King K. Rool Patch Requests/Wishes/Predictions Thread


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Nov 7, 2015
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We don't have a thread like this yet, so may as well start now to try and generate some discussion.

With patch 3.0.0 right around the corner, what are some changes for King K. Rool you want, predict, etc.?


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Oct 9, 2014
- Being able to act out of upB would be a huge help, right now.
against experienced players we are pretty much an easy edge guard and certain characters like Ivysaur have ridiculous disjoints to spike us even at early percents.

- A small buff to his grab range would be highly appreciated as well. While the pivot grab is great, the standing grab seems lackluster when compared to other heavies or characters like Duck Hunt (Surprising, isnt it?). King K already has great options out of grab, damage building and kill - wise, it's just getting the grab that's difficult.

- Increase armor HP and heal rate slightly. I feel that 30hp is adequate for armor. the fact that certain attacks OHKO us, like a Ganon Nair, is very scary right now and gives us a disadvantage against heavy hitters. while that's ok on it's own, K Rool already has so many flaws, that it feels a bit overdone.

- And of course, any faster frame data or dash speed. When it comes to frames, Nair and Fair are the moves I'd buff the most, just to give us a better OOS option and neutral in general.

I realize that some of my thoughts are mere wishes and won't probably happen, but they'd remedy a lot of the King's weaknesses.
The most glaring flaw overall is his disability to get out of disadvantage in my opinion. He has some tools, but most of them are easy to read or react to and his one-trick-pony of a recovery basically gives certain characters free stocks en masse.


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Apr 6, 2015
- An increase to his armor HP is a must. It's pretty much his only escape tool against fast combo characters.
- Less startup/end lag on his nair and fair would help a lot and give him some extra combo potential.
- An increase to his walk/dash speed similar to Bowser would be great.

A big character like K Rool is never going to be top tier, but by making these few tiny changes, he would be way more viable in tournaments.
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Aug 28, 2018
Yeah, I do think Krool needs some buffs.

-Make the animation for picking up the crown either faster or skipable entirely- yeah, I know crown sliding/ bouncing is a thing because it’s not skippable, and doing another animation will automatically skip the animation, but it’s easier than you’d think to just grab it right before you do an up smash or aerial or what have you.

- make him dash faster, sometimes he just doesn’t have the speed to catch his opponents’ fall. Foxtrotting helps but not significantly.

-everyone responding gonna say this: but more armor.gannon can one shot the armor with a smash. And yeah it’ll help in the long run.

-make nair faster startup and/or cool down wise: nair is an incredible gimping tool(and not to lie it’s satisfying as heck after completely wreck a swordie with this). But it’s so slow to the point that I wind up using the late hit or just wind up getting hit by the recovery entirely. No need for like luigi or anything nair speed but preferably more than we have now.

-make fair’s sourspot stronger: this isn’t exactly the easiest move to hit with, so I wouldn’t mind better reward for the risk.

-reduce uairs ton of endlag and perhaps make it slightly bigger horizontally: this to me at least would make it a decent sharking attack when combined with these changes.I mean the move is already fairly strong.

Giant list I know, but dang when I play on elite I want these things more and more every time I play


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Apr 16, 2015
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-Walk & Air Acceleration increase.

-Walk Speed increase 0.903 > 0.96

-Run Speed increase 1.485 > 1.6

-Air Speed increase 0.945 > 1

-Belly Armor HP increase 28.02 > 34.02

-F-Tilt sour-spot replaced with sweet-spot.

-Up-Tilt sour-spot knockback growth increase so it kills below 180%.

-Dash Attack damage increase 18.9% > 20.1%

-F-Smash slightly sped up.

-Up-Smash less endlag and landing/late sour-spot hit knockback increase so it actually kills...

-N-air landing lag decrease 13 > 10 & base knockback increase so it's safe on hit.

-F-air less endlag & shorter AC window so it auto cancels on short hop.

-B-air shorter AC window so it auto cancels on full hop.

-Up-air way less endlag & shorter AC window so it auto cancels on full hop.

-D-air base knockback increase so it's safe on hit.

-Up-Throw slight knockback growth increase.

-D-Throw 3 less frames of endlag.

-Kannon Ball slightly sped up, the initial shot of the projectile knockback increase so it actually kills below 180% and have the projectile (on both versions) be transcended.

-Krownarang slightly sped up, the initial throw knockback increase so it actually kills below 200% and have the projectile be transcended or be able to cancel the krown-pick-up-animation.

-Gut Check able to B-Reversed.

I really want K.Rool to be better...

He's so much dang fun to play, but he feels punishing at times...
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Nov 29, 2018
Yeehaw, Texas
I would even settle for just reversing the nerfs. But if this is a wishlist, I think an increase in speed is necessary to get out of low tier. Increase in run speed and Nair would fix most of my problems with K Rool. I'm tired of being combo'd to death and not being able to get in on projectile opponents.


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Aug 11, 2006
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There's one of two paths I feel they should take with Keith when it comes to buffing him to viability, and both would involve deciding what kind of specialist he's supposed to be...

1. Decrease endlag on most of his A moves


2. Dramatically decrease endlag on his projectiles

They need to decide if KKR is a grappler with some projectiles (and you could absolutely make the argument that he is) or a zoner with some decent throw followup options (which you can also do).

But he's got to be one or the other, because the real issue he faces (and otherwise always WILL face) is that fast characters straight up delete him right now due to having few to no safe options to poke with.

Either his projectiles need to be far less punishing in their endlag, allowing him to throw them out with less fear of reprisal, or some of his A moves need to not have crazy amounts of endlag so he can poke without being punished for it.

All the good tools in the world won't matter if the character using them has no safe options, especially against speedster characters who will otherwise overwhelm him with impunity.
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