily, but he can beat her in a straight fight and her defensive strategies don't work against his second from any better then his first. To say she's lost, however, is a gross exaggeration. Rider has plenty of ways to force Scarmiglione off stage even after he transforms, and his recovery isn't any better now then before. Ultimately, neither combatant has an edge in this match.

Scarmiglione vs. Doppelori: 10/90 Doppelori's Favor

Scarmiglione hates characters with great KO moves and speed, and Doppelori's no stranger to working under a time limit. To make matters worse, Scarmiglione's strategy of throwing waves of Skullnants at his opponents to stall gives Doppelori an easy target to expend her Final Smash on, and when she doesn't have that glow she can just save time by turning them into ammo. When she attempts her projectiles, he should immediately counter with his Up Special to interrupt the attack. When she rushes forward, he should use the Down Smash. Despite that, he simply can't stop Doppelori from closing the distance before he can transform. She's kind enough to knock him away when she does, but with his low weight and poor recovery that won't work in his favor for long.

Instead, it's time to play offensive. His Forward A gives him some breathing room and spaces the two apart, his Dash Attack can halt her approach for a brief moment, and his Back Aerial can work as a surprise hitstun inducer... and that's about it. Everything else is so easily punished that it's too risky to consider. Scarmiglione has one final reprieve; his grab. When she's almost in range and needs one more barrage to seal the deal, grab her and perform a forward throw. Repeat. Despite all that discussion on what Scarmiglione can do, the fact of the matter is he can't do jack against Doppelori. Even his True Form doesn't have anything useful, and she can KO him before he reaches it. And not only does Scarmiglione have no chance of getting his Final Smash, but it does little to help him against Doppelori. This is Scarmiglione's worst match up bar none.

Scarmiglione vs. Mogenar: 65/35 Scarmiglione's Favor

Right off the bat, Scarmiglione is giving Mogenar trouble. Poison Gas eats through orbs, pedestals, and boots fast, and his Skullnants are moving walls that require Mogenar to use his Side Special to overcome... and that's where the major advantages end. Until he reaches his second form, Scarmiglione can't really take advantage of Mogenar's weakened state. Mogenar can't destroy Skullnants fast enough with his long range moves, but has no trouble when using his up close and personal attacks. With few exceptions, Mogenar will want to avoid his moves with the maximum knockback limit of 1/3 of Battlefield (Forward A) or no knockback at all (Down A); it just gives Scarmiglione more damage.

Scarmiglione can't really stall this foe well, so he'll have to go on the offensive to compensate. This is the risky part of the matchup for the Fiend of Earth, as the Leviathan Guardian can KO him easily when his damage reaches the half way point. Destroying Mogenar's orbs so early helps by turning his moves with decent knockback (like his Forward A and Forward Aerial) into GTFO moves. With his ability to inflict heavy damage, he may get off an early KO if luck is on his side. That said, once Scarmiglione unlocks his true power, that's all she wrote for Mogenar. He has all the orb destroying, damage racking capability of his first form combined with actual durability and KO moves. Mogenar can put up enough of a fight to get some KOes during his foe's first form, possibly winning without losing a stock, but the Blighted Despot wins more consistantly then the first of the Leviathan Guardians.

(lol, they have the same Up Aerials)

Scarmiglione vs. Nurse Joy: 60/40 Scarmiglione's Favor

Just like Joy to try and help an elderly man with suicidal tendencies, right? The first thing you'll notice is how Nurse Joy's healing moves deal damage to her Zombie opponents and hinder Scarmiglione's attempts to transform. It's not as bad for Scarmiglione as one would think. The healing is doing much less damage then normal attacks do, and his Poison Fog is restoring his minions faster then Joy can heal them to their rightful slumber.

Her ability to pull Scarmiglione close with the Side Special is the major problem. She'll get it off before he can summon a Skullnant, and if she's smart she'll keep him close. His laggy attacks mean she can prevent him from building his damage or calling his meat shields, but he's not totally boned. His forward tilt is relatively quick enough to knock Joy away, long enough to call in a Skullnant and start pumping Poison Fog.

Joy may have a commanding early game as there's almost nothing Scarmiglione can do keep her away, but all it takes is one little slip up and he'll get a Skullnant in the way of her Side Special. By the time she gets rid of it, he'll have another one up. There's not much she can do to approach either, what with how slow she is. It's a given that Scarmiglione will transform when he's neutralized her Side Special.

But what about after he transforms? Joy does amazingly well against his second form- she can kill his approach and wall him out well enough, which also prevent his Skullnants from grabbing her. She needs to keep on the move to avoid his grabs and Up Special, but otherwise she can keep herself at near 0 damage by keeping her curtain healed, and bringing up another whenever the last was destroyed.

When Scarmiglione does get through, she's quick enough to pile on status errors and hop back to avoid his attacks. She can get a hold on him easily enough, and tossing on a X-Defend or two then throwing him into the air lets her juggle him without much difficulty. The problem then becomes dealing with his Skullnants while keeping him suspended. Those darned zombies are still a pain for her to send back to their rightful rest, and tend to grab her out of her combos.

Joy's got plenty of advantages here, but little room for error. Any mistake means Scarmiglione gets his second form, and messing up there means getting swarmed by a horde of zombies. She has all the cards at first, but keeping them requires near surgical precision. As such, this match goes to Scarmiglione.

Closing Comments

Scarmiglione was a blast to work on, after rushing to make Houndoom and struggling with Ocelot (and Kira, but she's still not done yet) for most of MYM7. I decided to get a little more fancy with the organization since I had time after finishing the set, and I like how it's come out. This was started as a spur of the moment decision, but I remember the fight fondly (it's when the plot of Final Fantasy 4 really got going IMO) and was a treat to work on. Unlike many of my sets which were retreads of previous works in specific areas, Scarmiglione doesn't have anything in common with my previous work other then the flavor.

I decided to try something different with the writing style, as I was getting too cold and mechanical with my previous sets (making them a real pain to read). Hopefully I've kept the frank tone while making Scarmiflione a more inviting read. The concept feels is slightly more original then my last few sets, which (other then Houndoom) amounted to lolsupercamper. I also tried to be a bit more flashy with the organization- earthy browns contrasting the poisonious purple, the new times roman format that speaks of something ancient, looking as if the letters are about to rot off. The two things that concern me are the colored text (which has never worked well for me except with Dr. Wily, who was a silver to reduce eye pain caused by reading bright white on grey) and the unique attack headers (again, only worked in Dr. Wily) which are an obscure reference to Scarmiglione's appearance in FF4. At the summit of Mt. Ordeals, the heroes must cross one last bridge to reach the peak. That's where he confronts them in a last ditch attempt to kill them. I hope it looks like a bridge as opposed to random symbols.

If I had to pick a specific part I'm proud of, it'd be the aerials. Ocelot's were thrown together at random because I couldn't think of anything better and was sick of working on him at that point, Houndoom's were rushed, and other then Specter I've never done better then generic aerials. I think this is a big step up, possibly a match for Specter and Houndoom or even surpassing them in quality.

My only regret is that I didn't make a match-up against Nurse Joy, but I don't have a clear grasp on her just yet. Oh well, maybe a little later.

Thanks for reading. Good luck to everyone this contest, and have fun.


5/02/10: Added the name of the game Scarmiglione is from in the History section. Fixed a typo.
5/03/10: Noted in the True Form section that the transformation lasts the entire stock, and that he does not instantly die at 125% damage in his True Form. Shift the music around an replaced certain musical pieces with more fitting counterparts. Expanded the playstyle section to cover the True Form's abilities a bit better, and to describe a defensive strategy in place of an offensive one.
8/16/10: Added a long overdue match up against Nurse Joy.
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