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Lucas and Projectiles


Smash Rookie
Dec 25, 2015
How does a Lucas deal with aggressive projectiles? I have heard of wd oos but what if there is no where left to back up to? I can't stay on a platform all day, and some stages don't even have platforms. Only some projectiles are energy so not all of them can be absorbed by mag. Even then the ones that do leave you in hitlag for so long you just hit with an aerial.

So with all this in mind, how do you fight projectiles? Clank? Run? Jump and pray you touch earth again?



Smash Journeyman
Apr 19, 2015
Side 3
Djc is your best clank option and is really safe.
Alot of things that cant be clanked can be absorbed.
Mix up with shielding dodging jumping cc and platform camping or camping in general.
Lucas is pretty fast so he can close distance too.
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