Japanese Stars Kie and Ri-Ma to Attend 'Dubai Dojo'


UAE Smashers, the United Arab Emirates' competitive Super Smash Bros. scene, recently announced that in addition to Kei and 9B, two more Japanese Smashers are set to attend Dubai Dojo, a regional major to be held from November 25 - 26 at the Ezone Net Cafe in Abu Hail, Dubai.

Adding to the ever-growing roster of foreign guests is Kie :4peach:, a globally acclaimed Peach specialist who made waves during The Big House 6's crew battle. Joining him is Ri-ma :4tlink:, a Toon Link specialist who achieved 13th placing at The Big House 6, where he defeated Larry "eLevate | Larry Lurr" Holland, and 9th place at Sumabato 14.

For more information on UAE Smashers, one can check their Twitter and Instagram accounts and Facebook group.

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Love how it lists "Rosalina Slayer" as one of Kie's accomplishments.
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