KoreanDJ Parts With Team Liquid - Retires From Smash

Team Liquid has announced that Daniel "KoreanDJ" Jung has decided to leave the team and retire from competitive Smash due to injuries. In the official announcement Victor "Nazgul" Goosens had only positive praise for KDJ and sadness that he would be leaving the team. "I have gotten to know him as a kind and smart guy, and what I have admired most about him is his insatiable drive and dedication to become good at what he loves. We bid farewell to a great friend and one of the most admired stories in Smash history, and he leaves behind a legacy that can be rivaled by so very few."

A Sample Of KDJ's Violin Playing Featured In The Official Announcement

This is what KDJ had to say on the subject. "It is with a heavy heart that I will be officially leaving Team Liquid. It has been an honor and a privilege being in an incredible and supportive team. The loyalty and support from the managers and from Victor have been the best benefit of being on Team Liquid. I am forever grateful for the love and support of my fans even when I was struggling with my injuries. It truly meant a lot to me. Unfortunately, it is time for me to put an end to my Smash career as the progression of my injuries renders me unable to participate in tournaments. For me, leaving the team is the only way I can find closure in this up-hill battle. Team Liquid has been the pioneer of introducing the Smash community to the world of eSports, and I am forever grateful for it being the spark that made the scene grow to the scale it has become now. Though I will be leaving the team, I will always be a loyal supporter of Team Liquid."

It is a sad day to see any player retire especially due to injuries and with a heavy heart Smashboards wishes KDJ the best in all future endeavors.
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I hardly ever watch KDJ play, but this will change Melee and the way I think about it.
Best of luck to him :(
He was already retired all he did was leave Team Liquid. Sorry, but when PPMD goes to more tournaments than you I don't consider you an active player
One of the best to ever pick up a controller, always admired the man. Sad to see him go.. I hope his hands get better over time.
As the image says. "All good things must come to an end". It's sad to see a legend go, but I hope that KDJ will still enjoy watching new legends rise in his wake.

So long Korean DJ, while the good times may be over, we can still treasure what good times were had.
What sort of injury?
That's what I'm wondering myself. More than likely its hand related since it's been a slow growing issue for people that play high button command games like Smash a lot. Nevertheless, he was a good Smasher. That I'm sure of.
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Ah ****, this sucks. KDJ was such a homie to chill out with at events last year. Hope your injuries heal up eventually buddy :[
I don't know KoreanDJ that much, but after watching the Smash Documentary I understand this is a man to honor, right from the start of the competitive Melee scene today, for his amazing skill at the game. I understand further after recently attending my first local melee tournament ever.

So thank you for being a major influence of the competitive Melee community! I pray that your injuries heal and your life gets better for you. :D

Also, Smaple? LiteralGrill LiteralGrill
It'd be the perfect time to advertise the Smash Bros. Documentary to people who've never heard about the man.

This man is a beast and will always be known as a beast. I'm just starting out in the Melee scene, but after watching the Smash Documentary, I understand that the impact he's had on the community was and still is a big one.
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One of the greatest players who toke down Ken with m2k and pc and who had a goood documentary we wish you luck and hope your injuries heal so we the fans can watch you kick butt again
This sucks to read. After watching the documentaries about how he got his start, he sort of inspired me to believe that I could become a legend such as him. Best of luck in his future endeavors.
This is pretty strong. Nobody really thought that Smash in general players would quit playing, especially KDJ.
Don't know much about the guy, haven't seen him play a lot, but he's pretty god like, and I don't even play Melee anymore.
Hope he turns out okay.
KDJ inspired me to play competitively, and now that he's gone, it feels like a big chunk of the melee community has disappeared.

Good luck KDJ, and keep money matching people for $5.
"Don't hesitate, when the time comes, just act."
As long as KDJ feels he's making the correct decision, then he can continue to move forward in other parts of life and be happy, but never forget the times had and the legend he's left behind. Sad to see him go, but there's a reason there's history to look back on :):):)
KDJ was great.
He played Smash4 very good at least, at the start.
I never understood why he never goes to tournaments for SSB4.
Now I get it =/

Maybe is that M2K is afraid of?
Anyway, he should go to a doctor.
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