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Lucario Neutral Game/ Approach Options

That guy21

Smash Rookie
May 20, 2014
I feel like recently my game has been stagnating, mostly because I think my neutral game isn't great. I've been trying to implement some new approach options into my game, and wanted to see what kinds of approaches/options everyone on here uses in the neutral game. I tend to use (in order of most use) 1. Dash attack (sometimes following an aura ball) 2. SHFFL Nair 3. SHFFL Fair. I tend to play very defensively with a bait and punish playstyle, but against some characters/players that's not enough and I need other options. What does your neutral game look like?

Mine is almost entirely trying to bait with wd back and using down b to get behind them. New ideas please?


Smash Cadet
Jul 30, 2015
Something that you discover quickly playing Lucario is that the dash attack approach is litteraly one of the worst. If you're oponent know the MU, you can be certain he will punish that and he will punish hard. If you feel like you're stagnating, I would advice you to focus more on Fair (whether SH or not) and on down B's approach (whether aerial or not). Nair is more of a punishing/combo tool since its range is ridiculously short.

I played a lot this WE, I wish I could have recorded all of this, I could have made a good combo video out of it and even a tutorial ...
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