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Mar 10, 2015

After a year of waiting, LAST is coming back this summer in the land of sunlight with its air conditioned room and epic matches! Several surprises will be coming in the following weeks!
If you have any questions, please read the following description before asking. Thanks!

FOREIGNERS : Don't worry too much about the travel, TOs will guide you once you arrive in Montpellier !

-PLACE: Lunel, salle Folquet, rue Pierre Curie, 30 km from Montpellier and Nîmes.

-If you arrive by car: Go straight ahead at the Intermarché round-about (2nd exit);

Take a left at the “Quick” restaurant round-about;

Take the next left after traveling on Leclerc, and you will arrive at rue Pierre Curie;

The venue is on the left on this dead-end road.

-If you arrive by train: Turn left;

At the end, at the traffic light, turn right;

At the end, turn left (towards the traffic);

Follow the main road, you will pass the police station;

You will arrive at a round-about, on the left there is a Quick, resist the temptation to take a right;

Take the next left, along Leclerc, you will arrive at rue Pierre Curie;

The venue is on the dead-end road, on the left.

DATE: The weekend of July 25-26. The venue will not be open except Saturday morning at 9:30am until Sunday evening at 7pm (19h). Singles Tournament: Saturday 11:00am - ?? Doubles Tournament: Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm (18h)

LATE ENTRANTS ARE NOT TOLERATED! For each 10 minutes you are late, you will receive an 0-2 loss for a match.

TRAIN SCHEDULE: It takes 13min, price 5€50 one-way without a discount:

Montpellier-Lunel: -Friday evening: 17h13, 17h34, , 18h13, 18h35, 19h13, 20h13, 21h13, 22h13

-Sunday morning: 6h34, 7h31, 8h13, 9h13, 10h13

Lunel-Montpellier: -Saturday evening: 18h15, 18h31, 19h31, 20h00, 22h31

-Sunday evening: 18h00, 18h31, 19h31, 20h00, 20h31, 22h31

Nîmes-Lunel: -Friday evening: 18h13, 18h54, 19h13, 19h43, 20h13, 20h48, 22h13

-Saturday morning: 6h47, 7h43, 8h13, 8h43, 10h13

Lunel-Nîmes: -Saturday evening: 18h31, 18h49, 19h31, 19h52, 21h31, 22h31

-Sunday evening: 17h31, 18h31, 18h49, 19h31, 19h52, 20h31, 21h31, 22h31

If you have problems, here is my number: 06****79**09***38****09


This year, housing will be a bit complicated… at the moment, there won’t be any smashers in Lunel, so there won’t be any available housing near the venue, but you can always ask local smashers if they have a solution for you. Saturday, you can sleep at the venue, even on the ground, like real smashers, so bring a sleeping bag, pillow, your favorite teddy bear… In addition, due to complications at the last installment of this tournament, doors will be closed and lights-out at 2:00am. HOTEL: Le Ambre hôtel, in Lunel (50m from the venue, 30m from Quick), a big pink building, you can’t miss it. 262 av. du Vidourle - 34400 Lunel - Tel : 04 67 818 592 • Single 39 € (39€/person) • Double 49,90€ (25€/person) • Triple 55,50€ (19€/person) • Quadruple 67,50€ (17€/person) • Quintuple 79,50€ (16€/person) Tax: 0.20€. This should work well for some of you! Make sure to reserve early!

FOOD: A drink will be provided at the tournament, the drink choice will be made later.
There are several fast foods, a bakery, pizza restaurants and a supermarket surrounding the tournament.

On this link :

COST: 10€ for singles, 7€ per person for doubles (14€per team) and 5€ entry fee (for two days). If you do both singles and doubles, you will get a 2€ discount on the entry fee. Venue Fee : 5€ Venue + Singles : 15€ Venue + Doubles : 12€ Venue + Singles + Doubles: 20€ (3+10+7)

PAYOUT: The prize money payout is as listed (the amounts are exact if we have 80 entrants): 1st 57.5% (460€) 2nd 25% (200€) 3rd 12.5% (100€) 4th 5% (40€) The percentages for payouts for teams will depend on the number of teams, and will be distributed to only the top 3 teams.

We are trying to gather 22 setups which will be enough for the tournament be run fast and for players to find a TV if they want to freeplay.

In order to respect the efforts of the Tos, you are asked to respect these rules so that everyone enjoy the tournament :

  • No freeplay during the tournament.

  • Don't pass between a playing player and the screen, or disrupt them during a match.

  • No drugs or alcohol.

  • Throw your cans or packages in the bin.

  • No cans near consoles or TVs.

  • Don't turn off consoles or Tvs. If there is a problem, please ask a staff first.

  • Don't swap consoles or Tvs

  • Tos are not responsible for lost equipments. Please keep an eye on your stuff


  • 4 Stocks.

  • No items

  • Pausing should be turned off. In the event pause is on and is pressed during a tournament match, whether by accident or on purpose, the opponent can demand that the perpetrating player forfeit their stock.

  • 8 minute timer, 10 minute timer for teams. If there's a timeout, the winner is the player who has more stocks left. If players have the same amount of lives, it is the percentage which is compared. If there is a perfect equality, the match must be played. « Sudden Death » does'nt matter at all.

  • Tero's Smart Rule applied : You can't choose a counterpick stage on which you already won. For your information, the very first stage chosen by the 2 player is not a counterpick stage.

  • Pamaro's stupid rule applied:The choice of your character or stage should be made reasonably quickly

  • Gentleman's clause : If both player agree they can play on any stage.

  • Wobbling is authorized until 300%

  • Yoyo-Glitch is authorized

  • Master is not an authorized character

  • Any glitch that can prevent a player from controller his character is forbidden

  • A player can request to play on neutral ports. For FoD, DF and YS, neutral ports are number 1 and 2. On BF and PS, they are 3 and 4 and on Dreamland, they are 2 and 4.

  • Stalling is banned. It is forbidden to avoid combat in order to reach the end of the timer. Stalling is different from camping. In case of quarrel, the TO will judge what to do.

  • In the event of a dispute, controller ports will be selected by Rock-Paper-Scissors.

  • Players can have a 1 minute warm-up before playing their match.

  • Coaching is authorized between matches, not during. If a person is coatched, the player (player and coatch) receive a warning. With 2 warning, they are both disqualified.

  • A player can take a 5 minutes pause between 2 of his matches if they are consecutive.

    Set Format (In Order of Procedure)
  • Opponents choose their characters for the first match

  • Opponents start the stage striking procedure

  • The first game is played, using the stage chosen during step 2

  • In best of 3 sets, the winner of the previous match is allowed to ban a stage

  • The loser of the previous match announces the next match's stage from either the Starter Stage List or the Counter Stage List, taking no more than 2 minutes

  • The winner of the previous match chooses their character

  • The loser of the previous match chooses their character

  • The next match is played.

  • Repeat steps 4-8 for all proceeding matches

    *Double blind character selection may be called for the first match

    Additional Rules for Doubles Play
    • Life Stealing is allowed.

    • Friendly Fire is ON.

    • Timer is set to 10 minutes

    • A player can request to play on neutral ports. On Pokemon Stadium, Battlefield, Yoshi's Story and Dreamland, it should be done this way : Port 1 = Team A, Port 2 = Team B, Port 3 = Team B et Port 4 = Team A. For Final Destination, it should be done this way :
      Port 1 = Team A, Port 2 = Team B, Port3 = Team A, Port 4 = Team B.

      Stage list : -Starters
    • Battlefield

    • Dream Land 64

    • Fountain of Dreams (in teams replaced by Pokémon Stadium)

    • Final Destination

    • Yoshi’s Story

    • Pokémon Stadium

    Tournament format

    - Before the tournament, there is round robin, Swiss Round or bracket qualification phase.

    - Qualification phases are BO3

    - In case of equaliry during the round robin phase, players are settled this way : First, the ration of the won sets. If it is the same, we look at the won matches ratio. If there are only 2 players, it is the result between the 2 that matters.. In case of equality between 3 players, they play their matches again and pay attention to the number of stock and the percentage.

    - The results of the qualification phase will used in order to seed the tournament.

    - The tournament is a double-elimination bracket (whose loser bracket is compatible with Challonge.). It is divided in 2 parts : The winner and loser bracket. At the end of each turn, winners progress in the winner bracket like in a single-elimination competition. Losers join the loser bracket and play in order to stay in the tournament, because a second elimation means a definitive elimination. The finale opposes the winner of the winner bracket and the winner of the loser bracket bracket. If this last one one takes the first set, a second one is played in order to respect the principle of the tournament et avoid the player who won every set to be eliminated because of oonly one defeat. The number of players must be a power of 2 (8, 16, 32, 64, ...). If not, it is possible to complete this power of 2 with fictive player called « Bye » who will loose all their matches.

    - During the tournament, every set will be BO3. The TO can take the decision to fix a round from which every set will be BO5.

    Equipment's rules :

    - Bring your own controller !

    - Modified controllers aren't authorized. Only trigger trick is allowed.

    - Freejon's Stupid Rule : It is forbidden to unplug a player's controller during a match or playing instead of your partner.

    - We only play on 4/3 CRT since there is no lag. Flatscreen are forbidden.

    - We play in 60Hz mode.

    - We play on the PAL version of the game, with every character and stage unlocked

    - Are authorized Nintendo Wii and Gamecube which can play the game witch a CD-ROM. It is tolerated to use a Wii console which can play an ISO of the original game. A player can ask to player on the original CD-ROM version of the game.

    - In case of interruption of a match because of external causes( Alarms, fire, dysfunction of a TV or a console, power cut,...) , this one must be played again.

    - if a match is played again because of a dysfunction, a player can ask to play on another set..
-Alex VF
-Aska (3rd)


-Chancelot (1st)
-Charlon (2nd)

-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


-Gold Mario
-Jah Ridin'

-Kid Candi

-Leeroy Sevaut

-Nuclear Lunch

-Panda Soldier

-Poncho Vila
-Prof Pro






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