Data Kirby Resources Directory: Frame Data, Advanced Combos, Ability Information and More!

Aug 27, 2015
So on Discord, we got a TON of charts and docs with useful information. It can be hectic scrolling through the Discord channel and I feel having information referenced in more places can only help. Thus, I figured it'd be sweet to have a similar grand resources thread here on Boards where many things are conveniently referenced. This will be updated over time as more discovered and tested:

1. Kirby Moveset Information and Changes
2. Kirby Guides and Tutorials
3. Matchup Information and Tips
4. Kirby Gameplay and Player Results
5. Helpful Charts and Lists for General Tech Across the Roster
6. Character Specific Tech and Unique Interactions
7. Advanced Combos and Kill Setups
8. Other Advanced Tech and General Tips
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