Looking for Ridley practice


Smash Capitalist
Mar 28, 2008
Switch FC
Hey guys, I'm weak in this matchup for some reason, and get blindsided just about every time I face a good one. No matter what character I seem to use against him, I just get thrown off. I'd like to get some decent Ridley practice, considering he's still pretty popular around my area.

I'm in the Northeast US, and can generally play after 5pm EST most days. I have an ethernet adapter and good internet speeds. I've had relatively lagless connections to people all the way to Texas if that supports it at all. I play a lot of Wolf, a bit of Marth, with a smidgen of Richter, Bowser, and Kirby for certain matchups, if practice against any of those characters pique any interest (they're basically in order from strongest to weakest).

If anyone's interested, reply here or PM me and we can sort out the details. It would be nice to get a regular thing going if we're not super far apart in skill and have a good network connection to each other.