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Jul 16, 2015
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A new extension of Crown Sliding has been found!
There is now a third, recently discovered crown-related tech known as Crown Bouncing (found by DkDavy)! This tech carries Crown Sliding momentum into a jump, allowing for a Wavebounce-esque kind of movement. This can also be used to pivot in the air. Both of these are significant and allow for very intriguing edgeguard techniques (such as a Reverse Back Aerial spike). This can be used in tandem with K. Rool’s ledgetrapping for spikes or Neutral Aerial gimps as well.
There are three forms of Crown Bouncing;
  • Regular Variant: Jumping during a Crown Slide, which is pretty easy to do. This has quite a lot of momentum when executed correctly, and can even reverse your jump while keeping you forward. The timing is strict for correct execution, but when mastered you’ll notice a very big change in the way your jump works.
  • Floating Variant: Doing a jump and then executing a Crown Slide (so the prior in reverse) has K. Rool jump a small amount, and float a little. This is of smaller utility but can be useful for spacing aerials in neutral if the crown doesn’t do anything. Potentially, this could be a combo starter.
    • This can also be executed when jumping through platforms (as you’re still considered to be in the air) when picking up the Crown, allowing for improved spacing when trying to collect the crown again. This can allow for Forward Aerial to come out and be autocancelled in enough time, which can be crucial when baiting someone in thinking you’re vulnerable.
  • Aerial Crown Bouncing has K. Rool float in the air for a moment, which is executed by jumping in a similar way to the first form of Ground Crown Bouncing. The timing for this is quite tight but can allow K. Rool to pivot in the air, which aids in recovery and use of Gut Check.
While this isn't a massive game changer, this will support K. Rool's bait and punish playstyle quite well, and provide him some more incredible movement that shouldn't be ignored. It's difficult to pull off but is by no means impractical, and with practice it's very good and gives some super funky movement.
The King K. Rool Guide goes over uses for this now, and has been updated quite a bit since I posted it. The thread for that can be found here. For those who don't know what Crown Sliding is, you can find details on that in this video.
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