Learn About the Animation of Mr. Game & Watch with New Frame Plus


In the latest YouTube video from New Frame Plus, professional animator and former Extra Credits host Dan Floyd has taken the time to examine the animation of Mr. Game & Watch's in the Super Smash Bros. series. Taking a holistic view of the character's moveset, the video not only examines how Mr. Game & Watch faithfully represents his source material, but also what concessions had to be made in order for him to function in Smash.

In explaining how Mr. Game & Watch is animated, Floyd also gives a brief summary how original Game & Watch handhelds' displays worked, as well as the concept of key poses or extremes in animation - the frames of an animation that depict the most extreme points in an action. Mr. Game & Watch's animations are built entirely out of key poses, and with relatively even timing to emulate the erratic feeling of the original Game & Watch titles.


nice vid i mained game and watch in brawl and was a close second next to my best character in smash4 i've always loved him as a character he is always gppfy and funny and i apreciate you doing this video:ultgnw: