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Link Wall Spike


Smash Cadet
Dec 29, 2006
Under Your Bed
Im not the type that likes turny's id rather lose and have a cool looking match than spam projsectiles and 4 stock someone so in sted of the soin-spike id rather find another way to kill my oponent.

Here comes my question this past week end i vs a capton falcon in a crew battle i had only one stalk left cause of a dang wich started of at 3 jigs earlyer i took out 2 stocks but i had numerouse chances to up b the falcon while it was recovering but i love the waedash off the ledge and wall spike with a n-air or run of and n-air or b-air and all those numerouse possibilities just cause it look so dang cool! i also like the sword plant off the ledge but if i meiss then lol im screwed but most up-b have a lil lag time when they get back on stage so not to bad im fully screwed if i dont l-cancle. but i think its kind of messing me up and shuold i stop trying to wall spike and sword plant un less it calls for the moment like sword planting shieks my fave. like my friedns are expecting it cause they know i love to do it so they wall tech and i live in hawaii not that much people to smash with and i never been to a turny just started playing advance but i dont think im that junk i cause the jigs went to that oc 2 and dident do too bad and i know im not that good. i lac the expirience and i fight almost any charater the same way even tough i just figured out that there ar certain ways to aproach certain character.

well yea if anyone can help me out thx!


Smash Journeyman
Apr 21, 2014
I hope the 14 years since the original post have given OP a better grasp of the language.
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