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Jul 16, 2015
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So here we are with more K. Rool Resources that'll get buried once people start making more threads on him.
Here we have a Kill Konfirm Kompendium dedicated to King K. Rool from the K. Rool Discord, with Kill%s and mash frame data for all to see. We use a Weight Tier system for the Kill%s for easier remembering for players (who can actually remember Kill%s for over 70 characters).

So, what's in it?
  • A Weight Tier List to grasp the concept
  • Mash Frame Guidelines for Down Throw to choose optimal options and generate 50/50s.
  • Kill%s for Up Throw considering Battlefield Platforms (both top and side platforms for exhaustive purposes)
  • Kill%s for Down Throw -> Up Tilt, the most consistent option at the price of later Kill%s (around 120%)
  • Kill%s for Down Throw -> Forward Tilt, a common follow-up by the playerbase.
  • Kill%s for Down Throw -> Instant Dash Attack, which has been found to be one of the most optimal follow-ups thanks to its incredible frame data.
  • A Cross Reference Sheet for Forward Tilt and Dash Attack to find which is the best option for each Weight Tier.
    • TLDR big body characters get yeeted by Dash Attack, smol bois get yeeted by Forward Tilt
  • Links to other useful resources to improve your ability as K. Rool in general, including projectile interactions with Crownerang, Crown Sliding and much more!
  • An Issues and F.A.Q section...because, those are always useful right?
What may be added later?
While we have no set schedule for what we lab and what we add, we do have some ideas based on user requests.
  • Down Throw -> Up Smash, which has been rising in popularity recently as it kills at 100% and reads mashers like a book.
  • Down Throw -> Forward Smash for the 50/50s resulting from using Up Smash even once.
  • Down Throw -> Down Smash for the same reason.
  • Down Aerial -> Up Smash, usually used out of Down Tilt.
    • % ranges may be labbed as at later %s you can't Up Smash out of it.
  • Down Aerial -> Up Aerial
  • Down Aerial -> Down Smash
  • Down Aerial -> Up Angled Forward Smash (this hasn't been labbed at all despite the sweetspot dealing insane damage)
  • Yes this means a ton of macros and cross reference sheets
    • Yes this is going to kill me.
So what are you waiting for? Get on there and start to improve your ability with this absolute unit! Soon, DK Island will be no more!
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