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M2 Stuff (help with recording)


Nov 21, 2005
Sweden, Stockholm, Älvsjö
I Just played Training mode and realised that if Mewtwo holds an item and air dodge, you will see the item four times around him,.
If you watch it in slo-mo (1/4) you will see that the item will turn around him in with a rush.

The Items are mostly those who you can hold and use like:

Green Shell
Red Shell
Super Scoper
Ray Gun
Fire Flower
Star Rod
Laser Beam

Just all of them I think, and that makes M2 more visible.

Other funny stuff about M2 around this subject (and other subject)
I just wanted to make some funny movie with M2 (I don't really care cuz I don't main him or anything at all) Just some hidden stuff about M2.

The things I would record are mostly used on Battlefield, so if anyone would record them for me it would be pretty nice (directly to the comp would be nice and then contact me on msn)

Stuff to record:
• M2 air dodge with items (diffrent kinds, slo-mo and usual speed)
• M2 Release a Shadow ball, whents under battlefield and jumps up on the other side (goes under the field, other bounce too would be fun =D)
• M2 down B on pikachus/Pichus up B (doing the forward up B final destination could be used)
• M2 Uses Forward B to get the char under Battlefield
• M2 Gets trapped in Bowser with help of Red shell.
• The Technique of Shadow Ball release but do not disappear of an attack (like with Samus or Sheik)
• M2 Infinity on Fox (hyrule field) Infinity Combos with charging B (ask me with questions)
• Perfect Control 2 M2 Nair combos. (2:01 - Mewtwo wall infinite (by Nigzel))
• M2 full-charged Shadow Ball air dodge, gets vinsibility and you'll se the shadow ball (like in the pichture)
Pichture of that:
• After a while of holding an item M2 will be starting doing trix with it.
• Pluffballs M2 Glitch (watch [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4j5QDZHfVk[/url])
• The ultimate dodge on the floor (probably AR but not surely, just a funny thing cause sometimes people don't sees that M2 really are dodging ^^)
• Skilled combos and nice tricks by great players and from us (If anybody got some nice combos with him it could be great XD)
• Other funny stuff
• glitches
• other stuff

So, I thinks that's all, if you get any more ideas you could tell ;D
The meaning of this video is to show people how fun and great the worst tier of all chars can be.
Give them hope about the absolutely bottom tier =)
I also came up with this idea when I saw theese much stuff that people could know about.

Sorry for not being so clear in my speech but I can always answer questions on [email]Adam_lillmaster@hotmail.com[/email]

If anybody would help to recordmIt could be nice, because I can't.
Things to do in the vid is just to get a good and suitable song, write some ineresting fact in the beginning like "The greatest Pokémon ever are know in our command" figure something out.
A Name of the vid.
After we writes a FAQS (if anybody wants to know these stuff XD)
And the rest part are already knowed =)


Smash Lord
Jun 25, 2006
San Antonio, TX
Unfortunately, I do not have any recording equipment yet, so I cannot help you out there. I would also tend to reason that if you want people to see Mewtwo as a good character, then it would be better to show them videos of highly skilled players than videos of random glitches.

Good luck with your video.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 19, 2006
Green Bay Wisconsin
The only problem with your whole idea is that items are not allowed in real matches (so most of your material is not going to be usefull to most of the players here on this board. Like Dguy said, if you want to show how mew two is /how good he can be put some matches of some good players. :( but props to you. It would be cool to see some interesting glitches i guess.


Smash Champion
Nov 17, 2005
Bay Area, Cali
well it's a good idea, but if you had the video recording stuff, which should only be about 70 american dollars, it actually be do-able. Cause unfortunatly, most people aren't going to take the time to record all of that just out of benevolence.
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