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[LoLiS] Legacy of Legends in Smash I - Ann Arbor, MI


Never Knows Best
Nov 8, 2006
Milpitas, CA
AllisBrawl Link: http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=7059



Doubles (12 teams)

1: Omniswell & Mew2King ($115.00)
2: Snake Eyes (Ally & SamuraiPanda) ($69.00)
3: Subway (REN & Hot_ArmS) ($23.00)
4: Ankoku & Mikey Lenetia
5: Knee Deep (Jsan & Flyger)
5: Tip of the Hap (Dope & Sliq)
7: Dream Team (Goddy & Sauce Boss)
7: Story of a Northern Alpha (Coco & Boxy)
9: Marth needs Veggies (L Cancel & Ori)
9: Sonic Aura (Crash & The Kick Man)
9: SoiGreg & Madking
9: Black Speghetti (Xatic & Bre)

Summary: An unfortunately rather low turnout for doubles, since it was the last event of our tournament. Congratulations to Omniswell and Mew2King for taking it, and Renegade and Hot_ArmS making it all the way to 3rd.

Singles (44 entrants)

1: Ally ($215.00) :snake:
2: Mew2King ($129.00) :metaknight:
3: Ding ($64.00) :metaknight:
4: Omniswell ($22.00) :warioc: :popo:
5: Notra :falco:
5: SamuraiPanda :snake:
7: Mikey Lenetia :peach:
7: The Sauce Boss :diddy:
9: REN (Renegade) :ike:
9: Coco :olimar:
9: Boxy :snake:
9: Dogma :marth:
13: L Cancel :olimar:
13: WTP :kirby2:
13: JCav :wolf:
13: Jbird :falco:
=== Pools Cutoff ===
17: Jsan :metaknight: :wolf:
17: Ori :marth:
17: Ankoku :shiek: :marth:
17: Valban
17: BW
17: JKBUK :gw:
17: Ham Enterprises :falco:
17: IrisKong :dedede:
25: Goddy :snake:
25: FZK
25: Sliq :bowser2:
25: Dope :dedede:
25: SoiGreg :metaknight:
25: Writer
25: Arc :pit:
25: Xatic :kirby2:
33: Goblin :metaknight:
33: TDog
33: MadKing :olimar:
33: Demp
33: Seri
33: The Kick Man
33: Llama
33: Body :fox:
41: Crash :sonic:
41: Dayton
41: Brutos :rob: :marth:
41: Sauce

Summary: Yes, we're serious about top 16 pools cutoffs. :) MI's top 3 (lain, judge, Anther) was a no-show, but Ally vs Mew2King was a mad hype set, expect to see videos later. Props to dingdong for breaking past ranked players Omniswell and SamuraiPanda, and Notra for making it all the way to 5th.

Doubles (11 teams)

1: M2K & Vidjo ($120.00)
2: Toothpicks (Velynn & Bigy) ($60.00)
3: Tink & Kels ($20.00)
4: Team 2nd Place (Dope & Shaeden)
5: Mikey Lenetia & SCOTU
5: Waffles > Pankakes (Ankoku & Sliq)
7: Duck Duck Moose (Duck & Moose)
7: Trouble of the Immortal (1der & Juggleguy)
9: Hot_ArmS (Brainjack & Botulismnator)
9: Hot & Bord (Junglefever & Meatsauce)
9: CSB (Coco & Xatic)

Summary: Well, M2K and Vidjo took it, not too surprisingly, but Velynn and Bigy showed some amazing teamwork and ran their way through losers' brackets all the way up to grand finals. Rests are too strong.

Singles (36 entrants)

1: Mew2King ($170.00) :marth: :shiek: :fox:
2: Kels ($102.00) :fox:
3: Dope ($51) :falco: :fox:
4: Tink ($17) :fox: :marth:
5: Shaeden :falco: :fox:
5: Vidjo :peach: :marth:
7: Mikey Lenetia :peach:
7: Bigy :falcon:
9: Velynn :jigglypuff:
9: Sliq :jigglypuff:
9: SCOTU :fox:
9: Moose :falco:
13: Ankoku :peach: :shiek:
13: 1der :mario2: :marth:
13: Botulismnator :falco:
13: Kail :falco:
===Pools Cutoff===
17: Duck :samus2:
17: Kerp :fox:
17: Brainjack :marth:
17: Danny Mcnally :peach: :shiek:
17: Valban :fox:
17: PM :falcon:
17: DBPM
17: Foot :falco:
25: Kaliandi Henderson
25: Shade
25: Ott
25: Junglefever :fox: :shiek:
25: Juggleguy :falcon:
25: Dayton :falcon:
25: Daisaku
25: Fliperotchy :falcon: :shiek:
33: Writer
33: Okiyama :fox:
33: Body
33: Ping of Death :falcon:

Summary: top 16 death brackets ffffffffffffffffff
Nothing I can say will come close to the videos that are gonna be up for this event.
Mew2King didn't drop a single game throughout.

Amazing ****, thanks to everyone who brought a setup or TV, nice seeing Tink, Kels, M2K, vidjo, and 1der coming all the way to Michigan, and we got like 20 hours' worth of recorded matches. Shoutouts from me in a separate post later.

DtJ Jungle

Check out my character in #GranblueFantasy
Jul 29, 2008

good stuff everyone

see you all in two weeks

ankoku i wanna play your peach more.


Smash Lord
Mar 12, 2008
Looks like it was a success. I hope to come to these sometime and play some of the guys I met in Flint in July...once football season slows down =/ Ann Arbor is less than an hour away from me and I've got a TV and Melee that I can bring.


Smash Lord
Dec 19, 2007
Southeast Michigan
Don't have much shoutouts, considering i didn't play a single friendly due to the total lack of setups.

Outed by a higher up and snake again. Even in pools. cool.

Omni- ♥ u, hate wario
mking- good seeing you again
dogma- proud of you
jcav - quit maining wolf
sauceboss - i don't think i watched you play any longer then 5 seconds, but i don't need to to know your diddy *****. psh, and you were thinking about dropping him.
iris- =/
boxxy- **** your snake.

to everyone i talked to and can't remember your names, it was fun talking with you.

I'm not going to be blowing 15 bucks on this anymore, just to come and not even end up on the bracket. I didn't even learn anything in pools. Just lost to omni's good wario, was reminded i'm an idiot for using G&W vs snake, and that shiek vs jiggly isn't too good for jiggz.

I'll be doing teams tho. Too bad the mann couldn't go, i honestly think we coulda made 3rd at least. Beware for "The Men U Kno " next time.


Banned via Warnings
Mar 22, 2008
M2K and Omni, what a **** team.

Everyone in Melee top6 used Fox. Melee is more balanced than Brawl lol.

Iris plays Dedede now? Awesome. Now I'm like the 5th best Dedede in the state though.

I'm glad the turnout was so good. Man, I really wish I could've come to this. :(


Smash Hero
Mar 16, 2007
Northville, MI
Thanks for coming everyone!

I would like to hear what you guys thought of the "Hybrid Stage Strike" system

Bigy: Good to see you again and your falcon is the best thing invented since sex.
Velynn: long time no see, glad your getting back into the scene again; it'll be fun
kail: your hair.
Dope: congrats on your placing, your set against vidjo. "Glad" i got to play you in bracket (except the part where I lost).
Kels/Tink: Glad you guys were able to make it, I hope your drives went well, looking forward to seeing you guys at more
Vidjo: stop going missing while being unreachable. Other than that, good to see you again
M2K: Congrats on winning a bunch of stuff, good to play you, hope to see you at more
Ally: congrats at winning brawl singles. Glad you were able to find some housing
SamuraiPanda: Thanks for helping me run the tourney and play in it too. Congrats on teams.
Juggleguy: thanks for doing recording and bringing an awesome TV
REN: glad to finally meet you, and your ike is rather impressive.
Sliq: your commentary is TOP TIER.
Shaeden: you're probably not going to read this anyways.
Everyone else I missed: <insert some generic shoutout here>


Smash Lord
Aug 2, 2009
Ally - ggs
Mew2King - lol i had to play you in doubles second round again >.>
Omniswell - enjoyed our matches in pools a lot :]
The Sauce Boss - good stuff man. had a really great time in that set.
Coco - had a lot of fun teaming with you o:
L Cancel - you got bracket ***** xD
JCav - ggs. you can really count on wolf to sd, but really good one.
Ori - cool talking to you again
JKBUK - idk why you went gaw, but ggs.
Sliq - amazing bowser. ggs in doubles
SoiGreg - scrub
Writer - ggs in pools
Arc - cool seeing you again
The Kick Man - ggs in pools

@scotu: the hybrid stage strike was interesting. i dont really mind it and i think it worked pretty well.

i use d3 also :3


Smash Ace
Oct 8, 2008
West Bloomfield, MI
gates: m2k vidjo didnt use fox for important matches, im pretty sure
scotu: the system's alright, make sure you have a rule for deciding the order of the stage striking, like 1-2-2-1
also brawl get your **** worked out, melee had 5 setups but we gave one up so you could finish. that **** is stupid.

1: Mew2King ($165.00) gg in doubles, gj winning
2: Kels ($99.00) i want more, come back in two weeks, you're chill as **** and fun to play. i want a mm.
3: Dope ($49.50) still havent played you, come back in two weeks, i want a mm. oh good **** beating vidjo.
4: Tink ($16.50) i want more of you too, and i want to try your fox. awesome talking to you and getting *****. i want a mm.
5: Shaeden didn't play you this tournament. mm.
5: Vidjo gg in doubles. nice guy, thanks for the friendlies.
7: Mikey Lenetia gg. sorry about ****, hopefully everythings good now. nothing i said was meant to be malicious.
7: Bigy awesome meeting you. mm next time.
9: Velynn your puff is scary. gg's
9: Sliq didnt get to play you, but good **** with the beast commentary
9: SCOTU we needs to play more and get better. i want a mm.
9: Moose you suck
13: Ankoku didnt play, good job making it out of pools
13: 1der your mario is hot.
13: Botulismnator play more
13: Kail didn't play =(, maybe next time
===Pools Cutoff===
17: Duck you suck
17: Kerp you'll get out of pools next time
17: Brainjack you too
17: Danny Mcnally i don't think we played
17: Valban don't think we played either
17: PM or you
17: DBPM or you
17: Foot or you
25: Kaliandi Henderson or you?
25: Shade i think i got mad friendlies with you? i never got your gamer name so i dk
25: Ott gg in pools, your ics are hot
25: Junglefever dynasty ****
25: Juggleguy next time man good **** recording
25: Dayton didn't play
25: Daisaku didn't play
25: Fliperotchy you're mad hyper haha thanks for the compliments
33: Writer didnt play
33: Okiyama didnt play
33: Body gg in pools
33: Ping of Death didnt play


Smash Lord
Sep 27, 2005
yea this tourny was mad fun, glad i could make it out guys, and since im gonna be workin at my dads and my other job, im taking every other saturday off regardless, otherwise ill tell my other job im quitting LOL get that liscense back in a month, then im actually gonna start playing these games again. thats gg for the rest of the country =p

gratz to everyone who placed, maybe next time ill make it outta brawl pools and not play samus ROFLLL

c everyone in 2 weeks!


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Great tourney, loved all the high-profile Melee matches.

The hybrid stage strike is alright, but I'd probably prefer a system where the first match is just random (from the six traditional neutrals) and you get one reset if you don't like it and want to gamble for a better random select. I think West Coast uses this system.

1: Mew2King ($165.00) Go all Marth next time, it's your only entertaining character to watch, lolol.
2: Kels ($99.00) You're awesome, definitely come to Ann Arbor again. And thanks for the help with the TV.
3: Dope ($49.50) Good ****, still holding it down as #1 in MI.
4: Tink ($16.50) You're a great hype generator, better see you back here again.
5: Shaeden Where was the GYGO Shaeden who took a match off M2K?
5: Vidjo Your Peach is raaape. Super chill, too. Come back again.
7: Mikey Lenetia Too good. Wish I could've watched the supposed friendlies between you and Vidjo.
7: Bigy At least I had fun losing to you in our DL64 Falcon ditto.
9: Velynn Amazing job in teams, you definitely need to tourney it up more; we freshmen A2ers were like, who is this guy, he *****.
9: Sliq Thanks for resting my *** off in teams. Commentary is mad hype.
9: SCOTU So it takes a dropzone to put you into serious mode.
9: Moose Play on my TV next time, haha.
13: Ankoku Good **** making it out of pools and recording.
13: 1der Rapesauce in teams! Too bad we ran into the Kels/Tink train. Next time.
13: Botulismnator Let's play more. Melee ftw.
13: Kail I'm gonna pull a M2K. No vids, kthx. Oh, just kidding.

DtJ Jungle

Check out my character in #GranblueFantasy
Jul 29, 2008
Special thanks to brainjack for wasting 20 bucks on me.

I'll pay you back as soon as I get a job.


Smash Champion
Jun 30, 2007
Rockford, MI
Shoutouts time!!!

Ding - Fun friendlies. xD. we also had the most amazing melee friendly ever (even though we both fail at melee)
Omniswell - I enjoyed our warm-up matches. xD Maybe next time I'll get to play you in a serious set =D
Notra - Nice talking to you as always. Congrats on 5th, keep repping that Falco xD
SamuraiPanda - Beasted Ori and I in teams. You and Ally were too much xD. I felt ftilts from every direction.
Mikey Lenetia - GGs. beasted me again! Best Peach. lol. Looks like I need to train up some more xD
The Sauce Boss - GGs. Your Diddy is beast. xD I tried to catch you of guard with ICs, but you still got me. Looking forward to playing you again.
REN - REN! It was nice meeting you! Your Ike is amazing. GGs. I had a lot of fun chatting too xD
Coco - Coco! My fellow MI Oli. lol Nice meeting you. We avoided the Oli ditto! xD yay~
Boxxy - Always fun chatting, you did real well too, keep it up!
L Cancel - Get better. xD You fail in teams.
WTP - nice chatting with you as usual xD
JCav - nice chatting with you! Honored that I got to sign the wii haha
Ori - Ori! We failed in teams lol but it was a valiant effort! xD Marth needs veggies! Nice chatting with you.
Ankoku - Ggs in pools. really smart player xD your Peach beasted me 2nd match.
Ham Enterprises - GGs, nice Falco. xD Nice meeting you too.
Sliq - GGs. Just wow. Most amazing bowser I've ever seen. Definitely impressed.
Dope - Ggs in doubles. xD
SoiGreg - Nice meeting you xD!
Xatic - Nice meeting you too xD!
Demp - Thanks for the ride to the tourney Demp, it was greatly appreciated. xD
Brutos - GGs in pools
Madking - GGs in pools.
harms - Always nice to see you! Good stuff in teams with Ren. lol
reset- Really nice getting to meet you! I had fun chatting, and enjoyed the pizza. lol

if I forgot someone I'm sorry! xD


Never Knows Best
Nov 8, 2006
Milpitas, CA
9: Velynn Amazing job in teams, you definitely need to tourney it up more; we A2'ers were like, who is this guy, he *****.
Haha, you new kids just doesn't know about how **** Andrew really is.


Smash Journeyman
Feb 25, 2009
Ann Arbor
nice tourney, singles going 1st felt better for some reason =)
sucked that there wasn't a lot of set ups =/, but still ran smoothl
shoutouts l8er


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Lain was smart for going to Ohio lmao

M2k wtf me and ksizzle told you how to beat that ally nub at viridian.


Smash Ace
Mar 18, 2008
I wish I coulda made it too. :( But then I had no ride at the last second and ended up getting picked up to go to Ohio with Lain XD.

I miss my MI people. I'll see everybody 2 weeks from now for sure. I'm determined.


Smash Lord
May 3, 2008
Woodhaven, MI
Jcav made it out of pools. How cute.

Also Omniswell I'll try to make it next time to money match you but no guarantees

DtJ Jungle

Check out my character in #GranblueFantasy
Jul 29, 2008
Hahahahahahah i remember watching that. I was like woah too cool...wait....
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