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[Jul 12, 2014] Avalon IV (Melee/Brawl/SCV) (Zoetermeer)


Relic of the Past
Sep 14, 2002
The Netherlands
For all information and rulesets, visit: www.avalontournamentseries.nl
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/441341936010978/

Like last time, you can sign up and pay in advance, which is a little cheaper and easier on the hosting. Be advised that we won’t start processing payments till late June, meaning you can transfer the fees just fine before that, but won’t receive a confirmation e-mail yet.

There have been some small changes to the rulesets, mainly regarding the Melee stage list. All competitors are responsible for knowing their game's rules, you can ask an organizer when in doubt.

We are aware that the date clashes with EVO, but the alternative was no tournament till September and when it comes down to it, the great majority of Dutch/European smashers will be home and available to attend. During the day we will try to provide updates for EVO’s Melee event, but the major time difference most likely means that they will just get started as we are finishing up.

Avalon will once again be streamed by Salty Playground, visit them at www.saltyplayground.de!

Hope to see you all there!
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East Midlands!
Feb 26, 2008
Anyone able to offer 2 brits (myself included) housing on the friday and saturday night? so 11th and 12th?


Smash Lord
Jul 19, 2004
Paris - France
are there stage bans in bo5 sets ? is any DSR in effect ?
how can we forfeit our stock while being wobbled ?
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