Completed Joints of Truth


Dr. Frankenstack
May 15, 2015
This code reveals all hidden JObjs (Joint Objects) in the game by disabling the functionality of the vanilla JOBJ_HIDDEN flag used in their structures.

Hold :GCLT:+:GCRT: and press :GCDpad:Down to turn it off; or :GCDpad:Up to turn it back on. The effect is on by default.

This was originally just a silly afterthought, but after seeing it work I thought it might be useful for reversing in some niche ways. Many processes in the game use this flag when temporarily removing visible objects in a scene, so you can use this to see hidden assets in many cases:

Install through MCM by copying and pasting the following code into a text file in your Mods Library:

Rich (BB code):
Joints of Truth
Reveal all hidden JObjs. Does not require a magic meter.
# r3:
# -1 = get value
#  0 = set value to 0 (disable)
#  1 = set value to 1 (enable)
default = 1 # <- change this to modify boot value
cmpwi r3, 0
lis r0, <<JointsOfTruth>>+_data@h
ori r3, r0, <<JointsOfTruth>>+_data@l
bltlr+ # return get
  lwz r0, 0(r3)
  rlwinm r0, r0, 0, ~1
  beq 0f; ori r0, r0, 1; 0:
  stw r0, 0(r3)
blr # return set
_data: .long (default!=0)&1
# data variable
NTSC 1.02 ----- 803744a0 --- 546006f7 -> Branch
# uses L+R+DPad to set state on/off with up/down
mr r12, r3
li r3, -1
lis r11, 0x804C1FAC@h
lwz r0, 0x804C1FAC@l(r11)
rlwinm r11, r0, 0, 0x60
cmpwi r11, 0x60 # Hold L and R to start hotkey check
bne+ 0f
  andi. r11, r0, 8 # DPad Up = enable
  beq+ 1f; li r3, 1; 1:
  andi. r11, r0, 4 # DPad Down = disable
  beq+ 0f; li r3, 0
bl <JointsOfTruth>
lwz r0, 0(r3)
mr r3, r12
andi. r0, r0, 1
beq+ _return
  rlwinm r3, r3, 0, ~0x10
rlwinm. r0, r3, 0, 0x10
.long 0
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