Izaw Presents: The Art of Mario


Enis “Izaw” al-matooq's revered 'Art of' series returns, this time focusing on Mr. Video Game himself, Mario. The video covers just about everything an aspiring Mario player needs to know, from the practical uses of each attack in his moveset to the mentality needed to take your Mario to the next level. Even if you don't main Mario, it's an exceptional way to understand how his kit works to prepare yourself to fight against him.

You can find Izaw's Patreon here.

Author's Note: Mario has always been an interesting character to me. Despite technically being the most vanilla character in the series, his surprisingly high skill cap has always given me tons of respect for Mario players. Not to mention how he's slowly been climbing the ranks of many top player's tier lists! What do you think of Mario in Ultimate? Let us know in the comments!
Kyle "Fenriraga" Hurley


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