List of characters that get hit by Kirby's back-throw > back-air combo

Mar 27, 2017
After testing this combo on every character in the game, I've made a list of those who get hit by it as well as their percent ranges.

DK: 0-20%
Ike: 0-8%
King Dedede: 0-30%
Rosalina: 0-2%
Bowser Jr.: 0-19%
Ridley: 0-26%
K. Rool: 0-3%

That's it. This combo is significantly worse compared to how it was in Smash 4 because of how much higher Kirby bounces after using his back-throw. Hopefully, Sakurai will give him a lower bounce on both his back-throw and forward-throw in the upcoming patches to improve their respective combo potentials. And yes, the combo somehow doesn't connect against Bowser or Charizard. Believe me, I tried.