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Kings of the North (Results/Shoutouts Thread)

the wizard howl

Smash Apprentice
Sep 24, 2013
Kings of the North, Milwaukee WI, February 9th 2014

Alright, results. Amazing turnout, amazing players, amazing tournament. You guys are the best.
I know that Mundungu captured a lot of melee footage that will be uploaded to http://www.youtube.com/user/Mundungu8/videos so stay tuned for that. Please feel free to leave shoutouts/comments below.
Congratulations to the winners (or should I say kings?) and thanks again to everyone that came. I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves half as much as I did.

Melee (57 total)
1st: Kels
2nd: Frootloop
3rd: Tom R
4th: Mundungu
5th: Tapion
5th: Quaz
7th: Richardooo
7th: iateyourpie
9th: DFU
9th: Kenneth
9th: GamerlifeFlux
9th: Fade
13th: Sparrow
13th: Puddly
13th: zurg
13th: Rev6
17th: Alco
17th: 2ces
17th: Boss
17th: Diredrop
17th: Jago
17th: Chee
17th: PGH Housewife
17th: Modnar
25th: Ethan Daul
25th: ohko
25th: Surge
25th: Jon$
25th: Ethan M
25th: Captain (Dropped)
25th: Emmanuel
25th: Tyler
33rd: TehBankzor
33rd: Craig
33rd: xarann
33rd: Exuzu
37th: Twinkis
37th: Mr. Mo
37th: David
37th: Jesus
37th: Jinsr
37th: Katamario
37th: Lizard Howl
37th: Alanzo
37th: Vypereus
46th: Jamie
46th: Mike
46th: Excelsior
46th: Neil
46th: King Jiggs
46th: Nooge
46th: Samo
46th: Mark-Herr
46th: Mysh
55th: Frank
55th: Bozo
55th: Danger

Melee Doubles (13 total)

1st: Tom R and Kels
2nd: Frootloop and Quaz
3rd: Francis and Matthew
4th: Mundungu and Sparrow
5th: Lone Jedi
5th: Alco and GamerLife Flux
7th: 2ces and ohko
7th: Justin and Fade
9th: Ethan and Jesus
9th: Jago and Tehbankzor
9th: Bacon and Eggs
9th: Tucker and Dan
13th: Lizard and Friend

PM Singles (33 total)

1st: Kels
2nd: Frootloop
3rd: Fade
4th: Goku
5th: Kenneth
5th: Quaz
7th: Richardooo
7th: Quote05
9th: Rev6
9th: Diredrop
9th: Chippy
9th: Sparrow
13th: Seatbelt
13th: Captain (Dropped)
13th: King Jigglypuff
16th: Katamario
17th: Mark-Herr
17th: Twin
17th: Tom Polker
17th: Caketastic
17th: Will
17th: Kyle
17th: BD
17th: Jesus
25th: Chesty
25th: iateyourpie
25th: Cisco
25th: Tucker
25th: Bozo
25th: Lowell
25th: Jamie
25th: Danger
33rd: Frank

CSP Singles (8 total)

1st: DFU
2nd: GamerLife Flux
3rd: Lizard Howl
4th: Jago
5th: Mysh
5th: Jon
7th: Puddly
7th: TehBankzor
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the wizard howl

Smash Apprentice
Sep 24, 2013
Thank you so much to everyone that came out, you guys are amazing. I was not expecting this kind of turnout on a sunday and your willingness to help out with setups/overall cooperation during the event itself blew me away. We didn't run too late and there were friendlies galore.
Jon and I took note of what to do better next time and all in all I think this was a really good tourney, especially because of the great group of people that came together. You guys made the tournament. All of you.

Shoutsout to Jon$ for putting this together and being great.
Shoutsout for quaz for your good results and for being a great friend and carting me, dan and anna back and forth across the city. <33
Shoutsout to fluxwolf you're amazing, sorry that you had so many housing adventures. (≧_≦*) We'll get you over here for a stress-free trip next time and you and I will have a real set of CSP.
Shoutsout to everyone that I played games with, sorry I couldn't make a better show, trying to focus on keeping things moving and matches at the same time is a lottt harder than I thought (johns). I'll get you all next time.
Shoutsout to everyone that actually heard me when I tried to yell. I'm sooo bad at it. (_ _; ) Next time I'm getting someone else to yell for me lol.
Shoutsout to everyone that I met but didn't get to play with or didn't meet at all. Next time.
Shoutsout to projectile camping in CSP lmaooooo

Shoutsout to PGH HOUSEWIFE AKA D*CKPUNCH AKA THE BEST FEMALE SMASHER THAT ACTUALLY HAS A VAGINA AKA How do you always outplace me but lose to my roy in friendlies—
for beating Kels in fox dittos what a fraud

We know that Romine's was very happy with how things went, so look forward to another installment, as well as a secret project that Jon$ and I have in store for the near future ( ^_- ) ≡★
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Oct 5, 2010
Plover, WI
Shoutouts to Frootloop for making my Pool the hypest thing in the tourney (that i was there for)
Shoutouts to Craig for the couple hours of GnW Dittos..We are teaming next tourney i promise
Shoutouts to King Puff for being a scrub...lol jk you did better than i thought you'd do...JANESVILLE LIVES
Shoutouts to space animals and pressing down B >.>
Shoutouts to romaines for being an awesome venue
GGs to everyone i faced in bracket/pools
Shoutouts to Sundays making me leave early
Shoutouts to ICs for few knowing what to do against them :p
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Smash Lord
May 4, 2006
Madison, WI
I'll be uploading vids for the tournament this weekend, including teams Top 3, PM Top 3, and melee Top 8.

4% APR

Smash Champion
Sep 5, 2006
According to the bracket, there is no PGH Housewife, I'd prefer this be fixed
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