Last Three Smash Amiibo Confirmed; Alternate Versions Inbound

Attention all amiibo hunters! The wait is over! On Apr 12, Nintendo released a Splatoon 2 & Arms focused Nintendo Direct. While most of the video presentation was dedicated to the two aforementioned titles, it also confirmed the release dates for the highly anticipated Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo.

Nintendo will also release alternate versions of these amiibo and will available on launch day. These amiibo are expected to be exclusive at certain retailers.

The last update regarding these amiibo was in Sept 20 where Yusuke Hashimoto, director of Bayonetta 2, celebrated Bayonetta's 2nd anniversary and assured Bayonetta fans confirmation of her amiibo in development via PlatinumGames Official Blog.

Author's Note: Are you excited for these amiibo to come out already? As an amiibo fanatic myself, I am relieved that these amiibo are finally coming to store shelves. Make sure you pre-order these ASAP! For more information about everything the Super Smash Bros. Amiibo line, stay tuned to SmashBoards.
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Josh Olalde


This is the day that the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!
My birthday is right around the time they'll release, which is convenient. The :4corrinf: and :4bayonetta2: amiibo are as good as mine... :love:
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Welp, it's been a nice, long run with these amiibos for Super Smash Bros. I'm still trying to collect EVERY amiibo for the game, but these are just what I would need in my collection. :')
Definitely plan on picking up Female Corrin at least, and I'll probably get default Cloud as well. They look so nice.
If that's the case then, can we get amiibos of:

  • Female Robin
  • Alph
  • Male Wii fit Trainer
  • All the Koopalings
  • All the Villagers
  • Pink Hoody Mac
  • Wireframe Mac
  • And shirtless Shulk and swimsuit Zamus for good measure
Just so everything's an even playing field.
So now I am getting 6 amiibo as opposed to 3...

Nintendo see people like me coming a mile off.

I'm really impressed with the Bayonetta amiibo though; of course they're my favourite of the 3 characters here as I use her, but I'm very surprised they haven't f**ked up the facial expressions on them; they're really good!

I prefer using the Bayonetta 2 skin, but the facial expression on that Bayonetta 1 amiibo is just perfect. Props to them.
I just found it very interesting that they didn't use the last three amiibos to tease us with a smash 4 switch port, if that is indeed a thing. It stayed in the 3ds section of the direct so maybe the execs figured that version was successful enough for the both of them. Unless they're going to give us more the closer we get to these figures releasing.

My brain hurts.
I wish I could spend my money in stuff like this, I would just buy Kamui, or perhaps AC Cloud, My cousin likes that kind of stuff.
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