Atlantic North [Jul 11, 2015] KTAR XIII - Smash 4 Regional Tournament (Somerset, NJ)


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Sep 14, 2006
Piscataway, NJ

Smash Bros Wii U/3DS tournament - Registration at the door

Venue Fee: $10
Smash 4 Singles: $10
Smash 4 Doubles: $10 (per person)
$5 off for a full setup


10 am: Registration begins
11:30 am: Smash 4 Doubles
3:00 pm: Singles registration closes
3:30 pm: Smash 4 Singles
11:00 pm: Venue closes

Smash 4 Singles Payout

1st: 48%
2nd: 22%
3rd: 14%
4th: 8%
5th: 4%

Smash 4 Singles payouts (If over 100 entrants)

1st: 48%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 12%
4th: 8%
5th: 4%
7th: 2%

Doubles: (10 or more teams):

1st: 50%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 15%
4th: 10%

Doubles: (9 or less teams)

1st: 55%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 15%

Smashboards page: Coming Soon
Nintendodojo page: Coming Soon

Stream by Rush Hour Smash!

Smash 4 Stage list + Rule-set: Primarily the Evo Ruleset

Stage list (Singles & Doubles)
1 bans per player for singles, 1 bans per team for Doubles

Final Destination
Town and City
Lylat Cruise
Battleship Halberd
Duck Hunt
Castle Siege

First stage is decided by banning from the Starter Stages in P1(1)-P2(2)-P1(2)-P2(2)-P1(1) order.

Omega FD is a CP but if FD is banned then Omega FD is also banned

Maximum allowed time between games is 60 seconds. Any player violating this rule will be issued a loss.

You may not choose a stage you have already won on unless mutually agreed to.

Rules for Singles, doubles

2 Stocks, 6 Minute Time Limit, No Items, (3 stock, 8 mins for doubles)
Team Attack is On
Double Elimination Bracket, 2/3 Games, 3/5 finals matches
Custom Moves Legal - Evo Custom Presets


I respond to facebook messages or posts in this thread the quickest, but feel free to contact me using these other methods if needed:

Phone Number: 908-380-3506​


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Feb 2, 2015
hey Keitaro you should probably update the thread title because it still says ktar XII instead of ktar XIII
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