Joker's moveset.


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Mar 1, 2019
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Now, when Joker releases in smash i'm gonna main him but there's important problem and that's his moveset. Any idea's on what his moveset can be as i don't have Persona 5.


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Oct 21, 2018
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I think he will be a kind of swordfighter because in his game appareance, he has his knife. Maybe the knife will be for jab, tilts and aerials and his Personas for his specials.


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Aug 10, 2018
Reposting for relevance:

"Cycling through SMT demons seems like a terrible idea and a lot of work during development. Better to stick with just Arsene.

I mentioned this awhile ago, but an idea playstlye for Joker would be a highly mobile hit and run playstyle with the option for an execution. I have built this theoretical moveset based on this idea. I will be using other characters as references to better convey the idea

Joker is all around fast in both speed and air, but is better on land than in air. He's on the lighter side of things and has a great base jump height with a crummy double jump height.

Neutral B- Eiha. Arsene causes a small pillar to erupt under an enemy. This eruption is slow and easy to avoid, is similar in height and width to Bowser. It tracks anywhere on stage or in the air. but if it connects in a combo or on counter hit, it causes a stun state similar to ZSS Dsmash, allowing a base 2 seconds before the enemy recovers. Not getting a 'weak point' hit means a little knockback and not much else. This can allow enough time to close in and land a Smash move.

Side B- Cleave. Arsene quickly lunges forward and cuts anything in a line, like a spacie. Does moderate damage with no kill potential like at all. What's special about Cleave is that hitting B again allows Joker to instantly jump to where Arsene ends his attack. If this move is blocked, Joker will still jump forward if the button is held. The move also has a substantial end time if there is no jump. This is a primary gap close and combo starter, as teleporting closer with Joker allows for a free aerial. Can be used to recover.

Up B - Thief Ambush. A triple 'shadow dash' similar to his games and functions similarly to Quick Attack, but in three hops instead of two. It's got a ton of distance on the ground, but is somewhat slow startup and not a lot of height gained in the air. If used offensively on the ground, if Joker bumps into someone who is grounded, he will 'reveal their true form', and hit with a grab that causes a knockdown in a tech situation. In the air, it has no hitbox, but if it touches someone, it instantly footstools them. In both instance it loses to literally any hitbox or projectile.

Down B - Dream Needle. A fast but short range attack, Dream Needle causes minimal damage and puts an an enemy to sleep. This is a hard read move and potential offstage gimp tool. The hitbox is minimal, like a Ridley tail stab without the range. At high percents, instant Smash attack. At low percents, combo starter. Is vulnerable on shield, but spot dodging or rolling it is too fast to react with a hard punish.

Jab: The three hit combo from his normal attack in game. Low knockback, good hitbox, the whole sequence is a combo but is on the slow side to finish. Moves him and his foe forward on the last hit.

Ftilt: A flourishing turnaround spin that has a bad hitbox but a large effective range due to pushing himself forward.

Dtilt: A long but slow slide. Safe on shield, easy to intercept. Causes a trip. Cannot be combo'd from, but can cause tech chase situation if the attack connects at the right time.

Utilt: A flip kick. Covers all around him. Good hitbox. Moves him backwards slightly.

Running Attack: A running underhand slice. Good KO power at 120% on average weight characters.

Fsmash: MK's Fsmash, but with significantly less power. This is about as strong as Running attack, but is safe on shield and has OK range.

Usmash: Arsene arises out of you in blue flame. Covers the area directly above you very little infront of you Again, think if Robin became Ridley (standing up). That'd be the entire hitbox.

Dsmash: Arsene unfurls his wings in an explosion of blue flame and wind. This move is your hard read kill move. Not only does it hit HARD, but it has a windbox if you miss. It is also real slow. Like Bowser Fsmash slow.

Nair: Erupt into blue flames around yourself. Mewtwo/Pikachu esc in nature. Autocancels.

Fair: Arsene attacks a slow moving upward swing using his 'claws'. K Rool Bair, but going from bottom to top and hitting really hard. Your aerial hard read move

Bair: Arsene extends from you in a surging motion. This move is fast and hits really hard. The hitbox is strangely shaped. Has a sweetspot that can kill early that is at the center of arsene, and sour spots the closer he is to your body.

Dair: A fast moving dive kick where you pounce to the floor. If you hit someone you will spike them to take them with you. Will ALWAYS kill you and your opponent if done off the ledge.

Uair: A quick jab and retraction of the knife. The jab and retraction have different hitboxes and the combo can fail if you're not attacking from underneath them.

Pummels: Pistol whipping them (not firing the totally not real but still encourage gun use gun)

Forward Throw: Arsene throws them away while you pose.

Back Throw: Arsene throws them away while you pose. A high percent kill throw.

Dthrow: Stomping them under your feet as you jump on them.

Up Throw: Flip them up and slice them. Combo starter.
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Feb 16, 2019
Joker Steals Your Heart!
Jab - repeated knife stab
Jab Combo - Stab to slashes then gunshot
UTilt - Knife Slash
STilt - Stabbity stab
DTilt - Pokity Poke like the Marth Clones and Marth Vader himself
Dash - skids on the floor in a stabbing position like Link in BOTW with a spear or Superhot
Nair - Knife 360 Spin
UpAir - Slash
Fair Knife - Elbows Behind Him
Bair - Knife behind Back
Dair - Swift Kick down like Sonic

Grab - Grabs the opponent.
Pummel - Knees opponent in stomach
UpThrow - Throws up and back flips which hits the opponent.
ForwardThrow - Arsene uses Dream Needle
BackThrow - Ambush mask rip
DownThrow - Throw to floor and shoot to the ground

B - Tocachev - Holding Special would just be a quick barrage of shots like gun ambushing in p5. Can be charged. To charge gun, press your grab and hold B. Fully charged execution will result in a Down Shot that has a low chance to stun. Quick shot like Fox. Long Reload Time.
UB - Brave Blade - Arsene flys up holding a cane and swiftly slashes up. Joker is on the back of Arsene and can jump off after he disappears.
SB - Agi/Bufu/Zio/Garu/Psi/Frei/Eiha/Kouha - An elemental pillar portal is launched out and comes up when released like Shadow Sneak like Greninja.
DB - Persona Change

USmash - Unlocks Yoshi Tsune then does Hassou Tobi like Link
SSmash - Unlocks Vishnu then does Riot Gun like Mii Gunner
DSmash - Unlocks Shiva then a short wave of Megidolaon comes out of Joker on both sides or Arsene's Wings like Palutena.
Final Smash - All Out Attack with random Team members

Persona Change
Fool - Curse or Eiha Arsene
Justice - Bless or Kouha Archangel
Magician - Fire or Agi Jack O' Lantern
Hermit - Ice or Bufu Koropokkuru
Chariot - Electric or Zio Agathion
Strength - Wind or Garu Kelpie
Star - Psychokinesis or Psi Kodama
Temperance - Nuclear or Frei Makami
The Morgana look with blue hair, a black mask, and a yellow and black outfit. Arsene will match Captain Kidd's color scheme.
The Ryuji Sakamoto look with yellow hair, a grey mask, and a red and black outfit. Arsene will match Zorro's color scheme.
The Ann Takamaki look with platinum blonde hair, a red mask, and a red outfit. Arsene will match Carmen's color scheme.
The Yusuke Kitagawa look with blue hair, a white and red mask, light blue, red, white and black outfit. Arsene will match Goemon's color scheme.
The Makoto Nijima look with brown hair, a grey mask, and black outfit. Arsene will match Johanna's color scheme.
The Futaba Sakura look with orange hair, a green, red and black mask, and a green and black outfit. Arsene will match Necronomicon's color scheme.
The Haru Okumura look with light auburn hair, a black mask, and a pink, black, and purple outfit. Arsene will match Milady's color scheme.
The Ren Amamiya look with black hair, black glasses, and a black, red, green and white Shujin School outfit. Arsene will be in a Picaro forme.
Other Personas' color will remain the same.

Shield+B - Reload Gun. Takes about 5 seconds.

UTaunt - Puts knife on shoulder, steps on gunpowder and shakes head
STaunt - Looks at phone
DTaunt - Puts hand to head and says "I can feel it"

Wall Jump and Cling - Yes
Mid-Air Jump - 2
Crawl - Yes

Star KO - Morgana or Futaba says, "Joker?!" like what happens when he dies
Screen KO - Joker's death noise

Victory 1 - Says "Seeya."then throws a Calling Card towards the screen and goes into Morgana Van
Victory 2 - Says "Looking cool am I?" then does his endcard
Victory 3 - Says "Alright." like when he befriends a Persona and then runs across the screen.
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