Link Is in Mario Maker 2! What Other Characters Would You Like to See?

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Mar 30, 2013
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I've always wanted Exploding Rabbit's Super Mario Crossover to be officially released by Nintendo. Smash doesn't have to be the ONLY major video game crossover!
But with the new 2.0 Update for Super Mario Maker 2, that dream seems to be slowly becoming a reality.
And as such, which characters beyond Mario and Link would you like to see in Mario Maker 2? And what abilities would they have?

For me, it's:

:ultluigi::ultpeach:: Instead of being clones of Mario, make them fully unique like they were in Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3D World. Luigi jumps higher but has less traction. Peach can float but runs slower and jumps less high.

:ultkirby::ultsamus::ultsimon::ultmegaman::ultpit::ultsonic::ultyoshi::ultdk::ultwario:: These are easy to literally just copy over from their original games.
Kirby can inhale and float.
Samus can shoot beams, grapple, dash, and Morph Ball.
Simon can use his Vampire Killer and other Sub-Weapons.
Mega Man can jump n' shoot, charge shots, and slide.
Pit can fire arrows vertically and horizontally.
Sonic can run fast, Spin Dash, and kill enemies while in a ball.
Yoshi can eat enemies, make eggs, throw eggs, ground pound, and flutter jump.
DK can roll to kill enemies, hand slap, and pick up items to throw like barrels.
Wario can shoulder bash and pick up stunned enemies to throw at other enemies or objects.
To me, those are the obvious ones. But I'm sure the brilliant people of this forum can come up with more creative movesets for other characters.

I will edit this post occasionally to add my favorite moveset ideas from you guys.
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Jan 22, 2019
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I really hope this isn't a one-off thing, and we get a character like this every couple updates. Now that Link's going to be playable and we have an idea of what's possible, my immediate most-wanted would be Kirby.

Yeah, he can inhale and float (that should probably be nerfed akin to how it is in Kirby 64), but the bigger picture here would be copy abilities. How sick would it be if most of the enemies in Mario Maker 2 gave Kirby unique Copy Abilities? Able to throw himself in a Koopa Shell, blow himself up like a Bob-Omb, throw whatever object a Lakitu is holding, throw hammers, and more? That alone would be such a selling point for me.