Justy (Zelda/Sheik) vs Slagg (Samus)


Smash Cadet
Jun 11, 2015
Super cool how you're implementing Sheikda. Was quite enjoyable to see.

I think the biggest thing I noticed was you basically had two modes, being 'all in' or 'all out.' Basically, full aggro or full retreat. You need to mix in some extra tricky movement options to throw the opponent off (eg wavelands, wavedash back, dash dance, etc). Also, the time you spent in full retreat mode was very minimal compared to full aggro mode. There were times you would run to the opposite end of the stage just to immediately run all the way back. There were also times you would just fall into the stage while drifting toward the opponent, which allows for easy counterattacks.

With Zelda, this is apparent too. Lots of approaching kicks at the start (you did start fading back as the set progressed which is good). And when you're chasing someone down with kicks, you need to let them fall into your path (eg 10:44 was good, 12:10 was bad, 13:05 was good). Understand that Zelda's good hitboxes are directly to the side of her, so running to get directly underneath someone is generally a bad thing to do.

Otherwise you seem to have good control of the character. It's just a matter of figuring out all the little details.