Mage Monthlies #1 Results

Apr 24, 2006

1: LoF Keitaro + LoF Nakat ($96.00)
2: Doom + Orion ($48.00)
3: Helpr + MikeKirby ($16.00)
4: Nives + Vinnie
5: Jtails + Southpaw
5: D.Pch + Captain Tetris
7: Raptor + Cloudfox
7: Shadowstar + Serious


1: Apex | Vinnie ($145.00):popo:
2: LoF Nakat ($72.50):popo:
3: Orion ($43.50):metaknight:
4: LoF Keitaro ($29.00) Falco
5: DeKillSage:snake:
5: MikeKirby:kirby2:
7: Southpaw:toonlink:
7: Mr. Eric - Marth
9: Dark Pch :peach:
9: Jtails:metaknight: Diddy
9: Dcold:sheik:
9: Raptor:yoshi2:
13: Professor MGW:olimar:
13: jellybeanman Diddy
13: Nives:lucario:
13: Gh0st:kirby2:
17: Cloudfox:bowser2::pit:
17: Jakob
17: Blazer:metaknight:
17: Captain Tetris
17: Rekrp
17: Risen
17: Dul0r:lucario:
17: Eidal
25: Allen
25: 0000
25: shadow star
25: Kid Koopa
25: Serious
25: Mason



Smash Master
Oct 22, 2008
Long Island, NY!

Great tourney and great seeing everyone.

Tyrell- Nice placing once again, and GGs.

Nives- L'equipe etait tres amusant. J'espere que ton voyage en Les Etats-Unis sera incroyable ^_^

Orion/max- fun chilling as always. Gj doubles.

Alex strife/crismas- great to see you guys again

MikeKirby- Use ICs more! Youre mad good with them! :)


Smash Legend
May 13, 2006
Manhattan, New York
This was a complete embarrassment. I knew this was gonna happen again. Which is why I quit this. I only enter this tourny to support Alex Strife's event. I have no buiss to be playing this game. Just freaking pathetic and so stupid. But I usually put others over myself. I could careless what happens to me. So knowing this would happen, I did it anyway just to support alex strife. I'm willing to go through hell or die for my friends.

Glad your tourny was ran well alex. Thats about all my ******* has to say.....

professor mgw

Smash Champion
Dec 31, 2008
Bronx, NY
Had fun at this tournament, it's been awhile lol. Didn't do nearly as good as I would've liked to but I guess that was to be expected. :Y

It was nice seeing everyone though, GGs to everyone I played!


OTL Winrar
Jun 6, 2006
Brooklyn, New York
1: Apex | Vinnie ($145.00) - Good stuff Vinnie! NY wins! Even if it was LI. :laugh: You made smart decisions and had answer for a lot of situations where I thought were surely taken stocks! You surprise me everytime! I hope to take them and make my IC's better.
2: LoF Nakat ($72.50) - Good stuff beating Orion! I'll take a page from that set. ;)
3: Orion ($43.50) - I'll break through eventually! Maybe not with Kirby but with someone!! ;)
4: LoF Keitaro ($29.00) - I've played on Frigate enough times to know that once you committed to D-air that it wasn't going to end well! Dx
Even then you were sooo close!!!
5: DeKillSage - My dewwwd!! I'm so glad we didn't play in this tournament! The only snake that scares me...
5: MikeKirby - Top 5! Weew!! :laugh:
7: Southpaw - Polybrawl!! (highfive)
7: Mr. Eric - Good stuff beating my dewd DeKillSage but I wasn't going to let his loss go unavenged!!
9: Dark Pch - Don't beat yourself up so much. You play better, SO much better, when you're in high spirits.
9: Jtails - Totally unfortunate dewd! You're such a great player and always will be!
9: Dcold - Happy feet!
9: Raptor - I lost count of how many times we played in tourny but the day will probably come where you'll beat me and it scares me!
13: Professor MGW - You can do it man, you have to unleash that Yomi within!
13: jellybeanman - 13th!! Hey, getting better!
13: Nives - France?? Wow, that's cool! You thought I was Chu, hahaha! Flattering! Thanks! Lucario in doubles is so good! X_x
13: Gh0st - Good job with everyone you played. You did what you could and you tried your best. (thumbsup)
17: Cloudfox - Hey a Pit! I rarely see any around here! Hope to see ya more often.
17: Jakob - Hi! .-.
17: Blazer - Meta Knight round 1??? It was quite a toughy but I hope to see you and Mr. E come out more often!
17: Captain Tetris - Tetris is coo
17: Rekrp - Hai
17: Risen - Rep NYC! It was nice talking to you. Play with more people and you'll get better. You live in one of the best regions. =]
17: Dul0r - Ditto MM me?
17: Eidal - Hello~
25: Allen - Hup!
25: 0000 - 0^4
25: shadow star - Nuuuu stars are supposed to be shinning and bright!
25: Kid Koopa - Boozerrrr
25: Serious - Y U serious? .-.
25: Masong - .-.

Helpr - Good stuff in teams Helpr and thanks for making sure my mega derp SD not cost us the set...
Alex Strife - Simply the best TO!!

The tournament was greatly run and finished so everyone could friendly afterwords. Just get rid of the TCGers clogging us up!!! It wasn't fair for the people that lost in this tournament to leave as soon as they were knocked out! Especially since they paid venue fee!!! That was not right.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 24, 2011
Long Island, NY
Alex Strife
Had a great time spending time with you finally! Great tournament, don't worry I took notes! GGs in friendlies, and I look forward to the future of my TO'ing career ;)
1: Apex | Vinnie :popo:
Congrats on winning it all at this event! Thanks for letting me "coach" you!
2: LoF Nakat :popo:
Forever Vinnie's Son....
3: Orion:metaknight:
4: LoF Keitaro :falco:
5: DeKillSage:snake:
GG's in friendlies dude! The advice is always appreciated dude!
5: MikeKirby:kirby2:
7: Southpaw:toonlink:
Good seeing you dude! Friendlies next time?
7: Mr. Eric :marth:
Keep up the awesome work man!! You are really coming a long way in this scene!
9: Dark Pch :peach:
Glad to see you entered dude! Don't beat yourself up over a loss man. Just aim to do better dude!
9: Jtails:metaknight::diddy:
Sorry we couldn't get to do friendlies this time around! Hope to see you soon.
9: Dcold:sheik:
AMERICAN RED CROSS!!! Much love brah!
9: Raptor:yoshi2:
I will eat your babies if you ever go Lucario on me in tourney!!
13: Professor MGW:olimar:
OLIMAR SUCKS!!! Good seeing you after forever!!
13: Nives:lucario:

I hope your first US Tournament was a good one! No more dittos!! :D Hope to see you at Petopia and Crossfire-II
17: Cloudfox:bowser2::pit:
Awesome meeting you dude!! Had fun in Doubles Friendlies!! I love me Pit!! :D
25: Serious:lucario:

GGs dude. Keep practicing man! The aura isn't easy to master, if you ever want tips or anything I'm always willing to help with any info I may have!!


Smash Cadet
Oct 14, 2008
France,near paris
Thanks for the host .

Glad to see new character =D i have a lot's of match-up to learn .
Good game to every one i play

I have a lot's of fun , like the atmosphere ^^

Vinnie : bien joue desole pour le double '^^ a rien du cp


Smash Rookie
Mar 31, 2011
Hey this is Eidal. Put me down as using Snake.

Thanks for hosting. Now I know how different watching tournament streams is from the real thing haha. I'd love to come out again.

@Mikekirby - Hello to you too