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Smash Cadet
Feb 1, 2014
Can someone explain this matchup to me? I was playing on netplay the other day, and I ran into a Lucas player, and I was just getting combo'ed like crazy. His back-air sends you straight horizontally, what's the deal? Usually, peach is hard to combo, but this Lucas didn't seem to have a problem, since his attacks keep you in place. I once faced a Lucas at my first tournament, and I had a similar experience, but I was maining Mario at the time. This is what throws me off about PM (vs Melee) I'm always running into some character that I don't know how to deal with.
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Smash Apprentice
Jun 13, 2015
Project M really tests your in-game adaption, but this is only until you get used to all the MUs. MU knowledge is definitely a bigger part of PM than Melee.

Here is some footage of Silly Kyle vs. Neon.
Here is some more.

One of the best PM Peaches against one of the best Lucases is probably the best high-level footage of the MU you can get. I'm not sure if this MU is in our favour or not because even though Silly Kyle is the victor most of the time, as a former 3rd on the AZPR for Melee, he's definitely more seasoned at Smash than Neon.

Edit: I swear I've seen then play this MU even more than this, but these are the only two videos I can find. I guess I was wrong.
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