Long Live The G.O.A.T Smash Bros

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Dec 4, 2018
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Yup; no sword-infestations, no over-abundance of projectiles and overpowered or for better word nauseating projectile spamming at an all time high, no anime-pandemic (did i mention no swords epidemic?), no push-over mii's wasting slots, barely any clones for a 30+ roster, beautiful graphics (if only it were 1080p to show its true details), phenomenal voice acting and sound effects, items actually are FUN to use and are not game-breaking to the point that its not even fun to play with them like in ultimate because theyre overpowered beyond belief and just isnt fun, FFA matches are actually won by fighting in this game instead of which character is the biggest gimmick with the most projectiles , no stupid character roster (wii fit trainer, a damn dog and a duck, etc etc etc etc etc ****ing ETC!!!) , opponents actually die from smash attacks all the while not dying easily to standard attacks and weak attacks like in ultimate (Marios down A, anyone?) - the launching system wasnt out-of-wack, no horrible "balloon knockback" you can actually still attack while being launched and lower your launching momentum by moving the analog opposite of your trajectory, offense isnt broken and enforced and defense isnt useless in this game- theres actually a such thing as shielding an attack and dodging/air dodging , youre not useless and open for an easy k.o. once your launched into the air, RECOVERIES ARE DONE RIGHT- every character doesnt recover when theyre not supposed to.

Sad to see this game get dissed because of metaknight and tripping. If only the quality game were on the switch instead of the quantity game (duuh, but everyones here! duuuh) and got the very simple patches/DLC it deserved. (Well, it doesnt really need DLC; this game is packed as hell lol)

R.I.P. online. Atleast i got ppl offline. Plus the wii can play all 3 smash games that existed before that garbage dev bandai namco took over. Anyone wanna have my ultimate copy?
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