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Kakuna Matata Results

DtJ Hilt

Little Lizard
Feb 28, 2008
Minnow Brook
:014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014:



1: Doctor X is Fat (Smash64 + Infern Angelis)
2: Border Patrol (Tyr + Count)
3: Butt I Poop From There (Metal Music Man + Legan)
4: Flying Marshmellow (Y.b.M. + Wangston)
5: MaFknFoes (Rowan + calic)
5: We <3 ***** (Xisin + Mister Eric)
7: Random Scrubs (ShadowPhoenix + Gumbo)
7: Interplanetary Funksmanship (Hilt + Cr4sh)
9: Neon Night Riders (I Forgot :x)
9: Zozefup Sucks (Rob Gambino + Yummy and Beefy)
9: Team Awesome (Airborne + VaMP)
9: Cyborg Primates (Sai + Sneaky Taco)
13: YKS(Zero + Zeni)



1: Y.b.M. :kirby2:
2: Smash :ness2:
3: Infern :snake:
4: Xisin :marth:
5: Legan :link2:
5: Hilt :olimar:
7: Tactical :lucario:
7: Count :diddy:
9: Rowan :peach:
9: Tyr :lucas: / :metaknight:
9: Zeni :metaknight:/:kirby2:
9: Future Wrestler :popo:
13: Rob Gambino :metaknight:
13: Wangston :falco: / :gw:
13: Paladin :metaknight: / :fox:
13: Cr4sh :luigi2: / :diddy:
17: Sneaky Taco :rob:
17: Yummy and Beefy
17: VaMP :lucario:
17: Metal Music Man :falco:
17: Mister Eric :rob:
17: Ttar :lucario:
17: Zero :olimar: / :rob:
17: Sai :diddy:
25: Airborne :yoshi2:
25: Mr. 9 :gw:
25: JoshKip :sonic:
25: Gumbo :dk2:
25: Calic :pikachu2:
25: Excel :fox: / :sonic:
25: ShadowPhoenix :metaknight:
25: Atl-F4
33: Kassandra :lucas:
33: Hoboz :kirby2:
33: Guardian :falco: / :metaknight:

For those of you that want your medals:


DtJ XeroXen

The biggest fraud
Aug 22, 2008
Fort Wayne, Indiana

1: Y.b.M - Dats one sexy kirby.

2: Smash - Why didn't somebody gimp you?

3: Infern - Lol... Snake.

4: Xisin - Only 4th?

5: Legan - What is this about LINK now?

5: Hilt - Good tourney man, was great.

7: Count - Thanks for offering me a ride, too bad I couldn't get to Indianapolis. Tis okay though, I walked there.

9: Tyr - Idk what's with earthbound making top 10 at this tourney.

9: Zeni - Why didn't you rep Mario?

13: Rob Gambino - Your name makes me laugh.

13: Wangston - Falcooooooooo!

13: Cr4sh - Only 13th? Step yo game up Crash!!! You got this, next time you're going #1!

17: Sneaky Taco - Just reading this name makes me hungry...

17: Yummy and Beefy - This one too.

17: VaMP - Sorry I couldn't make it to Indy, but I will next week and Indiana will be TAKING the Bloomington tourney.

17: Mister Eric - Beep Beep?

17: Ttar - You picked Mario in the CPU tourney right? Good call.

17: Zero - You should've done so much better, I mean you're only 1 letter away from being a Xero.

25: Airborne - I thought Yoshi was legit man? Lol j/k you'll get up there in placings.

25: JoshKip - Soniiiiiiiiiiiiiic!!!

25: Gumbo - Gumbo... such a sweet random name.

25: Excel - Oh this will never do.

33: Kassandra - Where was that C for confidence!? You shoulda taken this tourney!


Smash Lord
Feb 14, 2003
Lima, Ohio
I didn't attend but Y.b.M. posted the results in the Ohio rankings thread and made me wonder where they were from. :mad: Sorry, the Louisville area is like four hours from me.

Hi guys. :)


Smash Ace
Mar 12, 2008
Morehead, KY
listing Smash64 as Just ness is a far stretch from the truth, he played several games towards the end as mk and some as snake... (you know the important ones. :p) to his credit he did go ness against Y.b.M but he went full mk against me.
Jun 8, 2008
indianapolis, IN
My Shoutouts!

God Kais...Gooooood **** :p

Legan, where was our melee rematch xD!!

Hilt, Thanks for some Olimar practice a 6:4 with no experience just makes it harder ggs

Tactical: :p we should lucario ditto'd even tho its kinda gay just wanted to see how good you are personally

Tyr (>_> and Y.b.M): Now that we've played NEXT time we can team, but gg's all the same

Count: As good as ever :p

Joshkip: so i herd u liek joshkips? that and way too close **** on that last match of wiigiis mansion.

Airborne: we tried in teams, good stuff tho!

Excel: next time we'll have some paper and a pen for all those pokemon named songs!

Kassandra: :p next time at sugoicon, you can absorb more aura spheres then!

Ttar: toooo close lucarios gg's ;D

*Edit @ Xisin

Amount of Smash64 played Ness >>>> The amount of times he played anyone else, he was all ness you just saw wrong


Smash Champion
Mar 4, 2008
1: Y.b.M. - Good **** on first. That Kirby is too good. WTF Rainbow Cruise stagespike. I'll beat you someday.
2: Smash - Earthbound forever. Don't give in to the pressure. You could have done it with just Ness. Best Ness in the midwest.
3: Infern - I don't know how you three keep switching around. Guess you just didn't step your game up this time.
4: Xisin - Marth is gay. Good **** on 4th. Sorry Metaknight is so evil.
5: Legan - Great playing you. You make Link good. Low tiers ****. **** tripping lol. I want a rematch sometime if you're up for it.
5: Hilt - Great tournament. Good job getting so many setups. Things really ran well all things considered (even with massive pools.)
7: Tactical - Wanted to get in some Lucario practice. :( Maybe next time.
7: Count - Good **** in doubles. We'll get the God Kais next time. I told you we'd get 1st or 2nd for sure. Lucas Diddy *****.
9: Rowan - I tied with Rowan!? wtf... I need to play you next time. Need Peach practice.
9: Future Wrestler - Friendlies were fun. Lucas dittos are stupid lol. Wish we could've gotten in a money match or something. Maybe next time.
13: Rob Gambino - Your name is pro. Good Meta.
13: Wangston - Fun playing you in a tourney set for the first time. Lucas is a bag full of tricks.
13: Paladin - Fun playing you in a tourney set for the first time as well. Sorry you were feeling bad.
13: Cr4sh - So many Shoryukens. Congrats on winning the CPU tourney lol.
17: Sneaky Taco - Your ROB has a lot of potential. Keep playing and you'll start doing really well.
17: Yummy and Beefy - I think you're Florida guy? You seem really cool. Tell Galeon, Tyr says hi. The rivalry continues lol.
17: VaMP - Your Lucario surprised me. You have a lot of potential. Just need to work on a few spacing things and you'll have it.
17: Metal Music Man - It was good playing you. Your Falco is good. Stop killing yourself in teams lol. Good **** getting third though.
17: Mister Eric - We only played like once :( Beep?
17: Ttar - Didn't get to play you.
17: Zero - Didn't get to play you but watched. You're Olimar's good. Just need some more matchup experience and you'll be pro man.
17: Sai - Huge improvement. You get better everytime I play you.
25: Gumbo - lol DK and his earthbound infinites. Don't underestimate the low tiers.
25: Excel - Don't worry so much. It's a game. Getting better takes time sometimes.
33: Kassandra - Gah Lucas!! It was cool going to a tournament with you. You're welcome to come anytime we have room.

This was a really fun tournament. Great to see everyone from Kentucky and Indiana. Cincinnati is just too good. Taking top 3 in singles and top 2 in doubles (with the help of Count as the outsider.) Don't mess with the 513.


KY/KP Joey
Jun 9, 2009
Louisville, Kentucky
1: Y.b.M. - I didnt get to play your kirby in singles, but dang, you wrecked us in doubles. :kirby2:
2: Smash - Wrecked metaknight with ness. :ness2:
3: Infern - I saw ike yesterday. :D. :ike::snake:
4: Xisin - Great games. Your marth is still way too good for me o:. Also, ill try to stop rolling :D.:marth:
5: Legan - :link2:
5: Hilt - O: Nice getting 5th.
7: Tactical - ..... T_T
7: Count - Great diddy as usual <3. Great games as well. I need to find a new counter pick :x.
9: Zeni - Silly metaknight getting top 10. :metaknight: need to work on kirby though. :kirby2:
13: Paladin - you know why you lost? cause you didnt go metaknight :x :metaknight:
13: Cr4sh - Good stuff beating ZERO. YKS :'( D:. Lotsa Shoryukens o.o :luigi2::luigi2::luigi2:
17: Sneaky Taco - Great rob as well. :rob:
17: Metal Music Man - Great games. great falco. :falco:
17: Mister Eric - Great games. Still a great rob, dont know how i beat you. :rob:
17: Ttar - Nice meeting you. sorry we didnt get to play D:
17: Zero - YKS doesnt lose to anyone besides anyone above your skill >:( (Tac, Rowan, Hilt, Xisin, God kais o: )
17: Sai - Nice diddy o: :diddy:
25: Airborne - YOSHI! :yoshi2:
25: JoshKip - OBJECTION. Sorry you placed so low :(
25: Calic - Wow, i dont know who you lost to the first round, but having Mister Eric right after that is pretty harsh.
25: Excel - please, stop failing at tournaments. :'(
25: ShadowPhoenix - Better then you <3.
33: Kassandra - Nice meeting you and great playing you


Smash Ace
Dec 21, 2008
Huber Heights, Ohio
If only I could have coooome to thiiiiiis. :(

Good ****, God Kais. Nice placement, Tako, keep improving. :)

Can't wait 'til I get to play you people again, everybody come to Nope's next monthly in Springfield, August 1st! GKs, rally the Cincy people, I wanna see all of them there. :p


Smash Journeyman
Nov 3, 2008
Louisville, Ky
Y.b.M. :gratz on winning the money dude now go buy you some white hoes ;)
Smash :dude you had a close match with y.b.m. and you played well like you always do.
Infern :GOD KAIS!
Legan :awesome link man you're the reason why i wanna pick him up
Hilt :sorry about the cpu and you losing money :laugh: but hey at least you did well in this tournament
Count :yo man we never got our friendlies :/
Rowan :bout time you showed up
Zeni :nice job joey i couldnt be more proud :'D
Future Wrestler :dude nice ics i almost got you the first game but i am not as good as you hopefully we shall meet again and we can have some mms or something.
Wangston :wangston we still need to fight cause i need to ask you about my sonic cause you play him a lot........if thats ok
VaMP :hey i am pretty sure you were the lucario i faced and almost beat......if so **** you lol JK! :laugh:
Mister Eric :BEEP BEEP....beep beeeeeeep!
Zero :nice job ****** my sonic and dont let your placing get to you
Airborne :dude i hate fighting yoshi!!!!!!!!
Ttar :or it might have been you that i fought.......not sure :/ all you lucarios look alike to me HAHAA RACISM!
Mr. 9 :did you judge someone? :3
JoshKip :wow what can i say about this kid?........well he is one sexy beast and i just couldnt keep my eyes off him all night i mean god ****it he was so ****ing hott i dont think my words fully describe how hott this guy is, and that sonic that he mains is sexy as hell too!
Calic :he isnt gonna be on to read this anyways :/
Excel :yo man you did well i have nothing else to say really but nice job :)
ShadowPhoenix :sorry about the no mm thing if i go to another tourney and your there remind me and we shall make it happen
Kassandra :YAY MY YAOI FWEND!!!!! :D YOU WERE SO MUCH FUN TO TALK TOO! you kept me in a good mood when calic kinda got me in a bad one but yay next time you come to louisville tell me!
Hoboz :dude i havent seen you in forever and now you finally showed to this tourney it was good seeing you again.

Exceladon City

Smash Hero
Dec 2, 2008
The Lonesome Crowded Midwest
1: Y.b.M. - Good stuff on the first place! You're welcome for that dollar as well.
2: Smash - Well at least you used Ness in GFs.
3: Infern - KOD GAIS!!!
4: Xisin - Come on Xisin!!! You can beat them scrubs!
5: Legan - :link2: Nuff said
5: Hilt - Wrecking up stuff with the Olimar. Come on! Place 1st!
7: Tactical
7: Count - Such a beastly Diddy. I'm not CP'ing Norfy on you again.
9: Rowan - Good to see you're back.
9: Tyr - Best Lucas in the MW no doubt.
9: Zeni - You'll get him one of these days Joey.
9: Future Wrestler - Well you're the better Mario. I'll get you next time.
13: Rob Gambino - We never got in those Fox dittos.
13: Wangston - So close at Frigate.
13: Paladin
13: Cr4sh - So many Shoryukens!!!
17: Sneaky Tako - So so Sneaky.
17: Yummy and Beefy - It was fun talking to you and playing against you. Tell yo friends about me!
17: VaMP - Raikou The Lightning
17: Metal Music Man - M3! So who ate all the ham up? I had to eat cheese sammiches.
17: Mister Eric - BEEPBEEP!
17: Ttar - Fun friendlies.
17: Zero - WTF Zero?!?! Why aren't you in Top 10?
17: Sai - Replays get em.
25: Airborne - Fun friendlies.
25: Mr. 9
25: JoshKip
25: Gumbo - Rematch Fox vs DK
25: Calic - Wait what?!?! Come on step it up MaFKA
25: Excel - *groan* Well maybe more doors will open using :sonic:
25: ShadowPhoenix - Well you're gonna be playing more of my Sonic next time.
25: Atl-F4
33: Kassandra
33: Hoboz - Good seeing you again man. Come play some moar!
33: Guardian

XEROXEN- You suck! You could've asked VaMP for a ride to Indy!

Infern Angelis

Smash Master
Feb 8, 2008
Dallas, TX
1: Y.b.M. : Congrats on 1st place man, u totally earned it. Our matches were great like always, ill improve even more by working on my DI and not suiciding lol Good **** Top 3 pimp GOD KAIS!
2: Smash64 : Damm ur MK, still the matches were really close, iGood Stuff getting 2nd pimp u earned it. But I do think u definetly need to use him when the time comes *coughXisincough* I mean, ur famous for playing most of the cast, whats another one to ur arsenal, GOD KAIS! P.s. Our team is too good, I wonder who will break out record for not losing one single match in sets since the springfield tournament
4: Xisin : Better pick up DDD lol Good **** in the set though, sucks u got gimped at Siege, u are improving ur spacing though, keep it up!
5: Legan : Oh **** brand new God Kai in the building, great **** for getting 5th place, especially with Link. Out great to hang out with you, sucks we live so far apart that the tournaments we both are able to go too are rare. But I do know u will greatly represent the skill of what a God Kai can do pimp, welcome to the fam, GOD KAIS!
5: Hilt : Greatly run tournament Hilt, too bad we didnt get to play though :( Also thanks for letting me watch Full Metal Alchemist in ur computer lol too good, looking forward to when we meet again like always, keep up representing the killer olimar
7: Tactical : Good stuff in pools Tact, u were one of the people I was worried about. Good stuff with ur placing
7: Count : Count good **** in teams, those matches were definetly close lol Too bad we didnt get in some games, ur one of the 2 matchups I hate to play against lol Good stuff against Y.b.M. though, intense!!!
9: Rowan : Mario! Im surprised I got that win lol the second match was soooooo close, i though I was definely gonna lose against ur Peach but im glad i got to play u again since it was long overdue. Hope to see u come to some more tournaments later
9: Tyr : Top 10, good **** Tyr. Doubles was crazy fun, sucks I was not able to see ur match with Count, im sure it was great. Again thanks for the ride, the conversations on the way back was too good lol
9: Zeni : Good stuff in pools, u wopped my ike though in that MM lol glad i won it back
9: Future Wrestler : Didnt play u, but u have a cool name
13: Rob Gambino : Last names FTW! Good stuff in the MM, but I have alot of Olimar practice recently so it was not as hard for me at it used to be. Hope to see u around in some more tournaments
13: Wangston : Wang u need to step ur game up, ur falco is good just keep improving it and u will be getting top 5 with no prob
13: Paladin : Sucks u got sick though, hope ur feeling better
13: Cr4sh : Good **** against Zero, and of course awesome finish lol A tournament cannot be good if there is no one yelling shoryuken numerous times throughout the day lol Always great to see u man, keep up the luigi, cause this is a free country where we speak 'MERICAN!!
17: Sneaky Taco : Good stuff in pools, I can tell ur improving slowly but surely, We need to get together next week and keep up that improvent ur getting and soon u will be getting top 10 at all tournaments, 513!!
17: Yummy and Beefy : Didnt play u, but awesome name
17: VaMP : Were u the one who I MM? Cant remember the name :p
17: Metal Music Man : Didnt play u, but whats with these awesome names lol Stop suiciding in doubles!
17: Mister Eric : We both know ur better then 17th place, what happened pimp? Great seeing u though, keep up the faces of ROB
17: Ttar : Didnt play u, but ur name always reminds me of the pokemon Tyranitar, just saying :p
17: Zero : U definetly should have placed higher, bad matchups suck, Peach and Luigi, bad luck. Congrats on winning ur pool though, we will get our MM later on for sure
17: Sai : Sucks we had to play so soon, i tried to have it changed but it was too late for it. I can tell ur improving though, so dont be surprised if u get top 10 next tournament u go, 513!
25: Airborne : 1st match? WTF, close matches though, I can tell u have improved by alot, keep it up!
25: Mr. 9 : Close games in pools, u prove why I still dont like fighting G&W lol
25: JoshKip : Pipe and shoes ftw lol nice quote btw
25: Gumbo : Didnt play u I believe
25: Calic : thanks for getting the place for the tournament
25: Excel : Ur improving, keep it up!
25: ShadowPhoenix : Whats with this placing? Step ur game up!
25: Atl-F4 : Good game in pools
33: Kassandra : The talk on the way back was too fun lol we need to get in some intense training so the 513 can get top 5 for sure
33: Hoboz : Didnt play u
33: Guardian : Didnt play u

??:Doctor X: U smell



Smash Champion
Oct 28, 2008
you guys midwest smashers arent trash whoever said that i disagree all of you have my respect but anyways time to get serious shoutout time
everyone at this tournament: if i forgot you then please speak up

j-kip: keep workin on your pit buddy youll get it pits real easy just watch rogue pit hes great also nice pit wings
excel: keep bein awesome man
kassandra: ness is still cooler :)
future wrestler: your iceys are so much fun to watch you make it look too **** easy
hilt: thanks for hosting this
tyrant: your a really good lucas keep workin on it
count: its cool to meet you in person your diddys amazing hit me up when your in tampa again
ybm: good **** winning this
smash64: rock on dude keep being awesome keep playing ness your a beast
zero: your byfar the toughest 14 yearold ive ever played your olimar is amazingly fast and really good
CR4SH: you sir have inspired me to play luigi SHORYUKEN!!!! you are my ****ing hero man
tactical: hit me up on tf2 man good matches btw
xizin: grats on being the first marth to ever 3 stock me
tyranitar: it was so fun to play on uber FD and negative yoshis island
legan: your funny and really good keep it up man

mega shoutouts
rob gambino: you are THE MAN!!! not just a man THE MAN!!! thanks so much for driving me and playing with me on tuesday now we have a few inside jokes we can bring out next year yayyy o btw fix your turn signal lololololololololol

the guys at hardees (mr.9, tako, and sai)
this is for you
maebe ill stop watching spongebob and start watching anime idk yet well see lol

also if any of you guys are ever around florida then hit me up even if i didnt give you a shoutout chances are i still think ur freakin amazing


Smash Ace
Mar 12, 2008
Morehead, KY
1: Y.b.M. - Good stuff! keep reppin that kirby grats on 1st, and I'llsee you in teams on the 25th.

2: Smash - man, you took your first set off me when it came time to play for money! Went mk but oh well, my fault for scrubbin up the neutral. Penguins a coming!

3: Infern - Same to you about that penguin... Marth counter sucks :/ Ggs though. I think we're actually around the same skill just the fact that characters matter so much in our games... I'll just have to switch it up. Grats on third.

5: Legan - glad to see you make it Legan, nice marth you have there. Keep it up

5: Hilt - Good tournament Hilt, hope i was of help to run things. and holy **** at the dumb stock from both sides on our game 2.

7: Tactical - fun teamsies friendlies.

7: Count - good stuff in doubles! grats on money.

9: Rowan - You need to man up and play through a tournament instead of forfiting because you're bored! Seriously stop that.

9: Tyr - Good **** on lucas, and your mk too! too good

9: Zeni - ya the rolling has to stop. you have a ton of potiential so does zero just keep it up.

9: Future Wrestler - MMm IC. so dumb haha. Keep it up though fun games.

13: Rob Gambino - Lets hope you dont retain zozefup's style... geez lol

13: Wangston - good stuff in dubs wang, Eric in the car on the way home asked me why i didnt shake your hand on that game, truth be told i didnt see that you wanted to or i would have. My bad and ggs

13: Cr4sh - Thanks for the team games and the crowd support! and holy cow at the chars you play that dedede can **** :/

17: Mister Eric - thats my robot.
17: Zero - Relax during a set! accomplish that and you'll win alot more.

25: JoshKip - Fun sets kip, that first stock on norfair is still sorta disturbing though


Smash Champion
Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
1: Y.b.M.-our match was really close, one of the most fun matches I've ever played. Congrats on winning, it was also fun getting food and just hanging out in general. Look forward to next time :D

2: Smash-You're too good, fun chilling with you and what not, and good **** dominating teams. You made a lot of cash at this. Can't wait to hang out again, god kais too good.

3: Infern-wish we coulda played singles, but good **** in teams. You and smash are so used to playing with each other that you know exactly what the other of you is going to do. It is fun to watch. Can't wait to play again, good **** for you guys getting top 3.

4: Xisin-Good job on fourth, sucks you missed the money by one spot in each event :(. We should play a serious set again sometime. Good job helping hilt run the tourney.

5: Legan-amazing link, sorry we didn't get to play a singles set. Would've been crazy fun. I probably got enough of you in teams though ^_^ great job at that.

5: Hilt-too good beating me, for some reason olimar scares me a ton so i roll/spotdodge all over and you punished that SO BADLY. You made me look really bad, it just shows how good/smart you are. Can't wait to play you again, great job running the tournament. Best olimar in the MW, by far.

7: Tactical-Didn't get to play this time, good stuff on seventh though.

9: Rowan-Amazing peach, I'm glad I didn't have to play you, that would've been brutal. Don't quit brawl!

9: Tyr-teams was amazing!! GGs in our bracket set, sucks we had to play again like that. I was actually hoping you would go MK vs me.

9: Zeni-amazing job, your mk is so good, sorry for getting pissed during our match but my controller about cost me the win =/. Each time we play it gets scarier.

9: Future Wrestler-fun friendlies and tough bracket. Your last loss vs hilt was tough to swallow I know. You're amazing with a lot of characters,

13: Rob Gambino-GGs in pools, thanks for warming me up vs hilt, and I will teach you diddy soon. Make zoze feel bad for not going.

13: Wangston-Was it your wii that had infinite replay? Can you upload to youtube losers finals and grand finals of teams?!

13: Cr4sh-sorry for not giving you diddy training i had to leave too quickly :(

17: Yummy and Beefy-cool meeting you, and fun friendlies! Hopefully I can play if I'm in tampa again.

17: VaMP-fun rides up and back, thanks for going with me. You can do better than 17th though

17: Metal Music Man-sorry you had a tough time with SDs in teams, and it appears you squandered in singles. It seems like you put too much pressure on yourself and you get nervous, just relax!

17: Zero-Fun friendlies, I can't believe you placed this low.

17: Sai-Great diddy, you'll be outplacing me in no time! Fun friendlies throughout the day, I think we both taught each other quite a bit!

25: JoshKip-Sorry we didn't play, sonic too good!

25: Gumbo-GGz in friendlies.

25: Calic-fun friendlies, you should be placing higher though!

25: Excel -GGs, I'm not even that good on norfair lol. IMO your sonic is better than your fox but they're both improving rapidly.

33: Kassandra-GGz in pools and fun times squishing into the back of my car for food. Nice lucas.

DtJ Hilt

Little Lizard
Feb 28, 2008
Minnow Brook
First of all, sorry everyone about the length of pools and the heat of the venue. It cooled down entirely when like twenty of the people left xD

I really wasn't expecting so many out of towners to come. But thanks everyone for coming, I enjoyed it :D

1: Y.b.M. - Good ****, man. I was getting scared smash was about to take first though.
2: Smash - You're gonna win a tournament soon. And you're gonna win it with Ness :D Surprised you went mk though :/ Snake is a solid secondary for you if you don't let it overwhelm your ness. You don't need mk.
3: Infern - Always love hangin out with you all. Also, we didn't get to play this time again =(
4: Xisin - Thanks for the help TO'ing, man. You and Count helping out made things a lot easier ^^; Looking forward to the Morehead tournament coming up and getting to play you more. We need to MM/Iron Man next time
5: Legan - Wow I got wrecked haha. Looks like i'm gonna have to work on this matchup ^^; Enjoyed seeing you all again :D
5: Hilt - Not bad, not bad.
7: Tactical - ^.^
7: Count - Thanks for the help running it. Helped me out a lot <3
9: Rowan - Sorry to hear you may be quitting, but I can understand your reason. Hopefully you'll end up coming back, we'll miss you =(
9: Tyr - haha wasn't expecting MK on Rainbow Cruise. Guess I'd rather face lucas on brinstar haha. Enjoyed hanging out with you though, man. And enjoyed our games even though i was in a semi-pissed mood at the time lol
9: Zeni - You've definitely
9: Future Wrestler - Regardless of whether or not it's true, you saying i'm better than cook made my day <3 Enjoyed our matches, Fighting ICs always makes me nervous @_@
13: Rob Gambino - Enjoyed our pools matches. Wish you'd go to bloomington, i'd like to play you again
13: Wangston - Good **** beating eric. Surprised me, actually.
13: Cr4sh - Shoryu... jk :D Good **** beating zero, as i've said before. Gonna be the best luigi in the MW before long
17: Sneaky Taco - Enjoyed our set. You definitely have a solid rob. Also your name is amazing lol
17: Yummy and Beefy - Glad you came, good to have some florida rep. Maybe Equi will come up here again...
17: VaMP - Good meeting you, man. I'll end up seeing you again next weekend most likely
17: Metal Music Man - ****in awesome guy. sucks you didn't do as great in bracket as you did in pools, though. We'll have to make it out to MO sometime (as likely as that is >.> )
17: Mister Eric - always enjoy hangin out with the beepbeep. Didn't get to talk to you as much as i usually do though =( don't even think we played
17: Zero - Good **** beating smash. Definitely surprised me. Also sorry for cheering against you when you fought crash... i feel bad =(
25: Airborne - You gotta **** **** up at Morehead, man. You definitely have solid yoshi. Keep it up
25: Mr. 9 - lol @ bags fulla change
25: JoshKip - you didn't get to beat paladin =(
25: Gumbo - **** you
25: Excel - you're gonna get better, man. Just like crash said, you can't keep letting your frustration hold yourself back
25: ShadowPhoenix - Sorry you didn't do as well as you thought you would :/ It's kinda difficult to keep up when there isn't a scene in your area. If mayling doesn't end up picking it up, you should start getting stuff going in lexington
33: Kassandra - Enjoyed talking to you kassandra :D Also enjoyed our games. Keep going to tournaments and you'll get better fast. Looking forward to playing you again ^^
33: Hoboz - sorry it ran too late :/ Pools took longer than they should have :x



Smash Lord
Apr 22, 2008
Louisville Ky.
:014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014: :014:


1: Y.b.M. You win! grats. You're still a scrubasaurus though.
2: Smash /3: infern, DEY TOOK EEER JERBSSRORS! This ain't england, here we speak 'MERICAN!

4: Xisin You'll win next time, I know, you've got the secret recipie.
5: Legan: lucky for you I was sandbagging.
5: Hilt is good at this game. Good work being good.
7: Tactical: I'm disheartened, your lucario beats my diddy. That won't last too long though.
7: Count: We'll get the training session in next time.
9: Rowan: Go to s2d, get free money. Come back when you're interested again, we'll be waiting.
9: Tyr: Kyosh made it into pools, oats did not. Tyr=best lucas.
9: Zeni: you're too nice, go for the throat, no mercy!
9: Future Wrestler: I'm still mad I ****ed up that fsmash. You were cool though, and your ics are good. Just don't expect to get off that easy next time.
13: Wangston = tech skill.
17: Sneaky Taco: Hey, you're not the first rob I've taught how to not spot dodge ;)
17: Yummy and Beefy
17: Mister Eric: You still have my memory stick!
17: Ttar: nice work placing 17th, we need to play!
17: Zero: Good games bro, your gimps in the first game still have me reeling.
17: Sai: Too intense! How do you play the weeg matchup like that?
25: Airborne: solid.
25: Mr. 9: I need to stop getting complacent when I play you. I keep forgetting you know what you're doing lol.
25: JoshKip: Diddy ike, ouch.
25: Gumbo: Monkey 1. any mammal of the order Primates, including the guenons, macaques, langurs, and capuchins, but excluding humans, the anthropoid apes, and, usually, the tarsier and prosimians.

Notice anything missing?
25: Calic: fireworkssssss! Lol lady cop.
25: Excel: Deep breaths, learn this and you'll keep getting better.
25: ShadowPhoenix: good games bro, all three sets. And yes, we're going to keep playing DKMK on norfair.
33: Hoboz: lol, kirby falco is too funny


Smash Ace
Jun 9, 2008
Lexington, KY

1: Y.b.M. - Great MM, I should've gone MK game 1.
2: Smash - We didn't play as much as I wanted
3: Infern - You totally wrecked me, good games
4: Xisin - Fun MM, closer than I thought it would be
5: Legan - Good MM, I didn't expect to win game 1
5: Hilt - ****ing FD.
7: Tactical - Great matches
9: Rowan - We still need to play
9: Zeni - We need to play more
13: Wangston - We didn't play :(
13: Cr4sh - Good sets, all 3 of them. We aren't going to Norfair next time.
17: Sneaky Taco - I mistook you for a random scrub in pools. Bad idea.
17: Mister Eric - beep beep.
17: Ttar - Good ****
17: Zero - We still need to MM
17: Sai - Great games, I still need to learn the Diddy matchup.
25: Airborne - Your Yoshi sucks! :p
25: Mr. 9 - Good set.
25: JoshKip - We still need to MM.
25: Gumbo - You suck.
25: Calic - Fun friendlies.
25: Excel - I'm fine fighting your Sonic. I need to learn that matchup.
25: Atl-F4 - Fun set during pools. Wish I could've played well.
33: Guardian - Good games.


Smash Lord
Jul 23, 2006
Provo Utah
I left my wiimote there. It's got black electric tape on the back, tan masking tape on the front and blue and blue/green rechargeable batteries in it.


Smash Legend
Feb 14, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC
Cincinnati: you guys are too good.
I miss you guys so much. Come visit me so I can get good :/
Hilt you suck for not getting 4th! Also stop losing to Tyr.
Kassandra...you'll keep getting better, no doubt.

I don't even know why I'm doing shoutouts. I didn't even go to this tourney + I suck according to everybody in my city + everybody around me rofl
But I can't wait to see you all again XD;


Smash Champion
Aug 11, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio
lmao omg u guys make suck a big deal out of this i use mk cuz i had to vs Maths and also bad cps vs me and i only used him like 2 times i went all Ness baby shout out tomorrow when i get my pc


Smash Champion
Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
clowsui no shoutout for me wtf? You shoulda seen me and ybms set :D

smash rep the MK if you have to, its not your fault you're good with every character.


Smash Master
May 29, 2008
Dallas, Texas
1: Y.b.M.- hahaha Self Post....You are a really a good Brawler...Now Get Great!

2: Smash- Good close Games....I believe in your Ness regardless of the match ups. No one in the God Kais Mains MK or needs him to win...WE ALL KNOW THIS!!! Us God Kais have an unspoken acknowledgment of what we do. Stupid Insane matches on Frigate though, So gay.....

3: Infern- Good Job on your placing...It's hard to predict the result of who's going to win between the 3 of us...the Placings always shuffle...We can Only get better....

4: Xisin- Good Job on Placing 4th...It was the Highest Ranking anyone was going to get anyway since The God Kais were in attendance....Can't wait to team with you...We're getting 1st...

5: Legan- WELCOME TO THE GOD KAIS MY BROTHER!!! You have a great Link as usual....I can tell you have improved with him. We gotta get you to some circuit events...The God Kais Are taking over the Globe....Our Legacy begins...And Once again...WELCOME TO THE GOD KAIS!!!

5: Hilt- Nice seeing you again...It was fun hanging out wit cha...I wasted 2 dollars on that Stupid Wario *sigh* I should have picked someone else...

7: Tactical- Your Lucario may be the best in the Midwest...Keep up the Good Stuff....Nice Seeing you again pimp

7: Count- crazy close matches we had....You have gotten better. I wish it was recorded cause those were so intense. NEXT TIME DON'T TEASE ME AT ABOUT BEING YOUR PARTNER hahaha...Can't wait to chill wit chu again.

9: Rowan- We should have teamed....We would have gotten 2nd place....Since Smash and Infern Were getting 1st...

9: Tyr- Best Lucas in the Midwest Hands Down...Hahaha I killed your MK is 8 seconds...PRICELESS...Whoever has that Video please Send that to me...I saved it to Someones Wii...

9: Zeni- Nice stuff Keep up the playing skill....

13: Rob Gambino- Nice Job...You are good..

13: Wangston- We did better than I thought. We sucked in the Beginning but we brought it back to get 4th...Great Job...

13: Cr4sh- Your Doing good...you can only get better

17: Sneaky Taco- Nice Seeing you again...We will get you better...we have to get Cincinnati on the Map

17: Yummy and Beefy- Nice meeting you...You gotta come to the Midwest More

17: VaMP- My bad for not picking you...I just didn't know your skill level....hehe

17: Metal Music Man- Nice seeing you again after so long....Hope to play you once more.

17: Mister Eric- My brother from another Beep....Nice seeing you again...I'll see you in 2 weeks pimp....Beep...

17: Zero- You are a good player...I mean that.

17: Sai- Good stuff pimp...We can only get your Diddy better. Let's work on Match ups and things of that sort.

25: JoshKip- Dude....Don't you ever wear Black Angel Wings again...That was Effin Scary...

25: Gumbo- Nice playing you...

25: Calic- Nice matches....Don't CP Norfair against me...I teamed with Overswarm and we played that stage often...So I basically love that Stage...hehe

25: Excel- Nice Matches

25: ShadowPhoenix- IMO your G&W was MUCH better....Stick to your roots...

33: Kassandra- We will get you to God Kai Level Soon....Think about changing up Mains if you feel you've reached your peak with Lucas...

This Tournament was so much fun....

And as I stated in the previous thread......And I quote **FYI- The God Kais Will be Placing Top 5 in everything! That is not a threatening quote nor is it a challenge to anyone...It is Simply the truth. Thanks for understanding....**

I Would like to Officially Welcome LEGAN to the GOD KAIS......Are Numbers are now at 6...We will be increasing in numbers very soon...Who will be the Next God Kai...???

Oh and A Quick Reality Check to everyone about MK and the God Kais


Teh Future

Smash Master
Apr 6, 2008
St. Louis, MO
lol Smash64 next time I want to mario/yoshi vs Ness mm the second/third game in pools was a lot of fun.

-thanks for the housing Wangston/Taylor

-Good tourney Hilt (lolimar) I am curious why you think ICs vs Olimar is in his favor or even lol unless all your pikmin are purple Im gonna have to disagree D:

-Xero didn't come b/c he didnt want to lose to some random mario oloolool

-Count great Diddy I was scarded cause I thought I was gonna have to play you after hilt, and then Hilt beat me so I didnt have to anyways LOL I swear my diddy isn't as bad as I played vs your shiek....

-Tyr your lucas is awesome man keep repping him hes totally tournament viable

-Xisin friendlies were fun we should play more next time. Your marth is fun to watch.

God Kais: lol

Legan: You're too good for ^^^dat chit^^^ lol
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