Leffen is banned!

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Mar 28, 2010
For a long while this community have had tons of drama. In the focus of all this we have one person who's always been in the center of that drama, and that's Leffen. Over a long time he has worked very hard to make people feel worse about themselves and at the same time rescue his own image. As TO's I am announcing that me, Lolex and VJ have decided to ban Leffen from all our events for at least one year.

For us to consider unbanning Leffen, we have certain demands on Leffen that he must do. He must publicly admit EVERYTHING he has done in a detailed post, ask for forgiveness from everyone he has been mean and rude to. If he lies about anything he has done again the time of the ban will most likely be increased.
He must also prove that he can better himself.

Lately we have had a big chat on FB with tons of smashers from all around the world and everyone in that chat want to see him banned for tons of reasons. Here is a list of summarizations of what he has done and how he acts . Each one of them maybe not is enough to get him banned. Most of them are, and everything combined is more then deserving of a much longer ban for me and everyone else that is aware of all the **** he has done.

1. Leffen treats new players poorly, demoralizing them. He tells new players straight to their face that they are terrible, he plays silly characters (low tiers) vs them while screaming how horrible he is with that character to make an idiot out of them, etc. Many people have said that they would've quit after their experience with Leffen if it wasn't for the other people saving their experience, and intentionally motivating them to stay and keep playing.

2. Leffen has spread lies about people, claiming they are known for lying and stealing when this in fact nonsense. He has implied that people who do not take illegal drugs do as such to destroy their image.

3. He has constantly made fun of peoples diseases and disabilities, with no regard or sympathy for the people unfortunate enough to born with a condition, and using this to make them look like bad and/or incompetent people.

4. He has spread personal information about people and exaggerating these facts to make them look bad. He has also threatened to spread personal information whenever people go against him.
Many people have been afraid of speaking up against Leffens behavior because they do not want to be subject to this.

5. Leffen has always displayed extremely poor sportsmanship. He complains loudly when/as he's losing, makes excuses, is extremely mean to his teammates when they make mistakes.

6. Leffen constantly talks about other people in a negative light, causing unnecessary drama. Many old school smashers think that the scene has become more about drama since Leffen joined. This obviously hurts the scene and many new players quit shortly after introducing themselves.

7. He has bullied people in real life in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways. He freezes people out of conversations through ignoring them, standing in the way, talking over them and putting words in their mouth, and so forth.
He will comment on every single mistake a certain person would do, loudly making fun of them in a mean manner. He has also made fun of this persons hearing disabilities.
He has intentionally disturbed this person in tournament, sitting right next to him and making noises in his ear, in a match with no crowd or hype.

8. He has excluded people from smashfests and trips through manipulation and misrepresentation of other people.

This behavior has had extreme consequences. It has changed the swedish smashscene for the worse, making it dramatic and tense instead of a place where people can get away from their everyday problems. One player quit for 6 months, countless people have skipped attending tournaments and trips due to his presence, etc.

In Sweden, we have tried everything to make him change his behavior. Whenever someone has confronted him regarding his behavior he never admits his faults, instead he lies to make himself look better and make innocent people feel bad.

Eventually he got a very serious warning that he would be banned from tournaments (august 2012) if he did not change. This somehow lead to worsening of his behavior and later taunted this very serious warning, claiming it was “bull****” that “would never go through in a million years”. Now it has all gone so far that this extreme measure is necessary to stop Leffen from ripping our precious scene apart.

He has expressed both on forums and in real life that he does not believe that he should give people that he considers “frauds” and/or idiots respect. He has also expressed that he believes that he has the right to act as he does because he is a good player. He has said that he does not care what other people think about his behavior. This selfish nature proves that a serious consequence for himself is necessary for him to change. This is why a ban is more then necessary.

I hope people realize that Leffen is a chronic liar and he has no credibility whatsoever. If/when he speaks badly of other people it should always be assumed that he is lying.

When discussing Leffens behavior in the scene with tournament organizers we have seen how he has strategically picked out who to pick on and who to befriend in order to keep his image in the scene credible and decrease the risk of a ban. His manipulative personality is obvious to us.

Remember that these are just summarizations of the tip of the iceberg. If we would take every single reason, even if we just took the worst ones, I doubt anyone would be able to finish reading it.

We have many testimonies from people telling personal stories of their experience with leffen. As they are personal they won't be published here, but they will be forwarded to other TO's outside of Sweden that are considering banning Leffen.

This is a necessity in the hope of saving the smashscene, keeping it alive & healthy.

Here is a list of people who support the ban.
VJ, Lolex, Nedech, Jalex, Rocky, MikeHaggar, ROFL, Beat, Gamba, Hara, Android, Zoler, Don_Krool, Mazor
Cactuar, Hax, Ripple, Strong bad, Zneffy,
These are just the people we have talked to and most of them don't even know half of what he's done. His intolerable presence is enough. Not a single person we've talked to was against the ban.

Other people support but choose to remain anonymous.

If you agree that this behavior is unacceptable and want to support the ban simply tell us and we will write your name up.

Here is evidence for the things he has done:

I hope all the TOs consider banning him too!


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Jan 2, 2013
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You know armada, I thought you were the devil for winning apex. But you're not such a bad guy ;)

I think it's high time we stopped dealing with him and people who want to act ridiculously. I actually made a thread defending him but I see I was misinformed as to extremeties that go beyong enforcing a pause rule. It's demoralizing seeing people like him in the scene. I am in favor of this; but who am I?



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Sep 23, 2007
Obviously leffen was an *** but I didn't know he was that bad, especially IRL.


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Sep 11, 2010
Yeah, there's a difference between being outspoken, douchey, or a comedic troll to being straight up an obnoxious flagrant, unfair liar. Don't actually remember recent experiences with anyone like that. It's like those ******* trash kids from elementary school

A person's intelligence is not proportional to how good they are in smash.


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Nov 11, 2011
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While I don't doubt that leffen has done these things or the validity of the ban, I do question why, when the purpose of this whole thing is to reduce the drama in the Swedish smash community, that a very public thread in the melee discussion needed to be created on this topic. It seems like this is just likely going to just a thread full of talking crap about leffen. Wouldn't it have been more effective to contact him, tell him that he's banned and then have the Swedish T.O.s add a statement in their tournament listing on smashboards notifying that leffen is banned from their tournament? I guess I just don't understand how useful creating a thread in the melee discussion is for this situation.


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Jun 24, 2010
Biglardopolis, France
Well, having never met him IRL I also assumed he was just trolling online but that he was not disreputable IRL.

If this can make the community better, then it's all up to the TO's.


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Feb 1, 2005
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Haven't looked at the evidence, probably won't. For someone to go so far that people are willing to ban him from future tournaments (especially a player of his caliber) is evidence in and of itself..

Not sure how I feel about a ban or the conditions he has to meet to get un-banned (I have a feeling it'll only escalate further and turn into a permanent ban), but if he's really that much of a *******, I'm not sure you have any other choice..

Oh well..


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Jan 18, 2009
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He has bullied people in real life in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways. He freezes people out of conversations through ignoring them, standing in the way, talking over them and putting words in their mouth, and so forth.

y is he extremely soft spoken in the US?????
English is his second language
Oct 5, 2008
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All, I'm going to say is EVO is most likely going to comply with banned players since admittedly some people are skeptical of Melee stuff and might feel they have things to be careful and look out for with regards to Melee anyway. While sure, some might say stopping a banned player from physically going is against some of their rights, which it would be, but I don't think having a banned player show up to an event that already had some Melee skepticism helps the scene.


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Sep 8, 2005
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I like how Leffen isn't afraid to speak is mind, if people get their feelings hurt they should be less sensitive.



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Jun 30, 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
Im pretty sure I can, but I imagine my haters will try to convince other TOs

I just hope that people who have doubts talk to me about it so i can explain
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