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Kirby: Star Allies' Wave 2 Launches on July 27th


Nintendo announced that Kirby Star Allies will get a completely free summer update on July 27th, featuring the previously revealed Daroach and Dark Meta Knight. Shortly before the reveal of the launch date, Adeleine & Ribbon were also revealed. Screenshots of all three characters can be seen on the Japanese Kirby Star Allies' page and the final trailer down here,​
Fans of the Kirby series have plenty to hold them over for July 27th, with three Kirby albums released worldwide, An official Kirby watch, Rick Kine & Coo plushies in September, and of course, The City Trial Remix announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
Wave You can find Kirby: Star Allies available at any local retailer for the Nintendo Switch; it's also available digitally on the eShop.
What are your thoughts on the new Kirby downloadable content? Have you picked up Kirby: Star Allies yet? Let us know in the comments below!
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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


I'm so hyped for Daroach, I have so much nostalgia for Squeak Squad. An underrated classic in my eyes and Daroach was awesome. It's great not only great to finally see the squeaks with a 3D model but to also be able to play as them. I'd love to have him in Smash but sadly he faces too much competition. No other Kirby character gives Bandana Dee this much competition as my most wanted of the franchise
Daroach playable was literally the only thing I’ve wanted out of a Kirby game since Squeak Squad.

But what the hell would possess Kirby to trust Dark Meta Knight of all people?
Aside from Geno, Adeline is a Nintendo character I've been waiting to see return the longest. Mario & Sonic Guy Mario & Sonic Guy : We already know the last 6 characters in Wave 3 thanks to datamining- Probably going to drop in November if I had to guess.
I never played Squeak Squad, but I really want to because Daroach has a really cool design and I'm curious to know more (even if it's just a tiny bit more).

Hoping for Dark Meta Knight in Smash, even if it's just an echo (but a more mirror related moveset would make him more interesting). However, if even Galacta Knight is reduced to a skin, chances of Dark Meta Knight being anything other than a skin as well is extremely unlikely. Hope the Dark Meta Knight skin will look more like him cause Dark Meta Knight looks cooler.
Could I ask why this news is being shared on Smashboards rather than r/Nintendo?
Not everyone on SB uses Reddit or Twitter, or ERA or Discord or the Devil's Potty or whatever.
SB has a dedicated section for other Nintendo franchises too and I mean, Nintendo related stuff on here just makes sense, it's loads of different fans of different Nintendo franchises coming together.
It makes sense that if you're a fan of Smash then you're likely gonna have the system its on and being informed about other stuff on that system is nice.

It also helps keep things a bit more active too.

About time Nintendo Corner returned to the front page :)
And for those bugging on about it, do know that this news is tangentially connected to Smash Bros. For fairly obvious reasons.
I'm personally super hyped about this news. Love Star Allies - Now I gotta get back into going through the EX modes with all the characters.

How is this Smash related news?
Could I ask why this news is being shared on Smashboards rather than r/Nintendo?
Hey, so, I figure I'll answer these questions real quick,

1. as the CM, I have had to tell this to a variety of writers over the year, but, Reddit isn't a journalist outlet where you can do a proper write-up. Same with Twitter. Same with Facebook, Reddit, etc.

2. I'd agree if Smash was a self-contained series (like KirbyInformer, ZeldaUniverse, or Starmen), but Smash hinges on the existence of other video games; particularly Nintendo games, so we do cover Nintendo games (any game on a Nintendo platform + any series that were in Smash Bros when we can). We want to acknowledge the history behind them, and deliver news so that people can keep supporting Nintendo. We also cover Platform Fighters (for those that haven't noticed, we literally cover a Rivals of Aether article at least every month) whether they're on a Nintendo system or not.

3. While we do publish those articles, we'd never let it be the primary focus. The focus in order is: Smash, and then Platform Fighters and Nintendo Content if we can get to it.

4. Actually, we did tie it to Smash towards the end. (which isn't always possible) We also tied it to several other pieces of news instead of making separate articles about each one of them (which also isn't always possible), so this wasn't just about Wave 2.

5. Even if that still doesn't interest you, that's fine. I know when we started doing daily articles, I had a few people come to my inbox and tell me they were glad to have more articles that weren't just esports. I know once we publish articles more often about Brawl and 64's competitive scenes, those players will be pleased. It won't interest, say, Melee and Smasah 4 fans but that's okay. Smash has an incredibly broad fanbase and we embrace that challenge.

I hope that answers your question. If not, anyone who wants to discuss the front page constructively is welcome to my inbox.

About time Nintendo Corner returned to the front page :)
And for those bugging on about it, do know that this news is tangentially connected to Smash Bros. For fairly obvious reasons.
We're working on more! And more stuff about other Platform Fighters! We're pretty pumped.
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This news is smash related because all those characters are newcomer candidates, even Dark Meta Knight could become an Echo Fighter.
Anyway, my dream is to have Adeleine in Smash, with or without Ribbon it makes no difference (maybe with Ribbon she could have more moveset variety introducing crystal based attacks). I hope one day it will become true. The concept of fighting by summoning creatures, especially creatures from my favorite game sub-series (Dark Matter Trilogy), and the ability to ride them to enhance the character's abilities is unique enough to grant her a place in the roster, even if the Inkling already uses paint/ink.
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