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Lucas 3.6 MU list and discussion


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Aug 26, 2015
Walla walla
I figured it was about time to talk about this. I know it's not my place to "decide" it's time for this but it's something that every Lucas main should have access to, and if nobody's interested in sharing their matchup knowledge then this will become my personal log. 3.6 has been out long enough to get a grasp of and we probably won't get another major update within the next 6 to 8 months. Discussion is open to anybody who feels experienced in a certain match up. We should probably start with the arguably best characters in the game with(in no order) Fox, Game and Watch, Rob, Diddy and so on.

Matchups I'll be talking about and later post below are going to be ZSS, Bowser, Wario, G&W, Luigi, and Ganon(not calling dibs or anything just a heads up). Please keep in mind that if you are planing on posting to this thread in regards to a matchup please make sure that it's based on your personal experience. The less speculation the better quality this thread will be.

Let's try to hit on the most important topics like neutral game, punish game, and edge guarding. Please include anything extra you know about your matchup as it could be valuable knowledge for another person. A lot of people find it helpful to improve their play just by taking about the game and can go through great strides just by reading others thoughts too.

I know the Neon thread is still pretty active but I just want to make this post more about the matchups from a persons point of view rather then somebody answering a question. Also that thread it pretty dated with the thread being started in 2013. This thread should be relevant to this current patch 3.6 and this patch only. Thanks everybody!
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