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M&SG's Super Smash Bros. Wii U Adventure Mode Plot

Mario & Sonic Guy

Old rivalries live on!
Sep 18, 2007
Mushroom Kingdom
During the past set of days, I've been constructing an Adventure Mode plot for Super Smash Bros. Wii U. After numerous hours of work, I've managed to finish it in a way that can implement ALL the playable characters into the story; unlike with the Subspace Emissary, where there were three fighters that had no involvement in the Subspace Emissary's main story.

Anyway, in an attempt to improve where the Subspace Emissary was lacking, here's how this Adventure Mode would work out...

Note: The following is not canon, considering that the Subspace Emissary isn't canon either.

Story - The Grand Villains Offensive
In the World of Trophies, there are two kinds of Smashers, which are the heroes and the villains. The villains have been heavily jealous with the heroes for always playing second fiddle. But one day, a dark entity enters the World of Trophies, and offers a way to help the villains turn the tide. The villains accept the offer, and form an alliance to bring down the Smasher heroes; the alliance is known as The Grand Villains Offensive. They decided to build a gigantic flying battleship, and the mastermind has invented a tool that would aid the villains in their conquest. It's known as the Trophy Paralyzer, which can be attached onto anyone's arm. The Trophy Paralyzer has the ability to paralyze fighters, turning them back into trophies. Some of the models can even create false copies at will. The villains also build an army of underling soldiers to help them in their conquest. With everything all set, the villain alliance prepares to make its presence known by interfering with a huge stadium event that's being hosted by Master Hand.

At the stadium, Master Hand has set up a series of matches involving the hero Smashers, and the first match involves two famous fighters. After the fight, however, The Grand Villains Offensive makes its first move by capturing all the spectators with the Trophy Paralyzers. The heroes fight back, along with Master Hand, but Master Hand soon flees to Skyworld to avoid being turned into a trophy himself. Eventually, one of the Smasher villains will enter the scene to ruin the party. From there, the stadium gets destroyed, separating some of the Smasher heroes. Upon reaching Skyworld, Master Hand speaks with Palutena, regarding the disaster. Palutena then orders Pit to go out and take care of the threat, which Pit accepts.

As the story progresses, you'll alternate between different hero parties that'll be introduced. Some of the heroes will even get kidnapped during the process. Additionally, there will be some espionage, as one of the villains may actually be working for the heroes; likewise, one of the heroes may be turned into a villain for a portion of the story. A dark secret will also unfold, regarding the mastermind of the villain alliance. When the story draws closer to the epilogue, the various hero groups will eventually unite on the battleship, and meet up with this leader. But the leader may prove to be too powerful, requiring the heroes who are not in the whole group to save them, which does include Palutena herself. The villains may also be forced to join the heroes as well. And before the final boss is reached, EVERY Smasher, hero and villain, will be present to face the leader. However, this leader may actually be a mere puppet for someone even more sinister. With enough effort, all the Smashers would eventually defeat the true mastermind, and restore peace to the World of Trophies.

For some additional notes, some of the characters from the Subspace Emissary do make a return, but serve heroic actions instead of evil actions.

Just like with the Subspace Emissary, a lot of this story's levels involve a lot of 2D platforming. Players will have to get from one area to another, while dealing with the many different enemies and hazards that will appear. There will also be some mid-boss fights, and some enemy ambush areas. Additionally, there are boss battles, and even battles against other Smashers.

Game Structure
Players will play each stage in a set order, meaning that they have to play all the stages in the order that they're given. But if a stage is completed, players can replay that specific stage at any time. This is especially due to the fact that players can choose what difficulty level to play on; the difficulties range from Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and the unlockable Intense. The difficulty levels affect how powerful the enemies, mid-bosses, and bosses will be, along with increasing their HP by variable amounts. However, unlike with the Subspace Emissary, the enemies do not move faster on the harder skill levels, which makes it possible to evade their attacks, even on the Intense skill level.

Stamina System
All Smashers have a damage meter. Just like in all the other game modes, the more damage the fighter takes, the easier it is for him/her to get KO'd. Enemies have an HP system, where if their HP drops to 0, they're defeated. In the case of bosses and mid-bosses, players will completely see their stamina when they face them. And unlike basic enemies, when their HP is cut in half, they'll adjust their attack patterns. But just like normal enemies, mid-bosses and bosses are defeated when their HP drops down to 0, but some bosses will create a barrier when they're down to just 1 HP. These barriers can only be damaged by Final Smash related attacks, and when they're destroyed, players only have to damage the boss one more time to defeat it. Now, while normal enemies can flinch from player attacks, mid-bosses and bosses are impervious to flinching. However, the mid-bosses and bosses will briefly flinch when they lose half of their HP. In terms of grab attempts, most normal enemies can be grabbed and thrown, but all mid-bosses and bosses are immune to grab attempts, along with other grab-related attacks.

Playable Characters
As the players advance through the story, they will be able to play with many different characters, including those who are not available right off the bat. However, if the players clear a stage, which involves an unlockable, the unlockable will not be available to use outside of Adventure Mode, unless Adventure Mode's story is completed. While clearing Adventure Mode may easily bypass the challenger matches that the other game modes require the players to deal with, at least they'll unlock everyone in one shot for managing to complete the story. At the same time, they may even unlock some alternate outfits for certain characters.

Non-Playable Characters
There will be a couple non-playable characters in the story as well. A lot of them only appear in cinemas, but a couple may appear as spectators. Also, some of the cinema-only characters may actually play big roles in the story.

The Subspace Emissary focused way too much on original characters. In this Adventure Mode, however, there are way less originals. In fact, nearly every enemy here is from the Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, EarthBound, Ice Climber, Kid Icarus, and Pikmin franchises.

Game Play
Adventure Mode is primarily a 1-player game, but a second player can always join in to do 2-player co-op mode with the other player. A lot of the game play is exactly the same as that of all the other game modes.

Note: The following contains info that's in my full Adventure Mode script. Don't look if you don't want to be spoiled.

[collapse=Playable Characters]

Donkey Kong
Samus / Zero Suit Samus
Mr. Game & Watch
Luigi (gets turned into a Villain for portions of the story)
Diddy Kong
King Dedede (starts out as a Villain)
Dixie Kong
Meta Knight
Mewtwo (was offered to join the Villains, but it refused)
Ice Climbers
Toon Link
Captain Falcon
Bandanna Waddle Dee
Little Mac
Bowser Jr. (starts out as a Villain)
Samurai Goroh
Team Unova; Oshawott, Servine, Emboar
Ray Mk III

Luigi (while in his Mr. L alter-ego state)
King Dedede (becomes a Hero later on)
Dark Samus
King K. Rool
Bowser Jr. (becomes a Hero later on)
Black Shadow[/collapse]


Mid-Boss Names
Boom Boom
Eggplant Wizard
Pirate Commander
Fierce Pork Trooper
Mature Red Bulborb

1: Konk has no involvement with The Grand Villains Offensive. He's mostly a comic relief character, but will still appear in The Arena.[/collapse]


Boss Names
King Boo
Emperor Bulblax
Tiki Tong
Metroid Prime
Super Dimentio
Galacta Knight

1: Galacta Knight is the only boss who is not part of The Grand Villains Offensive. In fact, he'll actually help the heroes, if they defeat him in battle.

2: Medusa is the so-called leader of The Grand Villains Offensive, but it will later be revealed that she is really being used by Nightmare, who is the true mastermind behind the villains alliance plot. However, Nightmare is only using the villains for his own selfish gain, betraying them all later on.

3: Nightmare will perform a transformation, which is called Ultimate Nightmare. He'll achieve this transformation by absorbing the life force of all the Smasher trophies that Medusa got hold of, along with Medusa herself.[/collapse]

[collapse=Cinema Characters]

Character Names
Toad (species)
Luma (species)
Mr. L
Kalimba Tiki
Maraca Tikis
Gong Tiki
Banjo Tiki
Panpipe Tiki
Xylophone Tiki
Accordion Tiki
Peppy Hare
Slippy Toad
ROB 64
Skyworld Centurion
Ancient Minister
Master Hand

1: Mr. L doesn't actually fight the players directly. He primarily uses the Brobot, along with aiding Dimentio. However, one can unlock Mr. L to use as Luigi's alternate outfit when Adventure Mode's story is completed.

2: The Ancient Minister in this story is not evil. Because Tabuu does not exist in the story events, he has no reason to turn against the Smasher heroes.

3: Although most of the cinema characters have major roles, some of the minor characters do appear as comic relief material.[/collapse]

A good deal of my Adventure Mode script is stored in a text document. If you want to view the whole thing, head to the following link. Keep note that the contents might change. Also, it's spoilers, so avoid reading this if you want to be spoiler-free.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Adventure Mode: The Grand Villains Offensive

Boy did this really keep me busy. I've done a lot of Adventure Mode inputs, but this one really takes the cake, as I had to work real hard on the plots. Anyway, feel free to read this if you want to.

Mario & Sonic Guy

Old rivalries live on!
Sep 18, 2007
Mushroom Kingdom
you guys ever try beating tabuu in intense mode.
In Boss Battles as Fox, but not in the Subspace Emissary itself. I have seen at least one video of someone pulling it off though

Anyway, in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, the EX bosses don't move any faster than their normal counterparts, but their attacks deal more damage. This is basically where I got the enemy difficulty idea; the enemies and bosses will only get their HP and attacks stronger on the harder skill levels; their speed remains untouched.


The Depraved Optimist
Jun 23, 2012
San Marcos, Texas
you guys ever try beating tabuu in intense mode.
In the subspace emissary I can manage but in boss battles mode I have to much trouble with the other bosses. Thats the last challenge I need to do to 100% brawl (Beat Boss Battles on Intense) I have no trouble with it on Very Hard but on Intense Bosses deal out 60%+ hits with the second hit usually being fatal. Ive spent the summer practicing relentlessy on boss battles. I wanna beat it with Ganon as I have completed it on Very Easy up to very Hard and wanna get a complete victory set.


Smash Apprentice
Sep 14, 2012
i think your plot kinda sounds kidish and i would want the plot to be around time and stuff
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