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Lourdes University offering Smash scholarships


Smash Rookie
May 22, 2017
Lourdes University has recently announced the inclusion of SSBM and SSB4 to our roster of competing teams! We are looking for a team of five to seven players for each game to compete in crew, duel and individual battles with other schools and organizations around the nation! Our entire team will be receiving scholarships to attend LU as well, ensuring a high level education!

Lourdes University is located in Sylvania, Ohio along the Michigan border. Amazing housing and a beautiful campus are just a few benefits of attending our school, but coupled with a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, including pre-professional career paths, makes Lourdes University a pretty enticing opportunity if you are looking for post-secondary education. If you have any interest or questions about the program, email eSports@lourdes.edu. You can also follow our development and watch for updates on our new eSports arena on Facebook or Twitter.


Benjamin Briner
eSports Coach
Lourdes University
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